C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S

Fans fell with India
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
Saturday was a special day for the cricket fans of the country as their favourite ‘Men in Blue’ were starting their World Cup campaign against the minnows Bangladesh.

Along with the cricket fans, the hospitality industry of the city was equally enthusiastic about the day, with a hope to do a brisk business.

The Chandigarh Tribune team visited various places of the city, which had attractions like big screens and special dishes after cricketers’ names.

However, there was a thin presence of fans at those places. Even the UT administration’s decision to allow restaurants and bars to remain open till 4 am did not help in attracting crowds.

Most of the joints wore a deserted look even after the match had started. People seemed more interested in their dinner than seeing the match on plasma TVs and big screens, installed specially for the cricket fans.

The city’s famous round-the-clock eating house at Aroma, the plasma TV was showing Channel ‘V’.

“Poor start of Team India could be a reason for low turnout at various eating joints”, said Kanav and Shammi, who were watching the match on the big screen at Lake Club. Accompanying them were families of two city-based advocates Gunjan and Sanjay.

The picture was no different at the 24-hour coffee shop at Mountview, Sector 10, where only two or three tables were occupied. “I think the ongoing final examinations is the reason behind empty joints,” said Harpreet Singh, a businessman.

Even discotheques failed to woo cricket-crazy youths before their routine arrival time of 11 pm. The favourite night haunts of youngsters like Aerizzona, Antidote were virtually empty till 10 pm.

“Normally, our clientele come in after 11 pm on week nights. Today we hoped that the rush of young people would start coming in with the start of the match but you can see no one is here,” said Ramesh Kumar, manager of Aerizzona.

About the opening of the disco till 4 am, he said: “Earlier, we were ready to open till 4 am but now after seeing the lukewarm response of customers, we have to rethink our decision”. He, however, said they would not mind keeping the disco open till 4 am, provided some groups demanded.

This opportunity wasted, hoteliers are now pinning their hopes on the next big tie between India and Sri Lanka, which is scheduled for March 23.



SSP urged to raid hotels

Chandigarh, March 17
Prime Entertainment Network, the authorised agency for collection of licence fee on behalf of several channels for broadcast of World Cup matches in the region has written to the SSP to conduct raids at the hotels and restaurants, which were not paying the licence fee.

A licence was fixed by Trai in November following a Supreme Court order. A spokesman for the agency said certain hotels and restaurants had not been paying the fee for a long time. — TNS



21-acre Pfizer plot goes multiplex way
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The Chandigarh administration today received an application from the owner of a 21-acre plot, which is the biggest plot in the Industrial Area, for change in land use.

The 21-acre plot (178-178A) was earlier owned by the Pfizer Group and has now been bought by CSJ Infrastructure Limited, an ally of the L&T Group.

Meanwhile, the Chandigarh Housing Board, on behalf of the administration, received three more applications for the same purpose, taking the total number of applicants seeking change in land use to 37. Today was the last date for receiving applications for land use conversion at the rate of Rs 19,000 per square yard. The rate will be enhanced by Rs 1,000 from tomorrow.

The Pfizer Group sold the plot to the new party for Rs 280 crore, approximately. The total conversion charges work out to Rs 182 crore, of which Rs 18.20 crore was deposited today. A marriage palace, hotel, and a nursing home, besides other commercial units, will be raised on the plot.

Venod Joshi, owner of a plot measuring 1119 square yards in Phase II, Naresh Kumar Kapil (444-square yards plot in Phase II) and Air Marshal Randhir Singh (1000-square yards plot in Phase I) are the other fresh applicants.

Earlier this week, the housing board got four applications under the policy. The applicants had applied for building malls, hotels and other commercial units on their respective plots.

Jag Ram, owner of a plot in Phase I, deposited Rs 3.8 crore against conversion charges. He plans to raise different commercial units, including shops, offices, banks and hotels, on his plot.

Arjun Sehgal, owner of plot No. 143-B in Phase I, deposited Rs 1.83 crore for converting the plot into a retail mall and a hotel. Ashok Kumar, owner of a plot in Phase I, deposited Rs 10 crore while Atul Sundra deposited Rs 1.06 crore for building a hotel.

* Marriage palace, hotel, and a nursing home planned on the biggest Industrial Area plot

* 37 apply for change in land use



Watch solar eclipse on Monday at 6.40 am
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The first solar eclipse of the year will be visible to Chandigarhians on March 19 at 6.40 am.

In fact, the outset of the Navratras will coincide with the eclipse on the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month and start of new Samvatsar 2064 for North India and Ugadi for South India.

According to Madan Gupta Spatu, a local astrologer, the eclipse will begin at 6.08 am and last till 6.15 am (Indian standard time) but people in different parts will witness it at different times.

While in eastern part of the country, it will begin at 6.02 am, Bangalore residents will witness it at 6.53 am, when the moon’s shadow will fall on the sun, which is a normal celestial phenomenon.

However, the “sootak kaal” (polluting period) will commence on March 18 at the sunset.

While lunar eclipse is considered very significant for Varanasi, the solar one is very important for Kurukshetra as per puranas and shastras in mythology.

Lord Krishna had got Jayadrath killed during Mahabharata by taking the advantage of complete darkness caused by full solar eclipse at Kurukshetra, Saptu informed.

This celestial event will be a feast for scientists engaged in astronomy and study of relative impact of stars and planets during such occurrences.

Various geographical changes are witnessed during and post-eclipse period by scientists as well as astrologers.

Natural calamities like disturbances in ocean, earthquakes, imbalance in weather, etc. are seen within 41 days of such occurrences.

Astrologers opine that the falling of two eclipses in a single month of March and falling of five Tuesdays and five Saturdays in the same month are not considered auspicious.

According to them, such combinations often played havoc, giving rise to terrorist activities, wars and natural calamities.

The solar eclipse may not prove auspicious for people having moon signs such as leo, virgo, sagittarius, aquarius and pisces, they added.



Son examinee, mom examiner
G. S. Paul
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The appointment of Rajesh Minhas, deputy DEO, Chandigarh Education Department and principal of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Sector 18, as in charge of plus one examinations has raised many an eyebrow. The appointment has been made allegedly bypassing the examination bylaws.

No person, whose ward or relative or near relation is appearing for an examination, can be appointed on any position, which is directly or indirectly related to the conduct of the examination.

The deputy DEO’s son, who studies in Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 21, is appearing for plus one (non-medical) examination, already under way. He has been allotted centre at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Sector 18, where Minhas is the principal herself.

Preparation, checking, packaging of answer sheets, even their evaluation, will be supervised by Minhas. Being the head of the team, all coordinators have been selected by her.

“Actually, these are school examinations and there, too, the evaluation passes through many stages which include fictitious roll numbers pasted on the answer sheets. So, in my opinion, there remains a very slim chance of any deception”, said Kamla Bains, DEO, Chandigarh Education Department.

When DPI (S) Ashwani Kumar was confronted with the fact, he replied “it is not in my knowledge, I will check it on Monday.”

It is not for the first time when a deputy DEO is in the spot for being appointed as supervisor. Earlier also, former deputy DEO Chanchal Singh’s appointment as inspector for the Class XII CBSE examinations, for which his son was appearing, led to a controversy.

Minhas could not be contacted on the phone despite repeated attempts.



Award for Imtech scientist

Chandigarh, March 17
Dr Javed N. Agrewala, a scientist with the local Institute of Microbial Technology, has been given the National Bioscience Award for career development.

Earlier, Dr Agrewala has been awarded Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award, 2005, in medical sciences. He did his PhD in 1986 from S.N. Medical College, Agra. He joined the institute in 1989. Dr Agrewala’s main area of research is immunology and he has done a great job in understanding of the costimulation of T and B lymphocytes for the past 17 years. — TNS



Scholarships for wards of gallantry awardees soon: WDI
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The War Decorated India (WDI), an association of Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra winners, will be instituting scholarships for the wards of gallantry awardees. This was decided during the two-day WDI triennial convention which began here today. The exact details of the scholarships would be worked out later. It was also decided to nominate those persons as WDI state directors who were dynamic, active and concerned about the welfare of the members.

During the convention some members lamented the apathy of certain state governments towards their welfare and lack of recognition and respect. According to Col Virender Kumar from Jammu, the Jammu and Kashmir Government doles out a paltry Rs 150 per month to a gallantry award winner, but pays a pension of Rs 2,000 per month to a surrendered militant. “It is not a question of money, but lack of respect and status which hurts our sentiments,” he said. Another demand of the war decorated was according a status equivalent to that of freedom fighters to awardees of Param Vir Chakra (PVC).

Earlier addressing the war heroes, Capt Kanwaljit Singh, minister for defence services welfare, Punjab, assured full support of government to soldiers and their families. He said any complaint by any member of the armed forces would be dealt with promptly.

He also announced a grant of Rs 5 lakh towards the WDI corpus.

Punjab finance minister, Manpreet Singh Badal, and General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lieut-Gen Daljeet Singh also spoke on the occasion.

About 200 gallantry award winners and their kin from across the country attended the convention.

The elections to the WDI’s governing body were also held today. The panel comprising Brig Sant Singh (retd) as president, Maj-Gen L.S. Lehal (retd) as vice-president (Army), Gp Capt A. Mukherjee (retd) as vice-president, Air Force, Cmde K.P. Gopalaran (retd) as vice-president, Navy, and Capt Reep M.P. Singh (retd) as secretary general was re-elected.



Debate over voting right to nominated councillors
Amrita Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
It has been two months since the municipal corporation house elected its mayor, but the fissures that developed between Congress councillors, who form majority in the house, and the mayor have only widened, bringing to the fore the role of nominated councillors.

Whispers that started in the background have now turned into open mudslinging between councillors of various parties.

The councillors seem to be going all-out to find an agenda against the rivals. Also, with the Akali-BJP government coming to power in the state, rumour has it that the mayor is feeling even more powerful.

Interestingly, according to the Constitution of India, nominated councillors don’t have the voting right.

In the 74 Amendment of the Constitution in 1992, it is clearly mentioned under Section 243 R (2) (a) (I) that persons having special knowledge or experience in municipal administration can only be nominated. It also clearly mentions that they shall not have the right to vote in meetings of the municipality.

However Section 4 sub-clause 3 (II) of the Punjab MC Act, 1976 as extended to the Union Territory gives voting right to the nominated councillors, which is contrary to the Section 243 R.

The Punjab Municipal Corporation Act originally, too, has no mention of voting right to nominated councillors.

According to sources, nominated councillors in Haryana also don’t have voting rights.

To date, 27 councillors have been nominated to the municipal corporation.

However, with a writ already pending in the High Court on the issue and the issue being raised in the current house, a debate seems to have started on whether the nominated councillors should have the right to vote or not?

Many feel that they should only have an advisory role to play, which is apolitical in nature and that, they state, would only happen if they did not have voting rights.

None of the elected councillors are, however, prepared to come on record to demand that the voting right be taken away from nominated councillors.

They are, however, busy trying to make things “difficult” for each other, but ultimately it is the common man’s work that is suffering.



Embassy’s crusade against illegal immigration
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The British High Commission will join hands with two city-based lawyers to educated people in Punjab about illegal migration to the United Kingdom.

The campaign is aimed at creating awareness and spreading the message: “The only way is the legal way”.

This will be followed up with a series of initiatives aimed at increasing awareness in Punjab of the risks and consequences of illegal immigration.

Abuse and exploitation of illegal immigrants will be highlighted to show that neither the journey nor the landing is worth taking the risk, says Anil Malhotra, who will hosting a seminar on “Migration - myths and realities” with his brother Ranjit Malhotra here on March 23.

Creon Butler, chargé d’affaires of the British high commission, will attend the seminar.

The painful memories of Malta boat tragedy, in which 289 South Asians, including 170 Indians mostly from Punjab (seeking illegal entry into Europe), will be highlighted.

Illegal immigrants use every conceivable underground channel to migrate, says Anil Malhotra.

They use every medium - sea, surface or air - to reach their dream destinations.

They pay agents lakhs of rupees by selling land, taking loans, pawning jewellery, etc.

The craze to settle abroad is a childhood dream for most youths in the state. This has led to mushrooming of travel agencies and proliferation of touts in every corner of the state.

Once duped and defrauded, most youths end up cheating others and fleeing. Due to lack of documentary evidence or proof against them, the police finds it hard to pursue complaints made by their relatives, parents or spouse.

Cheating rarely results in conviction in the court of law nor does it bring the missing youths back.

A 48-minute film, “Shores far away”, was screened on March 13 at the United Nations office in New Delhi to expose the sub-human conditions in which youths from Punjab were living in Austria, Moscow and the UK, he said.

The proposed campaign of the British High Commission to launch a series of initiatives are aimed at increasing awareness in Punjab about the risks and consequences of illegal immigration.



BJP decries demolitions

Chandigarh, March 17
BJP councillors today protested the demolition of houses carried out in Sector 40 and other parts of the city yesterday.

Councillors Gurcharan Dass Kala, Anil Dubey, Ram Lal, Rajesh Kumar Gupta, Surinder Jagota and Sunita Choudhary in a press note alleged that the demolition of houses had been carried out by the Chandigarh Administration at the insistence of Congress MP Pawan Kumar Bansal. — TNS



Sec 44 residents stung by fear
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
Residents of Sector 44-A area a worried lot. A beehive in one of the parks of the Sector has them all scurrying for cover.

They claim that in spite of repeated complaints to the municipal corporation over the past one week to remove the beehive, no action has been taken.

Talking to Chandigarh Tribune, Vikrant Kumar, a resident of the Sector and youth Congress vice-president, said he rang up the mayor on Sunday and informed her about the presence of the beehive in park No. 44B18 in the Sector.

He also spoke to other officials in the corporation, who assured him of sending staff to get rid of the beehive.

“It has been one week ever since and no one has come yet,” he lamented.

Ever since cases of beesting have been highlighted by the media, local residents have been feeling insecure due to the presence of the beehive in the park. They are too afraid to go to the park.”

Another area resident Kushall Sharma said repeated requests made by them to the MC had fallen on deaf ears.



Sec-33 bhavan parties harry residents

Chandigarh, March 17
Residents of Sector 33 A are at their wits end due to late-night functions being organised at Rajasthan Bhavan there.

In a representation to UT Administrator Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd) they have lamented that commercial activity at the bhavan in the Sector 33 had become a source of nuisance apart from being violation of the estate office rules.

Apart from music, which is played during marriage ceremonies late in the night, becoming a source of discomfort for residents, unhygienic conditions created by caterers on the rear of the bhavan premises also adds to their woe.

They pointed out that the municipal corporation mayor had written to the deputy commissioner in this regard and a notice had been issued, but to no avail. — TNS



S.P. Kohli dead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
Dr S P Kohli, a retired Chief Medical Officer of Punjab, died here yesterday after a prolonged illness. Dr Kohli, who served the Health Department in various capacities for over 30 years, is survived by a son and two daughters.

The cremation will take place at the Cremation Ground, Sector 25, on March 19,family sources said here today.



Zonal chapter of Vivekananda society formed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The north western zonal council of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda International Foundation (RKVIF) was launched here today.

The council was launched by Dr Parthasarathy, eminent management exponent and chairman of the RKVIF, with Manmohan Garg, CEO of the Swami Vivekanand Group of Institutes, as the convener.

Dr Parthasarathy said keeping in view the mobilisation of people in favour of the movement in this part of the country, the zonal council had been set up for the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh.

The mission of the RKVIF was to achieve human excellence through Indian wisdom, service to the mankind, universal spirituality and uplift of the weaker sections of society, he added.

Garg said the main focus of the zonal chapter would be to collaborate with the like-minded organisations for service to society, especially the underprivileged sections.

Meanwhile, several eminent persons from a cross-section of society were included as members of the zonal council. They included S.C. Vaidya, Sudhir Bawaja, Santosh Sharma, Sanjay Bajaj, Ashwani Kumar Garg, Divya Bansal, R.K. Gupta, P.P. Arya, Parveen Kataria, Deshraj Thakral, I.K. Kataria, P.K. Saini, Sohan Lal Sharma, Shiom Dalal and K.K. Uppal.



Governor releases book on security
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
Punjab Governor and Union Territory Administrator Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd) released a book, “Threat to Security”, edited by former DGP of Punjab P.C. Dogra, here today. Dogra is also the president of the Forum on Integrated National Security.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor pleaded for an institutionalised and a responsive mechanism for good governance for redressing common man’s problems and grievances.

He emphasised that every problem, however big it may be, had a solution but it needed commitment, courage, competence, determination and the will to act through practical approach.

Stressing the need for a caring leadership in every field of endeavour, General Rodrigues said the administrative machinery must be sensitive to the grievances of people and work with sincerity and commitment to fulfil their legitimate expectations, within the framework of the policy.

Advocating the need for strengthening public-private partnership with participative endeavour of the media, General Rodrigues emphasised the need for introspection and developing the culture of keeping the national interest uppermost.

Dogra said the book featured articles by eminent security experts like Brahma Chellaney, professor of strategic studies, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, and General V.P. Malik, former Chief of the Army Staff.

The edition also contained pieces by Arun Bhagat, former director, Intelligence Bureau, Prakash Singh, former director general BSF, Amarjit Singh Samra, former police commissioner of Mumbai, Air Marshal Vinod Patney, Lieut-Gen Vijay Oberoi and Tarun Vijay, editor, Panchjanya, among others.

The foreword had been given by Air Chief Marshal A.Y. Tipnis (retd), former Chief of the Air Staff.



Light & sound show takes off today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
A light and sound show on Chandigarh will begin at Government Museum and Art Gallery tomorrow evening. The 45-minute show will be unveiled by Governor of Punjab and UT Administrator Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd), an press note said here today.

Conceived and executed by the Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO) will run and manage the weekend shows.

The show is unique as it deals with the contemporary subject of the growth of the 55-year-old city, while most son-et-lumiere dealt with historical subjects the world over, said Chandni Luthra, senior vice-president of the ITDC and producer of the show.

The Rs 1.61 crore project has been executed in 100-sq mt promenade between the museum building and administrative block with a sitting area for 150 persons, said J.S. Bir, managing director, CITCO.

The inaugural show will be in English and soon Hindi and Punjabi versions will be released, which would be a regular feature at the museum on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 pm onwards.

The show features the voices of Kirron Kher, Inder Misra, Jasbir Malik, Rini Khanna, Sunit Tandon, Sonia Grewal, Sunil Mansingh and Ashish Dharamadhikari.

The music has been composed by Vanraj Bhatia, Jaspal Moni and Subhash Ghosh.

The script has been penned by Dr S.S. Bhatti, Sushmita Sengupta and Vinod Nagpal.



City turns hub for shooting Punjabi films
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
With several Punjabi films being shot in and around Chandigarh, it came as no surprise when another such schedule for a film to be shot in the region was announced today.

‘Lakh Pardesi Hoyiyae’ starring the petite and pretty, Gracy Singh, lanky Rajat Bedi and comedian Deepak Raja came along with director Dr Swaran Singh to announce their film.

Talking about the film, the director of the film said, “the film is based on the problems faced by the NRIs of Punjab, how their children adopt western cultures leaving their own and racial discrimination against Punjabis settled abroad.”

Playing the lead role in the film is actor Rajat Bedi who was seen rubbing shoulders with Hrithik Roshan in ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ and with Akshay Kumar in ‘International Khiladi’.

Starting his acting career with ‘2001’opposite Tabu, Rajat stepped in the industry as an assistant director to Ramesh Sippy for Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Zamana Diwana’. Expressing his happiness over doing his first Punjabi film, Rajat said, ‘Being a Punjabi, I always wanted to contribute to the Punjabi cinema’. Born in a family of directors, (his grandfather Rajinder Bedi was the maker of the film ‘Ek Chadar Maili Si’ based on his novel ‘I Take This Woman’ and his father Narinder Singh Bedi was also a film maker), the actor will be soon be seen next in David Dhawan’s ‘Hook Ya Crook’ and ‘Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi’. Admitting the fact that the film industry has a cutthroat competition when it comes to roles, the actor says it’s utmost important to have a godfather to survive in the industry. “One needs to have a support system to carry on in the industry. All those, who have made it big in films, had a constant support system” mulls over the actor.

Accompanying the actor was actress Gracy Singh who made news with her roles in ‘Lagaan’ and ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’. Interestingly, this Delhi-born Bhratnatyam dancer began her career on the small screen in a daily soap ‘Amanat’. Always portraying positive and sweet girl characters on screen, the actress admits that it’s her own choice to do such roles. “ I always choose my roles so that I can sit and watch the film with my family,” Gracy avers. Nevertheless, it’s her personality that reflects the same.

Having no formal training in acting, the soft-spoken star learnt all her lessons while playing the role of one of the seven sisters in her debut soap. “Amanat was more like training grounds for me,” she confesses.

Brushing aside the statements of actresses having a shelf life in Bollywood, Gracy articulated, “Nothing is permanent, not even cinema. But it depends on an individual. I wouldn’t give up so easily even at 60”.

The film is likely to get released later this year.



‘Rehabilitate vegetable vendors’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
A deputation of the Subzi Mandi Fari Welfare Association yesterday met ADC Inderjit Singh Sandhu in connection with the rehabilitation of their members.

According to a press note, over 400 fari owners had been uprooted by the enforcement wing of the estate office and needed rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, another deputation of the Bardana Colony, Sector 26, called on Sandhu for their rehabilitation.

The ADC assured the deputations of considering their demands.



45 women attend camp
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
More than 45 women attended an awareness camp that concluded at Dadu Majra village, here, yesterday. The camp was started by the Chandigarh Social Welfare Advisory Board on March 7.

Stressing upon the need and importance of self help groups, lectures and demonstrations on topics like food and nutrition, tie and dye, status of women in society, female foeticide and domestic violence were organised during the camp. 



3 minors arrested for gang rape
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 17
All three suspects, arrested for the rape of a 12-year-old girl in Sector 12, are minors. Disclosing this here today, the police said the boys were in an inebriated state when they committed the crime.

The three boys, 13-year-old Puran, 16-year-old Rakesh and 17-year-old Monu, confessed to the crime. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, the boys were employed as labourers at an under-construction site in Sector 12.

They said they first took the girl to Azad Colony and later brought her to their place of work where she was gang-raped. After the heinous crime, they dropped her at a park in Sector 20 near the police station.

The police arrested the culprits after the girl identified the house where she was raped. Showing little remorse for what they had done, they said they indulged in the act because “everybody does it and gets away”.

While Rakesh and Monu are brothers, who earn their living as labourers, Puran is the son of the watchman of the house. The brothers lived all alone in the city after their father died. Their mother lives in a village in UP.

They said they lured the girl by offering to get her more work since she seemed needy. They raped her repeatedly at their place of stay before leaving her to find her way back home and were not hoping to get caught. The police will produce the trio in court tomorrow.



50-yr old sodomises minor
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 17
A 50-year-old resident of Rajiv Colony, Ram Preet Sharma, allegedly sodomised a five-year-old boy yesterday evening. A depot owner of the colony, Sharma was known to the victim's father, Ravinder, and used to frequent their house.

Family sources said last evening he took the boy to his depot on some pretext and sexually assaulted him. Sharma even threatened him with dire consequences, if he told anybody about the incident.

However, the boy narrated the incident to his mother. She, along with her neighbours, went to the police post in Sector 16. While the police tried to dilly-dally the registration of a case initially, the residents of the colony visited the police post again today and insisted on the registration of a case.

Finally, the cops agreed to investigate the matter. The police booked the accused and took the boy to the General Hospital, Sector 6, where a medical examination was carried out. The doctors authenticated the fact that the boy had been sodomised.

The police has registered a case in this regard and arrested Sharma from his depot. He will be produced in court tomorrow.



Suspended cop held for cheating
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
The Chandigarh police today arrested a suspended constable in the Panchkula police and his accomplice on the allegation of minting money from people by threatening them to implicate in cases.

SHO of Mani Majra police station inspector Bishi Ram said the accused, Pawan Kumar, and his accomplice Mustaq, alias Kalu of Mani Majra, a notorious criminal of the area, were arrested on allegations of impersonation, cheating and criminal conspiracy after they were caught by a shopkeeper, who was duped by the two.

Bhupinder Kumar of Verma Electronics in the main market, Mani Majra, had complained to the police alleging that Pawan Kumar, claiming to be from the crime branch of Panchkula police, and Mustaq had come to his shop a week ago.

The constable told him that he had caught a thief (Mustaq), who claimed that he had purchased the stolen item from Bhupinder.

Pawan then allegedly offered to spare him if he paid Rs 1,000 to him, which he (Bhupinder) agreed to pay.

The matter was exposed today, when Bhupinder saw Pawan Kumar roaming with Mustaq, who was allegedly arrested by him in a case.

On seeing them together, Bhupinder told other shopkeepers about the incidence. Soon people assembled there and caught hold of the two.

The police was informed and a team from Mani Majra reached the scene, said the SHO.

On being asked about Pawan Kumar, the Panchkula police told officials of the Mani Majra police station that he had been under suspension for the past six months.



2 hurt in accidents
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 17
Two persons, including a woman, were hurt in two road accidents in different parts of the city.

A pedestrian, Ranjana Devi of Mani Majra, suffered injuries after she was hit by a CTU bus near Modern Housing Complex on Thursday.

She was admitted to the General Hospital, Sector 16. The police has arrested the bus driver, Gurdyal Singh of Mohali district, in this regard.

In another incident, a scooterist, Tula Ram of Kansal village, reported to the police that he received injuries after being hit by a motor cycle (CH-03-Y-6882) near Kansal turn yesterday. He was admitted to the PGI.

Two cases of causing hurt due to rash and negligent driving have been registered in this connection.


Ajay Passi of Sector 40 C reported to the police that Paramjit and Satnam assaulted him near Palsora Chowk on Thursday.

A case has been registered in this regard.


A case of cheating and forgery has been registered against Pushpa and Bipin, both residents of Bapu Dham Colony, on the complaint of Bhopal Singh of Sector 21.

He alleging that they had taken Rs 2 lakh from him on the pretext of selling a plot in Dadu Majra Colony. The accused, however, handed him over fake documents of the plot.

House burgled

Babbar Malhotra of Sector 51 A lodged a complaint with the police alleging that Rs 5,000, three earrings, a pair of tops, a gold bracelet, a gold chain and a mobile phone were stolen from his residence on Thursday.

He told the police that the thieves gained access by breaking open the locks of the door.

A case has been registered at the police station, Sector 34.



1 booked for rash driving
Tribune News Service

Lalru, March 17
The police has booked the driver of a tractor trailer for allegedly driving the vehicle in a negligent manner leading to the death of a motor cyclist.

In his complaint to the police, Raghubir Singh, a resident of Sabtu, alleged that the tractor trailer hit the motor cycle of Ranjit Singh killing him on the spot on Wednesday.



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