Tragic sport

A file photo of the famed Munich Stadium
A file photo of the famed Munich Stadium

WHAT happens when a hopeful beginning meets a tragic end? Watch the historical Munich Olympic massacre in Seconds from Disaster on Nat Geo (June 23 at 9 pm).

For the Germans, the 1972 Munich Olympics held a significant promise, offering a chance to showcase a new nation that had erased the scars of World War-II. However, this hopeful beginning met a tragic end on September 5 at 4 am when Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli athletes and took nine others as hostages.

As police struggled to handle the crisis, the terrorists anticipated all their moves. By 1:30 am on September 6, the fighting finally stopped and all the nine hostage athletes, five terrorists and one German police officer were dead. With the circumstances behind the police's actions shrouded in mystery, one athlete's wife vowed to uncover the truth.

The gripping one-hour drama is supplemented by expert testimony, eyewitness and family member interviews. How did the terrorists break into the Olympic village? How did the police's rescue plot go so terribly wrong? And, how could this have been prevented? Watch the show for one of sports history’s most tantalising mysteries. — NF