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Delhi: City of Yoginis

by Suphal Kumar
Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi.
Pages 283. Rs 250

City of Yoginis, searches into the innermost heart of the sacred space, known to the modern world as New Delhi. Suphal Kumar has amply described its history, both ancient and modern. He has created a whole new perspective in his vision of Delhi.

Suphal Kumar, mainstream journalist and postgraduate of Banaras Hindu University, has used not only his literary skills but also his journalistic experience whilst compiling this work. His other literary achievements include Date-line Varanasi, a collection of his experiences as a journalist in the oldest living city — his hometown — where he served for nearly two decades as a correspondent of a news agency.

The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming

by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Pages 226. Rs 295.

Anand is ecstatic at his new-found responsibility as Keeper of the Conch in The Silver Valley. With his dear friend Nisha, and their beloved teacher Abhaydatta, he is back again venturing on a new a journey into the world of mystery and fantasy, a world of royal beauty and splendour, and a world of suspense and action.

In this second novel of the Brotherhood Trilogy, the master storyteller takes us from the pristine beauty of Himalayas to the world of an ancient kingdom full of exotic Indian vistas and aromas, where an evil sorcerer and a djinn are planning the downfall of the royal family.

But can Anand defeat the sorcerer, find his friends lost in the metaphysical journey through time, and return to his own age and world without the powerful conch? The answers lie in the depths of the part-fantasy and part-real world of The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming.

Tell Me Your Secret

by Deirdere Purcell Headline Review.
Pages 474. `3 2.99.

For sixteen-year-old Violet Shine falling in love was pure and passionate. But to her parents the affair was a shameful episode that must be concealed and so they imprisoned her in the tower of their rambling cliff-top home, Whitecliff.

Sixty years later, Claudine Armstrong is involved in the sale of the now derelict Whitecliff. At a nursing point in her life, she is unsure about her marriage, her career, her future.

But as her world become entwined with Violet’s it seems that the secret locked away all those years ago could be the very thing which sets Claudine free.

The Diamond Frontier

by John Uslecix. Headline.
Pages 405. `3 2.99

It’s 1880, and the atmosphere is explosive in the South African province of the Transvaal. The discovery of diamonds has bred greed and violence, while British forces contend with murderous bePedi tribesmen and subversive Boer farmers.

Former army captain Simon Fronthill has had fill of conflict. But when he hears that an old friend has been kidnapped by diamond smugglers, he and his servant ‘352’ Jenkins embark on a rescue mission. Yet this is only the beginning.

For when the acclaimed General Wolseley decides to lead his column against the bePedi stronghold, Fonthill and Jenkins once again find themselves marching to war.