Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Aptech leads in Chinese IT Training

Aptech Beida Jadebird IT Co Ltd, an Aptech JV in China captured 32.1 per cent market share in China, according to the latest IDC report, retaining itís No 1 position in China for the fifth consecutive year.

According to the report, Aptechís share in the Chinese IT training market has jumped to 32.1 per cent in year 2006 from 27.3 per cent in 2005.

As per the IDC report, the Top 5 players of the Chinese IT education and training service market made up for 51.8 per cent of the market share. Aptech achieved the ranking much ahead of other players including NIIT (with 7.6% market share), Xinhua Computer Education (with 4.6 per cent market share) and Qinghua Wanbo (with 3.8 per cent market share) and Si Yuan IT Education (with 3.7 per cent market share). ó TNS