Books received: ENGLISH

Memories come alive an Autobiography by Manna Dey. Penguin Books. Pages 415. Rs 450.

In the Making by Meeto (Kamaljit Bhasin-Malik). Three Essays Collective, Gurgaon. Pages 137. Rs 175.

The Republic of Hunger by Utsa Patnaik. Three Essays Collective. Pages 232. Rs 250.

A View From the Outside by P. Chidambaram. Portfolio/Penguin Books. Pages 372. Rs 495.

Yoga for Diabetes Relief by Bharat Thakur. Wisdom Tree. Pages 125. Rs 145.

Jinnah and Punjab by Amarjit Singh. Kanishka publishers. Pages 354. Rs 850.

The Illusion of Home by Raji Narasimhan. Promilla & Co. Publishers in association with Bibliophile South Asia. Pages 184. Rs 200.

Black Juice by Margo Lanagan. Pages 218. Rs 160.

Cutting Free by Salma Ahmed (two books on the same subject). Lotus Collection/ Roli Books. Pages 262. Rs 295.

The Tigress of Nallamalai by M. Kamal Naidu. Writers Workshop. Pages 309. Rs 400.

Gardening with a Poet by Paul Roche. Writers Workshop. Pages 59. Rs 150.

Three Faces of Eve & Other Stories by Ramani Muthanna. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 80. Rs 150.

The Third Eye by Kaushik Bhattacharya. Writers Workshop. Pages 71. Rs 150.

The House of the Shiva Yogi and Other Works by R. A. Pai. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 105. Rs 150.