C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S

PeopleWatch Day 2
Excise & Taxation
60 minutes, 90 pc absenteeism
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
The first working hour of the day is not about work at the offices of Director, Social Welfare (DSW), Excise, Taxation and Environment. On most days, the attendance there between 9 and 10 am is not more than 10 per cent.

A survey conducted today threw up other interesting bits about what actually goes on in these offices at 9 am. While the rooms in the Department of Environment were still being cleaned and dusted at 9 am, those in the Director of Social Welfare office wore a dull look, with just four persons present.

Dot on time in the DSW office dot was research officer Gian Chand. He was followed by Meena Chopra, central public information officer. The rest of the staff kept trickling in after 9 am, on sweet will. Conspicuous by their absence were social welfare director Amandeep Kaur and her private assistant Mahesh.

While the PA reached office at 9.30 am, the director had not come in till 10 am. When asked where she was, the PA dutifully said: “She had to go for a meeting with the Home Secretary.” On checking the schedule from the Home Secretary’s office, it was confirmed that there was no such meeting.

The second reason the PA gave for the absence was : “She must be in the field.” But where in the field, was not specified.



Estate Office
No one cares, really
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 8
An order of the Assistant Estate Officer (AEO) to branch in-charges to ensure punctuality remains in papers alone.

Caring too hoots about the orders, most of the staff in various branches under the Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner and the Assistant Estate Offices today reported on duty much after the scheduled office hours ( 9 am). The “tardiness” varied from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Though the Deputy Commissioner walked into his office at 9.10 am, followed by the Assistant Estate Officer, the staff in various branches located on the first floor of the Deluxe Building, reported on duty much after. Except from one official in the revenue branch, other chairs were empty. None in the room of the personnel assistant (PA) of the Additional Deputy Commissioner had reached office till 9.20 am.

There was hardly anyone in the establishment, RIA and DRA branches. A similar situation was noticed on the second floor, which houses the section office and leasehold branch. Two of the tehsildars reached office after 9.20 am. 



Excuse: Convocation
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
Panjab University vice-chancellor today called a meeting of assistant and deputy registrars following the appearance of a story in Chandigarh Tribune that highlighted lack of punctuality among some of its staff.

Sources said employees pleaded to the vice-chancellor that they had been working late on March 7 during the annual convocation of the university and coming late to the office by half an hour should be pardoned.

It was, however, reiterated that photographers should not be allowed to enter the administration block of the university.



If time’s money, they’re poor babus
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 9
The generally bursting-at-its seams parking area of the district secretariat is unusually quiet at 9 am, no mad rush to get a parking place, no honking horns, no blaring radios.

While branch after branch wears a deserted look, it is one-odd conscientious employee, mostly a peon, who has made it to office just after 9 am.

When the Chandigarh Tribune team visited the secretariat, housing offices of all top officers of the district administration, there was hardly a soul in the rooms and corridors spread over two floors.

Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s function at 10 am provided the perfect cover for the officers missing while the staff in the branches trickled in by 9:30 am.

City magistrate Yogesh Kumar was the first to arrive at 9:25 am, followed by district town planner Geeta Prakash.

District development and panchayat officer Monika Malik came in after 9:30 am.

With officers busy with overseeing arrangements for three functions of the Chief Minister slated for the morning, and other officers going straight to the venue, employees, too, seemed to make merry.

It was only around 9:45 am that the numbers in the branches picked up.

While the licensing branch functioned normally and the public arrived early, the doctor given the responsibility of conducting medical examination of applicants was not available well past 10 am.

People awaiting his arrival at the office said he usually arrived around 10:30 am, putting them to inconvenience.

While joint excise and taxation commissioner J.S. Chahal arrived by 9:30 pm, the entire sales tax department barring Sanjeev Rathee was absent. In the branches of additional deputy commissioner, revenue and town planning, half the staff was missing from office.

On enquiry, the staff present said while some were on tour, others were on leave or were here and there in the building.



UT effluents to be dumped near Dera Bassi
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has agreed to a request of the Chandigarh Administration to allow its hazardous waste-generating industrial units to dump waste at a site being developed near Dera Bassi.

The hazardous waste storage site is being built to accommodate the industrial waste being generated by units across Punjab. Around 300 tonnes of hazardous waste is being generated by units in the Industrial Area here.

The consent was communicated to the secretary, environment, Chandigarh administration, following a request by him to the secretary, environment, Punjab. The decision has come as a major relief to the industry which had to store the waste within its premises.

Sources said owing to shortage of land, the administration had not been able to identify any such site. A request was made to the monitoring committee of the Supreme Court to allow the Chandigarh industries to dump their waste at a suitable site in Punjab or Haryana.

As per the Hazardous Waste Handling Rules, the waste should be stored at a secure place covered from all sides. The environmental Protection Rules specify the manner in which the waste should be transported and stored.

Sources said since the site was coming up, the PPCB had asked for certain formalities before the secured dumping was allowed. Issues like cost of transporting the waste were being worked out. As per the information, about 30 units are generating hazardous waste.

Environment experts say that exposure to hazardous waste can generate serious health problems, including respiratory complications, neurological disorders and skin diseases.

Though officials claim that the units are storing their waste within the premises, the sources do not rule out the possibility of certain units dumping the same at isolated locations.

Many electroplating industries operating in the city are using heavy metals such as nickel, chromium, and cyanide.



Two teachers suspended
CM’s wife visits Aman’s family

Panchkula, March 9
The Department of Secondary Education, Haryana, today odered the suspension of Aman Luthra’s class in charge, Usha Rani, and the second class in charge, Alka Arora. Aman, a student of Sarthak school here, received severe burn injuries in a fire incident in the school premises. She later died at the PGI in Chandigarh.

A police case has already been registered against school principal Madhavi Shrivastva. There is likelihood of an inquiry against other teachers too.

Anil Malik, director, Secondary Education, said the school got the suspension orders of the two teachers from his office this afternoon.

Haryana Chief Minister's wife Asha Hooda today visited Aman’s parents and assured them that the guilty would be not go unpunished.

"Though no words of sympathy can make good my loss, it was kind of her to come to our house and share our agony. This will at least be a warning to the cops that the case has gone to the topmost level. We will not have to do the rounds of police stations," Aman’s father Parminder Singh said.

The Chief Minister’s wife handed over a cheque for Rs 1 lakh to the family heard their grievances against the police. "We told her about the delay on the part of the police in getting back Aman's body. The police personnel took a long time in completing the formalities involved. They did not record our statement properly.”

Deputy Commissioner Neerja Shekhar, Superintendent of Police Balbir Singh and Sub Divisional Magistrate Varinder Dahiya were among those present at Parminder Singh's house when Asha Hooda visited the family.

Later, the SP transferred ASI Tarsem from the police station to the PCR. "We acted on the complaint of the family to show them that we are sympathetic towards them. I have asked DSP Om Prakash to conduct an inquiry on the part of the police, if any, and take action against the guilty," he said.



Science Cong opens today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
The first Chandigarh Science Congress will open at Panjab University here tomorrow. The aim is to bring together science and technology experts from different institutions within the region under one umbrella. It is being organised by PU in collaboration with premier national institutes of the region. It will be inaugurated by Minister for Science and Technology Government of India Kapil Sibal.



Travel Pangs
Stranded passengers refused refund
Tribune News Service

Banur, March 9
Commuters of the airconditioned Punjab Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) Chandigarh-Patiala bus were put to inconvenience with the vehicle breaking down near here today.

In fact, at least 20 commuters who paid a one-way fare of Rs 80 each, were at their wits' end as the bus crew reportedly failed to help them.

Not to talk of alternative arrangements, the bus crew refused to refund the fare, alleged Sukhpreet Singh, one of the stranded commuters. Despite repeated attempts, senior officials of the corporation could not be contacted, he said.

The corporation had started the airconditioned bus service connecting Chandigarh to important destinations in Punjab at a higher fare.



UNESCO honour for city research centre
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
The Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) here has been honoured by UNESCO for a project on poverty eradication, the findings of which, UNESCO will be replicating in other countries.

The project was conducted by a senior fellow of CRRID, Dr Bindu Duggal, who received the honour at Lisbon recently.

Talking to Tribune News Service, Dr Duggal said she had worked in city slums as part of a project supported by UNESCO.The year-long study on ‘Poverty and Human Rights Issues in Urban Slums: An Analysis of the Dimensions and Mainsprings through Case Studies of Chandigarh’ was constantly monitored by UNESCO representatives in India and the findings were presented at the international meeting.

“ UNESCO provided support for empirical research to countries in West Africa, East and South Africa, South Asia and Latin America for its programme on ‘Poverty eradication - building National capacities for research and policy analysis’. From among the 400 proposals, UNESCO had selected 42 researchers to carry out their project in different regions. CRRID was one of those chosen,” she said.

The country Director, UNESCO, had also visited the centre here and held detailed discussions with CRRID Director -General Rashpal Malhotra.

Dr Duggal’s study directed itself at the adoption of human rights approach aimed at the formulation of effective poverty-reduction strategies. “Through case studies, the study captures the dimensions of poverty in the urban slums of Chandigarh, identifying how the denial of the right to adequate housing to the slum-dwellers leads to the denial of a large set of rights in the area of health, sanitation and education which reinforces and contributes to their persistent state of poverty,” she said.

The study also brings forth the gap between targets and the ground realities in terms of government programmes for uplifting the urban poor to identify the lapses on the part of government agents. The findings of the CRRID’s study along with the other 40 organisations across the globe were then presented at an international meeting organised by the Portuguese National Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.



From despair to self-reliance
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
Hers is a journey from despair to self-reliance. Chandrakala Devi, who was widowed at a young age with three children and a small land holding, decided to fight her fate and emerge victorious. Today, her four year old vermi compost venture has not only helped in her economic uplift, but has also become a successful business model that each of the 640 families in her village are emulating.

A resident of Dewal village in Mahendragarh district of Haryana,37- year- old Chandrakala’s is a story of grit and determination. In just four years, she has not only changed her own economic status, but brought a complete economic revolution for women in her village and surrounding villages of Rewari and Bhiwani.

She is now the “brand ambassador” of the Haryana Community Forestry Project, which had provided her financial aid to start the venture.

Her success has also been recognised by the Haryana government, which honoured her yesterday during the state-level celebrations on the occasion of International Woman’s Day. Ecstatic at receiving the award, she says that more important than the award was the recognition of her efforts by her own family and the proud look on her father’s face when she received the award from Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.“In a land where sons are preferred over daughters, my father’s chest swelled in pride as he saw me walk up the stage and collect the award,” she says.

Her venture has now ensured that she is able to earn a regular monthly income of a minimum of Rs 6000, which is in addition to her farm income. This has enabled her to ensure that all her three children get a good education in schools in Mahendragarh, take care of the medical expenses of her aged in-laws, besides helping her save some money for the rainy day. In the past two years, the self-help group of seven women she represents has managed to earn Rs 12 lakh through vermi compost. It may be mentioned that these women had started the venture with a grant of Rs 2500 only.

“When the Haryana Community Forestry Project started forming self-help groups of women for their economic uplift in our village, I joined the group as a link worker. My father- in- law, Nihal Singh, was against my working and would abuse me for defying social norms and working on my own. But after the venture’s success, he has become my biggest admirer and encourages me to help other distressed women become economically independent by starting similar ventures,” she says.

Mr S.K Dhar, Chief Conservator of Forests, Haryana Community Forestry Project, says that her success has made them make her the brand ambassador for the project. “Wherever we want to start a new self- help group, we request her to come and inspire women. Women hear her story and get inspiration to start similar ventures. It is this zeal in her that has influenced many women groups, who have been unanimously electing her as President of the Sanjivani Federation - an umbrella organisation for 34 self- help groups in 21 villages of that area,” he says. 



Information campaign begins today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
With a view to disseminate information about various development programmes of the central government, the first public information campaign will be held in two phases from March 10 to 12 at Maloya and on March 15 and 16 at Mauli Jagran.

Stating this here today, director (media and communication) of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) Kanchan Prashad Mandlaus said the campaign was aimed at creating awareness among common people about various welfare programmes and policies of the government.

"The main focus of the campaign was to highlight the flagship programmes of the government, including the National Rural Health Mission, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme Act and Bharat Nirman," she said.

Besides media units, other ministries of the central and state governments, PSUs, banks and NGOs would be involved in the campaign so that they could sensitise the people about their respective programmes and polices, Mandlaus said.

An exclusive photo exhibition on Bharat Nirman and other programmes would be the highlight of the campaign, a press note added.



Celebrating womanhood
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
International Women’s Day was celebrated at NABARD here, yesterday. Conservator of forests, Haryana, Amarinder Kaur, was the chief guest. She lauded the efforts of NABARD in playing an active role in development of women in rural areas and expressed that women needed to play an active role for development of the nation. Chief general manager of NABARD S.R. Aluru addressed the participants about various issues concerning the development of women. The inaugural session was followed by a speech competition on women-related issues. Winners of the competition were also given prizes.

Loans sanctioned

The main branch of the State Bank of Patiala at Kalka sanctioned Rs 15 lakh as loans to 20 women entrepreneurs and two women self help groups yesterday. Branch manager S.C. Dhall said over 40 per cent of the total loans of the branch had been sanctioned to women.

Exhibition on women

Meanwhile, in order to celebrate the true essence of a woman, Excelsior PR is planning to hold the second edition of their annual exhibition on women at Chandigarh from March 16-18. This exhibition will be first held in Ludhiana from March 9-11. The exhibition will showcase designer wear, jewellery, home furnishings etc.

Empowerment of women

MOHALI: International Women’s Day was celebrated at the Doaba Group of Colleges, here, with great zeal and enthusiasm. Various activities, including paper reading, poetical recitation, fancy dress, sketch making, slogan writing, poster making, creative writing and dish making, were organised on the occasion.

Principal of the Doaba College of Pharmacy Anamika said women should be aware of their rights and should respect the spirit of being a woman. Principal-director of the Doaba College of Engineering Dr Kirpal Singh stressed the importance of women empowerment.

Lectures delivered

Meanwhile, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, here, organised a series of lectures and presentations on women empowerment for its women employees for two days to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.

A leading food consultant Praveen Gupta delivered an informative lecture on the latest cooking techniques for working women. He gave tips for fast, nutritious and healthy cooking. Deepak Rana, Public relations officer of CDAC, released a souvenir titled Sky is the Limit for Entrepreneurial Motivated Women. 



Fest springs no surprise
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 9
Veteran winners stole the show yet again in the contest for gardens organised as a part of the Spring Fest here today.

For each of them, nurturing plants was a labour of love, for which they snatched time from their busy schedules.

Nothing brought more happiness to the plant lovers than seeing a plant flower.

The results of various contests held as part of the two-day Spring Fest 2007 are as follows:

Best garden in Panchkula: Garden in 2 kanal house and above: Rajesh Kumar (122, Sector 6)-I; Bhagat Mali (323A, Sector 6)-II.

Gardens in 1 kanal house: Anu Goel (66, Sector 8)-1; Dwarka Parshad (1718, Sector 4)-II.

Gardens in 11 marla house: Col D.C. Katoch (219, Sector 12)-I, Gogi Pooji (285, Sector 12)-II.

Gardens in less than 14 marla houses: Dr V.P. Sood (184, Sector 8)-I, Ranjah Kumar (172, Sector 14)-II.

Terrace garden: Dr Sanjay Kalra (425, Sector 7)-I.

Open to school (High School): Garden in school campus (any size): The Gurukul School, Sector 20-I, Hans Raj Public School, Sector 6-II.

Open to school (primary schools): Satluj Public School, Sector 2-I; Hall Mark School, Sector 15-II.

Roundabout (Panchkula): LIC roundabout, Sector 11-15, Ist; Swamy Devi Dyal College roundabout, Sector 2-6, IInd.

Commercial/societies (housing): HSIDC Complex, Sector 14, Ist; Venus Remedies, Industrial Area, Ph-I, IInd.

Best garden in cantonment area, Chandi Mandir: Gardens in 2 kanal house and above: Maj Gen Gurdeep Singh (1 Pine Marg)-I; Bina Aul (10, Pine Marg)-II.

Gardens in house of less than 14 marla: Shobha (731C, Chandi Mandir)-I; Poonam Justa (149 MES Colony)-II.

Institutions (area more than kanals): Command Hospital WC (C/o 56 APO)-1, Col D.V. Singh (STN HQ Chandi Mandir)-I; TPT (767 Coy ASC Jeep)-II, WCSR PHD qtr)-II.

Special category prize: Command House (Mohini Daljeet Singh)-I.

Col D.C. Katoch, sector 12, said, “I have earmarked places for flowering plants, cactus and succulents. I am most relaxed when I am working with my plants.”

Dr Sanjay Kalra, said, “Each year we try to give a new look to the small space at our disposal. One hour every morning and more time on holidays is my secret of a happy garden.”

Dr V.P. Sood, said, “I have nearly a hundred bonsai plants, some as old as 40 years. Though my garden is on HUDA land, I spend nearly Rs 3000 a month on its upkeep.”

Sanjay Thareja, director, the Gurukul, sector 20, said, “Plants and flowers add colour to concrete and lend freshness to surroundings. We want children to walk into refreshing and happy premises.”

Dr Pritam Singh Serai, principal, Satluj Public School, said, “My garden is a student-friendly garden accessible to all. We grow plants on our own and buy none from nurseries.”



Spring Fest kicks off today
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 9
Spring Fest, the annual two-day festival to celebrate the arrival of spring, will get under way at Yavnika, sector 5, tomorrow.

The 21st Spring Fest, hosted by the Haryana Urban Development Authority, promises to be an extravaganza for visitors. Preparations were on in full swing with flowers strewn everywhere on the eve of the fest today.

While care is being taken to aesthetically decorate the venue, which will showcase a host of programmes, visitors can be assured of a peek into the rich diverse cultures of India with various troupes invited to perform on the occasion.

While the horticulture wing of HUDA was out sprucing up the garden, authorities said they had roped in a number of performers to entertain public.

The entries received in potted plants will be put on display at the venue, while cut and dry flower contests will be organised tomorrow.

The fest will be inaugurated by principal secretary to Chief Minister M.L. Tayal, while chief secretary Prem Prashant will be the chief guest at the prize distribution programme.

While painting, rangoli and mehndi contests would be held for students, a baby show and a hasya kavi sammelan would be held for public.

For the first time, stalls embellished with flowers have been set up in an open ground adjoining the gardens.



Fly Menace
Sec 144 imposed in Raipur Rani, Barwala
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 9
SDM Varinder Singh today imposed section 144, CrPC, in areas of Raipur Rani and Barwala for two months beginning today to control the growing fly menace.

He said unhygienic conditions prevailed in the area due to poor house-keeping and mismanagement of litter generated by poultry at various farms in the area.

Maintaining that such farms had become breeding grounds for house files and mosquitoes, he said the operation of such hatcheries without proper sanitation not only caused stink in the area but also led to infestation of houseflies.

Holding that this view had been substantiated by report from field officers, he directed hatchery owners to control flies by following a set of rules.

These include dumping solid waste generated by farms in composite pits or by providing bio-digesters, avoid disposing of dead birds out in the open and incinerating egg and dirt.

Dead birds should be buried at a depth not less than five feet and feeding material meant for the poultry birds should be dry.

Water being discharged from poultry farms should be used for plantation and there should not be cesspools. Bleaching powder should be used for floor washing and cleaning, and herbicide should be used to avoid unnecessary grass.

He asked farm owners to document food pattern, including drugs administered to birds, spray and pesticides and even the number of dead birds, and inform civil surgeon, deputy director, animal husbandry and district administration in case of any epidemic in the area.



Rights panel to look into dowry case
Our Correspondent

Mohali, March 9
The Punjab State Human Rights Commission has decided to inquire into allegations of harassment for dowry of a resident of phase XI here by her husband and in-laws.

Daljeet Kaur had complained to the commission, the district attorney (legal) in the office of the SSP and the women cell, requesting for action against her Sohana-based husband and in-laws.

The SSP, in his report dated January 13, stated that the matter did not warrant the registration of a case.

The commission found the SSP’s report not satisfactory as it did not contain any answers to issues raised in the rejoinder.

Being dissatisfied, the commission would inquire into the matter on its own and the case was listed for hearing on April 3.

The case would be sent to the IGP of the commission along with copies of relevant documents.

During personal interaction, the complainant had alleged that she and members of her family had been receiving threats and intimidations from her husband and in-laws.



CRRID seminar concludes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
Two-day training programme on "Implementing urban reforms agenda in JNNURM cities" for the elected representatives concluded, here today. The programme was organised by the Centre for Research in rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) in collaboration with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), New Delhi.

Dr Rashpal Malhotra, director general, CRRID, welcomed the guest and inaugurated the programme. He emphasised on implementing participatory reforms initiative for improving quality of life in urban areas. He said that 74th amendment in the Constitution needs to be effectively implemented to empower the local self government institutions.

J.P. Gupta, honorary director urban governance and development CRRID, gave an overview of the JNNURM programme while M.P. singh, secretary and director local self government, Punjab, spoke about urban reforms such as computerisation accounting reforms.

Prof P.P. Balan CRRID, talked about the Kerala model of democratic decentralisation and emphasised on the need of participatory, planning, governance and development to take the maximum benefit of JNNURM.



Social worker comes to aid of elderly
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
Social worker Jagdish Ahuja has offered to construct an old age home-cum-night shelter in the city but the proposal has reportedly failed to materialise.

Ahuja, who had been providing free food to hundreds of poor patients at the PGI daily for the past over five years, says that the old age home is need of the hour in City Beautiful.

"I have landed property worth several crores of rupees. The property can be disposed off to construct the old age home for providing shelter at subsided rates," Ahuja says.

Ahuja stated that he was ready to give an undertaking to the administration that his family would have no claim on the old age home after his death.

In fact, in 2004, director social welfare had recommended his case to finance secretary for the allotment of land. Ahuja was also honoured by the Chandigarh administration for "outstanding achievements in social service" on August 15, 2004.

"The sole motive behind his proposal for the construction of the old age home is to serve the humanity. Keeping in view the increasing number of old people and visitors in the city, the request of Ahuja is strongly recommended," the director had said. 



Sector 29 resident commits suicide

Chandigarh, March 9
Ram Sanjivan (29), a resident of Sector 29, allegedly committed suicide at his residence here last night.

According to the police, he was a TV mechanic. He was under depression, as he had a big family, including wife, three children, five sisters and grandparents, to look after.

“His wife was sleeping with the ailing grandmother of her husband. After waking up this morning, she found that Sanjivan had hung himself,” added the police. No suicide note was, however, found. — TNS



Cops await promotions
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
Encountering stagnation in their postings, at least 18 officers of the Chandigarh Police may soon find themselves exploring promotional avenues with the retirement of five deputy superintendents of police (DSPs) and 13 inspectors this year.

Out of the 14 DSPs, almost 50 per cent are going to retire in 2007 on attaining the age of superannuation, while 25 per cent of the 52 inspectors are scheduled to hang their uniform this year.

While two DSPs Prem Singh Malik and Inderjit Singh retired from the force last month after putting in more than three decades of service, DSP-cum-volleyball player Vijay Pal Singh is retiring this month.

In September, Mohan Lal Verma is retiring from service, along with Devinder Singh Thakur, who has been serving the force since 1969.

A month later, DSPs Om Prakash and Arjun Singh Jaggi are retiring. DSP Randhawa is going to retire next year on March 31.

Commenting on the retirement scenario, retired DSP Prem Singh Malik says the police force will not only have a new look, but a different style of functioning, as each officer brings along with him his own style of functioning.

He adds philosophically: "Experience matters. But then no one is indispensable. The new officers learn the techniques once they step into the shoes of their superiors.



Bid to loot bank
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 9
An unsuccessful attempt to loot a bank branch in Pinjore was made last night. While the thieves failed to open the locker which held the cash, they took away the gun of the security man, deposited at the bank after his duty.

They broke open the lock of the door after breaking a grill door at the entrance and gain entry to the Panchkula Central Cooperative Bank branch at Rathpur. They tried opening the safe but failed.

The manager Surinder pal said that they only took away the gun of the security personnel and four live bullets from the bank. An FIR has been registered. 



Married woman commits suicide
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, March 9
A married woman in her early thirties allegedly committed suicide at the Dashmesh Nagar here on the night of March 7.

According to sources, Renu, who was married in Chandigarh, consumed some poisonous substance at her parents’ house here. The police was investigating. 



ASI, three others booked
Our Correspondent

Mohali, March 9
An assistant sub-inspector (ASI) is among the four persons booked on charges of wrongful confinement, criminal conspiracy extortion and forgery today.

The police registered a case under various sections of the IPC against ASI Nirmal Singh, Surinder Pal Singh, Jarnail Singh and Kuldeep Singh.

According to the police, Dhanveer Singh, a resident of Gajipur village, near Dera Bassi, had complained that he was kept in illegal confinement by the four persons and forced to sign some blank documents.

He had alleged that more than two years ago, the ASI, along with other three persons, forcibly took possession of his property.



Securities firm manager in vigilance net
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
A local vigilance team arrested Raaj Taparia, assistant vice-president/branch manager of M/s UTI Securities Ltd, red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 7,000 from Bhupesh Kumar of Sector 39.

According to sources, the accused had demanded the money as illegal gratification from Bhupesh, a former employee of the company, on the pretext of issuing cheques regarding final payment of salary and other dues.

On receiving the complaint, the vigilance cell laid a trap to nab the accused.

The money along with other cheques was recovered from the possession of Raaj Taparia.

He was arrested under Sections 7 and 13 (2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.


The local police has registered a case under Sections 363 and 366, IPC, against Raju of Jhugian, Sector 38 (West), on the complaint of a woman for allegedly abducting her 16-yr-old daughter yesterday.

The police is investigating the matter.

Cars stolen

Rahul Bhalla, a resident of Mohali, reported to the local police that his Maruti car (DL 9C 3591) was stolen from Sector 9 on Thursday.

The police has registered a case under Section 379, IPC, at the police station, Sector 3.

Another Maruti car (CH01 M 0994), belonging to B.L. Sharma of Mohali, was stolen from the parking of Hotel Piccadilly here yesterday.

The police has registered a case under Section 379, IPC, at the police station, Sector 17.

Bikes stolen

The local police has registered a case under Section 379, IPC, at the police station, Sector 17. The complainant, Anju Sharma of Sector 51, had alleged that her motor cycle (HP 20-7060) was stolen from Sector 17 parking yesterday.

Another motor cycle [CH-24-8992 (T)] belonging to Parshant Kumar of Raipur Khurd was stolen from his residence. The police has registered a case under Section 379, IPC, at the police station, Industrial Area.



Force Motors launches delivery vans
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 9
Force Motors yesterday launched their delivery vans - Traveller DV Smart - in the city. Available in two variants - high roof and flat roof - these vehicles will be available with a service package of three years or three lakh km warranty in addition to 12 free services.

Country head and vice-president (sales and marketing) of Force Motors Malind Kapur said the vehicles would be available at an ex-showroom price of Rs 4.49 lakh. The vehicles would have Bharat Stage II and Bharat Stage III-compliant engines.

He said the company would soon be exporting its entire range of passenger and goods carrier vehicles to Nepal and South Africa. “We will begin exporting the vehicles to these countries by the end of this month,” he said.

He also said the domestic market for light vehicles was growing at 12 per cent. The total market size was 55,000 vehicles and with the new range of delivery vans, we hope to capture a sizeable portion of the market.

Kapur said the company tied up with MAN Germany to start a joint venture called MAN Force Trucks Pvt Ltd to manufacture high quality range of trucks and buses. These vehicles would be made using European technology and would be aimed not just at the domestic market but also for exports, he added.



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