Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rhyme Time
Sound of silence

Silence is a dead living thing

He tells me about

Heaven and the places he had been to

The forests he had visited

The water he had seen

The flying things in the clouds

He told me if I wanted to

go on a vacation

I should go to the sun,

He said he saw

every creature on the ground

He told me to wait for him.

So he can tell me about more such journeys.

Sonal Gupta, IX,
Geeta Avasiya Vidyalaya, Kurukshetra

Mother India

Itís my motherland

Wherein lies for me love

Wherein my future is written

Who is my mother

Sheís the mother of all Indians

She loves each one of them

She gives us love

She gives us care

For us Every pain she bears

But we disregard the values learnt from her

We merely laugh when we hear them

And turn our backs towards her

She gives us a lot

But we donít give a thing back

We move away from her

Never to come back

But every time her child is in pain

She helps out everyone

Whatever we do

She helps us in times of need

Friends, she is your very own


Love your poor brethren and do a good deed.

Jasmine Sekhon, VI
Sacred Heart Convent Sen. Sec. School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana