Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Return of the Natives
Indian techies in US head home

With India becoming a favoured destination of several multinational companies, thousands of Indian IT professionals in the United States are returning to their homeland with good pay packets, according to a survey.

The survey, conducted by Indus Entrepreneurs, an association of Indian IT professionals settled in the US, found that around 60,000 professionals have returned to India in recent years, Michael M Bala, business head of recruitment portal, said.

Several couples in age group of 27 to 35 were looking forward to come back to India, he said, quoting the survey.

"Most young Indian couples preferred to return to India to protect their kids from the western culture and to educate them in Indian atmosphere," he said.

Infrastructure development and job opportunities at the more or less same salary in India were cited as the factors behind the trend.

Bala, who recently conducted a job fair in New Jersey to recruit personnel for multinational companies, said more and more Indians were coming forward to return to their motherland with the country becoming favoured destination of several MNCs, financial institutions and IT companies.

"The growth of these institutions in India have thrown open the doors to talented people, who had so for thought that the West was their only resort," he said.

In the recently held job fair, over 3,000 people, mostly couples, had come forward to attend interviews for companies like Yahoo, Canon, IBM and HP, he said. PTI