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Last ray of hope for migrant couple
Section 145 imposed on controversial plot
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
The city police has imposed Section 145 of the CrPC on a plot in Sat Kartar Nagar, Basti Jodhewal, restricting all kind of activity on the land which was in the centre of a controversy for several months with a migrant couple and a coloniser making their claims of ownership on it.

Section 145 comes as a ray of final hope for the couple, Sumitra Devi and her husband Raj Nath, who had bought the plot from their savings of 20 years, got it duly registered but could not construct a house as a coloniser claimed the land was his. The police intervention, allegedly on dictates of money and political pressure, prevents them from constructing their dream house.

Police sources said though the couple had all required documents in their possession, it needs orders by a SDM directing them to ensure the couple can construct their house without any intervention.

Basti Jodhewal SHO G. S. Bains said the SDM would examine the documents of both the claimants and order the ownership. His inquiry report terms the couple as the rightful owner of the plot.

However, the coloniser claims that he too has certain documents to prove his ownership.

The SHO said the SDM would issue ownership orders under Section 146 of the CrPC.

Sumitra Devi and her husband have been toiling hard to get all legal rights to get their dream house constructed. They along with their five children make rounds of police officials, administrative officials besides the newspaper offices, seeking justice.

The couple virtually plead with folded hands and touch the feet of the officials and even of journalists, praying them to give them land as they had spend lakhs of rupees on it. The children, including three sons and two daughters, understand the revenue terms well by now. The migrant couple is sending the children to schools but fear they would have to put them for labour work if the administration did not provide them justice.

Several police inquiries had already validated the couple’s claim over the said plot but none of these reports has enabled the couple to construct their house. Every time they plan to go ahead with the construction work, the influential coloniser either allegedly uses muscle power or political pressure to threaten them not to go ahead with construction.

The ADGP, Internal Vigilance Cell of the Punjab Police, had found the couple's claim true. Another Continued from page 1 col 8

inquiry by a former SP of the city found them to be legal owners of the plot. Revenue records too are in their favour. Even a former SSP of the city had told the coloniser in clear terms to stay away from the land, but nothing has helped the hapless couple.

Narrating their tale of woes, the badly tired and harassed couple said, “We had come to the city virtually as paupers 22 years ago. We worked hard to give a better life to our five children. But instead, our life is being spent in making rounds to the offices of the different police officials or the courts to seek justice.’’

Incidentally, the Basti Jodhewal police had already booked the two accused persons on the basis of a high level inquiry conducted by ADGP Internal Vigilance in the case. One of them was even arrested.

The inquiry reports state that the couple has been wronged. The plot was part of a land in Kulliewal village belonging to two brothers who had a dispute over certain areas of the land. The plot falling in that area was sold off to many persons before it was finally sold to the couple.

The couple had got it duly registered in their name. The inquiry also established their true credentials and neighbours also reported that the plot was theirs. The revenue records also support their claim.



PAU needs funds to revitalise programmes, says VC
K.S. Chawla

Ludhiana, May 6
The new vice-chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Dr Manjit Singh Kang, has the immediate task of procuring adequate funds from the Punjab government for the university to raise the morale of the faculty and revitalise the research activities.

Dr Kang, who took over as the VC of the prestigious agricultural university, has been studying the problems facing the PAU and research works underway since April 3.

In an interview with Ludhiana Tribune here today, Dr Kang said that the immediate bottleneck in his way is to arrange adequate funds for the university to revitalise the programmes."Funds are needed to satisfy the faculty. There has been deficit funding for the past four-five years and retirees are also facing problems. Funds are needed to build the morale of the faculty," he said.

Dr Kang was confident that the state government would help the PAU in tiding over its financial crunch. "As soon as we get the funding, people(faculty ) will be satisfied that their concerns are being taken care of ,"he emphasised.

Answering a question on maintaining discipline on the campus, Dr Kang said,"I have not seen any discipline problem. I plan to get every department, talk to the faculty members and find out if they have any problems. They are accountable as they get the salary cheques."

Regarding the areas of thrust, the VC said the emphasis would be on bio-energy, bio-engineering, genetic engineering and eco-friendly production processes. Bio-diesel produces more energy than ethanol.

In the USA, soyabean is used for bio-diesel. In India mustard related crops can be used for biodisel production.”India does not have any biodeisel plant and has some ethanol plants only. We need to have bio-diesel plants to generate more fuel,”he said.

Asked about the suggestions that area under wheat and paddy should be reduced, Dr Kang maintained that area under wheat could not be reduced. Area under paddy could be reduced to save water in Punjab and the rice-producing states could be asked to produce more paddy.

The fall in the level of groundwater is a matter of concern and the farmers need to be told to conserve water by all means. “Some farmers have met me and told that paddy should be sown after June 20. We can educate the farmers in this regard as our job is to educate only. Policy wise, the state agriculture department has to take steps in this connection.”

Dr Kang also plans to have a review of the ongoing research projects and frame new strategy for reviving the agricultural economy of Punjab.” I want to see the PAU as one of the leading agricultural institutes of the country and world. We will form research groups instead of working individually and break the status quo.”

He concluded,” I am not here for myself. I am here for the state and for the farmers to improve the agriculture and plight of the farmers and no other selfish reason.”



Dist PCCTU chief poll: Rajinder wins by one vote
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
Amidst controversy, Prof Rajinder Singh, head of the physical education department of GGN Khalsa College, was elected as the president of the district unit of the Punjab and Chandigarh College Teachers’ Union (PCCTU) here today.

He defeated his rival Prof V.K. Bhardwaj of Arya College by a margin of just one vote. Prof Rajinder Singh polled 41 votes, wheras Prof Bhardwaj got 40 votes.

According to sources, Prof Rajinder Singh was expected to win with a comfortable margin but due to internal politics at GGN Khalsa College, he got less votes. The election to the post of the district president of the PCCTU was scheduled to take place at GGN Khalsa College today but due to “unavoidable circumstances,” the venue was changed to Arya College at the last minutes.

It is learnt that an anonymous letter was circulated among the teaching community a few days back to defame Prof Rajinder Singh, who complained about it in written to ADGP, Punjab, Chander Shekhar and the SSP, Ludhiana, two days back.

“Prof Rajinder Singh was suffering due to internal politics at GGN Khalsa College and was continuously being pressurised by the management to withdraw his complaint. He refused to oblige them and they did not allow the elections to take place at the college. The last minute change in the venue was enough to confuse the supporters of Prof Rajinder Singh,” alleged a professor of a local college here.

Principal Tarlochan Singh and assistant secretary Kuljit Singh of GGN Khalsa College, when asked about the reason to change the venue, said they were not aware of any such development. The principal said the management could give a better reply, whereas Kuljit Singh said since he had not gone to the college yesterday, he was not aware of it.



Ludhiana Calling

After Dr Manjit Singh Kang took over as the VC of the PAU, people started asking whether he knew Punjabi. Although he has spent a good four decades in the United States, as he moved over there immediately after completing his BSc from the PAU itself, he happens to be the true son of the soil. His exposure and experience abroad have obviously added to his great knowledge, but that does not mean he could forget his mother tongue, Punjabi. Last but not the least, his father Gurdita Singh Kang is a renowned name in Punjabi literature.

Where are Cong men?

The good Congress crowd seems to have vanished with the defeat of the party in the elections. Only two months ago when the party was in power, they could be seen around everywhere at various functions. And they would comment on all the good and bad things that would take place anywhere anytime. But with the change in the government, they seem to have preferred to remain silent on all issues even if these concerned their own party. Not surprisingly none of them raised any objections against the delimitation of wards of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, which had hit the party hard. So much so some senior leaders are learnt to have even approved the recommendations without raising any questions while these were being finalised. The grapevine has it that the small time leaders do not want to antagonise the government lest they be targeted like their senior leaders and slapped with fabricated cases. And not surprisingly not many of them, rather none of them, went to receive Amarinder Singh at Shambu on his return from Delhi.

Which channel?

A local police official, fed up with calls of reporters, was quite irritated when late one night a journo called him to announce the official was live on TV and should answer questions regarding a particular case. The official, taken aback, decided to get back to the reporter. Instead of answering the posers, he counter questioned, “arre bhai, kaun sa channel yeh to batao.” When told, he said,” I have never heard about this channel.” Now it was the turn of the channel reporter and the anchor to turn red, as the official started inquiring live about the credentials of the channel. He got what he wanted as the phone call was disconnected immediately.

Faux pas

Talking about the number of reporters these days, it seems impossible for officials to remember each by his face or name. At one recent marathon police press conferences, where one after another six cases were stated and accused taken in and out of the conference hall, the SSP was livid at seeing one person in blue shirt walking. He thought he was an accused and was upset that no cop was guarding him. Is blue shirt wale ko pakdo, he roared, much to the amusement of the journalists present, who recognised the blue shirt wearing journo.

Catching police informer

Cops are supposed to dispel rumours. But at times, cops spread false news themselves to achieve certain ends. It could be to test the preparation of the force or the response of the public. But one cop used it for catching the media informer within the force. He spread false news that an ISI agent had been caught in the presence of the suspect cop. Bingo! the news spread and as soon as the cop got the first call from a journo, he knew who was the source.

Traffic cops sleep

Come summer and power cuts become routine. But despite early announcements by the power supply officials, traffic cops do not make alternative arrangements at road crossings. As a result, utter chaos takes place at the traffic light chowks when the lights go off in power cuts. The cops do not post any traffic constable well in time despite knowing the power cut time. It leaves a poor impression about their preparedness for exigencies.

Contributed by Vimal Sumbly, Jupinderjit Singh and Kanchan Vasdev



Involve women in ‘curbing’ social evils
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 6
Designating women as key to solution of all social problems, Baba Zora Singh, founder of Gurdwara Mehdiaana in Ludhiana district, called upon social and religious organisations to involve them in curbing evils, including the menace of drug addiction.

He maintained that the majority of immoral acts were committed due to imperfect social setup.

While taking to Ludhiana Tribune, Baba Zora Singh claimed that women could play a significant role in eradicating social evils, including drug addiction, female foeticide and illiteracy.

Quoting incidents from Sikh history, Baba Zora Singh claimed that the majority of great warriors and saints had imbibed exceptional characters from their mothers or grandmothers.

“Had Mata Gujri not prepared Sahibzadas for supreme sacrifice, Sikh history could have been different from the present one. It was the impact of valorous stories narrated by their grandmother that Sahibzada Zora Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh dared to rebut Mughal Nawab’s order to adopt Islam at Sirhind,” Baba Zora Singh said.

Showing concern over the declining interest of women in psychological development of their wards, he maintained that a little effort on their behalf could transform society from a hell to heaven.

“Unfortunately women have stopped taking interest in the development of their sons. What to talk of narrating heroic tales, they even hesitate to answer questions on history and religion. Obviously youth imbibes components of western culture exhibited on TV channels,” said Zora Singh exhorting women to involve themselves in projects being launched against drug addiction in their respective areas.



YC leader stakes claim for Ward 5
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
Amarjit Singh Jeeta, the Youth Congress president of Block Number 8, has staked his claim for Ward 5 for the forthcoming elections of the Ludhiana municipal corporation.

A meeting of the party was held here yesterday under the chairmanship of district president Dimple Rana.

The speakers supported the case of Jeeta, claiming that he had worked hard for the area. Moreover they said, the party had decided to give representation to the youth in the MC elections.

A unanimous resolution was also passed on the occasion, endorsing the claim of Jeeta for the party nomination from Ward 5.



  Exservices League writes to Badal
K.S. Chawla

Ludhiana, May 6
The Indian Exservices League, Punjab and Chandigarh, has called upon Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to look into the welfare of the ex-servicemen and their families and not dump them as deadwood. The ex-servicemen are a vibrant force in Punjab and they have played a major role in maintaining the communal harmony in the state during the militancy era in Punjab.

In a letter to Singh Badal, Lt-Col Chanan Singh Dhillon (retd), president, Indian Exservices League, Punjab and Chandigarh. has pointed out the “indifferent attitude” of the Directorate of the Punjab Sainik welfare Board and its failure to look after the families of the exservicemen.

Colonel Dhillon laments that the directorate which used to be vibrant is in a state of inertia and benefits to the JCOs and other ranks have been stopped without bothering the fact that more than 92 per cent of them are from the rank and file.

Stipends to the children of JCOs and other ranks have been stopped and the new scheme targets only very few. The marriage grant was raised from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 not than two years ago but has not reached the daughters of the beneficiaries because of the inflation-related increase of the pension which has absorbed the increase in the marriage grant.

He further writes that the grievances of the exservicemen and their widows were not being redressed despite repeated communications at various levels including state advisory committee. No mechanism was operating at district or state level as used to be earlier. There was no monitoring of the implementation of reservations for exservicemen in the various departments of the state as was done earlier.

Colonel Dhillon further alleges that the guidelines of the director-general resettlement on the subject of rehabilitation were changed arbitrarily in which the officers of the rank of major and captain were debarred from posts of assistant directors at all levels with the result the welfare of the ex-servicemen at ground level and in rural areas in particular had been adversely affected.

Colonel Dhillon has also brought to the notice of the chief minister the alleged biased attitude of the outgoing director of the sainik welfare board, Punjab, who forced nearly one dozen officers to leave the department in disgust. This has also resulted in litigation and a number of cases were pending in the courts. While the directorate was busy in defending the actions of the outgoing director at the state expenses, the grieved individuals were being forced to spend from their own pocket.



76 units of blood collected
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
As many as 76 volunteers donated blood at a camp organised by the Akhil Bhartiya Sri Sanghmeshwar Sewa Dal to mark the 66th birth anniversary of Mahant Ganga Puriji, secretary, Shri Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani and manager, Sri Sanghmeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Arunai (Pehowa, Haryana), here today.

Chief guests Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, MP, and Jagan Nath Puri from Arunai, Pehowa, offered blessings to the donors.

The camp was supervised by a team of doctors from the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital under the leadership of Dr Ruchi Singla, who highlighted the benefit of blood donation and persuaded people for voluntary donations. This was the second blood donation camp to be organised by this body. D.K. Puri, president, and Rajinder Mohan Tandon, treasurer of the body, said that the sewa dal would hold such camps at regular interval. Dr Harish Verma, secretary of the local unit, remarked that Punjab was far behind in voluntary blood donation, whereas Gujarat was at number one with nearly 11 per cent of total blood units coming from this state..



Cong trying to create rift in Sikhs of Punjab, Haryana, says Badungar
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 6
Accusing Congress party of acting against interests of Sikhs, Prof Kirpal Singh Badungar, former president of the SGPC, alleged that the Haryana government, acting on the behest of AICC president Sonia Gandhi, was trying to create a rift among Sikhs of Punjab and Haryana by establishing an independent gurdwara committee in that state.

He called upon office-bearers of various religious organisations to join hands and launch a move against the political leaders who were trying to subvert communal harmony by exploiting sentiments of innocent members of various sects.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune after addressing a gathering on the occasion of anniversary celebration of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and other Sikh personalities at Gurdwara Singh Sabha here, Professor Badungar alleged that Congress leaders, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, had been taking decisions detrimental to communal harmony in the nation in general and Punjab in particular.

"Much against the demand raised by Sikhs in 1978, these Congress leaders pressurised the Haryana government to pave smooth path for establishing a separate committee to manage gurdwaras situated in that state. The action has proved that the Congress is toeing the policy of 'divide and rule' propagated by the British government," commented Prof Badungar, reacting to reports of submission of report by the Haryana government on the subject.

Badungar claimed that Sikhism was a complete revolutionary philosophy that provided ideal guidance in social, economic and constitutional spheres, besides quenching religious thirst.

He warned that social evils like drug addiction, female feticide and illiteracy, if not checked, could pose serious internal threat to the existence of all sections of society.

The organisers felicitated Prof Badungar, Gurcharan Singh Grewal, president, Sikh Students Federation, and Baldev Singh Mann, a senior SAD leader. 



Scorching heat forces residents indoors
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
The continuing heat wave, with mercury soaring above 40 degrees, has forced residents to confine themselves within the four walls of their houses.

A majority of people these days prefer to reach at their destinations before 11 a.m. to avoid the harsh sun. Many jam-packed roads in the industrial city present a deserted look in the scorching heat. The working class and many shopkeepers try to avoid the unbearable heat by not going out before 6 in the evening.

People residing on second or third floors find it difficult to cope with the heat. Sunita Malhotra, who has got a flat on the second floor, said the temperature in her flat remains high compared to the ground floor. "Even if the ACs are on for hours, there is less cooling. We understand that we will have to bear the heat. Thank God, there are no scheduled power cuts this time," she said.

Seeing the increase in temperature, the managements of various schools have changed the timings of their schools. "It becomes very difficult for children to bear the unbearable heat. They look very tired after the school. It is like a punishment to them to bear the heat wave in autorickshaws, school vans or bicycles," said Reena Chopra, a homemaker at Rani Jhansi Road.

According to the officials of the Meteorological Department, the hot and dry weather is expected to continue till the onset of monsoons. "The temperature is expected to increase further in the coming days," said an official.

The scorching heat has also brought health problems like restlessness, high fever and dehydration etc in hospitals and clinics.



Revellers dance to the tune of dhol
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
L. Jaggi, international sensational dhol master and KK, master keyboard player, entertained the revellers at a musical night held at a hotel here last evening.

People had a rocking time and the dance party finished in the wee hours today.

The two artistes made the evening a memorable one for the gathering.

The audience just gasped at the skillful playing of the dhol by Jaggi, who kept the dhol on his head and placed it at different angles and beat it with much ease.

Video DJing was done by Bhanu, who also managed the event.



Aulakh releases ‘Buddhi ate Akash’Aulakh releases ‘Buddhi ate Akash’
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, May 6
The Punjabi Sahit Trust, Dhidike, held a function in which a novel, “Buddhi ate Akash,” authored by Dr Kulwinder Kaur Minhas, was released by Dr K.S. Aulakh, former vice-chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, 
at Punjabi Bhawan 
here today.

Dr Surjit Patar, Jaswant Singh Kanwal and Dr Deepak Manmohan Singh were present. Dr Kulwinder Minhas dedicated the novel to her father Mohan Singh Minhas, who died on February 5.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, she said, “The main character of the book is an old woman called Partapi. Throughout her life, she has faced tragedies. All her near ones have died but she is a woman of steel. At the age of 90, she has the spirit to bring up her great grandson as her granddaughter has died of dengue fever. She just prays to God to give her a few more years so that she can bring up the child.”

She said her role models were her grandmother and her father, who had struggled a lot during their lives but had not given up. She said Dr Aulakh told her that after reading 10 pages of the book, he was moved by the tragic events, but he was impressed with typical Punjabi words used in the book, which were being forgotten.

Prof Balwinderpal Singh and Jaswant Singh Aman presented critically appreciative papers highlighting the theme, motive and diction of the novel. Parmjit Kaur Nijjar introduced the the author of the novel to the gathering.

Dr Aulakh appreciated the literary talent of Dr Minhas. He called her a balanced personality devoted to literature, culture 
and religion.

Dr Surjit Patar said the novel showed a good beginning that promised literary maturity and had a good style of presentation.

Dr Deepak Manmohan Singh, who was a special guest of the function from Punjab University, Chandigarh, appreciated the author for the choice of subject, theme and motive of the novel.

Jaswant Singh Kanwal, Dr Shinderpal Singh, Prof Kulwant Jagraon, principal Prem Singh Bajaaj, Dr Jagir Singh Noor, Karamjit Singh Aujla, Gurchran Kochar, Dr S.N. Sewak and Prof M.S. Cheema blessed the young writer and said they had great expectations from her.

Prof Niranjan Tasneem congratulated the young writer.



Seminar on AIDS

Ludhiana, May 6
Dr D.N. Kotnis Acupuncture Hospital has organised a seminar to make students aware of the ill effects of drug addiction and provide them information about AIDS at Government High School, Nanak Nagar, here.

The function aimed to safeguard the health of children and protect them from getting into the grip of drugs.

The school principal, Ranjit Singh, appreciated the efforts of Kotnis Hospital.

The children made paintings on the theme of ill effects of drugs at the seminar. — OC



Abetment to suicide by farmer
Two brothers booked
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 6
The local police has booked two farmer brothers of Jhaner village for allegedly abetting another farmer and partner in a milk collecting centre to commit suicide. The farmer had gone missing two days ago and his body was found in the Bathinda branch of the Sirhind canal last night.

Two of the three farmers were hurt in an accident 10 days ago.

However, the family of the accused refuted the charges and alleged that the victim’s family was trying to frame them in a false case.

"Rather, he (farmer who has died) had tried to murder my brother Raghbir Singh by deliberately hitting the vehicle with a tree near Pohir village on April 26," alleged Dr Jagtar Singh, one of the accused.

According to him, Raghbir Singh and Bahadur Singh were partners in the milk collection business and had developed some differences recently. He alleged that Bahadur Singh, while driving a tempo, had tried to throw the vehicle into the Sirhind canal the same day but his attempt was foiled by Raghbir Singh. However, he succeeded in dashing the side of the vehicle occupied by Raghbir Singh with a tree, resulting in injuries to both of them. Raghbir received medical assistance and had been advised bed rest for three months.

According to an FIR registered under Sections 306 and 34 0f the IPC, Bahadur Singh of Dhaler and Raghbir Singh of Jhaner village had started a joint business in the name of Khalsa Dairy about nine months ago. Though things went smoothly initially, the partners started suspecting each other after some months. It was during this period that the tempo being used in collection of milk collided with a tree on April 26 and Raghbir was injured seriously.

Though members of Raghbir's family had reported to the Dehlon police that Bahadur Singh had deliberately driven the tempo to collide with the tree on the side occupied by Raghbir Singh, social leaders persuaded the complainant to withdraw the case.

"Bahadur Singh was asked to pay Rs 25,000 as compensation. Before Bahadur could pay the settled amount, Raghbir's brother Jagtar Singh stopped milkmen from selling milk to him," Zora Singh told the police, adding that Raghbir had rung up Bahadur on Thursday. Though the complainant did not disclose the details of the phone call, he alleged that Raghbir and Jagtar Singh had allegedly abetted Bahadur to commit suicide.

Bahadur Singh had left his house on motor cycle to pay obeisance at a nearby gurdwara at 4.30 on Friday, but he did not return home. The family became worried when the vehicle and chappals belonging Bahadur Singh were found lying near canal bank near Maholi village.

Ultimately, his body was recovered from canal water near Kalyan village last night. The police handed over the body to the family after getting post-mortem conducted at Malerkotla today.





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