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Grid fault has residents sweating buckets
Tribune Reporters

Mohali, June 14
Damage in the power network today disrupted the supply to some areas, including parts of Chandigarh, forcing thousands of residents to sweat in the heat.

A circuit breaker got damaged around 7 am, disrupting power supply from the 220 KV grid substation to parts of Chandigarh, Sectors 70, 71 of Mohali, adjoining Sohana village, nearby rural areas and Phase VIII of the industrial area. While the power supply to the residential areas was restored in about two hours’ time load restrictions were imposed on the industrial sector. Power was supplied on rotational basis to the industrial area.

Officials of the PSEB said three transformers of 100 MVA each were getting supply from the 220 KV substation. After the snag, one transformer stopped working and the load was shifted to the other transformers so that the residential areas were not affected, they added.

Gurinderjeet Kaur, a resident of Sector 71, said the household chores came to a standstill because of the power cut in the morning. She said storing water for drinking purposes became a problem due to non-functioning of water filter.

H.S. Bains, deputy chief engineer, said the required equipment was brought from Anandpur Sahib. The staff was on the job and efforts were being made to restore the supply at the earliest, he said, adding that the circuit breaker might have damaged due to the rain.

Chandigarh: Power supply to parts of the industrial areas in the city remained affected throughout the day today. Engineering department sources confirmed at least three one-hour power cuts during different parts of the day.

V.K. Bhardwaj, chief engineer, said, “We have been informed that the repair work at Mohali will be done by 7 pm. We shall be able to restore normal supply here by midnight”.

Meanwhile, residents of Sector 29-D are a peeved lot because of frequent power cuts for the past couple of days. There was no power between 6 am and 8.30 am. Residents faced another unannounced cut yesterday afternoon.

Pradeep Kumar, a resident, said, “Repeated calls to the complaint centre were of no use as no one gave the correct information”.



Decomposed body of youth found
Tribune News Service

Raipur Rani, June 14
A 24-year-old boy’s decomposed and mutilated body was found buried in a field in Garhi village near here today. The boy, identified as Ram Kumar, was an electrician working with a motorcycle agency. He had gone missing on June 8.

Mother of the deceased Jarnailo Devi said that on June 8 she was busy with some guests when Ram Kumar told her that he was going to a relative’s place near their residence.

“He had just finished his dinner and I thought he didn’t want to stay in an over-crowded house and sleep on the terrace like we usually do when we have guests. Little did I know that that was the last time I would see him,” said an inconsolable Jarnailo Devi.

Ram had got engaged just a month back and his shagun ceremony was slated for June 27. “We were preparing to go for the ceremony at Yamunanagar, the girl’s native place,” his younger brother, Ramesh, said.

Recalling the sequence of events, the mother said Ram went straight to his relative’s house in the neighbourhood. “There he got a call on his mobile and left. A shopkeeper of the area recalls seeing him that same night around 9 pm when he came with some friends to his shop to have a cold drink. Nobody saw him after that. But we never suspected that he had been murdered,” the mother added.

But the next day Ram’s boss, motorcycle agency owner, told his father Surta Singh that his son had not reported for work.

“Surta Singh, a vendor, then inquired at home and realised nobody knew of Ram’s whereabouts and his mobile was out of coverage area. That’s when the agency owner asked him to report to the police that Ram was missing since the night of June 8. The matter was reported to the police, which, instead of carrying out any investigation or searching for him, told the family members that he must have gone away with some girl. We were infuriated but kept silent,” a relative said.

Last evening, after the short but heavy downpour, when the fields were filled with water, some children playing in the open saw a foot protruding out of the earth. “They went and told Joginder Singh, owner of the field who, in turn, told the sarpanch. The villagers gathered in the field. We also went but could not identify the body because it had putrefied and it was very dark also,” the mother said.

This morning when the body was taken out, Jarnailo Devi identified her son from the name tattooed on his arm. “His face was all eaten up and the body was highly decomposed, emanating foul smell. It had wound marks on the head, the neck, the chest and legs, while one of his feet was missing and also the big toe of the other foot was missing,” the mother said.

Naming the suspects as three boys from the village itself, the family members said that last year they had entered into a fight. “They had told him that they were letting him go this time but he would not be spared the next time. The three boys are also missing since that day,” villagers maintained.

Meanwhile, a team of the forensic department visited the area to collect samples. DSP Abhay Rao also reached the spot and a case of murder was registered. The police assured the villagers that they would solve the case in three days.

Villagers protest...

They were particularly irked over the fact that the police had chosen to turn a deaf ear to the complaint and had dismissed their complaint by stating that the boy could have run away with some girl. “Do we have no self-respect? Can’t the police treat a ‘missing report’ of a poor man’s child as seriously as they do for the rich? Are we less human than our counterparts in the city,” the villagers asked.

DSP Abhey S. Rao reached the spot and pacified the villagers. He assured prompt action into the matter. He said that though the mobile of the deceased was not recovered, they had sought the call details to find out to whom he had spoken to last. “We will be able to say something only after the call details come.

The family has told us names of some people they suspect but we still have to carry out our investigation,” he stated. The body of the deceased is lying at General Hospital, Sector 6, awaiting post-mortem.

Villagers protest police inaction

Dissatisfied with the way the police handled the case and angry at the laxity with which they proceeded, irked villagers blocked the Raipur Rani-Barwala road for three hours. Nearly 500 villagers sat on the road with the body placed in front, holding up traffic on the road to lodge their protest against police inaction during the last few days.



Going overseas for underpasses
Officials may retire before project starts
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
The Chandigarh administration is sending the finance secretary and the chief engineer to study underpasses in Brussels, Begium.

Interestingly, none of the two officers will ‘likely’ be around when the execution of the project is expected to begin. While the deputation period of the finance secretary is ending in November this year, the chief engineer will retire in the same month.

The chief architect, who is also accompanying the two officials, will, however, be around to share her experience when work on the project starts.

On the issue, Lalit Sharma, adviser to the UT administrator, said officials at the decision-making level could be sent. “After getting a positive public opinion, we are moving in a definite direction to implement the project. Various safety aspects like rescue operation in case of a mishap or a fire and utilisation of vacant space around underpasses has to be studied,” he added.

The adviser said the two officials would still be available to give their valuable comments on the project.

It has been seen in the past that with a change of guard, projects or the ideas are not “properly perceived” by the successors of the officials. With the top brass changing by end of December, this apprehension has gained ground.

Recently, the administration had announced plans to construct underpasses at various busy traffic junctions to ease traffic congestion. To begin with, an underpass has been considered at Press Chowk.

It has also been proposed that the rotaries, which had been removed, will also be restored as the underpasses will take half of the load of the traffic moving in one direction. The cost of constructing an underpass is almost half that of a flyover.



Thieves strike at mayor’s house, steal cash
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
For a gang of daring thieves neither the fear of God or the mayor proved to be a deterrent as they broke into a room in the mayor’s house where Guru Granth Sahib was kept and decamped with Rs 4,280

from under the seat of the holy book. The police has till now no clue about the thieves or even their number. They also ransacked the servant quarters and stole Rs 100 from there. They did not steal any other articles as a LPG cylinder was also lying in the room.

The police said the incident took place last night when the accused scaled a wall and entered the room, which is in the backyard. The room houses the Guru Granth Sahib and is not locked. After stealing the cash from the room, the thieves then got into the servant quarters also situated nearby.

The police said a case of theft under Section 380 of the IPC has been registered on a complaint lodged by Manmohan Singh, husband of mayor Harjinder Kaur.

Earlier also, residents of Sector 43 have been complaining about a spate of thefts in their locality. They allege that during the fortnight as many as seven incidents of thefts and one of burglary have occurred in their locality. The residents asserted that in most of the cases the police had registered the cases and assured to intensify the patrolling. But nothing happened and the thefts continue unabated.

They demanded that the administration and the police should take steps to check the rising incidents of the thefts.



Shot down by poor hospitality
Rajay Deep

Mohali, June 14
Unhygienic food, sleepless nights and shortage of ammunition have marred the enthusiasm of the national and international-level shooters participating in an ongoing shooting camp at Mohali Shooting Range, Phase 6, here.

Around 50 shooters are participating in the 24-day camp, being organised by the Punjab Rifle Shooting Association (PRSA).

Narrating their plight, shooters claim that tasteless food is being served to them at the camp. “Many a time, we find it hard to identify the vegetable even after eating it. Prisoners get better food than us,” says a national-level shooter, on the condition of anonymity

Spending sleepless nights in the hot and sultry conditions is another problem they have to face every day. They are putting up at Shivalik School, Phase 6, here.

“In the absence of beds and coolers, we are forced to spend nights on thin mattresses in hot conditions. It is impossible to sleep on these mattresses. With around 20 players in one room, it is just impossible to sleep,” rues the shooter. Even basic equipment for the game, like ammunition that is being provided to them is insufficient, rue the shooters.

“Except coaching, nothing is good here,” says an international shooter. PRSA secretary general K.S. Sidhu admitted that the association did not have sufficient funds to meet even the basic requirement of the shooters.

“I have been spending money from my own pocket to provide facilities but it has not been reimbursed”, he rued.

The camp will conclude tomorrow. 



State of Colleges
GC-46 presents picture of neglect
Smriti Sharma
Tribune News Service

Wild growth on the premises of Government College, Sector 46, Chandigarh (top); and broken furniture in a corridor of the building.
Wild growth on the premises of Government College, Sector 46, Chandigarh (top); and broken furniture in a corridor of the building. Tribune photos

Chandigarh, June 14
Government College-46 seems to be nobody’s baby if upkeep and maintenance is any indication. The college, which beckons all with its massive campus and vast playground, presents a picture of neglect at present. Once a lush green ground, which groomed many sportspersons, is now crying for attention. The field is full of wild growth, including congress grass, and is hardly being put to use as is revealed by a visit to the site. With the monsoon season round the corner, threat of snakes and rodents to find their way into the classrooms looms large. Even as the new academic session is going to start, the authorities concerned have failed to spare a thought for the co-educational institution.

The corridors, that should have otherwise been used for free movement of teachers and students, are virtually being used as dumping grounds for discarded furniture.

The college is yet to get a fresh coat of paint and a substantial number of lights are also non-functional, bringing the maintenance of the building and provision of basic amenities on the campus under sharp focus.

Moreover, the college seems to be handicapped unfriendly as there is only one ramp at the entrance for the physically challenged, who have to face lot of difficulties in reaching the classrooms. Even in the new academic block, there is no provision for the handicapped.

When contacted principal of the college Dr K.S. Saluja said,“Many requests have been sent to the engineering department earlier. In fact, I also met with the XEN and got a positive response. We have also brought a machine for watering and maintaining the ground. Things are being done on a priority basis now.”

As regards unfriendliness towards handicapped, Saluja stated, “ Changes can’t be made in old design of the building. Nevertheless, the talks are on with the architecture department to find an amicable solution.”



100 donate blood
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
Employees of The Markfed Blood Trust, in association with the department of immunohaemotology and blood transfusion, Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, organised a blood donation camp and an on-the-spot poster and slogan competition, here today. Around 100 employees donated blood. The camp was conducted by a team from GMCH, headed by Dr Ravneet Kaur.

Meanwhile, UT home secretary Krishan Mohan today released three prize-winning posters at the UT Secretariat on the same occasion.

The posters were selected from more than 900 entries. Six thousand such posters will be displayed at various places in the city to encourage the donors. These posters will also be sent to other blood bank societies all around the country.

Free film shows were also arranged in two local cinema halls for the donors. 



Violators of noise norms, watch out
Sound permission info to go online
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
Violators of the Noise Pollution Act, beware! Residents troubled by blaring loudspeakers in their neighbourhood will soon be able to know whether “sound permission” has been sought from the designated officers.

The Chandigarh administration is holding final trials to provide latest information in this regard online. “It will be easy to know whether late-night revellers have taken permission or not,” said an official.

Normally, troubled residents call up the police control room to know whether permission has been sought or not. A police party then visits the spot for verification.

Information will be given by providing a link with the official website of the administration. At the click of the mouse, troubled residents will be able to see whether sound permission had been taken or not. Information will be classified area-wise. In case of a complaint, contact numbers of the officers concerned will also be available.

Once the website becomes operational, the system to apply online for sound permission will be added.

For the benefit of the residents, information about the officers who give permission, format to apply, area-wise noise limit, time of permission and penalty under the Act will also be displayed.



Govt houses in poor shape: BJP

Chandigarh, June 14
The BJP has demanded that the committee set up by the UT administration should examine the “fitness and strength” of various buildings in Chandigarh in the wake of the Sector 26 tragedy.

In a statement issued here today, senior BJP leaders said the condition of hundreds of government houses occupied by employees, especially class II, III and IV, were in bad shape. Former MP Satya Pal Jain said during the past 40-50 years, no attention had been paid towards the maintenance of these. — TNS



Civic amenities elude Harmilap Nagar
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, June 14
The woes of residents of Harmilap Nagar, Phase II, adjoining Panchkula, seem to be never-ending, as the Zirakpur Nagar Panchayat has dragged its feet for providing basic amenities in the area.

With mercury soaring, potable water is a luxury for hundreds of the residents, comprising mostly middle and lower middle class families. In fact, the erratic functioning of a tubewell, commissioned at a cost of about Rs 15 lakh last year, has left the residents high and dry, says Harbans Lal, a resident.

Since the water supply was linked to the power supply, the situation was compounded as the power situation was grim, alleges Dr Subhash Marriya, area councillor.

Residents complain that these were not the only problems afflicting the colony. The roads, which were dug for the laying of sewerage pipes, are yet to be recarpeted. Bumpy rides greet the residents and visitors, making it an accident-prone area.

Official sources, however, claim that the authorities concerned were doing their best to provide basic amenities within the available resources. 



Selja to visit P’kula on June 16
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 14
Selja will be visiting the city on June 16. She will inaugurate a tubewell at Jalouli, Barwala, and will be attending a public meeting there.

Inauguration of a computer centre at Morni is also on her list, which also includes visit to Bhagwanpura, Paploha, Nanakpur.

She will also attend a public meeting at Saketri and will visit residences of prominent Congress workers. She would also inaugurate Government Primary School at Saketri built at the cost of Rs 6.72 lakh, said Bharat Bhushan Bansal, a congress spokesman. 



‘Mandir goes commercial’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
Residents of Sector 30-B have complained to the deputy commissioner that the site allotted to Shiv Shakti Mandir in the sector was being used to run commercial activity.

They have complained that the mandir authorities had installed a mobile tower on the roof of the mandir without seeking any permission from the estate office.



Mercury drops by 2.8°C
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
It continued to rain for the second day in a row, with the city recording another heartening spell of rainfall at 18 mm. Yesterday, it had rained 32.6 mm, the highest in this region. Today’s pre-monsoon showers were also heavy, by all standards.

Thanks to the persisting weather conditions, the day temperature fell significantly, by 2.8°C. As against yesterday when the maximum temperature recorded in Chandigarh was 37.8°C, today it was a low of 35°C, bringing much respite from the scorching heat. The weather, however, remained sultry with the Met department forecasting more rain.

Despite generally cool conditions prevailing in Chandigarh, night temperature rose to 26°C as against 23.8°C yesterday, a significant rise. But a drop in the day temperature struck the essential 



4 bidders for GPS in buses
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
To install the global positioning system (GPS) and public information service (PIS) in local buses and bus queue shelters, the authorities have decided to call four bidders on the recommendation of a technical committee.



Thank you donors: Birthday boy
Tribune News Service

 Rajit Chandigarh, June 14
Rajit will celebrate his twelfth birthday tomorrow. This will be his “real birthday” as Rajit has started growing like other children his age after a surgery at the PGI last year.

“I and my son are thankful to donors for his treatment which would have not been possible without their help,” said Manjit Singh, father of Rajit.

Diagnosed with a hole in the heart since birth, Rajit’s disease left him frail till last year. One of his heart valves also needed replacement. The ailment had affected his growth severely and he hardly looked like the children his age, said Manjit Singh, a class IV employee at the Zirakpur post office.

Doctors at the PGI had recommended a surgery, but with no money in hands, the family found itself helpless as the treatment required at least Rs 1 lakh.

“However, donors came to the rescue of Rajit after The Tribune highlighted the plight of the family on June 23 last year,” said Manjit.



Nagar kirtan held
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
A nagar kirtan, led by the panj piaras, was held today to mark the martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev here. The procession was organised by sector gurdwara sehyog committees.

The procession started from the Sector 7 gurudwara and meandered its way through Sectors 8, 18, 19, 20 and 21 and concluded at the gurdwara of Sector 22. A 'gatka' was the highlight of the procession.



Tips for safe driving

To be safe , you need to be fully alert and attentive while driving. This means you must develop :

  • the good habit of keeping a lookout for other vehicles and road users.
  • giving yourself enough time to react to situations by looking well ahead.
  • Being focussed on the job at hand and that is - driving safely!
  • Knowing your required position and speed on the road and understanding the actions of other road users.



Unscheduled power cuts not welcome

With mercury soaring, unscheduled power cuts are not welcome. City residents ought to be informed about the power-cut timings in their respective areas as was done in the past. This would enable the residents to make arrangements before hand to tackle power cuts.

The UT administration knows that with summer the power consumption increases. Then when can’t it purchase electricity from states with surplus power? Moreover, what does it want to convey when it says that we are self-reliant in power.

The power cuts should be made on rotational basis and must be avoided during midnight.

On their part, the residents must take care that they don’t misuse the power. They must comprehend that if they can afford to pay for huge electricity bill it does not give them the right to overdraw power. As a responsible citizen one should not let the electricity go waste, be at home, office or any other place.

Harbinder Singh

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



3 held on kidnap charge
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
A high drama of kidnapping of a Sector 41-based travel agent, Manjeet Singh, ended late in the evening with the arrest of three persons from Kharar today.

According to information, Harvinder, Manjeet Kaur and Parminder Singh, all from Patiala, came to the Sector 41 house of Manjeet Singh and forcibly took him away at about 7.40 am. After sometime, the alleged kidnappers called up Parshotam Soni, a partner of the travel agent, and asked him to bring Rs 5.50 lakh. Parshotam Soni contacted the police, after which the ransom calls of the alleged kidnappers were tracked down by the police, leading to their arrest.



Two held for selling hypothecated vehicle
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 14
The police has arrested two persons allegedly involved in selling hypothecated vehicles by preparing fake documents.

SSP R.S. Khatra said the police had arrested Riaz Ahmed, a resident of Kheri Ranga, and Vishal, a resident of Yamunanagar, on the charges of selling a car to Kultar Singh by preparing fake documents. The police has seized a fake stamp from their possession. The computer on which they allegedly prepared fake sale letters was also seized.

The accused were produced in a court here and were granted two days’ police remand. Recovery of more vehicles was likely after interrogation.

During investigations, it was found out that the vehicle, which the accused intend to sell, was purchased by Vishal on a loan of Rs 5.70 lakh. An associate of Vishal, Riaz Ahmed, then sold the vehicle to Kultar Singh for Rs 5.70 lakh and allegedly handed over a fake sale letter to him.



One more held in double murder case
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 14
The CIA staff today arrested Sandhya, first wife of Anand Kindo, prime accused in the double murder case of Maj Gen K.C. Dhingra and his wife.

Sandhya was arrested from Sector 35, Chandigarh, after Kindo admitted to the police that she had helped them pack booty from the house of Dhingra after the couple had been murdered.

During interrogation, Kindo had told the police that Sandhya was sleeping in the servant’s quarter the night the murder took place. He also admitted that she had helped him pack gold, expensive electronic gadgets and clothes after which he had dropped her in Chandigarh before fleeing from the city.



Accused nabbed within 12 hrs of robbery

Chandigarh, June 14
A rickshaw-puller was arrested by the local police yesterday within 12 hours of robbing a man in Sector 17 late last night.

The police said the accused, Raju Thapa, alias Chauhan of Nepal, who sleeps in front of showrooms in Sector 22, was arrested near bridge on the road separating Sectors 16 and 23 after a tip-off.

The police said the accused had robbed Balbir Chand of Kajheri of his bag from the rear end of Hotel Shivalikview in Sector 17, last night. He had hit the victim and told him his name as Raju Thapa.

The bag contained clothes and Rs 750 in cash. The matter was reported to the police. The police checked the records and found out that Raju Thapa had been involved in a case of murder and theft and arrested by the police before.

Following a tip-off, the police, accompanied by the victim, nabbed the accused. — TNS



Constable hit by rash rider
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
In a hit-and-run accident, a constable of the Chandigarh Police was seriously hurt after a reckless motorcyclist banged into his motorcycle near Electricity Colony in Sector 53. The constable, Vijayander Singh, is admitted at the PGI with a neck injury, said the police.

SHO of the Sector 36 police station inspector Ishwar Singh Mann said the constable stopped his motorcycle on observing that a motorcyclist was driving rashly. The motorcyclist fled the spot after hitting the constable, leaving his Bullet motorcycle (CHU-9631) behind.

The motorcycle belongs to one Tarunjit Singh of Sector 15, whom the motorcycle belongs to, said his acquaintance, Raju of Kajheri, had burrowed it from him. Raju is still at large. A case has been registered.


Karamjit Singh of AKG Colony, Zirakpur, reported to the police alleging that an unidentified man stabbed his father, Prem Singh, with a knife in the jungle area near Phase I, Industrial Area, on Wednesday afternoon. The assailant robbed the victim of his mobile phone and a wallet containing Rs 350 and some other documents. The victim was admitted to the Sector 32 GMCH. A case has been registered.


Umed Singh, an employee at a petrol station in Sector 55, lodged a complaint with the police alleging that two occupants of a white Maruti Zen (HR-02-K-1815) sped away after filling 30 litres of petrol worth Rs 1,360 on Wednesday night. The miscreants told him that they would pay through credit card and also demanded a bill for the petrol. When he went to get the bill, the accused sped away. A case has been registered.

Vehicles stolen

Parveen Kumar Vohra of Sector 37-A reported to the police alleging that his Indica car (CH-18-T-8160) was stolen from his residence during the intervening night of June 12 and 13. Similarly, Rajan Baby of Mani Majra alleged that his Bajaj Chetak scooter (CH-01-3701) was stolen from his residence on Wednesday. In another incident, Raju Saha of Sector 20-A filed a complaint alleging that his Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle (PB-11-Y-7468(T)) was stolen from Sector 44 on June 8. Alka Gupta of Mansa Devi Complex, Sector 5, Panchkula, has reported to the police that her Maruti Esteem (CH-01-S-7850) was stolen from Chitkara Institute in Sector 9 on Tuesday. Four separate cases have been registered.


The local police has booked two Delhi residents on the charge of duping a city resident of Rs 1.50 lakh on the pretext of selling him a property.

Sources in the economic offences wing of the Chandigarh police said Lal Chand Khetarpal of Sector 20-A lodged a complaint alleging that Munish and Gaurav, both residents of Neb Serai, New Delhi, had entered into an agreement with him to sell a plot in the Silver Town Cooperative Housing Society, Sector 48. They had taken Rs 1.50 lakh from him as token money. However, he later learnt that the accused had sold the property to another person. The police has registered a case.

House burgled

Jarnail Singh of Sector 34-C lodged a complaint with the police that six gold bangles, 10 pairs of gold ear tops, a gold coin and Rs 2,500 were stolen from his residence between June 6 and June 10. A case has been registered.

Attempt to murder

The local police has arrested three persons on a charge of attempt to murder while in a separate incident four persons were booked for assaulting a Sector 25 resident.

The police said Sumesh of Kumhar Colony alleged that Sonu, Anil, Sanjay and Parveen assaulted him near the mandir gate in the area this afternoon. The police has arrested the three suspects.

In another incident, Bitu of Janata Colony in Sector 25 alleged that Sumesh, Mukesh, Vijay and Nanu of Kumhar Colony had threatened and assaulted him near the meat shop gate in the colony on Tuesday night. A case has been registered.



CII plans rural biz hubs
Tribune News Service

Deep KapuriaChandigarh, June 14
“Thrust on building people, agriculture, sustainability and inclusiveness at the state level will be our key priorities for the year ahead,” Deep Kapuria, newly elected chairman of CII (northern region), said here today.

Talking to mediapersons, he outlined challenges for the industry in the region. In a meeting held earlier in the day with Punjab Chief Minister, Kapuria informed that a need to create centre for skill developments was stressed upon.

Evading the issue of impact of change in the government on the industrial growth in the region, he stated that three months was too less a time to pass judgements. “We have to look at things in an objective way. No state wants to go down the economic growth pattern,” stated Kapuria.

Later, he listed agri sector reforms, industrial policy reforms, labour, taxation, improving power scenario, urban development, physical connectivity of air, road and rail and water through public-private partnership, increasing levels of investment, creating a common economic zone, facilitating economic empowerment of rural areas, technical education and skill development of youth as the key areas of focus.

Elaborating on the CII’s vision for a common economic zone in the north, Kapuria stated that abolition of multiple tax structures and free movement of goods would create new synergies across the region. He said despite a contribution of 28 per cent to the country’s total GDP, the northern region still lags behind the western and southern regions in attracting corporate investment. “Well co-coordinated planning and development of a common agenda among the states would put the northern Region on a new growth trajectory,” he stated.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of agriculture in region’s economy, Kapuria emphasised the need for agricultural competitiveness through rural infrastructure, market linkages, food processing and credit availability. “CII would be intensively campaigning for the setting up of rural business hubs in the region in the coming year,” he informed. 



Industrialists a peeved lot
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 14
Industrialists who opted for conversion in Industrial Area are a peeved lot alleging that a majority of the maps have not been approved more than six months after the conversion was allowed in a majority of the cases.

The industrialists were expressing dissatisfaction today in context of another meeting of the single window system created specifically to facilitate conversion in Industrial Area of the city.

“Our cases are pending for more than six months, and even more in certain cases. The single window system was supposed to clear each case in 15 days when the policy was announced,” M.P.S. Chawla, president of the Chandigarh Industrial Association, said.

Interestingly, the administration, in its single window meeting today, cleared nine maps. Two were returned because of certain technical observations while two have been held in abeyance.

A senior office said: “The matter of conversion needs to be understood in the right perspective. Since the conversion is happening for the first time, industrialists and the administration are unclear about deciding certain issues. They are seeking repeated concessions in provisions. It is going to take some time before all creases are ironed out to save future hassles.”

Chander Verma, another industrialist, said: “I destroyed the original structure on my plot. I am losing on account of ‘unearned profit’ which I will be charged and am also losing revenue I used to get from my tenants. The administration needs to expedite the case.”

The industrialists are demanding a waiver on interest on instalments. Their conversion was approved, but the maps are lying pending.



Booths for Janta Market traders
GMADA defers draw of lots
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 14
The GMADA has indefinitely postponed the draw of lots for the allotment of booths to the shopkeepers of the Janata Market which got destroyed in a major fire on June 1. The draw was to be conducted tomorrow.

According to the estate officer, the draw was postponed to protect the interests of shopkeepers. As the entire market, consisting of 377 khokhas got gutted, it would become very difficult to establish the identity of the shopkeepers who had been covered under a survey carried out by PUDA in 1998 and as such it was possible that some wrong persons might claim the booths.

The GMADA now wants that claims should be received from persons covered under the survey and their identities be established before carrying out the draw of lots. As such, the shopkeepers had been directed to stay in touch with the GMADA office. They would be provided with forms for making claims. These forms would be considered by the authorities concerned and the allotment would be made according to the decision taken by the finance and planning committee. 



Real estate agents form body

Panchkula, June 14
The Northern Real Estate Welfare Organisation was formed to resolve the grievances of real estate agents of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh.

Dr Lila Dhari Sachdeva and Vivek Sharma were elected as president and general secretary, respectively.

Other prominent members are: chairman-Surinder Kumar Bansal; chief adviser-Hemant Kinger; senior vice-president-K.L. Sachdeva and Dinesh Kumar Chugh; vice-president-Naresh Malik, Bharat Raj and Anil Bhalla; treasurer-Ashok Singla; press secretary-Achint Aanand; joint secretary-Rajesh Arora; and secretary-Nishant Aanand. — TNS




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