Sunday, April 8, 2007, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

High status Chandigarh Based Industrialist Arora/Khatri family seeks alliance for their beautiful convent educated daughter 23/157 cms, Postgraduate. Looking for Professionally qualified boy from Business/Industrialist family. Box 128F Tribune, Chandigarh. C7-1002

Seeking alliance for very beautiful, slim, white complexion, Loomba Sikh Khatri girl, convent educated, B.A., 22/5-6, father good established businessman & agriculturalist of Jalandhar, decent marriage. Only highly status or highly posted boy may respond. Phones: 98140-65133. Box 58F Tribune, Chandigarh. C7-570

High status Mahajan business family of Chandigarh seek business or professional for their daughter, 79 born, 5'-1", slim, fair, very beautiful, convent educated, M.Com. Caste no bar. Contact: 98140-10933 or apply Box 31101F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful, fair, 5 ft. 3in, 31 yrs Sikh girl, well-educated MSC. Own business. Settled in UK. Looking for smart, clean shaven Sikh gentleman Doctor, Dentist, IT etc, age 32-35 willing to settle in UK. Box 27586F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents seek professional match for their very well-established Dentist daughter, 35/5'-5", social, family values and Beautiful, US Citizen, brought up in India, educated in India/USA, innocently divorced, father senior retired Army Officer. Contact E-mail: C6-118180

Suitable match for Mair Rajput girl born August 1976, height 5'-5", slim, M.A. looking for professionally educated skilled boy. Mech. Engg., ITI, Goldsmith, Tool & Die, Degree/Diploma or equ. Person working in their educated field. Please respond with picture and details to Ph. 416-407-2440. Box 30265F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Born & rise in Toronto Canada Sep, 1975, 5'-2" fair Post Grad. Professional born & rise in Canada /USA or person in Canada /USA working on Professional Position Only BIO/photo e mail C6-120736

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl 27/5'-4", Govt. job, PGI Chandigarh. Salary 15000/- pm. Phone: 99156-29676. E-mail: Box 30728F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico match for October 1979 born, 5'-2" fair, beautiful, M.D. Medicine, Saini girl. 01734-286229. C6-124789-OL

Beautiful & smart Canadian citizen 22/5'-3" girl from homely & cultured
family seeks highly professional degree holder, Doctor, Software Eng. etc. groom. Cleanshaven, caste no bar. C6-125088

Jatt Sikh parents seek professional clean-shaven Sikh alliance for their beautiful 5'-3", 29 yr. US citizen daughter, MBA, working for a pharmaceutical company. Please respond with photo & detailed particulars at: C6-125090

Educated, well-settled, status Jat Sikh clean shaven match for fair, slim, convent educated 5'-5", 30 year old Jat Sikh Graduate girl. Divorcees please excuse. Qualifications and status family main consideration. Please send picture and biodata to or Box 31374F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match preferably Professional Officer for Sikh Khatri Uppal girl, 32/5'-2", M.Sc. Hons. Economics, B.Ed., UGC. Permanent College Lecturer, Amritsar. 0183-2563670. Box 31436F Tribune, Chandigarh.

European citizen Jat Sikh parents looking for American, Canadian, UK, Indian (Software Engg./MBBS based in Chandigarh, Mohali) professionally qualified, handsome boy for their 25/5'-7", well-cultured, qualified, beautiful, fair & slim daughter. Born and brought up in Europe. 98769-99819, 93562-36371. C6-126465

Jat Sikh parents seek Engineer, Doctor professional match from USA/Canada for their slim, beautiful US citizen daughter 35/5'-3", MSEE (Hons), Engineering Manager in California. Brief marriage annulled 10 years ago without encumbrances. Please email: C6-127317

Ramgarhia Gursikh match for fair, good-looking, slim girl, 27/5'-4", B.A., English-Hindi Stenography, doing private job. Box 31784F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful, slim, fair, 5'-5", 11-10-1976, 10:10 A.M. Brahmin
Mangleek girl. Born and based Amritsar. Working in Jet Airways, salary Five Figure. Caste no bar. Local preferred. Mobile: 098882-05766. C6-405

Alliance invited for smart, 32/5'-6" Khatri girl, B.Com., B.Ed. Teacher Reputed Public School. Kundli must. 0183-2401172. Box 46F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Punjabi Brahmin beautiful British citizen July 1977/5'-1", M.Pharma girl. MBA, MCA, M.Tech. willing to settle in UK preferred. Contact: 0181-2482682. Box 132F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled Doctor Engineer MBA match for fair, beautiful, slim Hindu Arora, B.H.M.S. Homeopathy Doctor girl July 1982/5'-3". Parents employed. 0172-2795123. Box 133F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Dhiman Sikh, divorcee issueless, slim girl 36+, 5'-3", B.Sc. Physics, M.A. Eng. Teacher in affiliated school. 01765-241340. Box 142F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents seek non-Sidhu alliance for their highly qualified Daughter, 27/5'-2", working as Law Executive in reputed company. Highly educated, well placed from decent family alone need correspond. Send full particulars with photo; 0172-5093775. C7-1070

IAS/DM/MCH/MD match for convent educated slim, beautiful, Chandigarh based Garg girl 28/5'-4", doing M.D. (Medicine). Around Chandigarh boy preferred. 98725-17811. Box 148F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable well settled match for smart, slim Ramgarhia Sikh girl M.Sc. 29/5'-3" working in Coaching Centre. Educated middle class family. Box 150F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for professionally qualified Rajput, Manglik, beautiful girl
M.Lib., 5'-3", 13.12.83, 12:40 Noon, Jalandhar. Working as Librarian, upper caste no bar. Early marriage. Send bio-data, Photograph & Kundli (must). Email: Box 152F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted Khatri Software Engineer, MBA/CA match for fair, beautiful, 28/5'-3", B.A., One year Web Designing course & Tally. Around Chandigarh preferred. 09317550128. C7-11B

Professionally match in and around Chandigarh beautiful, slim Saini Sikh girl 28/5'-6", Post Graduate, working English Teacher, Chandigarh. Box 173F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jindal smart, beautiful girl MA, MBA, 29.10.1982/5'-6". 94173-18809. Box 10F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Proposal seeking from District & Sessions Judge (retd.), presently President (Judge) District Consumers Forum for 25/5'-6", fair, lovely, slim, sweet natured & Law Graduate homely girl. Only elder brother Civil Judge. Established businessman/professional preferred. Send BHP. Contact before 10 am. or after 5 pm. on 094119-07397. Box 199F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Brahmin girl October 1978/5'-3", M.Sc., M.Phil. Gold Medalist, Post Graduate, Teacher in local reputed School also eligible for College Lecturer. Handsome salary. Box 206F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful, slim, fair, sharp featured, very homely Jatt Sikh Randhawa girl 30/5'-1" M.A. English. Permanent resident employed in Australia. Non-drinking, non-smoking, vegetarian preferred. Caste no bar. Contact: Phone 98724-53608. Box 208F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Sikh Tonk Kshatriya girl 1975/5'-3", M.A., B.Ed, Teacher in reputed Public School. 094630-91130. C7-1472

Alliance invited from handsome professional businessman for beautiful, fair complexioned girl 5'-2"/22 years, B.Tech. Electronics & Computer. MNC employed, decent marriage. Apply with kundli. Box 217F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified preferably Himachali match for M.Sc., B.Ed. (Physics),
doing M.Phil. beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl 29/5'-1". Regular Central Govt. job. 01792-255145. Box 218F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Sikh Sudan girl 23+/5'-2", B.Tech IT, doing M.Tech. IT, Sydney (Australia). Simple marriage. Australia PR preferred. Box 221F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Software Engineer for beautiful, smart, 25/5'-3", MCA Sikh Tonk-Kashatriya girl. Lecturer in MCA institute, Mohali. Box 223F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Saini Girl, M.A., B.Ed. 1981/5'-3". Teacher.,99155-10019. C7-1568

Wanted Brahmin professional match for Nov. 79 born, 5'-3", very fair, beautiful girl, MBA, Top Indian B-School through CAT, employed Telecom. Sector Chandigarh. Contact: 99156-57474 after 4 p.m. Box 225F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Govt. employed match vegetarian Jatav Chamar girl 27/4'-11", Staff Nurse, working private hospital, educated family settled Chandigarh. 0172-2613632, 99884-56036. C7-1580

Professionally qualified match for Manglik Brahmin, fair, slim girl 37/5'-3", M.A., B.Ed. Teacher in a convent school. 12000/-pm. Status family. Contact: 0172-3244104. Box 226F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Sikh Mair-Rajput, 29/5'-2", fair, innocent divorcee after One Week, M.A., B.Ed. Govt. E.T.T. Teacher. Caste immaterial. 98147-73266, 98147-30343, 98145-89313. Box 235F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for homely Jat Sikh Pannu girl 21.03. 82/5'-2" M.A. B.Ed. Father Senior Officer in C.P.O. brother doing B/Tech. final year. 94170-49928. C7-1646

Suitable match from professionally qualified established Business, Gazetted, Doctor from status family for beautiful, slim, adjustable, sweet natured Saraswat Brahmin B.Tech. (Comp). Girl from status family. 24/5'-5" permanent job. Send BHP. Box 242F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable qualified match for Manglik Garg girl fair, slim, beautiful March 79/5'-3", M.Com., doing MBA Final Year. 098723-98600, 98967-65616. Box 244F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Brahmin girl, M.A., B.Ed, MCA, fair complexion, 5'-1"/Sep. 1972. Father retired Dy Director from Haryana Govt. Early marriage. Box 14F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik match for Datta girl Teacher Govt. School near Patiala, M.A., ETT, B.Ed., 16 Dec. 1976, 12 Midnight Chandigarh, slim, fair 5'-6", 0172-5172341. Box 255F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified status match for Khatri girl 32/5'-4/MA/PGDCA.
Employed Govt. insurance 16000/-. Local/Around preferred. Box 256F Tribune, Chandigarh.

M.Pharma/M.Tech/B.Tech match for Hindu Khatri Arora girl, September 1980/5'-3", M.Pharma research executive in R&D lab near Chandigarh. 9876502301, C7-1722

Well settled educated from status family match for beautiful, smart Chandigarh convent employed Hindu girl, B.A., B.Ed., PGDCA, 38/5' never married. 0172-2632331. Box 258F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh-based well-settled educated Mazhbi Sikh (Rengretta) family seeks a suitable match for their 29 yr., 5'-6.5", beautiful, fair, slim, Chandigarh-born and brought-up, B.E. (PEC), M.Sc. (Microelectronics, USA) daughter, with H1B, employed in Bay Area California with a Top American MNC. Kind, caring, respectful Engineer, Chartered Accountant, MBA, Software Consultant, Doctor with US valid Visa preferred. Please email your response to: or write to Box 268F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Businessman/educated suitable match for Amritsar based Kamboj Sikh girl, 25/5'-3", M.A. Psychology. Contact: 99157-72216, 0183-2502216. C7-1774B

Match for Ramdasia Sikh Divorcee girl Sept. 82/5'-6"/M.A., B.Ed., slim, beautiful Govt. Teacher. Educated family. 98885-81397, 94176-53257. C7-181

Handsome match for beautiful M.A. English, B.Ed. Himachali girl 5'-2"/25, working private Teacher. Preferred Engineer, MBA. Box 278F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted suitable match for Arora beautiful, homely girl +2, 27.08.1982. Ambala, Delhi preferred. 0172-2630113, 99889-49659. C7-1818

Match for BA, LL.B, B.Ed, girl November 1972/155 cms, Teacher reputed public School. Salary 11000/- pm. Father Lieutenant Colonel retired settled Panchkula. Defence Officer, Bank Officer, Civil/Police Officer, Well settled professional preferred. Caste no bar. Box 279F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled Gursikh (Lobana) family in USA invites correspondence for their 27/5'-5" American Graduate, Physician daughter, doing Internal Medicine Residency in USA. Seeking turbaned physician in USA or USMLE cleared Physician from India. Please contact with biodata and photos at C7-1872

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh fair complexion girl 27, 5'-3", PGDCA, M.Sc. IT. Service in Chandigarh. Box 290F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh MNC Software Engineer girl, 24/163, M.S.(USA), B.E./India. Father Class-I retd. US based greencard/H1B visa holder Engineer/MBA preferred. Contact with photo/biodata. Email: C7-1932

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, smart girl
80 born 5'-6" PGDCA, B.A. (Hons), M.Sc. IT paper completed. Working reputed Computer Institution handsome salary. Early marriage. E mail: Box 307F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Gill 28/5'-3", fair, smart, College Lecturer girl. Parents USA greencard holder. 98156-10459 or Box 308F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled teetotaller match for beautiful Goel girl 07 Aug, 1980, Time 5:55 p.m (Chandigarh) 5'-4", M.A., B.Ed. Govt. Teacher in Chandigarh on Contract (8000/-). Contact: 0172-2655925. C7-2042

Match for Himachali beautiful girl MA English, B.Ed. 27.8.81/5'-3". Father Class I officer. Sister married to Army Officer. 094180-11802. I.D. Box 15F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional/qualified industrialist match for Hindu Arora, Permanent College Lecturer girl, unmarried 34/5'-1", very fair, slim, from status industrialist family. Early decent marriage. 98550-22041 C7-2084

Match for Bedi Sikh girl 24/5'-4", slim, fair, beautiful, MA History, M.Lib., N.T.D. Course, basic Computer. Father, Mother Govt. job and religion family. Caste no bar. Box 322F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin 31/5'-2", BA, B.Ed. girl. Box 324F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Saraswat Brahmin girl 25/5'-5", B.Tech. Scientist Class-I, ISRO Bangalore. Box 17F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Cleanshaven match for BBA, Nov. 79/5'-1", employed Chandigarh, fair complexion girl. 98727-43485. Box 339F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair, smart Ramgarhia Sikh girl Gotra-Devgun Bhambra 30/5'-1" M.A., B.Ed. Teacher in Govt. Model School at Chandigarh. Box 342F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh, July 1978/5'-3", M.Sc. (Maths), M.Ed., PGDCA, doing M.Phil., adhoc Lect. in B.Ed. College, Canada (Manitoba) applied, Brother & Bhabi in Australia. Box 19F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Looking for a smart well employed match for Graduate public school educated fluent in English, beautiful, cultured, smart girl April 79/5'-4". Worked 3 years, now pursuing PG. Well connected status Chandigarh based Defence family. Prefer professionally employed or Defence. Box 348F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Cleanshaved, teetotaller, professionally qualified match for Dhiman MCA girl 5'-4", 13 Oct. 1981, 4:52 pm, working MNC. Kundli matching must. Send photo, biodata Contact after 6 PM 94174-14284. C7-229

Manglik/Non-Manglik professionally qualified, teetotaller match for Saraswat Brahmin Moudgil Chandigarh based girl 81 Born 5'-1", M.A. (Psychology), doing Specialization in Counselling. Father Executive in Nationalised Bank. Biodata, Kundli must. Box 365F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Chaudhary (Ghirth) girl, 25/5'-3" B.A., B.Ed., doing MBA. Working in MNC at Chandigarh. Parents in Govt. service. 0172-2790169, 98888-04757. C7-2352

Medico/Non-Medico match for Saraswat Brahmin beautiful, convent educated girl, 5'-5"/Sept. 1975, MBBS from KMC, Mangalore, preparing for USMLE. Box 367F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Goyal fair, beautiful, intelligent, M.A., B.Ed. regular Govt. School English Lecturer girl 24 yrs. 5'-5", 16000/- pm. Doing M.Phil. Educated family: 98157-81731. Box 368F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Singla fair, beautiful, intelligent M.Sc., B.Ed. Achoc basis Chemistry Lecturer. Doing M.Phil. Divorce girl 26 years 4'-11". Reputed family. 98720-16377. Box 370F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based beautiful, slim, 5'-5"/26 Nov. 79, Master
Pharmacy. 0172-4630796. E-mail: Box 372F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for extremely beautiful, slim Garg girl, 24/5'-4", M.A. (English) from reputed family of Amritsar. High status marriage. 98554-24028, 98145-37559. Box 373F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Parjapati Paramedical graduate Govt. Service, doing Postgraduation 24/5'-3" girl. Brother Doctor. Box 377F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for slim, beautiful Gursikh Ramgarhia girl 25/5'-3", B.Sc. Bio, M.A. History, Public School Teacher. Send biodata with photograph (Returnable). Box 387F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh, beautiful, fair Garg, C.A., 5'-1", 27 girl. 9417225589. Box 424F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jatt Sikh girl smart, beautiful 27/5'-4", M.Sc., doing M.Phil. Job serviceman preferred. Box 428F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Bansal fair, smart, slim, M.Com., UGC NET 25/5'-2", Lecturer at Govt. College, Chandigarh. Box 448F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Status family for Saini Sikh girl 5'-3"/26, B.Com., Fashion Designing, MBA pursuing. Two sisters. Father Officer in Merchant Navy. 9872599757, 9872898830. Box 452F Tribune, Chandigarh.

NRI/ Indian match for beautiful slim Jat Sikh 1979/ 5'-7'', Diploma Art Craft, Live and Caregiver Course. 98725 -75271. Box 457F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable, well qualified match, willing to settle Canada, preferred vegetarian for very beautiful, Khatri girl 24/5'-4", Double M.A., doing Regular B.Ed. Brother/Bhabhi in Canada. Father gazetted officer, Mother insurance employee. Box 481F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for slim, extremely beautiful Non-Manglik Brahmin girl M.Sc. Physics (P.U.), B.Ed. Regular teacher Govt. aided School, Chandigarh. 27/5'-2"/13,000/-. Father gazetted officer. Mother teacher. Box 501F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Malwa Bains family seeks well qualified, professional, tall, Indian/NRI alliance for their daughter 24/5'-5" MBA, professionally employed, banking sector. 98723-31120 e-mail: Box 504F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful, slim girl Brahmin DOB 14.9.1977 (Night), (2.00 am, Pinjore), 5'-3", MA Hindi, Service in Private (Recognised School). Box 25F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance for legally mutual divorcee, issueless Gaur Brahmin girl,
1975 born, 160 cms. Marriage lasted a few months. Slim, beautiful, Graduate, Three years Engg. Diploma, DTP (Computers). Appearing exam of PGD in Mass Communication. Doing service in a reputed firm in Chandigarh as Graphic Designer. Upper caste no bar. Chandigarh, Tricity surrounding preferred. Box 26F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin MBA girl, October, 79 born, 5'-6". Manager in MNC at Chandigarh. Early marriage. Contact: 98726-61417. C7-313

Match for Brahmin girl 5'-3", Born 16.10.1980/05:15 am/Chandigarh. MCA, employed as Software Engineer in Infosys, Pune. Transferable to Chandigarh/Other Infosys Centres. email:; Mobile: 0-9855188087 or Box 28F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Gaur Brahmin, Postgraduate girl, December, 82 born, 5'-1". Employed P.G. Teacher reputed educational Institution Kurukshetra. Simple early marriage. Contact: 98156-78732. C7-321

Match for Hindu Walia girl 22/5'-2", beautiful, homely, sober M.Com., doing Diploma M.Com. Parents in Service. Caste no bar. Surrounding Chandigarh preferred. Box 30F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well educated businessman professional/Govt. employee in/around Chandigarh match for Hindu Khatri unmarried girl, 43/5'-1", fair, looks very young, M.Sc., M.Ed., Govt. School Teacher, 18000/-. Widower/ Divorcee with issue no need to apply. Box 48F Tribune, Chandigarh.

UK citizen, Bhangra, beautiful girl 24/5'-6", Joint Degree in Accountant & Marketing. Requires Ramgarhia, well qualified and handsome match. Contact : 98763-18523. C7-502

Alliance invited for fair, smart, very beautiful, MBA, 24/5'-6",
Brahmin girl. Father Army Officer. Send BHP. Box 49F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh fair, slim girl, 20/5'-3", B.Com., doing PGDCA. Contact: 98158-25554. Email: C7-542

Suitable match for slim, beautiful Hindu Mair Rajput (Swarankar) girl, 18.08.78, 4.30 a.m., 5'-3", MCA, B.Ed. Teacher in affiliated school. Father Advocate, mother Govt. Teachress. 0181-2462153, 98141-45028. Khatri also welcome. C7-546

Match for Ramgarhia (Kundi, Bharaj) Sikh beautiful, slim, fair, 1981/5'-3", M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Tech (IT), Govt. Computer Faculty Teacher, Jalandhar. Middle class family. Father professionally part-time Accountants. 98728-15051. Box 52F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl slim, 79 born, 5'-4", working as Dental Surgeon in Dental College. Doctor family settled in Chandigarh. Medico, Officer, Engineer near Chandigarh preferred. Contact: 94631-88775, 98159-92335. C7-572

Match for BAMS Doctor Hindu Rajput girl June 1972/5'-3". Local professional businessman prefer. Upper caste no bar. Box 61F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled match for smart, fair, beautiful Garg girl 1977 born,
5'-4", MA, B.Ed. in Teaching. Father Bank Officer. 98882-42054. Box 62F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified, well settled match for beautiful Non-Manglik Hindu Arora girl 24/5'-3", MBA, working in MNC (Chandigarh). In/around Chandigarh preferred. Box 64F Tribune, Chandigarh.

High status Chandigarh based reputed Jat Sikh family seeks alliance for their slim, fair, beautiful & highly educated daughter, Nov. 1981 born, 5'-5" (working as a Senior Software Engineer in an MNC) looking for a clean shaven, well-educated Professional/Businessman. Contact: Mobile: 98882-22833 (between 7 to 10 am/pm). Box 65F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Modgil Brahmin girl 5'-3"/27, B.Arch. Master Degree Furniture Decoration, working MNC, Chennai, 4.8 LPA. Preferred Himachali, Chandigarh resident. 94170-43510, 2621510. Box 66F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking alliance for beautiful, creative cultured girl March 79/5'-4", Fashion Designing from NIFT Graphic Dress from Pearl. Belongs to High status family, working for a highly qualified, well established clean shaven boy India abroad of similar status. E-mail Id: Box 70F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Handsome, educated match for educated, slim, Garg girl 18 Oct., 77, 8:10am, 5'-2", MBA, Computer Diploma, doing job, salary 2.5lac. 0161-2454995. C7-648

P.G. match for beautiful Sikh girl, 1979/5'-4", Associate Professor, M.D. Medicine. Reputed Khatri family. Box 76F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Non-drinker, professionally qualified match for Gursikh Arora girl, Sept.76/5'-2", Ph.D in Life Sciences, working as Scientist in Panjab University, Chandigarh. Box 77F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl 24/5'-6", MBA last Semester. Family settled in Chandigarh. Father in Govt. job. Box 5F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited from Sikh/cleanshaven, professionally qualified, handsome, tall, well-settled in business/service for Sikh Khatri very beautiful, sober, homely girl, 27/5'-5", M.Sc., B.Ed. & Computer Diploma. Reputed family. Early marriage. Photo must. Email: Box 82F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for slim, beautiful, educated Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) girl, 28/5'-3", B.Com, MFC, PGDCA. Early marriage. Box 83F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, Nov.1981 5'-3", B.Sc. (Non.Med.), B.Ed, M.Sc. (Comp. Science), MCA. Parents Gazetted Officers. Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali preferred. Box 91F Tribune, Chandigarh.

MCA, B.Tech., MBA, Computer Engg/IT employed match preferably from Doaba for slim, fair, beautiful USA Citizen Saini girl 24/5'-3", 'AA' Degree in Business, doing part time Bachelor in HR Management from California State University and job in Bank. Box 96F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-Established, educated for Hindu Arora, 1979/5'-3", non-Manglik girl, M.Com., Teacher. Father Investment Advisor. Preferred Amritsar. 0183-2558585, 98142-56181. C7-834

Professional qualified for slim, fair, vegetarian Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin Manglik girl, 5'-3"/13.01.1981, 04.40 pm., Talwara Township, B.Sc., M.Sc. (IT), doing M.Phil. Small decent family. Send bio-data, kundli. 01887-225853. Box 105F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Doctor parents seek well-settled Doctor, Engineer professional
match from USA for their 26 yrs./5'-3", beautiful, smart, convent educated BDS daughter, having USA visa and cleared NBDE Part I. Brother, sister Doctors. Contact 9876629984. Email: C7-892

Wanted Jat Sikh Sikh NRI/Indian Dr./Eng./highly qualified boy for 29/5'-5" MBBS, employed beautiful girl. Elder sister Doctor settled USA. Elder brother settled Canada, younger Brother M.Eng. Early marriage. Box 109F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for very beautiful Graduate girl, 5'-2"/29 years. Early marriage, send biodata alongwith photograph. Box 112F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Arora Khatri slim girl, 6.7.80, 8.20 pm., M.Sc. (IT), working in MNC Bangalore, 6.75 LPA (can relocate). Parents working with Punjab Govt. Contact: 2686693 after 6 PM. Box 114F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Punjabi good looking girl, slim, sharp featured 29/155, working with reputed Software Company in US on H1-B Visa. Required Professionally qualified match from a respectable family. Mail: Ph: 93325-11928. Box 115F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saini girl 27/5'-2", M.A., B.Ed. Father in F.C.I. Box 116F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Himachali Rajput girl 25/5'-8", B. Pharma, India, M. Pharma, UK, working in UK. Seeking professionally qualified cultured 25-29 Rajput/Jat Sikh boy borne-brought up in India. Preferably working/settled in UK, US, Canada and Australia. Send BHP to: 09418117399. Box 118F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Himachali Rajput girl 25/5'-8", B. Pharma, India, M. Pharma, UK, working in UK. Seeking professionally qualified cultured 25-29 Rajput/Jat Sikh boy borne-brought up in India. Preferably working/settled in UK, US, Canada and Australia. Send BHP to: 09418117399. Box 120F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for MCA 26 May, 79, 5'-4", slim, fair girl, working Chandigarh. Mobile: 98722-47093. Box 125F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted handsome, well-educated NT ND Sikh match for smart beautiful, well-cultured girl 24/5'-3", M.Sc. Hons. Contact: 0172-5086695. Email: NA7-1652-OL

Beas based Punjabi Christian girl, 25/5'-5", good looking and smart with a lovely nature. Seeks boy with similar nature. Please call direct 01853-273755. NA7-293-OL

Well settled, educated, reputed Brahmin family seeks alliance for their beautiful & fair daughter 5'-4"/4.6.1981. Convent educated, Law Graduate. Kundli & photo required. Box 101F Tribune, Chandigarh.



A reputed Organisation urgently require Civil Bridge Construction Staff for
their works in North India Project Managers Having 10 yrs. experience Site Engineers 5 yrs. experience Accountants B.Com. & 5 yrs. experience in Construction & Computer Literate. Experienced Store Keepers, Supervisors, JCB & Poclain Operators etc. Salary no bars for the right candidate apply & Contact immediately. E-mail: General Manager M/s V.K. Gupta & Associates SCO 175, Sector 39-D Chandgiarh. Ph. 0172-2698791. C7-269

Experienced personnel required for upcoming call centre at Panchkula. USA
clients. Good salary and incentives. Email resume to :  C7-1136

Wanted Project Manager B.E. Civil-2, Assistant Project Manager Diploma in
Civil-3, Accountant in Tally knowledge-2, for World Bank Road Project at Rahon, District Nawanshahar. Apply with biodata, 1295, IInd floor, 21-B, Chandigarh. 98724-19400. C7-1534


Fully furnished Service Apartment available in Dehradun for students and parents on study leave. Food and Parking space also available. Mathur 09358100190. C7-193


250 sq. yards, constructed Kothi in C-Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar for sale. Contact: 98554-09222, 98155-82956. A7-1401-OL

12 marla newly constructed corner Kothi, beautiful surroundings excellent construction, double storeyed and facing park at Amravati Enclave near Panchkula. Very reasonable price. Contact: 98761-15009. C7-2124

One, Two, Three, Four and Eight, Nine and Eleven Kanal Kothies Sector 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 33, 34, 35, 36. Good locations. Bikram Constructions Estates (Pvt) Limited. (R) 0172-2732175 (R) 0172-5065031, (O) 0172-4634061, (M) 9217880632. SCO 186-187, Sector 8, Chandigarh. C7-2576

2-3-4 Bedroom Flats in Silver City, Zirakpur and Silver City Derabassi. Contact: 98761-22000, C7-2796

One Kanal double storey beautiful kothi, posh locality Sector 17, Panchkula. Contact: 94633-91554, 99159-20664. E-mail: C7-710

10 marla triple storey kothi in N.A.C. Shivalik Enclave Manimajra. Contact: 98159-82460, 98551-45805. C7-824


Land for sale near Mohali, Zirakpur, Derabassi, Ropar, Balachaur and Nawanshahr for good projects. 50 to 200 and 300 Kilas. Good locations. Bikram Constructions (Pvt) Limited Estates (R) 0172-2732175 (R) 0172-5065031, (O) 0172-4634061, (M) 9217880632. SCO 186-187, Sector 8, Chandigarh. C7-2584

Fifty acres of irrigated land with farm house at Village Birk on Ludhiana- Ferozepur Road. Contact: M.L. Jhanji, Advocate, Civil Lines Ludhiana. Phone: 0161-2444152. C7-846


15 marla industrial shed on prime location in Phase-II for rent. Only MNC or single party. Box 11G Tribune, Chandigarh.


Completely renovated, inside out, triple storey 7 marla kothi in a prime
Sector in Chandigarh available for lease. IT Companies, MNCs, Banks, Insurance Companies only. Please respond to or call: 011-516-972-9610 ask for Narinder. A7-1156-OL


Proclamation Under Order 5 Rule 20 CPC
In the Court of Ms Anshul Berry PCS, Addl. Civil Judge (Sr. Division) Nabha

Civil Suit No 183/14.6.04
Pending for: 2.8.07

Sewa Singh 65 years S/o Arjan Singh R/o Vill. Dittupur Jattan Teh Nabha Distt Patiala now R/o at Toronto Canada, through his General Power of Attorney Sh Mewa Singh S/o Arjan Singh R/o Village Dittupur Jattan Teh Nabha Distt Patiala.



1. Gurmukh Singh, 2. Sikander Singh, 3. Karminder Singh Ss/o Avtar Singh 4. Jeet Singh, 5. Harbans Singh, 6. Jaswant Singh Ss/o Joginder Singh R/o Village Dittupur Jattan Teh Nabha Distt Patiala.

Suit for recovery of Rs 2,08.000/-
Notice to:- Karminder Singh S/o Avtar Singh R/o Vill. Dittupur Jattan Teh Nabha Distt Patiala Deft No 3.
Whereas in the above noted case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that above named defendant/defendants is/are avoiding service of summons and cannot be served in the ordinary way. Hence this proclamation is hereby issued against him/them to appear in this court on 2.8.07 at 10 a.m. to defend the case personally or through an authorised agent or pleader failing which ex-parte proceedings will be taken against him/them.
Given under my hand and the seal of the court this 4th day of April, 2007.

Addl. Civil Judge, 
(Sr. Divn.) Nabha



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