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Shell Shock
Every house has one
Blasts a way of life for them
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Raipur Rani, June 27
Jasmar, a resident of Bhood village, was 10 years old when he tossed a pebble on a shell lying in the field. The explosion cost him his eye, an arm and two toes. Today, at 35 years, he can recall the nightmare that followed the blast as he lay in a pool of blood, screaming for help.

Yesterday’s explosion that resulted in the death of four members of a family and injuries to three others, brought the memories back. But he and the other villagers, as also those of Mandlai, are undeterred. Shells, explosions and death are a way of life for them.

Though a few villagers gathered to offer condolences to Nand Lal’s relatives, they admitted that the village had lost count of its dead. But that, they say, has never been a hindrance in their search for shells in the firing range or around because it means big money for them.

While shells in most homes went underground a day after the explosion, villagers candidly admitted that it is “big business” for them. “A shell can earn you between Rs 120 and Rs 150 against a normal earning of Rs 10 a day. Everybody dreams of laying their hands on a shell, never mind the consequences,” a villager said.

Surprisingly, while shells are sold as scrap, live bullets are used as weights in small grocery shops. On being asked about it, a shopkeeper quickly removed it, saying that a child must have left it there by mistake.

Explaining the cause of the explosion, another villager said most of them had grown up playing with and collecting shells from the range, the fields and the riverbed. “Most villagers into the scrap business are old hands and rarely make the mistake of picking up a live shell. It is the inexperienced ones who are usually killed while trying to break open these shells,” he remarks.

A majority of households, primarily the landless population, in these villages has either lost a family member while trying to extract scrap from an unexploded shell or has a member who has suffered a physical injury in such accidents.

Being herders, the villagers often find mortars and shells and then sell these to the local grocer, who in turn sells it to scrap dealers in Naraingarh and Ambala. “The labourers send their children to collect the shells,” informs Surjeet who lost his hand in a blast long ago.

The villagers living near the firing range revealed that the children usually hid in the wilderness and each time an Army unit fired a mortar, they would run to get the shells. The bullets were a bonus. However, they added that the Army this time did not make a public announcement asking people to stay away from the range.

“The government should relocate the ranges or rehabilitate the villagers of Bhudd and Mandlai. Greed always gets the better of the villagers and they refuse to learn from such explosions. Money means more than their life to them and no amount of warning helps,” Jai Singh, sarpanch of Mandlai, says.

Wasted lives

Fortyfive-year-old Nand Lal, a labourer, came to Raipur Rani from Karnal, about 10 months ago. He used to earn a living by breaking stones in the riverbed. He and his three children, left dead by a shell burst, were cremated today even as his wife and his two other children have been admitted to hospital.A file photo of Nand Lal’s family, four members of which, including three children, died in the blast.

“He was a hardworking man. This shell found its way into the house a couple of days back and his children had brought it home without knowing what it was. Nobody knew it would rip apart his family and home like this. We are shocked at the turn of events,” his relative says.

A file photo of Nand Lal’s family, four members of which, including three children, died in the blast. 



Possession soon for Mohali allottees
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
There is good news for people who had been successful in the allotment of plots in Sectors 76 to 80 in Mohali.

The Punjab government will soon give them possession.

A total of 3,931 letters of intent were issued to the applicants for the allotment of plots in Sectors 76-80 . None of the applicants had been given possession due to a stay granted by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on dispossession of land owners in 102 acres falling in these sectors.

However, plots, which are technically feasible, where dispossession of land owner is also not under stay, are to be allotted and possession will be delivered shortly.

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s written reply in this regard was presented in the Vidhan Sabha today.



Another baby forsaken
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
A newborn girl was found lying abandoned near the advance paediatric centre building in the PGI this evening.

The police said the matter came to light when Kamaldeep Kohli, an staff parking employee, heard the cries of a baby from behind the bushes. The baby was wearing woollens.

He took her to the emergency ward where doctors admitted her. They said she looked to be two or three days old.

The police has registered a case. The SHO of the Sector 11 police station said they would collect the sample of the baby to get her DNA profile. 



Mobile Towers
UT departments at cross purposes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
It is a classic example of two UT departments working against each other. While one office orders the demolition of mobile towers, the other takes the requisite fee for their establishment. At the centre of this controversy are the mobile towers of various cellular companies behind Sukhna Lake.

Since the towers had come up on agricultural land in Kaimbwala village in violation of the periphery Act, the deputy commissioner, R.K. Rao, had directed the mobile companies and the company engaged in erecting the towers to remove the structures.

In May, the administration issued show-cause notices to Airtel, Hutch and BSNL. On the last date of hearing on June 22, the deputy commissioner ordered the demolition of the towers. While the district administration sent its revenue staff to the site to conduct a survey, one of the companies providing the infrastructure applied to the SDO (building) for permission to erect the towers.

In light of a previous notification issued by the finance secretary on the policy for erecting mobile towers, the officials concerned accepted Rs 1 lakh as the fee on May 30.

Unaware of the ground reality, the administration ordered the demolition. Now, the officials are in a fix. Residents of Kaimbwala village said for the past few days officials of the administration were conducting survey to carry out the demolition drive.

As per the existing UT policy, mobile towers can only be installed on non-residential buildings. In a communiqué to the estate office, the finance secretary had stated that conditional NoC be issued for the specific purpose of installation of cellular towers on non-residential buildings.

The conditional NoC would be subject to structural safety of the building. However, in this case, the towers had come up in violation of the periphery Act. 



AC Snag
Shatabdi passengers sweat it out
Stale food, lukewarm water & cockroaches add to woes; Rlys refunds money
Arun Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
Several passengers of Shatabdi Express had a tough time today when the air-conditioning system in two coaches stopped working as soon as the train left for New Delhi from Chandigarh in the morning. To add to their woes passengers allegedly were served stale food and non-refrigerated water bottles.

High humidity levels only compounded inconvenience levels as coaches became suffocating without the air conditioning. Harried passengers voiced their protest and relented only after the Railway authorities agreed to charge the fare only for the second-class chair car.

The condition of few passengers, including a child and a senior citizen deteriorated, as they had to sit in suffocating coaches for hours after the train left for New Delhi from Chandigarh at 6.50 in the morning. “The child vomited in the train twice and the old passenger suffering from heart disease start feeling uneasy”, said Anju Goel, a resident of Delhi, who was returning after visiting her parents at Chandigarh.

The air-conditioning system of C-3 and C-8 coaches broke down a few minutes after the train left Chandigarh station and the passengers started feeling suffocated, said Anju. The coach attendant Muneesh Uppal called the technicians, who tried to rectify the fault unsuccessfully, said Anju.

As if this was not enough, the passengers were served stale food and most probably the child started vomiting because he had consumed the snacks served in the train, alleged Anju. The passengers also had to ‘deal’ with cockroaches in the train as these started moving all over in humid conditions in the two coaches, said Lalit Mehta, another passenger, businessman from Mumbai, who boarded the train from Ambala Cantt.

“Though the Railways charge Rs 435 as fare from Chandigarh to New Delhi for the luxuries in this train, the passengers were not even served refrigerated water as they sweated it out in the coaches with faulty air conditioners”, lamented Mehta.

“The passengers, who prefer to travel by this train to save time remained stuck at New Delhi Railway Station for more than one hour only to get their refunds”, Mehta added.

However, the Railway authorities at New Delhi said they had got information that some of the passengers had started feeling uneasy but none of the passenger reported any such thing to them at New Delhi. These passengers may have got down on the way, said an official at Delhi.

However, 21 passengers approached the authorities to get refund of their fare and the Railways had made the payments of Rs 3,825 after deducting the fare for a second class chair car, informed the Railway officials.



Zirakpur-Ambala Stretch
Flooding poses threat to shopkeepers
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, June 27
Alleged careless digging for the laying of the drainage system along the Zirakpur-Ambala highway as part of the four-laning project is posing a serious threat to a section of the shops.

The reported damage in the wake of the alleged diversion of rainwater yesterday saw the shopkeepers up in arms against the authorities, today. "The authorities were deliberately trying to divert the rainwater towards our shops, putting the commercial buildings on the Zirakpur-Ambala road in danger," alleged Baldev Goel, one of the affected shopkeepers.

A visit to the site revealed that rainwater had accumulated in the dug-up area at the level of the foundation stone. If preventive measures are not taken, the buildings might collapse, the shopkeepers alleged.

Even though officials executing the project were informed about the situation, no one cared to visit the site, Goel complained.

The shopkeepers are worried that the shops and showrooms could give way during the monsoon, which is round the corner. "If the shops collapsed due to the apathetic attitude of the authorities, a major tragedy will take place," general secretary of the Market Welfare Association, Pradeep Kumar, alleged.

In fact, shopkeepers contended that the monsoon was the wrong time to lay the drainage system as the accumulated water posed problems for the shopkeepers.

It is not for the first time that the laying of the drainage system has stirred a hornet's nest. Earlier, owners of godowns, marriage palaces and resort owners were up in arms against the alleged blockage of entries by the laying of the drainage system.

At the root of the problem is the width of the road. While the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) wanted the road to be 45-metres wide, the Punjab Government and shopkeepers wanted it to be only 40 metres.



Residents rue lack of amenities
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, June 27
The construction of a flyover, being built as part of the four-laning project of the Zirakpur-Ambala stretch of national highway 22, is putting the residents of Preet Colony through a lot of inconvenience.

With construction in full swing, residents and visitors to the colony find it difficult to venture in and out of the colony.

Haphazard parking of vehicles on the Chandigarh-Ambala road right at the entrance of the colony has only compounded the problems of the residents.

In fact, accessibility is not the only problem the residents face. Most of the civic amenities are in a bad shape too.

A substantial part of the colony does not have the underground sewerage system. And the recarpeting of the roads also needs much to be desired, Baldev Goel, a builder, who has an office here, alleges.

Like in other parts of the township, power supply is also erratic in the colony.

The unfunctional streetlights also make the area prone to accidents, residents complain.

Official sources said the provision of civic amenities was being undertaken in a phased manner in the colony.

For instance, the provision of sewerage in a part of the colony is currently under way, the sources add.



Confusion over MC recruitment rules
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
The municipal corporation is all set to implement new recruitment rules for various posts of fire and emergency services.

The rules, which have already been brought in front of the MCC house once, are yet to be cleared.

The issue, which came up for discussion in April this year, was deferred and passed on to a committee to examine and finalise the draft recruitment rules in consultation with employees of the fire and the emergency services department.

However, while the house is expected to contemplate new rules, confusion still prevails over which rules the MC is currently following. The matter is sub judice.

The confusion is whether the rules being followed are the fire brigade recruitment rules - 1962, which were implemented in the undivided Punjab, or the new rules that were framed by Punjab after separation.

Questions are thus now being raised that in the light of this fact, how can the house clear new rules, and how can they be framed in the first place.

“How can new rules be framed when we don’t know which rules are being currently implemented,” questions an employee of the department.

“There has to be some benchmark that needs to be followed before framing new rules,” he adds.

“There is no doubt that mistakes have been made by officials of the corporation in the past. There are two aspects to the problem now. We have to ensure that individuals aggrieved by the system are addressed and also the system is set in order,” states Arshad Khan, a member of the special committee formed by the mayor to look into framing of new rules.



MC digging work hits PNB services
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
Digging work by an MC contractor to lay checkered tiles in Sector 17-B severely damaged the lease line of the zonal office of Punjab National Bank (PNB) here today.

As a result, the financial transaction of the bank with its 300 branches in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir was badly affected. The lease line of the bank was restored after about an hour of being damaged. However, the link with the branches in Jind, Sirsa and Narnaul could only be restored by afternoon.

Surinder Malhotra, senior manager (IT), PNB, told Chandigarh Tribune that soon after the contractor started digging work in front of the bank at about 9.30 am, the link provided by the BSNL was snapped. An electricity cable from a diesel generator set was also damaged in the digging.

Bank officials lamented that new tiles had been laid in front of the bank about a year ago. “It is sheer wastage of public money by laying tiles again,” said another senior bank official.

The digging work was withdrawn after the bank officials took up the matter with MC officials. The digging machinery and the labour was immediately withdrawn.

However, the MC contractor did not bother to barricade the dug up portion of the footpath. In case of rain, this portion of the footpath will be full of water. As per law, the dug up portion should be barricaded to avoid anyone from falling in it. 



Retired officers hold annual day
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
Retired but not tired, this was the key message delivered at a function to mark the 13th annual day of the Association of Retired Officers of Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Chandigarh, here on Monday.

Addressing delegates, chief guest R.P.Singh, principal accountant-general (audit), Punjab, complimented association members for not only giving their best years to the office of the accountant-general but despite being retired still adding to the credibility of the office by reaching out to their fellow members, taking up common issues with the authorities and holding hands of each other in the hour of need.

R.C. Hastier, president of the association, said the association came into being to keep alive the feeling of amity, fraternity and brotherhood, solving common problems and promoting common interests. There has been an over 10 per cent increase in the membership during the past one year.

He reiterated the commitment of the organisation to take care of the genuine and common demands of the members.

Updating the members on various activities being carried out during the year, Y.P. Dish, general secretary, shared the “milestones achieved” during the year, which included the recommendation for empanelling of multi-speciality hospitals and cashless treatment at the PGI.

Raj Pal Sharma, secretary-general, coordination committee of the Central Government Pensioners Associations, said the association was “actually a tribute to those who spent on an average 35 years of service and were an institution in themselves”.



Habitual complainant, say cops
Man accuses police of harassment
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
A Sector-53 resident has alleged harassment at the hands of the local police by refusing to register a case of kidnapping of his “minor” daughter under the influence of a senior police officer.

He has alleged that the police has been trying to implicate him in false cases.

Amin Prashad of Nehru Colony, Sector 52, lodged a complaint with the UT senior superintendent of police on June 19 alleging that fair investigation had not been carried out against Ranjit Yadav of Dhanas, who was well connected to a senior police officer. He alleged that his daughter was kidnapped by Ranjit Yadav in March.

He further alleged that on June 4, sub-inspector Mohan Singh of the police station, Sector 36, called him to the police station and booked him for breach of peace.

He added that the police had taken Rs 28,000 from a woman, Sunita, as her husband was in police custody.

Denying the allegation, SHO of police station, Sector 36, inspector Ishwar Singh Mann said inquiries were conducted into the allegations levelled by Amin Prashad and it was found out that the allegations were baseless.

He added that Amin was notorious for lodging false complaints to cover up his misdeeds.

On kidnapping of his daughter, the SHO said the girl married Ranjit with her brother’s consent in March.

She in her statement recorded before the SDM stated that she was major and the marriage was solemnised with her consent.

She further stated that her father wanted to “sell her off” as he had started living with another woman (Sunita) after the death of her mother.

The SHO said he had even lodged complaint against Sunita and her husband saying that they had taken illegal possession of his house.

Earlier, he told the police that Sunita was her guest and was staying with her. He was booked under preventive measures when his son had an altercation with him as he was intervening in the married life of his daughter, who he alleged 



MC House
Balongi, Ballomajra to stay out of limits
Our Correspondent

Mohali, June 27
Heated arguments were witnessed between councillors and Kharar MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu over poor sanitation in the town at the monthly MC meeting here today even as the house took a serious note of the move of the SDM to reject pension cases attested by councillors.

  • Development works worth Rs 2.5 cr okayed
  • Proposal for more firemen cleared
  • Poor sanitation draws flak

Mohanbir Singh complained that sanitary inspectors and supervisors never visited his ward when he wanted to show them the poor sanitation in the area despite repeated requests. He said councillors were answerable to residents but were helpless if civic body employees did not listen to them.

Rajinder Sharma said “safai pandarwara” was started to improve sanitation. Even that turned out to be a damp squib as no work was done to remove congress grass and debris from various parts of the town. It was then decided to give five workers to each councillor for two months for improving sanitation. These workers were under the direct control of councillors. Sanitation contractors would also be asked to provide satisfactory services.

The council had cleared 194 cases relating to pensions during a meeting held in March and these were sent to the SDM for approval. The SDM sent back the cases on the ground that these were not recommended by the executive officer of the civic body.

Kuljit Singh Bedi said the move of the SDM amounted to showing disrespect to the elected members of the civic body. He said the government had authorised MLAs and councillors to attest such cases which could then be sent to the SDM by the executive office or the secretary of the civic body for approval.

The MLA said he would be writing to the Chief Minister and the chief secretary in this regard.

The house unanimously rejected the proposal to include Balongi and Ballomajra villages within the municipal limits. The councillors said the villages would become a liability as it would not be able to earn income from these villages.

Heated arguments were exchanged between Sidhu and B.B. Maini over the approval of the proceedings of the last meeting held on May 23. While Maini wanted to make a point, he was not allowed to speak for sometime.

The MLA said he had won by a margin of 2.47 lakh votes and would not tolerate any misbehaviour. He claimed that he did not indulge in any discrimination.

The house also kept the proposal relating to the allotment of a house in the municipal complex to a clerk in the office of the principal secretary, local government, Punjab, pending. Rajinder Sharma demanded that other houses occupied by government officials in the complex should be got vacated.

A proposal relating to the purchase of equipment for the fire brigade worth Rs 3.68 lakh was cleared. Another proposal to recruit more staff for the fire brigade was also cleared.

Estimates for development works totalling about Rs 2.50 crore were also approved. 



Powermen stage dharna
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
Electricity employees, on a call given by the UT Powermen Union, Chandigarh, staged a dharna near the electricity office in Sector 17 here today in support of their demands.

In the absence of any response from the authorities concerned, the disgruntled employees decided to hold a procession to the UT secretariat, following which the police swung into action, tried to pacify the protesters and made arrangements for a meeting with the officials.

In the end, UT chief engineer V.K. Bhardwaj came to the rally venue and accepted a memorandum from the protesting employees.

Bhagmal Rana, general secretary of the union, said the administration had given a time-bound commitment to fulfil their demands, including stoppage of illegal recoveries, pay fixation, removal of anomalies, grant 9/16 years scale, offer of appointment to the next of kin of deceased employees and filling of vacant posts.

Following assurances of the authorities concerned, the union had deferred its proposed 24-hour strike on July 19 last year and boycott of special duties during Divali. However, even as eight months have elapsed, most of their demands are yet to be fulfilled.

He said the chief engineer had not held any meeting with them despite repeated requests. Despite the fact that the union ministry of finance in its report in 2001 on staff inspection unit had clearly said that there was need for 1,765 posts for smooth functioning of the department, nothing had been done in this direction so far. Besides, the administration had abolished the same through the screening committee in gross violation of the norms.

Representatives of the union called upon the employees to make the July 10 strike a grand success.



MC mulls revision of conversion charges
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
The municipal corporation at its house meeting on Thursday will consider to refix the conversion charges for floors of residential buildings used for commercial use in Mani Majra, Attawa, Badheri, Burail and Buterala on per square yard basis for the covered area.

The agenda states that since the corporation is going to spend huge amounts in upgrading the civic infrastructures in these villages to enable the owners of these buildings to exploit residential buildings for commercial purpose, the present rate of conversion charges i.e. Rs 1,000 per sq yd of covered area may be suitably enhanced. 



Yuva parliament on June 29
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
Yuva Parliament will come to Chandigarh on June 29, with the city-based NGO, We Volunteer, deciding to hold the first session.

As the name suggests, the event seeks to enable the youth to have a stronger voice, access stronger resource systems and processes, through which they can connect and engage with their surroundings.

It seeks to empower those in the age group of 13 to 28 years with the required emotional, financial and infrastructural resources and mentoring support. Yuva parliament will also debate and discuss social issues that plague Chandigarh and formulate action plan on how to resolve them.

For a start, brainstorming sessions will be held for the youth in the presence of some youth icons and representatives of non-governmental organisations. The discussion will be encouraged in five domains -- performing arts, creative arts, media, sciences and activism.

The first session will begin at 4.30 pm, Punjab Kala Bhavan, Sector 16, on June 29.



80 jhuggis removed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
The enforcement staff of the estate office today carried out a demolition drive in Industrial Area, Phase 1, here to remove encroachments at press sites here. Around 800 jhuggis were removed in the day-long drive.

Jhuggi-dwellers have already been rehabilitated at different sites in Sector 52. The sites had to be vacated on the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.




Drains blocked

In spite of proclaimed cleanliness drives in Mohali, it is regretted that in Phase 3-A, all drains are blocked. Elected MC member of the area Gurpreet Kaur has been informed, but to no avail. The first monsoon showers have already given a faint idea of what is in store for the residents of this phase. Moreover, the streets have not been swept for the past three months. I request the authorities concerned to take notice of the situation before it gets worse.

Bachhiter Singh, Mohali

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



Safe Driving Buses

Be particularly careful when passing a parked school-bus or an ice-cream van, as children may run out from behind it. Look out for people getting on/off buses and coaches.

Courtesy: Safe Driving, compiled by Cdr Swarup J Sarma



2 arrested for robbery
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
The local police claimed to have arrested two persons within hours after they allegedly robbed a man of his belongings from Sector 17 late on Tuesday night.

The police said Krishan Kumar, a Dhanas-based shopkeeper, lodged a complaint alleging that he was going on foot from the Sector 17 ISBT to his village in Dhanas when two unidentified persons, who seemed to be Nepalese, intercepted him at the parking lot near Parade Ground at around 8.30 pm. The men asked him to part with whatever he had after slapping him. Thereafter they took away his wallet containing Rs 900 and some documents.

Before leaving, they pulled out a sharp-edged weapon threatening him with dire consequences in case he reported the matter to the police.

Describing the sequence of events leading to the arrest of the accused, SHO of the Sector 17 police station Kulwant Singh Pannu said Krishan said he tried to follow the men, but he could not trace them. At the same time, sub-inspector Pargat Singh, in charge of the Sector 17 ISBT police post, reached there.

Krishan narrated the incident to him and the police swung into action. The accused were spotted roaming under suspicious circumstances near the ISBT.

During preliminary interrogation, they admitted to the crime. A case of robbery has been registered in the Sector 17 police station.

The police recovered the wallet from their possession. The officials seized a large number of intoxicants, including sleeping pills, from them.

Car stolen

B.S. Katoch of Sector 34-C reported to the police that his Santro car (CH 03 Z 5788) was stolen from his residence on June 21.


Shalini Nagi of Sector 32-A lodged a complaint with the police alleging that a water meter was stolen from her residence on the intervening night of June 24 and 25. A case of theft has been registered in this connection.

Two held

The local police arrested Pammy of Kaimbwala and Sandeep Dahiya of Sector 7 near the wine shop of Kaimbwala on Monday for causing public disturbance. A case under Section 160 of the IPC has been registered in the police station, Sector 3.

Chain snatched

Two unidentified motorcyclists snatched a gold chain of an elderly woman in Sector 33 here this evening.

The police said Manjit Kaur, wife of a retired Wing Commander, lodged a complaint alleging that two unidentified youngsters riding a black motorcycle snatched her gold chain from near her residence at around 6:45 pm. She could not note down the number of the vehicle. She said the pillion rider was wearing a yellow shirt while the other was wearing a pink shirt. A case has been registered.



CBI inspector, cop booked on rape charge
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
A CBI inspector, Subhash Kundu, and a constable posted with the UT police and on with deputation the CBI, Chandigarh, Mahinder Singh, were yesterday booked on charges of allegedly repeatedly raping a Hisar resident.No arrests have been made so far. Police sources say that the case goes back to 2004 when the rape victim and her husband were allegedly involved in a case being investigated by the police in which they were acquitted. The complainant, not satisfied with the police investigation, approached the CBI.

Sources added that the CBI appointed Kundu and Mahinder to investigate the charges. Meanwhile, the husband of the victim, fearing arrest, fled leaving his wife behind. The two investigating officers, then, approached the wife and allegedly offered to go slow with the investigation in return for sexual favours.

However, they raped her repeatedly and the victim not only reported the matter to the UT police but also moved the high court, say the sources. While the police dragged its feet, the court asked for the completion of investigations within 30 days.

They say the police had no choice but to finally register the case. The two officials were booked under Sections 363 and 366 of the IPC.



SI booked under narcotics Act
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 27
The local police today registered a case under the narcotics Act against sub-inspector Ved Parkash in connection with the recovery of smack from his 

Ved Prakash was nabbed by the CBI on June 22 while allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 15,000 from a Kajheri resident. He was booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act by the CBI.

Sources in the police said the case was registered following a report given by inspector M.K. Puri of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, CBI, against Ved Parkash in connection with the recovery of 2.50 gm of smack from his police post in Sector 61 during raids on 
June 22.

A case under Section 21 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act has been registered in this connection in the Sector 36 police station. 



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