Ways to bring down the divorce rate

The increasing divorce rate compels society to ponder over the problem as break-up of matrimonial home adversely affects society at large (News-item, “Divorce rate in spate”, July 17).

Divorce was unknown to the Hindu Law before 1955. What are the causes which have fuelled the desire to separate and to snap the relations which had hitherto been considered as “made in heaven”? There are many. And foremost, in my opinion, is the economic independence of the women folk. The editorial, “Couples in combat” (July 18), also pointedly referred to it.

Boon has become bane. The recent development whereby housewives have become career women has given them real economic independence. We cannot deny that our society is male-oriented. Male ego has always been there. When it gets hurt, it is manifested in various forms and the sadistic one is to inflict cruelty, physical and/or mental.

Earlier, when woman was not economically independent, she was tolerant or had no option except to be tolerant. The situation has now changed. Men are not adjusting to this changed situation.


The solution lies in the fact that men must see the reality. We cannot expect women to serve, to earn, some times more than the husband, and be treated like chattel. Male ego has to be shed. Once our old attitude changes, freshness will cement the relationship and the divorce rate will climb down.

B. S. BHATIA, Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh


No doubt, women have become more conscious about their rights and status but at the same time they are forgetting their duties on how to maintain the married relations and live in the family. A thorough study of divorce cases reveals that the main reasons are misunderstanding, extra-martial relations, property and financial dispute and, of course, dowry. The educated, in such circumstances, move to the court for rehabilitation, compensation, divorce or any other relief whereas the other class put their cases before the family panchayats.

However, with the opening of women counselling cells by the Police Department under the Community Policing Resource Centre, which is doing a great job in rehabilitation, the disputed cases are being settled through counselling by the panel of local social workers. These centres are definitely popular, but still require some time to live up to the expectations of the masses by creating a confidence amongst the couples thinking of separation. The law has to take its course and this is the best quick relief who think that compromise is better than any other action.

The couples who have already taken divorce or thinking of it should read the book Mental equipment for married life by P. V. Kanal of Dev Samaj. Of course, moral education at the school level will also help.

HARISH K. MONGA,Ferozepur City


Marital incompatibility, infidelity, cruelty towards women due to dowry, ego clashes, medically unfit and incapable husbands, breaking up of the joint family system, modern lifestyle apart from professional tensions and increasing frustration level in society and women gaining financial security and independence are the main reasons for the increasing divorce rate.

Ethics, traditional values, patience, tolerance and compromise hold the key to come out of this rapidly deteriorating social trend as the aspiration of a dream spouse vanishes just after facing the hard realities of life. No one is perfect as we all have merits and demerits in us. Divorce is never a solution until the relations get too strained to be reconciled as the children will ultimately be the worst sufferers. Hence, every effort should be made to avoid a divorce through compromise and reconciliation in the larger interest of the children..



The increasing rate of divorce in different states in alarming. The evil has not spared any section of society. Both men and women are equally responsible for this. Economic insecurity, addiction to drugs and liquor and unemployment are major reasons for this disturbing trend. Also, lack of adjustment, egoism, and no child-bearing capacity separate women from men. Women earning either and equal to or some times more than men find it difficult to remain under stress, pressure and inconvenience of any type.

However, society looks down upon men and women affected with the virus of divorce. NRIs too are disturbing the lives of women. Innocent parents, unaware of the boys’ actual position, make their daughters fall in the chain of marriage. This problem is acute especially in Punjab. Mutual understanding among couples must prevail to check divorce. Also, illiteracy must be rooted out. Public awareness campaigns can help unite men and women.

SOURABH BAMBA, Ferozepur City


Land acquisition for SEZs

The spate of land acquisition across the country, either for gigantic special economic zones (SEZs) or for other infrastructure projects is beginning to acquire political overtones. The farmers’ resentment against huge land acquisition could develop into a big political problem in the coming years.

This would happen simply because big money pumped into SEZs, which are largely real estate plays, will raise land prices in the initial years. The farmers from the adjoining areas who give up land at government price will then start calculating their losses.

The Indian traditional business classes which have now become corporate owners (new zamindars) have not shown any change in their attitude towards the general public. Corporates interested in developing SEZs should approach farmers and negotiate with them for land purchase. This will avoid all controversies.

S. P. GUPTA, Kurukshetra



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