Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rhyme Time
On a platform

A place full of rush,

Paper thrown here and there

Shopkeepers could be seen selling chips,

And students going for trips.

Poor begging for money,

Whether it is cloudy or sunny.

Water taps flowing uninterruptedly,

And toilets not cleaned regularly,

Station service is too poor,

As there are no doers.

Ticket checkers are corrupted,

Who can never be corrected.

The poors call it a sleeping place

Where they live life without grace.

Pelika Gupta, XI, St. Kabir Convent School, Bhucho (Bathinda)

Blissful time

During my vacation

I visited Jwalaji temple

The devotees were kind and gentle

They came from far and wide

Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

Singing songs of prayers for Mata Jwalaji

Priests were pleased to help strangers

People were sunk in silent prayers

My grandfather asked me to maintain discipline

He said God treats such devotees as his children

Show honesty and humility to help the old

Guide the lame and blind to become bold

Consider yourself the servant of the poor

And you would get their blessings is so sure

Ravesh Parihar, IV-C, Army Public School, Yol Cantonment, Kangra, HP