Single & happy
Purva Grover
The Gen-Now bachelorette brigade is in no hurry to tie the knot. She wants to take one step at a time
A glossy degree. A well-heeled job. An independent flat. A swanky car to drive around. Enviable vital stats of 36-26-36. A fine hand in tossing up a multi-cuisine meal. A fulfilled wishlist of holidays with girlfriends. A male fan following getting larger by the day. A tag of being good with kids in the neighbourhood.

Cut above the rest
Saurabh Malik
After fashioning a career for himself in dress designing by crafting the looks of Bollywood stars with his uniquely cut apparel, Vikram Phadnis’s designs now include the directing of a flick. The theme, plot, cast, and even the title, may still be under wraps, but one thing’s for sure — the designer-turned-director is looking for a good-looking girl to walk the ramp of popularity by acting in his film. The master craftsman, often referred to as Bollywood’s ace designer, is on the lookout. Rather, he has his starry eyes open for young talent. “I am yet to sign the cast. And, am not really particular about the city the girl belongs to. She can be from Mumbai, Delhi or even Chandigarh.

Grace unlimited
Saurabh Malik
Ladette to Lady: A city-based grooming expert is holding a workshop for the brides-to-be
Diamonds may still be a gal’s best pal, but there’s no guarantee that their glitter will leave the men bedazzled. For that, la belle dames need to drop pearls of wisdom every now and then in their day-to-day conversation.

— Photo by Parvesh Chauhan

— Photo by Parvesh Chauhan

Free for all
Saurabh Malik
Is it true that anything that comes without a price tag is worth possessing? City residents believe so
All free things in life are good, apparently. No wonder, Chandigarhians seldom miss the opportunity of grasping freebies, tightfistedly and gladly. And if you think it’s an open statement, read about the Sunday morning incident.

The Number Game
Rajiv Bhatia
A Ludhiana man may have purchased a mobile number for Rs 15 lakh, but city residents are not far behind
Not long ago, mobile sets were a reflection of your opulent lifestyle. If you had an expensive one, you were known to be smart among your pals. But with luxurious and high-tech sets practically coming a dime a dozen, premium mobile numbers are the new status symbols and have made it to the most sought-after list.

— Illustration by Gaurav Sood
— Illustration by Gaurav Sood

Matka chowk
Flicks in local flavour
Sreedhara Bhasin
I always thought it was odd that for watching a movie in Chandigarh, one has to go to a multiplex in Haryana. That seemed to be the norm and the reason for that was discernible when one tried to find the independent movie theatres here. I was raised in a metro where ‘cinema halls’ dominated people’s entertainment. 

Write to Renee
at or C/o Lifestyle, The Tribune, Sector 29-C, Chandigarh
I am a 29-year-old girl from a small town and married to this guy from a big city. Since we got married, my husband has labeled me as a small-town girl and makes fun of me in front of all his friends, particularly his girl friends. He wants me to dress a certain way and smoke and drink with them.

First Day First Show
It’s a game of brawn vs brain
Rajiv Kaplish
Hollywood hunk Bruce Willis is back with a bang. Aeons after cleansing the mean streets of New York of all that is bad and evil, the American dream factory’s fastest fighting machine stages a spectacular comeback amidst blazing action in Die Hard 4.0. The daredevil cop, John Mclaine (Bruce Willis) has the onerous task of bringing to justice a computer geek, Thomas Gabriel (Olyphant), who is hell-bent on unleashing a ‘virtual attack’ on the country by hacking the entire system. Trains can’t run, planes can’t fly.

Little Interview
Bhojpuri Badshah
He shot to popularity as the highest-paid participant in Bigg Boss. And soon the Amitabh Bachahan of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishan became a household name with his charming personality and different vocabulary.

Forging Friendship
Kaafila becomes the first film in the history of Indian cinema to get a simultaneous Indo-Pak release. With a High Court ruling in Pakistan enabling full clearance for the film, more than 20 trailers are on air in the theatres in Pakistan.

Puppy love
It seems that Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel’s mutual love for dogs is making them quite compatible. The actresses are set to star together in the big screen adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play—A Woman Of No Importance’— alongside Sean Bean.