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This govt press doesn’t print NCERT books
G.S. Paul
Tribune News Service

The press was set up in 1971 when Germany donated machinery and equipment. The main focus of the press was to provide students with quality printing of textbooks at cheap rates.

Chandigarh, April 15
“There is no way there would have been a shortage of NCERT books if we were given a chance!” This challenge has been thrown by workers of the Government of India Text Books Press (GITBP).

These determined workers want to curb this chronic menace, which spoils the study schedule of almost every student.

Situated at Industrial Area, Phase I, Chandigarh, the press was established in 1971 when the Federal Republic of Germany donated machinery and equipment under a literacy development programme of Unesco. Their main aim was to provide students with quality printing of school text books at cheap rates.

Later, two more such units were established in 1974 and 1975 in Bhubaneswar and Mysore, respectively. Over the years, the work of the Chandigarh Press expanded appreciably. At present, it also caters to a large chunk of departmental work for the Government of India.

Since 1980, the NCERT stopped giving orders for the printing of books to any of the three government-run press units.

If these units were producing such remarkable results, why did the government stop utilising its own resources?

It seems to be the influence of private publishers, be it political or bureaucratic, that they managed to manipulate the whole procedure to establish their dominance in the market.

When NCERT production officials in New Delhi were contacted on the phone, they said they had never been approached all these years by any representative from the government press. “How would we be aware of the infrastructure available to them. I am afraid if they would be able to meet our demand of around seven or eight lakh books with multicoloured images.”

“Private publishers and the NCERT officials are hand in glove with the schools, specially private ones. Books at exorbitant rates are made to flow in the market and with the shortage of the NCERT prescribed books, students and parents have to bow before private publishers,” said an official from the education department.

Bhagwant Kishore, secretary, Workers’ Joint Action Committee, GITBP, said, “Earlier, the NCERT used to give us the responsibility of publishing the books. The three appreciation awards given by the government is a testimony to our work. We have the capacity to meet the demand of the whole of the northern region.”



Thikri pehra launched
Youngsters turn protectors

Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Activists of the local unit of the Bharatiya Shiv Sena have decided to protect the residents of Mauli Jagran from criminals on their own.

A group of youngsters of the organisation have been carrying out “thikri pehra” (night patrolling) for the past couple of weeks to curb the rising incidents of snatching and robberies in the vicinity.

Residents of the locality told Chandigarh Tribune that the incidents of robbery and manhandling of people by miscreants in the jungle area, adjacent to the locality, during late hours had virtually come to an end.

Sanjay Gupta, president of Ward No. 24, Ajit Singh, vice-president of the same ward, Rajesh Gupta, Sudhir Thukral and other members from Mauli Jagran have joined hands with the Mauli Jagran police post after one of their members had been “robbed” by miscreants late in the night on April 1.

Sanjay stated that night Pappu Lal, alias Pager, was approached by unidentified persons as he was coming from railway station after seeing off someone. They robbed him of his valuables after manhandling him.

He stated residents of the locality had time and again been reporting incidents of robberies and snatching in and around the locality.

A nearby jungle, non-functional street lights and abandoned areas adjacent to the locality have virtually turned it into a safe haven for criminals.

“The police has even allowed us to patrol on our own and hand over the criminals to them. We started the patrolling on April 2, and since then no untoward incident had been reported”, claimed Sanjay.

In charge of the Mauli Jagran police post Bhupinder Singh said as we had been facing an acute shortage of staff, we motivated the youth of the locality to help the police. He, however, stated that no incident of snatching and robbery had been reported to the police in the past couple of months.



Depts told to step up probes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The Chandigarh administration has written to the senior superintendent of police, administrative secretaries and head of departments in the city to step up the investigation process.

They have been asked to adhere strictly to the time frame of three months for filing a report. They have been asked to retain the crucial evidence in personal custody.

Home secretary and chief vigilance officer Krishna Mohan has sent the message to all related wings of the administration following a circular from the Central Vigilance Commission.

It has been pointed out that in a majority of cases, the time taken by departments for investigating complaints was unduly longer than three months, as stipulated by the commission.

A senior officer said: “All cases of undue delay will be taken up immediately. In fact, a data will be compiled first at the department level and later in a comprehensive way to assess the scenario.

“This will be followed by taking up each individual case and looking for the earliest decisions.”

A specific reference has been made to the excuse of unavailability of relevant records as the reason for long delay in filing of reports.



Admn removes water tanks from markets
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The administration today came under fire from shopkeepers of different markets for carrying out a late-night drive to remove small water tanks providing potable water to visitors free of cost.

In a four-hour drive, the enforcement staff of the Estate Office, along with the police, removed around 10 water tanks. Officials revealed that tanks were removed from the markets of Sectors 7, 9, 15, 19, 22 and 37.

In the Sector 37 market, the staff did not even bother to plug the water connection after removing a tank. A fountain of water could be seen several hours after the demolition drive.

Officials supervising the drive claimed that the tanks were not clean and could lead to outbreak of water-borne diseases. “The drive was carried out in the night to avoid confrontation with the shopkeepers”, said an officials.

But, the officials failed to reply whether any information campaign had been initiated to tell the market associations about the importance of potable water. No prior notice had been issued to the market association to get the tanks cleaned.

Ironically, the municipal corporation has failed to supply potable water in all markets. “In many markets, public taps have been stolen”, said a shopkeeper.

“Since the tanks were set up for public benefit, a solution should be found out instead of demolishing them”, said Rajesh Sharma, a shopkeeper of the Sector 37 market.

Members of the Sector 37 market associations said though necessary permission had been sought from the MC after paying the requisite fee and the monthly water bill, no notice was given. We regularly clean the tanks.



ICCR may set up offices in major world capitals
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Dr Karan Singh, president of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), releases "Bhagwad Gita Moksha — the easy way out", a book written by Rajesh Chadha in Chandigarh
Dr Karan Singh, president of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), releases "Bhagwad Gita Moksha — the easy way out", a book written by Rajesh Chadha in Chandigarh on Sunday.
— A Tribune photograph

Chandigarh, April 15
The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), cultural arm of the Ministry of External Affairs, is thinking it big to take the cultural diplomacy to the next level by strengthening its overseas presence.

In the wake of the cultural diplomacy assuming centrestage in the international relations, the ICCR is toying with the idea of setting up offices in prominent world capitals, including Washington, Paris, Bangkok, Dhaka, Kabul, Beijing and Tokyo, Dr Karan Singh and Pavan K Varma, ICCR president and director-general, said here today.

The revival of the India international festivals at Brussels, headquarters of the European Union, after 16 years and at Tokyo, which showcased the Indian rich cultural heritage, portends well for India, unargubly the cultural superpower of the world, Dr Karan Singh. The council was playing a catalyst role in the revival and promotion of the classical arts, Dr Karam Singh, who is also a Rajya Sabha MP, said.

In fact, the whole concept of the diplomacy is undergoing sea change with cultural diplomacy playing a significant role in the world affairs. The India international festivals represent the cultural domension of our diplomacy, Dr Karan Singh said.

He said that end in mind China was setting up 100 Confucius centres all over the world to market its cultural and the ICCR initiative was part our endeavour to present our cultural heritage to the world.

Varma, who himself is a name to be reckoned with in the Indian literary circles, said presenting India's past pride, present excitement a future potential was a challenging task but the ICCR was working relentlessly towards this direction. We have to keep pace with the changing scenario of presenting our culture to the world, ICCR officials highlighted.

He said the Horizons programme, under which the upcoming artistes provided platform in India and abroad, was being revamped to bring more artistes under its gamut.

Meanwhile, Dr Karan Singh chaired a meeting of the newly-formed zonal advisory committee of the ICCR. Various suggestions aimed at the promotion of the rich cultural heritage were discussed at the meeting, ICCR regional director, MM Sharma added.



Practicing art on their own terms
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Madeeha Gauhar and her script-writer husband Shahid Nadeem have lived life and practiced art on their own terms. Back home in Pakistan, the otherwise celebrated theatre couple is considered quite a nuisance.

In their own words: “We are always in conflict with dogmatists, who thrive on warped notions of religion and culture. Through theatre, we challenge the long-held stereotypes. That’s our only chance at the freedom of thought and expression.”

Credited with fine productions, more recently “Bullah” and “Dukh Dariya”, which explore the dynamics of peace and the human urge for affection, Gauhar and Nadeem have yet again crossed the line with their latest play.

Titled “Burqa Vaganza”, the play is a spoof on the clerics who run their business by fuelling the politics of “hijab”. By weaving into the production the raging controversy on the need for “hijab”, Gauhar and Nadeem had struck a discordant note with the Pakistani “mullahs”.

“But that’s what Ajoka is meant to do,” says Nadeem, who accompanied Gauhar for the presentation of “Bullah” at Rock Garden this evening. “Burqa Vaganza is a contemporary production with a potential to engage everyone who lives in a Muslim society. We have heard enough about the “fatwas” issued against women who defy the “hijab” and choose to bare their faces. In the play we have argued about something called personal choice,” says Nadeem.

A multi-media production, “Burqa Vaganza” invited the wrath of religious leaders, including the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, who went on television to deride Ajoka and its “unacceptable” intentions. But the couple is unfazed or perhaps accustomed to such reactions.

Recalling the problems they had with “Bullah”, Gauhar said: “Bullah evoked ballistic reactions from the Pakistani clergy. The reason was simple. It delivered the message of universal brotherhood that just did not suit fundamentalists. It lambasted the socially repressive regimes and sought a culture of peace. Even the Pakistani establishment had problems with the production,” said Gauhar.

It is a matter of record that “Bullah”, which is by far Ajoka’s best production in 20 years, was kept in abeyance for two years just because the Pakistani government did not give permission to stage it in a government-owned theatre. But finally it was cleared for presentation. Since then it has been staged across the world.

In India it has been shown twice earlier. Today it was presented on the invitation of the Chandigarh Administration. The function was attended among others by Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal.



Kin of family planning body chief booked
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 15
President of the Family Planning Association Veena Monga today alleged that her brother-in-law Ravi Monga had manhandled her maid, Saroj Bala, while she and her daughter were away.

Alleging that he forced his way into their house on the ground floor in the same premises in Sector 6, she said Ravi was in an inebriated state and they handed him over to the police while emphasising that his medical be conducted.

Stating that she had strained relations with him over a property dispute, she added that in a hearing on Friday, the lower court had decided in his favour and given them two months time to appeal to a higher court.

“However, since the decision came, he has been constantly troubling us. He broke all our flower pots one day and hit my car with his car another day. Today, we were away to our lawyer’s place for consultation when he entered the house and tried to misbehave with the maid who was alone at home. We came to know and reached the house while my sister informed the police control room,” she said.

The police took both parties to the Sector 6 police post.

A case has been registered against Ravi on the complaint of Saroj Bala under Sections 506, 323, 452 of the IPC for criminal intimidation, causing injury and trespassing.



Religious structures on highway
Work on road widening to begin shortly
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
It will take some more days before the work on the widening of incomplete portions of the highway passing along the Industrial Area, Phase II, begins.

Reason, the estate office is in the process of allocating alternative sites to a gurdwara in Sector 47 and a temple along the highway in Sector 51.

The managements of Kanthala Sahib Gurdwara, Industrial Area, Phase II, and an adjacent temple have already removed portions of their structures that fell on the highway.

Deputy Commissioner R.K. Rao said the management of the gurdwara in Sector 47 had agreed to shift the gurdwara from the current site to an alternative two-kanal plot, once it was allocated to them.

Chief Engineer V.K. Bhardwaj said work on completing the remaining stretch would start this week.

Once the stretches were cleared of structures, these would be smoothed out for vehicular traffic.

“The work would be taken up after the bottlenecks on the highway were removed,” said an official.

In January, the Chandigarh administration had effected a compromise with the management of religious places.

The administration had identified at least 20 such religious structures that had been impeding development projects.

Under the deal, religious bodies agreed to vacate their land falling in way of the highway and in return the administration regularised the remainder of the land in their possession.

The religious bodies were also told not to have direct access from the highway.



Parking woes on the rise
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Haphazard parking at the district secretariat in Sector 1, Panchkula
Haphazard parking at the district secretariat in Sector 1, Panchkula. — Tribune photo by Malkiat Singh

Panchkula, April 15
Parking at select public places is going from bad to worse in the city with residents having to bear the brunt of shrinking parking lots coupled with a growing fleet of four wheelers.

While most markets have adequate parking space, many are still coming up. However, at the overflowing markets of Sectors 7 and 11, finding a parking place is all about chance. Further, parking is a big problem at the offices of the district secretariat as also at the office of the HUDA.

In Sectors 7 and 11, the evenings come with traffic woes for the residents. Haphazard parking in the areas, earmarked with the absence of traffic cops, has added to the mess. With parking overcrowded with vehicles and pavements overtaken by encroachments, the shoppers are of least concern to anybody.

A visit to the district secretariat on any working day is enough to give a peek into the ill-managed parking area.

Though there are traffic cops deputed at the entry of the secretariat, their duty is to ensure that only official vehicles find their way to this "coveted" space. They are not moved by vehicles parked by the roadside as long as no dignatory is visiting the building.

The HUDA office recently made its parking area out-of-bounds for the common man. Only officials of HUDA are allowed entry. The rest have to make do with parking on the dividers and along the boundary wall of the building.



Bogus BPL Cards
Cong panel seeks probe
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The colony cell of the Chandigarh Congress territorial committee has sought an inquiry into the issuance of bogus below poverty line (BPL) ration cards in Mauli Jagran.

Officials of the food and supplies department have failed to verify the status of the ration card holders.

Claiming that there were around 450 such ration cards, the cell said people with good living standard had been taking advantage of the BPL status through bogus cards.

On the other hand, many genuine persons had been denied the BPL ration cards on one pretext or the other.

Urging the deputy commissioner to conduct an inquiry into the matter, president of the colony cell S. Banerjee said the party had come across many cases where genuine persons had been found running from pillar to post to get their ration card made.

One such case was of Shahzed, a six-year-old boy, whose mother had been struggling to get a BPL card made.

“Doctors at the PGI have recommended the issuance of the card as my son need funds to be operated upon”, said Rani begum, mother of the boy.



Demolition drive
Cong raps BJP for remarks
Tribune News Service

BJP leaders have forgotten that major demolition drives were carried out during the NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Chandigarh, April 15
Leaders of the Chandigarh Congress has condemned the statement issued by the local unit of the BJP regarding the demolition drive.

Party leaders Pardeep Chhabra, Ravinder Pal Singh, Manjit Singh, Jasjit Singh Kang, Davinder Singh Babla, Kamlesh, Anu Chatrath, Harphool Kalyan, Anju Beniwala, Rita Sharma and Sheela Phool Singh in a press note said: “BJP leaders have forgotten that major demolition drives were carried out during the NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Former minister of state for home and party’s in charge for Union Territories I.D. Swami could not stop the drive carried out by the administration in Palsora and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony even after a meeting with the then Administrator of Chandigarh Justice O.P. Verma (retd). BJP’s local unit president Yashpal Mahajan was beaten up by the police during the drive, during their own regime.”

“Ultimately, thousands of activists of the Chandigarh Congress led by Pawan Kumar Bansal organised a rally and gheraoed Raj Bhavan to stop the drive at that time and only then the demolition was stopped. Now, the BJP is trying to mislead public by holding Bansal responsible for the demolition.”

They added that rehabilitation schemes for poor and middle class families and rehabilitation of rehri markets were implemented during the Congress-led governments.



Dashmesh Enclave a sore residential area
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, April 15
The Dashmesh Enclave in Dhakoli here is sitting on the edge of an epidemic with a nullah running through the area proving to be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

However, what has angered the residents is the fact that repeated representations to the Zirakpur Nagar Panchayat authorities have fallen on deaf ears. The channelisation of the nullah and its cleaning has not been done by the authorities concerned, alleges Phul Chand Manav, a resident.

In fact, the mosquito menace is not the only problem afflicting the residents. Water leakage in the area is leading to its wastage even as the residents face an acute shortage of drinking water.

With the mosquito menace remaining unchecked and the power situation going from bad to worse, the residents plight can be imagined.

The erratic power supply affects the functioning of streetlights, making the area accident-prone at night. The sewerage system also needs to improved.

The less said about the roads the better. In fact, the laying of the roads had not been done well, giving a bumpy ride to commuters.

Official sources, however, conceded that the provision of civic amenities was being taken up in phased manner in all colonies of the township. The problem is that the township has grown by leaps and bounds and the provision of the basic amenities is obviously not keeping pace with the growing needs of the people. This, coupled with resources crunch, hampers the development, the sources added.



Cosmopolitan Chandigarh
They believe in unity in diversity
Smriti Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
With around 2,000 members in Chandigarh, including 250 active members, and over 6 million across the globe in 220 countries (out of which around 2.1 million are in India), the Bahai community certainly qualifies to be one of the most widely spread community all around. The first Bahai family, a Canadian couple, migrated to Chandigarh in 1950s as soon as the city was conceived and brought with them the Bahai faith here. Since then, there has been a steady growth in the size of the community here. The headquarters of Bahai faith are in Israel. The founder prophet of Bahai faith Bahaullah, meaning glory of God, was born in Iran and was later exiled from Iran and Turkey. His mortal remains are in Bahji Hifa in Israel.

In Chandigarh, members of the Bahai community are engaged in various fields of education, law, business and media with many of them positioned at high posts. The community believes in unity in diversity and because of this the community has no particular language, lifestyle and food. Instead they believe in knowing other communities and adopting their ways. Bahais in Chandigarh meet at least after every 19 days. Each year the Bahais celebrate their New Year on March 21 and their year consists of 19 months of 19 days each. They have nine holy days in a year.

Apart from November 12, which is celebrated as the birth of Bahaullah, and May 29 as the ascension of Bahaullah, the Bahais in the city celebrate World Religion Day, United Nations Day, Women’s Day, Human Rights Day and World Peace Day. Bahai faith preaches the equality of men and women. Apart from working with various NGOs like Yuvsatta, Kruna Sadan, women organisations and other communities, members of the Bahai faith have three core activities - conducting devotional meetings wherein the prayers from all scriptures of other communities are recited, Ruhi courses i.e study of holy Bahai writings, meditation and fasting, moral classes for children in various localities in ‘Bahai Houses’. Anil Johar, a practising lawyer at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, who took to Bahai faith in 1988.

“I was in Class X at that time and didn’t believe in idol or statue worshipping. I was the first one in my family to join the faith,” says Anil who also happens to be the secretary of the local spiritual assembly. One of the unique features of the community is that it has elected bodies comprising members of regional and national assembly, informs Prof Anil Sarwal, vice-president of the National Spiritual Assembly of Bahais of India. The community gives importance to prayer, meditation and doing good deeds in their lives.



Working women work out
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Instead of gossiping during the lunch break, a group of women employees at the estate office have been taking to office health club and burning calories.

The health club, which was inaugurated at the DC’s office around three years ago, has caught the fancy of not only male but female employees as well.

During the special one-hour permission from 1 pm to 2 pm, some women employees take to pumping iron to shed those extra pounds.

For men, the mini gymnasium is open from 5 pm to 8 pm on all working days and from 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The facility is located on the ground floor of the town hall building.

The gymnasium has facilities like treadmill, recumbent bike, multi-gym, twister, vibrator, weighing machine and weights.

The air-conditioned gymnasium had come up at the cost of Rs 5 lakh.

Spurred by the popularity of the gymnasium, the district administration is planning to upgrade the facilities there.

Deputy commissioner R.K. Rao said: “We would soon add more facilities. The entrance to the office has already been spruced up.”

Employees of the DC’s office, the estate office, the excise and taxation department, the agriculture department, and the election department located in the town hall building and additional town hall building, besides civil defence personnel, use the gym.



Relieve stress mantra for simple living
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
As many as 40 participants attended a workshop on “Living the simple life” was organised for members of a library in Sector 8, here today.

Briefing on the workshop, Bipin Kumar, manager of the library, said: “Simple living is not about austerity, or frugality, or income level. It’s about being fully aware of the means to leading a simple life. Simple living is about designing our life to coincide with one’s ideals. The essence of simplification in life is to relieve stress.”

Col B.M. Sabhlok (retd), who served in the Army for 26 years, was the resource person for the workshop.

He explained that complexities of life, touching upon a plethora of duties and responsibilities that drained mental and physical energies from people.

He emphasised the need to remove clutter by organising belongings into wanted and unnecessary, disposing of the unnecessary and organising the necessary items. He said the process should entail to eliminate emotional and mental clutter caused by stress and pursuit of worldly goods. He elucidated examples to highlight the issues in focus.

He advised to adopt a simple management system to save time, physical and mental energy and effort to pursue a simple and meaningful life.

He was assisted by Col Sunny Kullar and Nidhi Sharma, students of University Business School, Panjab University, in the presentation.



With a hole in heart, he cries for help
Tribune News Service


Chandigarh, April 15
28-year-old Vinod, suffering from coarctation of aorta with severe aortic regurgitation requiring coarct repair with aortic valve replacement, is in dire need of help as doctors at the PGI have advised him to arrange Rs 1.5 lakh for the material for the procedure.

Father of three children, Vinod came to know about the disease just two months back.

“I fell ill two months ago with swelling on my face and consulted the doctors at Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32. They referred me to the PGI when it was found that there was a hole in my heart,” said Vinod.

“I work with a contractor on daily-wage basis earning Rs 2,500 every month,” said Vinod.

After a suggestion from my friends, I got some pamphlets printed with an appeal of help and approached people but to no avail, informed Vinod.

Now, it was only a miracle which could save my life and the future of my family, said Vinod.

Donors can contact the public relation office, PGI, or call at 0172-2756003.



Bengalis celebrate New Year
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Kalibari Chandigarh, a socio-religious and charitable organisation, celebrated its 38th Pratishtha Diwas today with great fervour and enthusiasm at Kalibari Mandir in Sector 47. Thousands of devotees, including members of the Bengali community, thronged the temple early in the morning. Interestingly, the foundation day also marks the beginning of the Bengali New Year. The celebrations began with the traditional invocation of Goddess Durga followed by a puja to mark the ‘Shubho Nabho Varsha’. A recitation of ‘Chandipath’ in praise of the goddess was also done. On the occasion, free medical check-up camp by Mukat Hospital, Sector 34, was also organised wherein hundreds of devotees were examined for heart problems and orthopaedics. A blood donation camp was also organised by the PGI wherein the devotees donated around 100 units of blood. A yajna was organised in which members of the Bengali community and some non-Bengalis also took part. It was followed by ‘Mahabhog’.



Devotees throng ISKCON function
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
To commemorate the appearance day of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Sril Prabhupada, the founder spiritual master of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), the local chapter of the society organised a programme at Hare Krishna Dham, Sector 36-B, here today.

A large number of devotees thronged the temple.

The programme started with sankirtan followed by “abhisheka” and glorification by devotees of Sril Prabhupada.

One hundred and eight dishes made of new fruits and grain were offered to Lord Krishna and Sril Prabhupada and distributed among devotees.



Clocks worth Rs 3.8 lakh stolen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
Thieves decamped with two diamond wall clocks valuing Rs 3.8 lakh from a shop in Sector 8. Sandeep Dutta of Baltana lodged a complaint with the police alleging that two wall clocks were stolen from his shop (SCOs 6 and 7) in Sector 8 last night. A case has been registered at Sector 3 police station.

Held for stealing

Shesh Pal of Phase II, Ram Darbar, reported to the police that Ramesh Kumar of grain market had stolen a generator set from his plot in Industrial Area, Phase II, on Friday night.

The police arrested the accused yesterday and recovered the stolen property from him. A case has been registered.

Vehicles stolen

Upinder Singh of Sector 52 filed a complaint with the police alleging that his Yamaha motor cycle was stolen from his residence on the intervening night of April 8 and 9.

In another incident, Umed Singh of Naya Gaon reported to the police alleging that his Hero Honda motor cycle (CH 03 L 0712) was stolen from the Community Centre, Sector 37, on Friday night.

Two cases of theft have been registered.

Two injured

A scooterist, Tripta of Sector 4, Panchkula, reported to the police that Usha, her pillion rider, was seriously injured after being hit by a truck near CTU trafficlights yesterday.

Usha was admitted to the PGI. The police has arrested the truck driver, Naurata Singh of Panchkula district, on the allegation of causing injuries due to rash and negligent diving.

In a hit-and-run case, an unidentified pedestrian was injured after being hit by a Tata 407 near ITI turn this morning.

The victim was admitted to the PGI with serious injuries. A case has been registered.

Eve teasing

The police arrested Karma, alias Dharm Pal, of Jind district on the charge of indulging in eve teasing at the ISBT, Sector 17, on Saturday.



CTU driver caught with poppy husk
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 15
The local police arrested a CTU bus driver on the allegations of carrying 2 kg poppy husk near the airport trafficlights this evening.

The police said acting on a tip-off, they pulled over a CTU bus (CH 01 G 5782) plying on the Chandigarh-Jaipur route near the trafficlights around 5 pm.

A search led to the recovery of 2 kg poppy husk from the possession of the driver of the bus. The driver, Lajja Singh of Mohali, has been arrested.

A case under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act has been registered in police station, Sector 31.



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