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Asst IGP Mishra shoots himself
He was facing charges in fake encounter case
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Assistant inspector-general of the Punjab Police Vivek Mishra allegedly shot himself to death at his official residence in Sector-39 Gazetted Officers’ Colony with his licensed .9 mm pistol in the wee hours today.

He was 45. He was said to be under stress as he was charge-sheeted in a fake encounter case in Batala in the nineties. SHO of the Sector 39 police station inspector Nanha Ram Kadiyan said the incident took at 2 am, minutes after Mishra’s wife Sunita along with their two children and a relative reached home from Delhi.

Mishra reportedly opened the door for them and went to his room. He asked his son, 14-year-old Vishvesh, to bring him water. As soon as Vishvesh came out after doing so, he heard a gunshot. He turned back and saw his father collapse on the bed.

Mishra’s wife Sunita called the gunman and along with Vishvesh rushed Mishra to the PGI, where he was declared “brought dead.” No suicide note was found, said the police. A police officer close to Mishra said the latter was concerned about his promotion. He felt his services were not being recognised.

Quoting Sunita, the police said she and her children boarded a bus from Delhi in the evening. They reached the city by 1:25 am.

On reaching home they kept knocking at the door for at least five minutes before it was opened by her husband. Talking to TNS, Mishra’s gunman said:“Sahib sent me to the market to get his favourite meal. It was unavailable. I phoned him to tell him so. He asked me to return, saying he did not feel like eating at all. It appeared that he was drunk.”

The SHO said the bullet pierced through Mishra’s temple on the right. Experts from the CFSL found the shell in the room.

The police has initiated inquest proceedings. Sources said Mishra had served as superintendent of police (operations) at Gurdaspur. He had also worked at Batala, Majitha and Tarn Taran during the days of militancy in Punjab. 



Cops foil protest march

Chandigarh, May 20
Tension griped the Sector 20 gurdwara here this evening when Sikh organisations gathered there to hold a meeting in connection with the Dera Sacha Sauda row.

A heavy, armed police posse reached there as Section 144 is in force in the city, prohibiting the assembly of four or more persons.

Representatives of various Sikh organisations had gathered in the gurdwara premises to decide on the next course of action. According to the police, the gathering intended to take out a protest march up to Nayagaon, where a rally was to be held.

Following the police intervention, the representatives agreed to defer the march till May 22.

The police remained stationed outside till the gathering had dispersed. Meanwhile, the Mohali police today beefed up security around the Dera Sacha Sauda premises in Kansal village. — TNS Photo on P2



Adviser restores property; move raises eyebrows
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Decision by the UT Adviser to restore a "surrendered" property has raised several eyebrows, both in the official and business circles.

The property is a SCF located in Sector 43 allotted in 1996 and surrendered more than six years back.The allottee offered to surrender the property, which was accepted by the estate office, reliable sources said.The allottee was handed over the cancellation orders along with the refund.

The allottee made a representation to the estate office, which was turned down.The officials said when land was surrendered, the allottee automatically lost claim to it.The office, then listed the site for fresh allotment.

"Allocation to an old allottee meant loss in crores at the current market price", an official said. The allottee went to the Chief Administrator who upheld the decision of the estate office. The complainant then approached the UT Adviser, who restored the property.

It has been pointed out that till 2001, the UT did not have any provision for surrender of property.

The Adviser, in the meantime, marked an inquiry with regard to lapses in the resumption of certain residential and commercial buildings in the city. The report termed the delay on the part of the estate office as "deliberate".

The estate office, however, maintains that the files remained with the offices in the UT secretariat for most of the time under question.

The Adviser had ordered restoration of certain properties(approximately eight) in the name of the original allottees. Sources in the estate office said action in certain cases had taken long because of the legal angle".

A vigilance report has held the assistant estate officer responsible for giving wrong information to a citizen who had sought a reply to his query under the right to information Act. The vigilance department is said to have collected more than 30 such cases where wrong information has been given.



Illustrious lives come alive
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Tagore Theatre came alive with the sparkle of Kaifi Azmi's persona and poetry this evening. As the poet's family - his daughter Shabana and son-in-law Javed Akhtar - joined hands to walk the audience through his tumultuous yet tender life, there was a sense of celebration all around.

"Kaifi Aur Main", presented under the aegis of The Tribune, Durga Das Foundation and Spice, was the celebration of lives Kaifi and his wife Shaukat lived, the celebration of their triumphs in love and loss, of their hard-earned freedom and fame. On stage, the couple was in safe hands - Shaukat in Shabana's and Kaifi in Javed's.

Picking up the threads of their elders' lives with care, the two did a tremendous job of characterisations. In two hours they had spanned five decades of Kaifi-Shaukat companionship that had its share of sun and shade. They performed with such finesse that the actors seemed dead, only characters reigned.

For Shabana, the experience was complete, as was evident from the power of her enactment and narration. From Shaukat's first encounter with Kaifi to her recollections of him after he was gone, Shabana made events stand up on stage and reveal themselves. There was no plot, no storyline to fall back on and yet she held the audience interest till the end. She was reading from her mother's book on Kaifi -- "Yaad Ki Rahguzar", the primary source for the play, written by Javed and directed by Ramesh Talwar.

Shabana cast her magical spell right in the first narration in which Shaukat talks about her first meeting with Kaifi's - how she bypasses Kaifi to get Sardar Jaffri's autograph, how Kaifi, true to a jilted lover, writes a nasty verse in Shaukat's diary and how the cupid then strikes. The two get married against all odds, live in a commune in Bombay, struggle for a living and put up with the selfishness of the world.

By Shabana's side, Javed brought Kaifi alive by giving a power-packed recitation of his now-romantic, now-revolutionary verse.

Throughout the play, Kaifi's poetry was being sung by Jaswinder Singh, whose sonorous voice did justice to the lyrics. Shabana's and Javed's narrations ran side by side, revealing fines details from Kaifi's life — Kaifi writing to Shaukat in his blood, being considered unlucky after his films flop, surviving a lethal paralytic attack and spending his fag-end improving his native village Mijwan in Uttar Pradesh.



Cosmopolitan Chandigarh
Hard work, grit their hallmark
Smriti Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, Chhat Bir, wouldn’t have been boasting of animals it has today, if Mahendra Chaudhary, the then
governor of Punjab belonging to Assam, had not brought animals like elephants, rhinoceros and tigers to the zoo. He is also credited with bringing the first few Assamese families to the city in the mid 70s. Since then, there has been a constant rise in the number of Assamese staying in the tricity and today there are about 200 families residing here.

Initially, the families started meeting together informally and their first formal association came into being much later. Prior to that there was one association in the city called Shankar Jyoti Association established in 1974-75 for the serving personnel in the Indian Air Force. The Assam Foundation was formed in 2005 while the Assam Welfare Association was established in April, 2007.

Known for their hard working nature, grit and determination, traditionally Assamese were engaged into agricultural work and farming but with the changing scenario most of them moved out of their state. In the tricity, some of them are doctors and scientists while many are in the Indian Air Force.

There are three main festivals that the Assamese celebrate. Just as Lohri is celebrated all over Punjab, Bhogali Bihu is celebrated on Makar Sankrati in accordance with the Hindu calendar in January. The celebrations begin early in the morning with lighting of an earthen lamp with ‘tamul paan’. The day ends with a sumptuous meal of pitha, a special kind of rice and sesame preparation, and golpaan, a curd delicacy.

Next is Rangali Bihu, which is a spring and harvest festival of Assamese just as Punjabis celebrate Baisakhi. It marks the beginning of a new year according to the Hindu calendar.

The festivities continue for two days. First day is known as Goru Bihu wherein the cattle at home are given a bath after applying turmeric. The second day is called Manu Bihu. This is the day when all the previous enmities are forgotten and the message of brotherhood is put across.

The third is Kangali Bihu or Kati Bihu that is celebrated in the month of October. On this day, the Assamese offer prayers to God in their fields for better harvest.

Assamese are very fond of fish and its preparations and that explains the array of fish curries that are part of their main course. Dry coconut is also used generously as a main ingredient in all preparations.

Traditionally, Assamese women would wear makhala chadar, a two-piece saree weaved at home, and men would wear dhoti, kurta and gamosa. But now, both women and men folk have adapted to the modern ways and wear what is known as global attires.

On the spiritual front, most of the Assamese draw inspiration from Shrimant Shankardev, who was born in 1449 in Nagaon district of Assam. His religious verses and writings still inspire many Assamese who are his followers.

He was a multifaceted personality and a renaissance in the field of art, culture and literature in Assam. He established Naamghar, monasteries in every village of Assam which serve as the place of worship as well as cultural activities and even of village assemblies.

Needless to say, after many years now, the members of the community have adapted to the ways of the city yet retaining the flavours of their own culture and traditions.



Housing Problems
Where power is a luxury
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, May 20
Residents of Ravindra Enclave in Baltana are a harassed lot. Though they have been at the receiving end of the civic amenities for a long time, the summer seems to have aggravated their woes.

With the mercury rising, unscheduled power cuts have thrown residents’ lives out of gear. In fact, sleeping has become a luxury for them as a majority of power cuts are effected during night, alleges Rajinder Kumar, president of the Ravindra Enclave Welfare Society.

The installation of a transformer at the colony has been hanging fire for some time.

Though the transformer has reportedly been sanctioned by the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB), local officials have been dragging their feet on its installation, alleges Bhushan, general  secretary of the association.

And power cuts are for unusually long periods, putting the residents through a lot of inconvenience. While the power supply is restored in the adjoining areas after cuts, it usually remains disrupted for longer durations, complains Rajinder Kumar.

Also, overloaded and loose transmission lines around the colony have increased the risk of mishap, say colony residents.

And in the absence of power, streetlights remain unfunctional, making the area “accident prone”.

The condition of roads is no better. Bumpy ride is all residents and visitors get when they access the enclave, says another resident.

Besides, insanitary conditions plague the colony and the threat of epidemic looms large.

With the monsoon round the corner, the spread of diseases is also real, adds Rajinder Kumar.

Official sources blame the lack of civic amenities on the spurt in population in the township.

“It is a clear case of demand outstripping supply and the civic body cannot provide for the needs of all residents, as it has limited resources at its command. Until a major government grant comes in, the provision of civic amenities is going to be sloppy,” official sources reason.



Great Expectations
Bookshops gear up for Potter rush
Gayatri Rajwade

Tribune News Service
The countdown to J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” has begun. Set to be released on July 21, this long-awaited final volume of the Potter saga will come at the tail-end of the summer.

Never mind that because, “just the anticipation is enough to spur young readers to libraries and bookstores right through the summer,” says Pankaj P. Singh, chief executive, Browser Library and Bookstore, Sector 8.

“Children are reading more than usual and it is a spin-off of Harry Potter,” reiterates Ajay Arora of Capital Book Store, Sector 17.

However, unlike last summer when fantasy tales ruled the roost and legends, fairy tales and soaring dragons found their way to every bookshelf, even making it to the theatre (Eragon), there do not seem to be as many takers for it this year.

“Yes, a few extra people are reading fantasy but there are lots of new series for children to riffle through,” says Ajay, who says there has been an “excellent” movement in children’s books, especially in what he defines as “teenage collections.”

This, along with summer reading lists from schools which comprise a number of classics. Raghav Vij (13) visiting his grandmother from Pune is juggling his time between Alexander Dumas’s “The Count of Monte Cristo” and C S Lewis’s Narnia series (which he counts as a classic too).

But all eyes are on Harry Potter, even among adults. Mohini Sahota, teacher at DAV Secondary School, Sector 8, has already booked her copy in advance. What is more, she is also getting set to hold workshops on Harry Potter a few weeks prior to the release of the final instalment.

“Rowling today is what Enid Blyton was yesterday. I remember being taken into the world of fantasy and magic when I read Blyton’s ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. I stopped reading in between and then discovered the world of Harry Potter when my nephew recommended it to me and voila, I was hooked,” she laughs.

Even bookshops are gearing up for the rush expected to start beginning July.

While most bookstores are taking bookings in advance, Variety Book Store (Sector 17) is offering a higher discount if the book is reserved early enough. Browser has launched a Harry Potter membership card that entitles the member to borrowing the book on the day it is released.



Mercury soars but egg prices not yet down
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Even the rising mercury has failed to bring down the prices of eggs and chicken this year.

Generally, prices of all poultry products come down in the summer because of a decline in demand. However, this year, the price of eggs have remained static at Rs 2 per egg while that of dressed chicken at Rs 90-95 per kg inspite of the fact that demand for poultry products has come down by almost 20 per cent since winters.

Sources in the trade informed TNS that the prices of poultry products were up this year because of the global rise in the prices of poultry products. Prices of poultry products, especially eggs, were high in the USA and Brazil this year. As a result, poultry products from South India were being exported to these countries that was causing a shortfall in the domestic market leading to the high prices.

With the traditional suppliers of poultry products from South India being unable to cater to the eastern states, chicken and eggs from North India were being supplied there. Thus, there is a shortage of these products in the markets here.

Surjit Singh Sagri, president of the North Zone Broiler Breeders Association, said because of bird flu scare in India last year, the poultry farmers had resorted to moulting of birds. This had also led to decline in production, he added.

But its not just eggs and chicken prices that are high. Even the price of mutton is high this year with even low-grade mutton selling is at Rs 130-150 per kg in the city. 

Today’s prices

  • Eggs Rs 2 per egg
  • Dressed Rs 85-90
  • chicken per kg
  • Leg and Rs 95-100
  • chest per kg
  • Mutton Rs 130-150 per kg



340 units of blood donated
Tribune News Service

A blood donation camp in progress at Sant Nirankari Bhavan, Sector 9, Panchkula, on Sunday.
A blood donation camp in progress at Sant Nirankari Bhavan, Sector 9, Panchkula, on Sunday. —A Tribune photograph

Panchkula, May 20
At least 340 units of blood was collected at a blood donation camp organised at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhavan, Sector 9.

The camp was held under the supervision of its president Kuldeep Singh and inaugurated by mission’s zonal in-charge Babo Keso Ram.

He conveyed the message of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh of making a blood relation with every human being by donating blood for the humanity.

This is the ninth such camp at the local level. Besides, the local branch of the mandal is also running other social activities like free homoeopathic dispensary, free tailoring and embroidery training school for women and adult education programme.



Local lottery dealers wary of outsiders
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, May 20
Lottery dealers of the subdivision are up in arm against the entry of the outside players in the market here.

In a representation to the Dera Bassi DSP, the lottery dealers alleged that outside dealers were threatening local shopkeepers with dire consequence if the former were prevented from doing business here.

They added that outside players had been adopting strong-arm tactics to set up their shops here.

Around 100 lottery sellers have been doing business in government approved lotteries in sub-division for the past seven years.

They apprehend that the new entrants in the business may resort to illegal activities like gambling and satta in the garb of selling the government lotteries.

The entry of outsiders will lead to unemployment among lottery sellers, they add.

The lottery dealers, including Raj Kumar, Jasbir and Gulshan, have threatened to block the Chandigarh-Ambala highway if authorities did not restrain the outside players from interfering in their business here.



Local BJYM chief on council
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Davesh Moudgil, president of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Chandigarh, has been inducted as member of the national executive council of the morcha.

A spokesperson for the BJP, Chandigarh unit, Kehar Singh Koundal, described Moudgil as a true sepoy of the party who, he said, had shown commendable respect towards party ethics.



Disjointed Services
Pest wing with MC, malaria UT
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The city is losing a battle against mosquitoes, primarily owing to the fact that the pest control department, responsibile for controlling pests like flies, cockroaches, fleas and rodents, is with the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh, the malaria wing remains with the Chandigarh administration. Under the arrangement, out of 278 personnel in the department, 86 were transferred to the corporation.

Interestingly, officials of the anti-malaria wing did not hand over equipment to the municipal corporation. “We have no provision for spray to control the mosquitoes, and we have tried to tackle the situation through educating 
people in this regard,” said H.C. Gera, Anti-Malaria Officer, Chandigarh administration.

The MCC is flooded with requests to check the mosquito menace.But it can do little with the anti-malaria wing not with it.

Under the 74 amendment of Constitution, all civic amenities are to be transferred to the MCC, but in Chandigarh this has not been done, said A. P. Sanwaria, chairman of the MC sanitation committee.

Said former assistant director, health services, Dr S K Sharma: “In 1984, the health department set up sanitary-cum-epidemiological stations ( SANEPID) ensuring solution to problems under one roof. During that period, a full-fledged campaign against communicable and non-communicable diseases was started, the first of its kind in India.”

However, when the campaign came to an end in 1994, efforts to control the malaria menace got tedious due to lack of coordination among different departments, added Dr Sharma.



1,525  verified in drive
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The Chandigarh police today organised servant-tenant and paying guest verification camps across the city in which 1,525 persons were registered.

The police said 927 tenants, 392 servants and 206 paying guests were registered during the special two-day drive which ended today.

Besides, 415 strangers were registered in these camps held in various parts of the city from 10 am 
to 4 pm.



Increasing alcohol joints dangerous

This is apropos the recent high-level meeting regarding excise policy for Chandigarh.

Decision to increase the number of wine shops is merely a decision taken for greed of money. City Beautiful is known for its educated youth but if the number of alcohol joints continues to increase this way soon it will be known as a city of spoiled brats.

The city is already full of hotels where liquor is easily available. Almost all sectors have wine shops. The government has further opted to almost double the number of wine shops. Easy availability of wine and country liquor will ruin many families in the city.

The decision to increase alcohol joints has been taken in hurry. The government should take steps to curtail the number of alcohol joints and ahtaas for the welfare of society. Posting of police pickets or PCR vans near alcohol joints will be helpful in curtailing the use of liquor by the city youth and save society as a whole.

R.K. Garg

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



Three trucks impounded, drivers held
100 head of cattle rescued
Tribune News Service

Lalru, May 20
The local police today rescued over 100 buffaloes and calves being transported in three trucks near the ITI chowk here.

The animals were being taken to an abattoir and were hoarded on the trucks with little breathing space.

According to the police, they recovered 32 animals, stacked one over the other, in a truck (HR 37 B 7083) in violation of the rules.

The animals had been cramped for space in the truck with no ventilation. A case under the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act has been registered against truck driver Sandeep Kumar of Fatehabad district.

Similarly, two more trucks (HR 58 0315) and (HR 38 D 6611) were intercepted by the police carrying 35 and 33 animals, respectively.

The trucks were on their way to Dera Bassi via Ambala. The police has arrested Surinder Singh of Patiala and Sant Ram of Uttar Pradesh in this connection.

The police has impounded the trucks.



Purse containing gold chain snatched
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
Three unidentified motorcyclists snatched a purse from a woman.

Punam Malhotra of Sector 22 reported to the police alleging that three unidentified motorcyclists snatched her purse containing a gold chain, Rs 10,000 and some documents from the road dividing Sectors 32 and 33 on May 16. A case has been registered.

Laptop stolen

Ashutosh Anand of Mani Majra lodged a complaint with the police alleging that his laptop was stolen from his car parked at his residence on May 8. A case has been registered.

Caught stealing

Gurpuran Singh of Sector 50 filed a complaint with the police alleging that Ram Kumar of Uttar Pradesh was caught while stealing two bundles of electric wires from his residence. Ram Kumar was later handed over to the police. A case has been registered.

Servant held

The local police has arrested a domestic help on the allegation of stealing Rs 30,000 from a house.

The SHO of the Sector 19 police station said Ashok Goel of Sector 18 lodged a complaint yesterday that his domestic help, Geeta of Kishangarh village, had stolen Rs 30,000 from his residence on Friday.

They searched for the money and finally reported the matter to the police after they suspected 
the role of their domestic help.

The police conducted a raid on Geeta’s residence yesterday and nabbed her.

The police also recovered the stolen money from her possession.

A case under Sections 381 and 411 of the IPC has been registered.

Snatchers held

The local police yesterday arrested two youngsters - Bhuvan of Almora district and Manu Verma of Uttar Pradesh - from Sector 22 for theft.

Their third accomplice managed to give the police the slip.

The police said the accused were arrested near a petrol station in Sector 22 where they had come to sell a gold chain.

The police claimed to have solved five cases of snatching with their arrest. A gold chain and a stolen motorcycle were recovered from them.



Governor opens PHD Chamber
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 20
The new state-of-the-art building of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sector 31 here was inaugurated by the Punjab Governor, Gen S.F. Rodrigues (retd), here this evening. The building, PHD Chamber, has a covered area of 22,000 sq ft, is wi fi enabled and equipped with all modern facilities.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor suggested that a distinguished industry body like the PHD chamber should conduct a performance audit. “This should be a perfect time for you to analyse how much you have achieved since 1959 (when the Chandigarh branch office of the chamber opened), and work out an action plan for the future,” he said, adding that they should also look at streamlining the system and work towards greater transparency.

The chief guest suggested that the PHD chamber could play a vital role in bridging the gap between the industry and educational institutions so that a more structured and well-defined curriculum could be evolved to meet the requirements of the growing Indian economy.

Sanjay Bhatia, president of the chamber, said the chamber served 10 states and the UT, with a direct membership of 1,778, including over 150 associations representing 40,000 small and medium enterprises. “The new building is a modest initiative of the chamber’s visionary and dedicated leadership to provide value-added promotional services for enhancing the potential of business managers to match global competition,” he said.

On this occasion, R.K. Saboo, past president and chairman of the Chandigarh Building Committee who was instrumental in the completion of the project, said the project concept was revised time and again in the past 12 years since its conception to meet the emerging needs of the industry.

He said the facilities in the building had been created to meet the objectives of providing a platform for high-level interaction on policy issues. He added that the building had been completed with the support of members for funds.

Among others who spoke on the occasion were Dr L.K. Malhotra, senior vice-president of the chamber, Satish Bagrodia, vice-president, and Krishan Kalra, secretary-general.



Award for Indian businessman
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Paul Arora and Ruby
Paul Arora and Ruby

Chandigarh, May 20
Another immigrant to Canada has brought laurels to Chandigarh. Paul Arora and his wife Ruby has got BC Ethno Council’s prestigious New Canadian Entrepreneur Award - 2006 for promoting business there.

The award, which was presented annually to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Canadian entrepreneurs, was presented to them in Canada on May 10.

Paul’s typical rags-to-riches success story goes back to 1988 when he migrated to Canada and started Weavers Canada Imports Inc. after a few odd jobs.

“Those were the hard times as we worked at $ 4 an hour and the lack of working capital and the low trust of suppliers caused a lot of frustration,” Paul said in a communication to The Tribune.

“The business was small but aspirations were big and hard work and perseverance paid off.

I and Ruby did not miss any chance to grab opportunity of reaping the benefits of growing ethnic markets and understanding their day-to-day needs,” Paul asserted.

Feeling the pulse of the Canadian markets, Weavers began switching over from handicrafts to edible food items.

Since the Canadian government allowed immigration of people from all over the world, specifically from South Eastern countries, which created a massive demand for ethnic foods and other day-to-day items, Gagan Foods International Limited was born in 2004.

The company is one of largest importers and distributors of foods and other kitchen accessories items in western Canada.



Biz Clips

OPENED: Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd opened its 528th branch in Sector 20, Panchkula. Dignitaries and people from all walks of life attended the function.

Z.A. Khan, senior executive manager, briefed about the bank. S.S. Nathyal, vice-president and zonal head, chaired the function and solicited co-operation of the residents and businessmen of the area. He added that the bank would be rendering all services with all modern value additions such as ATM, safe vaults, depository etc.

BSNL TUNES: BSNL has launched “premium ring-back tone service” for both post-paid and pre-paid cellular subscribers.

A press note issued here on Saturday said “BSNL TUNES” were completely customised. Any cellular subscriber, willing to avail the service, will have to dial ‘567’ and follow simple instructions to select ring back tone (RBT).

The subscribers can also select default signature tune of BSNL as ring back tone by sending “sms subscribe” to ‘567’. To select premium RBT using sms, the subscriber will have to send “sms list” to ‘567’.

The subscribers will have to pay fixed charges of Rs 20 (waived off till May 31) per month. — TNS



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