ulta pulta

Bigger boss
Jaspal Bhatti

A few days ago, the Chandigarh Tribune conducted a special campaign and revealed that most officers in the city were inaccessible to the general public. I wonder why in the first place such a survey was required. We all know if an officer was easily approachable, no one would bother calling him an officer anyway. And why does one pay ‘strict’ PAs? Certainly not to assist the boss in his official work. It is more to shoo away people from getting near the boss. It is always a PA who bestows importance on the Sahib log.

You have to believe him when he shamelessly utters the clichéd words, "Sahib meeting mein hain", when in fact the boss is busy talking to his wife or taking an after-lunch cat nap.

I feel the salary packets of PAs ought to be heftier than those of their bosses. It is not the boss but the PA who requires adequate security in case some frustrated common man tries to barge into the boss’s office.

Last month I tried to get through to the secretary, education, Punjab, but the PA wouldn’t give the line in. I told him to leave my message with him but he refused, saying, "Sahib is busy".

I asked him what if I got through to the minister. He laughed away my threat. I must salute PAs who don’t relent under any pressure. If I had any recommendation power, I would have recommended the PA for the Padma Shri for his services to keep babuism going in the country.

A senior officer approached the chief secretary, "Sir, could you change my PA? He is so weak that I feel that there’s no distance left between me and the general public."