Saturday, April 21, 2007

When I die

When I die, bury me deep,

Five feet down and fast asleep.

Place maths book on my head,

Tell my sir, that is why I am dead.

Place my book of English on my chest,

Go and tell the teacher now I am at rest.

Place my science book on my left,

And inform the teacher that I tried my best.

Bury the Hindi book on my right,

And tell the teacher now there’s no reason for fright.

Place the history book on my back,

And tell the teacher I’ll never be back.

Also tell the teachers not to cry

For they are the ones

Who made me die.

— Shaina Munjal, VIII-A,
National Public School, Muktsar

X-mas night

It was a cold Christmas night,

My little brother and I were quiet.

Watching cartoons, playing right

No shouts, no screams, no

Suddenly, the light went out,

My seven-month-old brother cried out,

Mummy and papa had gone out.

What to do? What to do?

I prayed to God,

Help me, God.

Where has the light gone?

Maybe to do some important work

Maybe to some hospital

It has gone to do some good.

— Ayush Aggarwal, IV-C,
St Luke’s Senior Secondary School, Solan