A hug for MOMMY

The city is celebrating Mother’s Day primarily with banners and posters. For, the idea of buying presents for moms just doesn’t find favour with youngsters, as Saurabh Malik finds out
Necessity is the invention of all mothers. As so many moms seek ‘all things good and wonderful’ primarily for their little ones, they remain at the receiving end. No, not in the unending queues for gifts (the stuff is strictly for lady loves). But, generarlly, in life. Right fellows, they stay back home preparing foodstuff on the blue flame, while you cook stories for staying out late with your pals for painting the town red.

Mum’s the word
Stepping into motherhood is like getting all the riches of the world, these young mothers tell Swati Sharma
Going through all that it takes to be a mom, they move on with a sparkle in their eyes. The young moms don’t need words to express their feelings — their glowing faces and unfading smiles say it all.

Elixir of success
For Kapoor, passion and potential go in hand in hand, writes Gayatri Rajwade
His books help you to find ‘your perfect cup of tea.’ No tea-taster this, but professor, management guru and writer Virendra Kapoor is here to help you connect to success.

High on Scotch
Chaste Scotch whisky is raising spirits of residents like never before. Join Saurabh Malik  say cheers!
It may hit you like a strong drink, but the sale of sublime Scotch whisky – matured in oak barrels for at least three years — is already soaring, along with spirits, in the city and Punjab. It has touched the 12,000 cases a month mark and more connoisseurs are expected to say bottoms up to the stuff once the move to reduce additional cost duty materialises.

The gamer’s chamber
Network gaming can totally change the way you play games. It allows you to share incredible experiences with other players, discovers Purva Grover
Gone are the days when you had to borrow a CD from a friend, download it on to the hard disk, and then finally get to race your machine against the PC. Neither, did winning against the computer gave you thrill, nor recognition. All, you got in return was a chance to beat your previous record and see your name in the top scores list. The fun ended there. But, well not any more. Gaming has now changed and if you aren’t already aware of it; then you are probably loosing out of being a part of a thriving and friendly community of gamers.

You’re being stalked
Look before you log on, chances are that your movements are being watched, says Saurabh Malik
You are being stalked — in your office, study, even in your living room. As you log on the Internet, those prying eyes follow each and every movement of your fingers hitting the keyboard. They know where all you have been to during the past half an hour of your switching on the PC; where all you are going to. And, how to encounter you with a sob story to win your confidence, and even affection!

Matka chowk
Fresh Takes
Our parent company recently sent one of our American engineers to the city for some training. As I talked to him — as someone who has been out in India for the first time and, of course, in Chandigarh, — it was interesting to see that his take on many things was far from our jaded and usual points of view.

Yeh hi hai right Mix!
No body piercing, no loose hanging pants, no funky clothes — that’s DJ Bhanu for you. And if you bump into him, chances are that you wouldn’t guess that he is a DJ until he tells you. He comes across as level-headed and grounded as anyone else and if this description coerces you to doubt his music capabilities, then think again!

Manor Born
Come June and one of the favourite haunts for partygoers in the city goes in for a complete facelift. What’s more, not only ‘Warehouse’ will be seen in an all-new avatar but also ‘Chimney Heights’, which has now been taken over by ‘Manor’, will don a new hat.

Jet-setter Tanu
It is difficult to keep pace with Tanushree Dutta; the former Miss India is now in search for greater success, and more money. A jet-speed paced career, Dutta backed by the success of Bhagam Bhag, will now be seen in Subhash Ghai’s, Good Boy Bad Boy. Working hard towards securing herself a place in the tinsel world, she confesses this time to be the most exciting phase of her career.

First Day First Show
What’s good about it?
Good Boy Bad Boy
An hour into the film and there are rumblings of a fiasco. Sniggers gradually turn into catcalls as Emraan Hashmi and Tussar Kapoor play childish pranks while acting as college students. The magic of Mukta Arts International of Subhash Ghai does not seem to be working. How can it work when helmsman Ashwini Chaudhary has indifferently christened it as Good Boy Bad Boy? Had he been more sensible, he would have titled it, ‘Average Boy Below Average Boy’. Individually, they are unbeatable in overacting. Together, they are unbearable.