Saturday, March 24, 2007

Starry regimen
Life is seldom a party for top-of-the-line stars. They are constantly running up tapes around their waists, going on low-fat, high-fibre diets. And workouts are the most important part of their existence. Any straying from the regimen can mean loss of contracts and slim pickings in this fiercely competitive world…

Esha exercises to increase her stamina
FIT FOR LIFE: Esha exercises to increase her stamina

Hrithik has a personal gym at home
MUSCLEMAN: Hrithik has a personal gym at home

Shilpa works hard for her svelte figure
In top shape: Shilpa works hard for her svelte figure

Salman Khan
“Before you put something in your mouth, ask yourself if it’s right for you. That’s because 80 per cent is what you eat and only 20 per cent is what you do at the gym.” — Salman Khan

Film stars, they are all so good-looking with hourglass figures and a gait that can take the breath away. The expressive eyes, confident look and the winning attitude cast a spell over people who see them on the big screen and in print and television advertisements.

But such svelte figures come at a price. Stars spend hours honing and chiselling themselves for those perfect curves, high cheek bones and that winsome demeanour. Which is why life is seldom a party for top-of-the-line stars. Most top names like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Priety Zinta, and Rani Mukherjee follow strict workout regimens for career longevity.

More so after the heart attack scare of Saif Ali Khan, stars are becoming all the more conscious of keeping fit and eating right in this high voltage times. Most stars regularly hit the gym which is usually in their own house or the hotel they are living in while on shoots and they follow strict low-calorie-high-fibre diets.

Says fitness trainer Asif Masih, "For the busy stars I recommend a five-minute warm-up and a brisk 15-minute jog every morning for an ideal jumpstart to the day. Even when they go out for shoots I tell them they should do their workouts in whatever little time they get."

Rani Mukherjee is today Bollywood’s most in-demand star and sometimes has to do shoots for 18 hours a day. But she has devised a special aerobic programme for herself which, she says, she can do anywhere and anytime of the day. Since mornings are rushed, she sometimes does her workouts, which include weights, stretching and aerobic exercises, in the evenings. And as she eats mostly a low-calorie diet, the results show amply on her svelte figure.

Preity Zinta and her tycoon fianc`E9 Ness Wadia make it a point to work out together in a gym. They share a common trainer and at least thrice a week — if they are in town — they hit the gym. Food is something which Preity loves but she balances her passion for gourmet stuff with plenty of exercise.

Esha Deol, another busy star, says, "Regular exercise not only helps me tone up the physique but also gives me stamina to work long shifts. That is the simple goal of my entire exercise and diet regimen."

Shilpa Shetty may be basking in her Big Brother glory but fitness is still her top priority. She now has a state-of-the-art gym at home and works hard for her svelte figure. She eats light meals and packs in a punch when it comes to health foods.

Hrithik Roshan is a complete workout freak. In fact when it comes to fitness there’s no parallel to him. His day begins at his personal gym that is equipped with some of the most sophisticated weight training and body toning machines. But interestingly he may have the best body in Bollywood but he is not obsessive about working out. If he’s not in the mood he is likely to just enjoy another hour in bed.

Salman Khan too has a fixation for pumping iron. His fitness regimen stretches for an incredible three hours a day. But since he can’t spare that kind of time from his busy schedule, he has cut out on his sleep and works out late in the nights and sweats it out till the wee hours. Salman’s diet too is very disciplined and controlled.

Says the hunk, "Eat right and work out right, it’s as simple as that. Go to a good gym, get a professional trainer. Before you put something in your mouth, ask yourself if it’s right for you. That’s because 80 per cent is what you eat and only 20 percent is what you do at the gym."

Akshay Kumar couldn’t agree more. He is very careful about what he eats — egg whites and juice for breakfast, daal-sabzi and grilled fish or chicken for lunch and soup and salad for dinner. Most of his food has very little oil. He doesn’t touch alcohol and jogs on a treadmill for an hour besides doing weights and presses.

Shah Rukh Khan admits that he keeps promising himself that he must quit smoking. Yes, he does some gymming but he prefers playing sports with his son. Weights are good, he says, but he has no intention of becoming a muscleman.

And though the Indian Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Pamela Andersons may still be some time away, the fact is that like their western counterparts, the Indian stars too have learnt that it takes more than just a pretty face to survive in the competitive world of films.

The truth is that movies feed on youth and glamour. And youth and glamour can last only in an environment of a regimented lifestyle of dumbbells, jogging shoes, salads and juices. Wild all-night partying has become a thing of the past for serious models. — NF