Saturday, April 21, 2007

Karuna Goswamy


1. The rock that stands guard over the Mediterranean

5. What six balls make in cricket

7. Rude, impolite child

8. Make a mistake

9. Hired thug or hooligan

10. — Shah, great ruler of Bijapur

11. Part of the circumference of a circle

12. Great cricketing ground in England

14. Jane Austen’s famous novel

16. Ornamental shoulder piece worn on military uniforms


1. Famous 16th century Italian painter

2. Hard-working insect

3. Smear or bring into disrepute

4. Return like for like

6. Relating to the kidney

7. Clasp or clamp-like thing

13. — Riza, great Mughal painter

15. Is used as a floor covering often