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Dogís day
Jaspal Bhatti

Two women were chatting over the evening tea, "Behnji kaya bataon, inka stress level bahut badh gaya hai." The other asked, "Has your husband consulted a doctor?" "You are really dumb. I am talking about my pets and not about my husband." Saying so the first woman gave a sympathetic look towards her dog and cat that were lazing on two separate sofa seats.

The situation is not very far fetched because a Japanese company has developed a patch, which if stuck to the paw of a cat or a dog, can measure its stress level. It might be important to gauge the stress level of a pet that has undergone depression because of being caught between a husband and wife throwing utensils at each other. But you could also get that same sinking feeling if a doctor has been called to check the catís depression while you yourself are suffering from high blood pressure.

Tomorrow science would probably be able to figure out the jealously level of your parrot or the cunningness of your cow. Imagine a parrot saying to his master looking at his briefcase when he comes back from his business, "Kyon Sahib, lagta hai aaj moti kamai ki hai." "Shut up! Jealous kahin ka", his master would rebuke the pet.

I really fear the day when a wife would shoo off her husband, "Get out of the TV room. Donít you know itís time for our dog to watch Baba Ramdev and practise yoga?"