Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rhyme Time
Our pride

Sunita Williams, you are our pride,

Your achievement is as beautiful as a bride.

When you were approaching the earth,

We all were full of mirth.

Bad weather reports made us cry,

Suddenly there was Atlantis in the sky.

Now that you are back on earth at last,

Do come and visit India fast.

Our best wishes will always be with you,

In life whatever you aim to do.

Sapanpreet Kaur, IX Budha Dal Public School, Patiala

Unbearable burden

Fair round faces,

Black twinkling eyes.

Little fragile bodies,

Bright inquisitive minds.

Big heavy bags,

Big heavy books.

For tiny kids,

on tenterhooks?

Stupid formal uniforms,

on cute little frames.

Raw hounds under four walls,

Oh dear! what a shame.

Big mounting tomes,

memorised and crammed.

Young sprightly colts,

whipped and whammed!

Wisdom is vanishing,

creativity has no place.

Classics take a bow,

Guides show their face.

Great raw talent,

Nipped on its way.

Fresh tender grass,

Turned to dull brown hay.

A parrot-mule crossbred,

Set to don the scenes.

The diabolic face of extinction,

Wavering on human beings!

Tanuj Kalia, IX St Mary’s School, Sundernagar