Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rhyme Time
Call of the earth

You have left me ailing and crying.

All my natural resources are dying.

You are threatening nature,

Mind you, this will ruin your future.

All around there are trees you have lopped,

This cruel practice needs to be stopped.

Vegetation is ruined, thanks to pollution,

To check this, find some solution.

You are slaughtering animals for taste and trade,

This reckless poaching will derail your fate.

Are your really human?

These acts of cruelty prove you ‘inhuman’.

If you continue harming me, there’ll come a day,

When you will realise the error of your ways.

Of your follies, will repent you all,

Wake up! Your mother Earth gives you a call.

Surbhi Sethi, IX-D, D.N. Model Senior Secondary School, Moga

Endless greed

All that you want is money

You don’t care for bees or honey.

Night was dark, 12 at sharp

With axe in hand, you cleared the land,

You left behind homeless animals,

To die or cry you don’t care,

All you want is more and more money

Atime will come

When you will cry

On judgement day,

you will be ashamed,

for them, by all,

you will be blamed

Ankush Chauhan, IX-A, Dayanand Public School, Shimla