Pak caught in a vicious circle

HK. DUA’s front-page editorial, “Holding the Line of Peace” (July 17) was timely. He has again touched the sensitive issue of Indo-Pakistan talks on Kashmir. Earlier, in his article, “Waiting for Peace” (July 7), he had examined the same issue with much emphasis. It also reflects people’s concern about the peace between the two countries.

However, Dr Manmohan Singh’s offer of making the Jammu and Kashmir border irrelevant and using its land and water resources jointly by both the countries for the benefit of the people of this region does not sound very practical.

Within our own country, our provinces are fighting over the sharing of river waters for so many decades. The attrition between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over the Cauvery river waters is fresh in people’s memory. And not very far, the Sutlej Yamuna Canal Link has been the bone of contention between Punjab and Haryana from the very beginning.

Our Prime Minister should first set his own house in order rather than make idealistic and impracticable offer to a recalcitrant neighbour. Clearly, Pakistan’s rulers don’t want a permanent solution because that won’t serve their political interest. Now, India should not be averse to a third party involvement to solve this chronic problem.

L. R. SHARMA, Sundernagar (HP)



There cannot be any lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir until Pakistan gives up its obsession with Kashmir as its core issue. Pakistan’s political train runs on communal rails. That very country was created on the two-nation theory which fizzled out after Bangladesh was born out of is womb. Dictatorship is no substitute for democracy.

Proxy war goes on ever hot. Militants and separatists are ever active. India and Pakistani armies are ever alert on either side of the Line of Control which is a permanent bone of contention between the two neighbours who were brothers till Partition.

Pakistan is caught in a vicious circle. General Musharraf sowed the terror wind and is now reaping the whirlwind. America is distant, helpless and is itself caught in the terror net. China is cautious. The Taliban are fishing in the troubled waters. Yet our Prime Minister talks of peace, perhaps, to keep all concerned in good humour.

Prof HARI SINGH, Kheri Jat (Jhajjar)


A nation develops friendly relations with the other only if it is willing to do so. But Pakistan has never strongly said that it wanted to develop peaceful and friendly ties with India. It is common knowledge how Pakistan has betrayed India many a time.

Pakistan has always adopted a dual policy in regard to its ties with India. It didn’t hesitate to attack India. Yet, we talk of the “Line of Peace”. Why? Perhaps India is not contented with the lessons it got from Pakistan in the wars of 1965, 1971 and 1999 (Kargil conflict).

Since Pakistan prepares for war during the time of peace, India should tread with caution while trying to develop ties with such nations.

SAWTANTER, Pathankot


The Line of Control cannot justifiably be treated as the Line of Peace vis-à-vis the aggressor countries — Pakistan and China guilty of illegal possession of large chunks of our territory for years now. Such a week-kneed policy would, undoubtedly, jeopardise our vital national interest.

TARA CHAND, Ambota (Una)


Our government is diplomatically weak. All the decisions arrived at for promoting peace are in favour of Pakistan. To sign a treaty of peace, security and friendship with Pakistan will be counter-productive.

As cross border terrorism continues unabated in Jammu and Kashmir, we must prepare to take the opposition into the confidence and sort out all problems of the state in the interest of the country’s prevailing philosophy notwithstanding.

D. R. SHARDA, Chandigarh

IT confusion

The income-tax department has created problems for the taxpayers. There is confusion over the choice of forms. The good old Saral was indeed very saral in contrast to the present series which have virtually pushed every taxpayer to a tight corner. The last date is fast approaching and the taxpayers know not which form to use.

The powers that be should come to the taxpayers’ help and allow them to use the good old Saral forms at least for the current year.


Blatant violation

The editorial “Inlaws on the train” (July 3) suggests the lack of ethics and blatant disregard of the rules of reservation on the part of the Railways Minister’s close relatives. Our founding fathers of the Constitution always acted as servants of the people and not masters.

The conduct of the two reserved passengers who exchanged their AC First Class AC berths for AC Two-Tier berths is appreciable. By doing so, they really averted a big showdown. Otherwise, Sari Khudaee ek taraf aur zoru ka bhai ek taraf would not have been ended.

Admittedly, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav’s prestige will go up if he ensures that his relatives do not misuse his position.


Some excitement, some fun

Reports say, J.K. Rowling has used magic and related imagination to create a new world of wizards and witches. As an admirer of Harry Potter books and movies, I don’t endorse the view that children after reading these books aspire to achieve their goals through magic rather than hard work.

In today’s competitive world, children are adopting the “rote” method to get high marks. Owing to heavy workload, they don’t have enough time to relax and thus enter the world of imagination hidden inside our minds. Harry Potter books help children get away from the real world to Harry’s world for sometime. This helps them relax and their imagination grows.

Today people are against imagination, but if they sit and think about it, they will understand the importance of imagination. Where would the world have been if Thomas Alva Edison had not discovered the bulb, Wright brothers the aeroplane or Graham Bell the telephone?

I think “Imagination is the mother of all inventions”. Indeed, J.K. Rowling has provided us with hours of relaxation, excitement and fun.

KARAN THUKRAL, Chandigarh 





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