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Spirit of driving
Jaspal Bhatti

Nissan Motors have revealed that they are going to fit high sensitivity alcohol odour sensors in their cars which will prevent drunkards from starting their cars. It’s bad news for alcohol lovers, but probably good for road safety.

I think cars could also be designed to insult a drunkard driver like most wives do, "Aa gaye ho sharab pe ke! Jao nahin start hoti mein." A more sophisticated car can blow an automatic horn shouting ‘Drunkard! Drunkard! Drunkard! The drunkard would prefer to leave his car park in front of the tavern and walk all the way home.

I’m positive that some drunkards will soon come up with indigenous methods to befool their cars. Some would chew ‘paans’ and others may have ‘saunf’ before sitting behind the wheels so that their cars don’t get the idea that they are inebriated. An alcoholic scientist may invent some anti jamming system like ‘if you put a quarter of a bottle of whisky or rum in the fuel tank, the car would itself go tipsy and will then always welcome a tipsy driver". Some people would prefer old model cars for late night parties, "Yaar, my car ticks me off. I have borrowed my father’s car for the party."

A man after having five to six drinks suddenly turned pale at the thought of going home. "I will again be insulted! So much fuss is going to be created! I will be surely kicked out!" The other person asked, "Is your wife so strict?" "No, my wife is very cooperative, but my car is horrible. It is fitted with the latest anti-alcoholic sensors", he said remorsefully.