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Towards Peaceful Poll
Student bodies pledge non-violence
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
A history of sorts was made today on Panjab University campus when all the student organisations took an oath not to resort to any violent activities for achieving the political goals.

All student organisations of the varsity also demanded recognition of student organisations, election reforms and more facilities to reduce the use of money and muscle power in student’s union elections.

These decisions were taken at a meeting of all leading students’ organisations called by the Indian National Students’ Organisation (INSO) at PU Students’ Centre, here today.

The Panjab University Students’ Union (PUSU), the Students’ Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU), SOI, NSUI and INSO participated in the meeting. PUSU was led by its president Abhishek Puri, SOPU by its president Harpreet Singh Multani, SOI by its president Sarvdeep Singh, NSUI by its state unit president Nitin Goel, and INSO by its state president Vikas Rathee and campus president Deepak Hooda.

All parties agreed for the abolition of the pass entry system in the administrative block and demanded that this entry must be based on student’s identity cards.

The student leaders also raised their voice against police interference on the campus. Students’ organisations have severely opposed any move to install police post on the campus.

All the students’ bodies agreed that violence had no place in student politics and that the directionless policies of PU administration had led to violence.

The student leaders appreciated the move initiated by INSO. The organisations also asked the university to extend recognition to them. They also demanded to install notice boards for all the recognised organisations in all the teaching blocks and hostels of all educational institutions, where they could put up their policies, programmes and publicity material.

The bodies also agreed that the names of organisations should be mentioned on the ballot paper and their names should come first on the ballot paper to minimise confusion. They also demanded no university official should interfere in the decision-making powers of the students’ council.



7 schools get resumption notices
The schools, say officials, have not admitted the stipulated number of students from economically weaker sections, violating the terms of allotment of land
Chitleen K. Sethi
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 19
The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) here has issued resumption notices to seven schools for alleged violation of allotment terms. These schools, according to officials, have not admitted the stipulated number of students from economically weaker sections. They are required to waive the tuition fee of these students.

GMADA chief Krishan Kumar said the authority had allotted sites for schools to managements at subsidised land cost on the condition that 10 per cent of the total number of students enrolled would be from below poverty line (BPL) families. However many educational societies, some of which had been running since 2001, had not met this condition.

As many as 15 school societies were issued show-cause notices in April this year for violating these conditions. The school managements were asked to reply within 10 days. “More than half the school managements replied to the notice giving reasons why they had been not followed the rules. Some schools did not bother to do so. These have now been issued notices to explain why their sites should not be resumed for violating allotment conditions,” said Sukhjitpal Singh, estate officer.

The authority has began an awareness drive on the issue since “in many cases the school managements said they could not follow the allotment rules as no student from poor sections had approached them for admission.”

For almost five years, the managements of these 15 schools made little effort to admit students on their own. Equally to be blamed is the authority, which failed to monitor the implementation of the allotment conditions.

Now on, school managements will submit compliance reports on a regular basis and th GMADA teams will carry out checks in these schools.

The schools managements, which have been issued resumption notices, are: Aanchal Education Society, Phase VI, Genius Educational Society, Sector 69, Jahangir Singh Memorial Educational Society, Phase VII, Shree Hemkunt Educational Society, Sector 71, Global Education Society, Shishu Niketan School and Green Field Education Society.



UHBVN in spot over spot billing
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 19
On-the-spot billing by Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN), launched as a pilot project, has run into trouble.While complaints of inflated bills and wrong readings have flooded offices of electricity complaint centres, department officials say the non-cooperative attitude of the public is a major impediment in the implementation if this scheme.

Under the scheme, the meter-reader prepares the bill based on the number of units consumed and hands it over to the consumer for on-the-spot payment through cheque. Introduced in a phased manner in the city since January this year, the scheme began facing problems from the onset. “Initially, we got a good response but as the area under the scheme increased, problems began to arise.The staff from Minor Irrigation Tubewell Corporation (MITC), deputed for taking down readings were ill-trained for the purpose, resulting in wrong readings,” an official said.

Non-availability of hand-held equipment to record the readings posed another problem. “Earlier, we had not asked for these machines because we thought that the staff would be able to handle the readings. However, we are now forced to reconsider our decision,” the official added.

Much to the annoyance of the public, the bi-monthly bills at most places are nowissued after three months. “We are short of hands. In a city like Panchkula, everybody is a VIP and it takes at least 20 minutes in every house to take a meter-reading.

This way, the staff covers less houses than the target and bills get delayed.

If outsourcing is given the nod, the department may consider issuing monthly bills.



In Basta
A murder angle remains unprobed
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
After five years and examination of more than 80 suspects and witnesses, the murder mystery of Ramesh Chawla, a commission agent of the Sector 26 grain market, remains unsolved.

The police has failed to ascertain the motive behind the murder and trace the killers. Chawla was running a chit-fund business, which was doing well at one point of time. However, in 2002, some of his associates left him in the lurch. Sources said the police had not conducted an in-depth probe into this angle.

On June 17, 2002, Chawla’s bludgeoned body, was found in the jungle area adjacent to Panjab University. There were scratch marks on his hands. As there was no sign of struggle at the spot, the police believed that the murder was committed somewhere else.

Chawla left for his shop in the grain market at 3 am in his Santro car (HR-43-D-0016) on June 16 but did not reach there. After waiting for a couple of hours, his servant rang up at his home, inquiring about him. The victim’s elder brother, Charanjit of Sector 16, Panchkula, lodged a ‘missing person’ report with the police.

Smelling something fishy, the police registered a case of kidnapping. Ramesh’s blood-splattered car was found abandoned at Hoshiarpur on June 18.

Admitting failure, the police sent the case as ‘untraced’ to a local court on October 16, 2005. The victim’s family has, however, requested the court not to close the case and instruct the police to continue its investigation.

The case file claims the police used all possible means, including chemical examination of victim’s viscera, to crack the case. The post-mortem report baffled the investigating officials as it revealed the presence of 300 gm of potatoes and lumps of bread in the stomach of Chawla, as he was a diabetic and did not take potatoes.



Software flaw costs IAF Rs 8 cr
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Flaws in check codes of the IAF’s information technology systems handling accounts have resulted in overpayment of allowances totalling over Rs 8 crore to airmen.

Audit examination of IT systems at the Air Force Central Accounts Office (AFCAO) has revealed that due to insufficient and inadequate validation checks in the Airmen Pay Application System, an amount of Rs 8.20 crore was overpaid on account of airworthiness allowance over the past five years.

In February, 2000, the government granted Airworthiness Certificate Allowance (AWA) at specified rates to specified categories of aircraft technicians who had passed requisite qualifying examinations and were authorised for assuming independent charge of applicable operating machinery. The conditions made it obligatory that the specified technicians should be borne on the strength of the flying squadrons for the purpose of the allowance.

Audit scrutiny revealed that in the pay application system, the AWA was being granted to aircraft technicians belonging to nine trades in violation of the stipulated conditions. This resulted in the AWA being disbursed in units such as equipment depot, base repair depots, service selection boards, command headquarters and non-flying training establishments.

The AFCAO maintained that they were crediting the AWA on the basis of personal occurrence reports received from units. The AFCAO further stated that their office could not cease payment of the AWA since the payment of this allowance was authorised to airmen even when they were held on the strength of non-flying establishments.

Audit authorities did not find the stance of the AFCAO tenable on the grounds that Air Headquarters had clearly informed the AFCAO as far back in April, 2003, that the AWA was not authorised for those technicians who were not on the posted strength of flying units.

“The existing system has deficiencies in design and inadequate input controls, which need to be immediately addressed,” the comptroller and auditor general (CAG) has remarked in its latest report.



Sinking back lanes worry Sec 22 residents
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Buildings in Sector 22, one of the oldest inhabited areas in the city, are sinking due to number of reasons. A majority of complaints link the sinking of earth to leakage in the water supply lines and some pertain to digging work carried out by telecom companies.

Much to the dismay of the residents, the poor maintenance of essential services in different pockets of the sector has become a constant irritant. Rear boundary walls of several houses have developed cracks as the back-lane area is caving in at several places and the rain water entering the cracks has made the matter worse.

The residents are filling up the cracks with debris as a stop-gap arrangement. But that, too, is not of much help. D.K Khullar, a resident of house number 1868, said “last year water leakage was found in the back lane of their house. After much effort, the municipal corporation officials plugged the leak but the caving in of earth has continued”. Problem has been witnessed in the back lanes of house numbers 1868 to 1872 also.

“We have found that though the line was repaired, the cavity created by the leakage has not been repaired and rain water still flows in to the cavity”, he said adding that the rear boundary wall of a neighbouring house had collapsed due to this. The residents have been making rounds of different offices of the municipal corporation to get their problems solved but without any success.

Pardeep Chhabra, the area councillor, said it was a serious problem and he was taking up the matter with the higher authorities. In order to tackle the problem, the back lanes in some of the pockets were concretised. But even a portion of concrete at the rear of house number 1415 has sunk. The rear boundary wall of the adjoining house too is on the verge of collapse.

The councillor admitted that he has been receiving complaints of earth caving in around the houses.

V.P Gupta, a resident of house number 1172, said the problem had worsened after digging work was carried out by a telecom company. The rear side of the entire row of houses from numbers 1154 to 1180 has been affected. The MC has dumped debris in the cavities but it has not helped much.

The corporation should properly fill up the cavities left due to the digging work, said V.P Gupta.



Car hits ‘blind’ divider
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
It seems that the authorities concerned are waiting for a major tragedy to happen to finally install glow signs on a newly constructed median on the road in front of Sector 31-C market.

A car driver had a narrow escape when his car hit the divider and dragged for about 15 meters before coming to a halt.

Ramanjit Singh, a Sector 32 resident, who was probably driving his car at high speed, hit the divider while reportedly trying to save a child riding a cycle. His car was damaged in the mishap.

He told the police that he could not see the divider as there were no glow signs on it and the streetlighting was also very poor.

Sonu, a shopkeeper from the area, told TNS that such accidents were not uncommon on this stretch of the road ever since the construction of the median.

He said, “The median has been repaired many times as two-three accidents occur here on an average every week.

Luckily no loss of life has been reported, but the vehicles have been damaged extensively in some of the accidents”.



Man asked to pay rent for house he never occupied
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
The Chandigarh Administration is seeking house rent for a period of 12 years from a former employee who never even lived in the house. The man is already waging "a war" against his illegal termination and non payment of dues by the administration.

The case of Dharam Pal Verma, whose services were terminated in 1996, is peculiar because as per an official notification he could not have retained the possession of the house for more than four months after the termination of his services.

Verma is already fighting a case against his "termination and wrong calculation of emoluments".

Highlighting official apathy , the case is also a classic example of careless handling in settling his salary account of Verma for more than a decade. The proceedings in this case are moving at snail's pace as Verma has been shuttling between different offices, including those of the home secretary and adviser.

Verma was allotted a house in Sector 46 in July 1994 and as per records the date of occupation was August 6, 1994. He, however, never moved into the house and meanwhile, was terminated from service in February 1996. After the termination of his services he surrendered the house to the work inspector concerned and handed over the keys and even an entry was made in the relevant register. The record, however, cannot be verified due to the unavailability of the said register. But Verma has been getting letters from the department asking him to pay the rent due in his name. To complicate the matter further, the amount asked for varies in each letter. The amount which read Rs 1,73,969 in July, 2007 was ‘amended’ to Rs 60,572 in August, 2007.

Dharam Pal Verma, an employee with the malaria wing, was placed under suspension by the director, Health Services, on August 24,1994. He was transferred to the municipal corporation while under suspension. The MC commissioner, however, terminated his services "without any notice" on February 2, 1996 .

However, in May, 2004, former Home Secretary, R.S Gujral, ordered that the termination of Verma was illegal and set aside the order passed by MC commissioner. Verma had been suspended for alleged absence from duty for nine days in 1991. This charge has not been proved so far.

Verma contends that even in case, his services were terminated from October, 2004 onwards, his dues from 1994 onwards had to be cleared.

He has also pointed out that the authorities owe him arrears of salary and benefits to the tune of Rs 15 lakh for the period of his suspension from August 24, 1994 to May, 2004. Besides a payment of Rs 2 lakh, the administration earlier this year had ordered release of another Rs approximately 69,000.



Beaten up for leaving Cong
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 19
Former vice-president of the Youth Congress (district unit) Joginder Singh, who joined the BJP at a function yesterday, was allegedly beaten up by activists of the Youth Congress late last night.

In a complaint to the police, Joginder Singh said a few office-bearers saw a news item pertaining to his joining the BJP on the local cable. “I had some money due from one of the office-bearers and asked him to return it. I got a call from him abusing me for joining the BJP. He called me at a motel in the Industrial Area, maintaining that he would give me my money,” Joginder said.

However, on reaching there, he was surrounded by five activists and beaten up for leaving the Congress even as the office-bearer threatened him and told him that he would not get his money back.

“I fled from there but they caught up with me again in Sector 15 and beat me up publicly. I went to report the matter at the Sector 19 police post. The personnel directed me to go to Sector 15 and give my complaint. Even though I have named the accused in the complaint, 24 hours later, the police has not registered an FIR,” he said.

Senior leader of the BJP Gian Chand Gupta said he spoke to top police officials in the district who said that since there were no fractures, they were in no position to book the accused and slap any section against them.

“This only means that anybody can slap you and go scot free. The response is shocking,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP activists said in case the police apathy to the complainant continued, they would be forced to hold a token protest in the district.



Jain elected press club chief
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 19
Shashi Pal Jain and Darshan Singh were elected president and general secretary of the Mohali District Press Club, respectively, here yesterday. Other elected office-bearers were Krishan Pal Sharma, senior vice-president, Rekha Punia and Davinder Chauhan, vice-presidents, D.R. Singla and Sham Singh Sandhu, secretaries, Rajinder Sevak, cashier, and B.S. Marwaha, PRO. While Kewal Singh Rana was nominated as the chairman of the club, Mehar Singh as adviser and Darshan Singh Dhaliwal was nominated as legal adviser.

Besides, Kuldeep Singh, Gurmukh Singh Mann, Harish Bathla, Dilbar Khairpur, Jasbir Benipal, Avtar Singh, Karam Singh, and Rajbir Singh were elected executive members of the club. 



Rotary helps save child’s life
Fortis foots neurosurgery bill
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 19
Three-year-old Laksh has undergone successful open heart surgery as well as neurosurgery at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Laksh was diagnosed with a hole in heart when he was just two months old. A son of poor parents living in Ferozepur, Laksh underwent heart surgery free of cost under the Rotary project while the neurosurgery expenses were borne by the hospital.

Dr. T.S. Mahant, executive director, cardiac surgery, Fortis Hospital, conducted the open heart surgery. However, abnormal behaviour of Laksh after the open heart surgery led to the discovery of a blood clot and cerebral edema. Laksh was operated upon by Dr V.K. Jain, director, neurosurgery, of the hospital. As the Rotary project provides funds only for heart surgeries, the Fortis management decided to bear the cost of the entire neurosurgery procedure as part of its social commitment.

The parents of Laksh are overjoyed at the turn of events. The eyes of Sunita Monga, mother of Laksh, narrates how their son got treated by eminent doctors in a world class hospital, thanks to the Rotary Club of Chandigarh and Fortis Hospital. “I have never been so happy in the last two and a half years. I had given up all hopes of my son eating, walking and talking like other three-year-olds,” she said

Laksh’s journey through clinics and doctors began when he developed chest infection and fever as a two-month-old baby. The local doctors at Ferozepur advised some tests and medication. While Laksh was provided medicines, tests were put off for want of money. The problem recurred when Laksh was five months old and the Mongas got the tests done. It was revealed the baby needed an expensive surgery beyond their financial means. They ran from pillar to post, knocking at the doors of many charitable hospitals, only to be told to wait for a year or more, even as the precious time passed for the infant.

It was only when his father’s employer approached the Rotary Club, Chandigarh, that things began to look up for Laksh. The Rotary Club, Chandigarh, and Fortis Hospital joined hands to provide free treatment to Laksh, who was admitted to the hospital on August 7, 2007.

“We never thought our baby would get cured, that too in a hospital that has the best doctors and where the whole staff is so kind and helpful. My son is recovering now and has started eating and walking a bit too. He has even started recognising people and things around,” says an overjoyed Sunita. 



Ex-servicemen find fault with report
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 19
Lt-Col S.S. Sohi, president of the Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell, Mohali, has stated that while finding a solution to the problem of fragging in the forces, officers have been blamed by the parliamentary committee because there is no representation of the forces in the decision-making body of Parliament.

In a press note issued here today, Colonel Sohi said, “We feel that the suicide problem has not been comprehended properly and the remedial measures being taken may further harm the services.

“You know of the huge shortage of officers and men in the Army; one officer is performing duties of three officers practically. Troops are overburdened with heavy and risky tasks, which they are performing extremely well.”

The report of the parliamentary committee “may bring officers under more pressure and tension, which a normal person may not like to and cannot take for long,” he said.



Al-Anon celebrates anniversary
Members share experiences during meeting
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Alcoholism is an illness and a change in attitude could aid recovery, believe the members of Al-Anon Family Group, which held its anniversary meeting at Carmel Convent School, Sector 9, last evening.

The mantra of Al-Anon and Alateen - a fellowship of men, women and children whose lives have been affected by compulsive drinking of a family member or friend - is that they could do a great deal in helping themselves come out of the trauma of living with an alcoholic.

The group feels that alcohol consumption not only affects the health of the consumer, but also ruins the happiness of the families and near and dear ones as well. And though the advice to tackle the problem pours in from many quarters, support is often hard to find. The members of the group discussed this, and much more, during the meeting.

In order to help families and friends of alcoholics, the group offers them anonymity, comfort, hope and friendship while sharing experience in coping with the ‘disease’.

Narrating her tale, an elderly woman from a well-to-do family said it is especially difficult for the wives of alcoholics when they have to deal with abusive husbands. Worse still is the trauma of that woman who is told that her inebriated husband or son is found lying on the roadside, unaware of his shame, said a member of Al-Anon.

Alcoholism destroys relationships and the worse sufferers are the children who have to deal with the disappointments associated with having an alcoholic father who fails to live up to the promises, said another member.

Reaching out

The group can be reached at number 98155-04686 (for Chandigarh and Panchkula). Al-Anon and Alateen groups are operating in more than 100 countries and they do not charge any joining fee.



AWWA week celebrations at Chandimandir
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
As many as 1,500 participants, including about 200 women and 400 children, along with officers and men of an infantry brigade, joined in a ‘Run for Fun’ event today. The occasion marked the beginning of week-long celebrations of the Army Wives’ Welfare Association (AWWA) raising day at Chandimandir. Commander of the Infantry Brigade Brig N.K. Misra flagged off the 3.5-km run.

A banner competition was also organised, making the event more colourful as participants came along with different banners made on the theme ‘Nature’s Health, our Health’.

Later, AWWA president, infantry brigade, Mallika Misra distributed prizes among the winners of the competitions. She also distributed sweets among the tiny tots who joined enthusiastically along with their parents.

Lance Naik Gobind Raj and his wife came first in the race. In the banner competition, 1/4 Gorkha Rifles and 19 Madras won the first and second prizes, respectively.

The AWWA raising day celebrations, which will spread over the coming week, would include a painting competition for the children of all categories, a declamation contest, puppet show at Command Hospital, besides numerous other programmes.



Bhatti’s ‘Mad Arts’ readies for launch
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 19
Jaspal Bhatti’s Film School ‘Mad Arts’ would be formally inaugurated by MP and SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal on Tuesday at 11.30 am at Bhatti’s Film Studio in Mohali. MP Navjot Singh Sidhu is scheduled to be the guest of honour.

Bhatti’s school is north India’s first full-fledged Film and Animation school. Mad Arts, Media and Digital Arts School offers short-term courses in acting, direction, editing, camera, film production, radio jockeying and animation. Besides this, special workshops and weekend courses would also be held.



Poor Amenities
Sector 17 traders submit memo to civic body
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
A section of the traders in Sector 17 have complained about the poor quality of amenities available in the sector.

In a memorandum submitted to the MCC, the Progressive Traders’ Welfare Association, Sector 17, alleged that the authorities were neglecting the area between the plaza carnival stage and the GPO.

Association president Varinder Gularia alleged that as there were no streetlights, the area plunged into darkness after sunset. He complained that the only public tap in the area had been non-functional.

Moreover, they said there was a need to recarpet the GPO parking lot. The memorandum also stated that there was no seating arrangement for visitors.



Moved to safety, says who?
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Allotees of Type 13 houses, recently issued notices by the Chandigarh administration to vacate homes in Sector 10 as these had become unsafe, are in for a shock.

The alternative houses allotted to them in Sectors 20 and 24 are more unsafe. While the houses in Sector 10 are well-maintained, those in Sectors 20 and 24 are crying for repairs, and major ones too.

Their plaster is peeling off and the concrete leading to H.No 2257-A has fallen off a beam above the stairs. The wooden panels in the houses need urgent repairs.

This is just not the case of a few houses.

In Sector 20, the alternative houses allotted to the employee need to be repaired. The employees demand an inquiry into the quality of material used in constructing the houses.



Tribune employee bereaved
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Des Raj Batta, father of N.K. Batta, an executive with The Tribune, died after a prolonged illness today. He was 95.

A former land officer with the municipal corporation, Patiala, Batta is survived by three sons and two daughters. His cremation will take place at the Rajpura road cremation grounds, Patiala, tomorrow at 10 am.



Rickshawpuller found hanging
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 19
Thirty-five year old Suraj Bhan, a rickshawpuller in Rajiv Colony, was found hanging at his one-room tenement this morning.

His wife Arti told the police that he was a drunkard and an addict. Recently, he had sold his rickshaw to buy liquor and cater to his craving.

She said last night he slept in the room while she slept on the terrace. She found him hanging this morning.

The police has initiated inquest proceedings and a posty-mortem has been conducted.



Labourer commits suicide
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
The body of Raju, a migrant labourer in his early 20s, was found hanging from a ceiling fan hook at his rented accommodation in Hallo Majra village, here, this afternoon. The police, while quoting relatives of the deceased, said it was a case of suicide.

The deceased, hailed from Bihar. His sister lives in the same village. The body has been shifted to the Sector 16 Government Multi-Speciality Hospital and a post-mortem examination would be conducted on Monday.

The police has initiated inquest proceedings.



Treat young motorists right

Under the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA), children between the ages of 16 and 18 years are allowed to drive a 50 cc two-wheeler. However, such vehicles are not easily available. Thus, these youngsters are forced to drive two-wheelers that are more than 50 cc, albeit gearless, with the result that the traffic cops challan them even though they aren’t really at fault.

Keeping in view the various rights of children as enshrined under the JJ Act and other government policies, the police authorities should be duly considerate while dealing with students and innocent non-observance of the norms should receive lenient treatment. As it is, the students deserve to be dealt within an environment as has been envisaged under the JJ Act.

Manjit Singh, Chandigarh

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



26-yr-old electrocuted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
A 26-year-old Hallomajra resident was electrocuted while repairing high tension wires in the Industrial Area, here, this afternoon.

According to the police the victim has been identified as Chandan. He hails from Bihar and was married about three months ago.

The mishap took place when he was told to climb a pole but the power supply was not cut leading to his electrocution. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

The body has been kept in Sector 16 Government Multi Speciality Hospital.

A case of causing death due to negligence has been registered in this regard and action would be taken against those found guilty.



Man held for molesting sister-in-law
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, august 19
A Sector 56 resident was arrested today for allegedly molesting his sister-in-law at her residence in the same sector.

According to the police 37-year-old Pardeep Kumar went to his sister-in-laws’s residence. He remained there as other guests were also there. Later when everyone left, he allegedly bolted the door from inside and molested her.

The matter was reported to the police in the afternoon. A case under section 342 and 354 of the IPC was registered at the Sector 39 police station.



235 booked for violating traffic rules
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
The Chandigarh Traffic Police has booked 235 motorists for violating traffic rules and regulations in various parts of the city.

The police said six pickets were set up for the purpose on Saturday. The policemen collected Rs 16,100 as on-the-spot fine.

The police issued 101 challans for over speeding, 22 two-wheeler riders were booked for riding without wearing helmets, 13 for jumping red lights, six school bus drivers were challaned for not wearing uniform besides issuing 93 miscellaneous challans.

The police also impounded five vehicles.

Two cars stolen

Two cars were stolen from the city in the past 48 hours.

Anjali Lumba of Sector 35 reported to the police alleging that her car (CH-03-W-4738) was stolen from her residence on Friday night. In another incident, Arun Kumar, a resident of Manimajra, lodged a complaint with the police alleging that his car (CH-03-Z-1693) had been stolen from his residence on Friday night. Two separate cases of thefts have been registered in this connection.


Paramjit Singh, a resident of Sector 70, Mohali, reported to the police that Munish of Sector 17, ISBT, had been caught red-handed while stealing his mobile phone at Gurdial Singh Petrol Station on Saturday. The accused was handed over to the police. A case has been registered in this regard.


Shamsher Singh, a resident of Phase I, Ram Darbar, was injured after a jeep (CH-03-Y-5190) hit him while he was sitting outside his residence on Saturday. He sustained multiple injuries and was admitted to the Sector 16 Government Multi-Speciality Hospital. The jeep driver fled from the spot leaving his vehicle behind. A case of causing injuries due to rash and negligent driving has been registered. 



Challaning of liquor vends
Retailer not responsible for packaging, says merchants’ body
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Reacting to the challaning of two liquor vends by the weights and measures department for selling liquor in attractive packages which do not mention the date of manufacture, the Chandigarh Wine Merchants Association has stated that the packaging had been done by the liquor company and not the retailer.

“The issues like the quantity not mentioned on the flapper, the batch number, date of manufacturing, name of manufacturer, the legend of ‘sale in Chandigarh’ concerned the manufacturer and not the retail seller”, said Satyapal, president of the association.

As regards this irregularity, it is pertinent to mention that the liquor is supplied to retailer against a pass issued by the excise authority. There are about 150 retail IMFL shops in the city where the said brands are selling.



Extension of scheme sought
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 19
The Mohali Industries Association yesterday urged finance minister P. Chidambaram to extend the Credit-Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme up to March 30, 2009.

Anurag Aggarwal, general secretary of the association, said this scheme was started by the union ministry of small scale industry and was meant to provide capital subsidy for technology upgradation to the small scale industry.

The scheme had a corpus of Rs 600 crore and was operational till exhaustion of this corpus or March 31, 2007, whichever was earlier.

Aggarwal said the scheme was beneficial and in today’s environment of global competition, it was a boon for the SSI.

T.L. Easwar, president of the association, said since the corpus was still “un-exhausted”, the finance minister should intervene and ask the ministry to extend the scheme.



Gold Rush
Stable prices add glitter to gold sale
Amrita Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
City residents seem to be cashing in on the more or less stable gold prices for the past few weeks. With the wedding and festival season around the corner, they seem to be making the most of the low gold prices, state industry experts.

With the gold prices hovering around Rs 8,850 per 10 grams, the local jewellers are witnessing a sharp increase in the demand for new gold jewellery. According to the market experts, a large number of customers are trying to cash in on the stable prices. However, a section of gold dealers are hopeful that prices would rise soon with the festival and wedding season due to begin from next month.

“The prices have remained more or less same over the past few weeks. Usually people start purchasing gold near the wedding season and that is when we expect the prices to go up. However, though ‘raksha bandhan’ is also just a few days away the prices are more or less same,” stated a leading jeweller from Sector 22.

Blaming the recent Sensex crash partially for the stable gold prices, jewellers state that though residents had benefited from the stagnant prices of gold over the past two months, many were buying gold now as they were worried prices might hike up drastically. “Since the past one week the sales have gone up drastically with many small investors also buying gold in view of the fall in prices. Also with the price expected to go up anytime no one wants to lose a chance,” states Vikram Kalra of Sai Gems and Jewelers.

However in order to meet the challenge, some of the jewellers have hiked the designing and making charges stated another jeweller. “Diamond is where we are making marginal profit and we are also keen that the customers purchase diamonds. But seeing the stagnant prices customers are keen to stock up on gold as a saving,” stated a saleswoman at Tanishq outlet.

Also seeing gold as a lucrative investment, many city residents are also stocking up on gold in the form of biscuits and guineas. Especially after last years sudden hike in prices of gold, which witnessed prices crossing the Rs 10, 000 mark, the city residents are hopeful that an investment made now would yield a hefty profit.



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