March of Emperors

Nat Geo brings a stunning story about Emperor Penguins
Nat Geo brings a stunning story about Emperor Penguins

It has won a plethora of awards, the biggest being the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature 2006 and a BAFTA nomination for Best Cinematography and Editing 2006.

Narrated by Amitabh Bachchan, Penguins: A Love Story on the National Geographic Channel today at 8 pm follows one particular flock of Emperor Penguins as they perform a truly remarkable journey alone in the ice deserts of Antarctica.

Emperor Penguins in thousands abandon the security of their ocean home and clamber onto frozen ice to begin their long journey into a region so bleak, so extreme. In single file, they march blinded by blizzards. Resolute, indomitable, they are driven by an overpowering urge to reproduce, to assure the survival of the species.

After a courtship, they pair off into monogamous couples. After mating, the mother and father continually exchange functions of caretaker until the weather grows warmer and the chicks are ready to take their first faltering dive into the deep blue waters of the Antarctic. And then, nature is ready to repeat itself.

Zakir as Shikoh in Upanishad Ganga
Zakir as Shikoh in Upanishad Ganga

Role of Dara Shikoh

He may share his name with the tabla maestro, but Zakir Hussain likes to think he is an ustad in a different field — acting. Starting off on the small screen with serials like Gatha, Kartavya, Adhikaar, Kitty Party and Kora Kagaz, he drifted to Bollywood. But half a dozen B-grade films later, he is back on TV.

Zakir has bagged a plum role in Dr Chandra Prakash Dewivedi’s Upanishad Ganga revolving around the stories of various historical and mythical personalities. He plays the role of Dara Shikoh, eldest son of Shahajahan and younger brother of Aurangzeb. The story fantasises that had Shikoh been the king he’d never have allowed the British to enslave India.

Earlier, Zakir has worked with Diwedi in Ek Aur Mahabharat where he played the role of Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna.

"I am very choosy about the roles I pick up on the small screen," says Zakir, hoping that soon he will graduate to lead roles. — NF