Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rhyme Time
What a view

Life is so dull inside

And if you are in your bed

The ceiling will be white

And the floor will be red.

Peep out through your window once

Believe me,

Life will be so beautiful

If you look out having a cup of tea

Sun will smile at you

Plants and trees will dance too

Once I peeped through the window

Having a cup of tea

I saw that there was kept a small plant,

in a pot which was cared by none

Poor it! it was going to dry

and wasn’t watered by anyone

The next day I saw

the prettiest thing

It was the same plant, healthy and green

and was surrounded by the flowers

I realised that it was not ordinary

but a special one

The life outside the window and watching

that plant growing was really great fun.

— Tanya Bains, VI, Welhams Girls’ School, Dehra Dun

Little prejudice

Prejudice feels slimy.

looks hairy

smells like

a rancid

pile of garbage

lives in a dark alley

dresses tacky.

Prejudice has no heart

instead a black hole

and in that black hole

it has hatred

and ugliness.

A lot of people

have been hit

by prejudice

and some people

are still his friend.

— Bharti Gupta IX, Ideal Convent School, Kurukshetra