Verdict enlivens Board
Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Board rediscovers its might after the Supreme Court judgement on Anandgarh, reports Chitleen K. Sethi
In upholding the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in the Anandgarh case, the Supreme Court has firmly established that urbanisation cannot be undertaken as a result of political caprice but should be a move that is well planned, organised and genuinely popular.

— Illustrations by Gaurav Sood
— Illustrations by Gaurav Sood

Plans on hold
Industrialists face hurdles in conversion clearances, says Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Clearing building plans for conversion has emerged as the biggest hurdle in the Chandigarh Administration’s ambitious project of conversion in the Industrial Area. Out of three-dozen odd persons, who applied for conversion, the UT has cleared only six. A number of conversion plans are pending from the past more than nine months.

Get the best from projects
SPS Dhaliwal tells builders how not to burn fingers
The real estate boom in the country is here to stay. It may have hit a high in some regions of the country and is possibly taking a breather before the upward trend continues. Merrill Lynch forecasts that the Indian realty sector will grow from $12 billion in 2005 up to $90 billion by 2015. The type of returns that this sector has given has made many an entrepreneur jump onto the bandwagon.

Indri to have 8 sectors
Development project for the block gets official nod, finds out Vishal Joshi
To give a developmental boost to Indri, one of the most backward industrial blocks of the state, the town and country planning department has chalked a comprehensive plan. Though Indri is just 22 km from Karnal yet the block located on the banks of Yamuna has failed to witness any visible development.

Radiance in the room
Devendra Malik elucidates illumination trends
Quantity quality economy, aesthetics and psychology must all be considered during light installation. The quantity of light is the simplest factor because it is objective. Lighting can be categorised into ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting is the primary source of light for any room and preferably has no recognisable source.

A problem that bugs plant lovers
Satish Narula discusses pest control
When we talk about plants, it is implied that the pests would be around. It does not matter whether you live on the ground floor or on the top of a six-floor building. Plant specific insects crop up anywhere. This shows that they are omnipresent. They are at home in every nook and corner, in the bed, and thrive even on the dead and live skin tissues.

No gift tax on property presented to grandchildren
By S.C. Vasudeva
Q. I am an NRI and own agricultural land and urban property. My sons are also NRIs and settled outside India. However, my daughter is in India and I would, therefore, like to gift the said agricultural land and the urban property to my grandchildren (i.e. daughter’s children). Can you please advise the best tax saving method or transfer the aforesaid properties to my grandchildren?