Purva Grover
Entering the world of art, literature or fashion in the city is easier than you thought. It is staying there that is tough, but then, who cares?

Scene 1
: He is twenty something. From school, you remember him as the backbencher who never got more than a C + in his exams. At times you even helped him with his spellings. Today, he is the author of five books.
Scene 2
: She was not even allowed to sit for the audition for the college’s music choir or sing while playing antakshari. Today, she has recorded four audio and three video albums.

15 minute Hall of Fame
Purva Grover Switch on the TV & explore your chances to be famous
Each time I sit in front of the idiot box for my daily dose of entertainment, I find myself lost, baffled and wondering. Nope, I have not started watching the K soaps. Instead, I find myself caught in the web of channels creating or rather churning out celebrities each month, each week and sometimes even each episode.

Bust that office stress
Aman Minhas
We splash a few stress-busters for those inflicted with sticky situations at office

Monday mornings? Inability to wake up or lack of rest over the weekend is your excuse? Look deep within. Are you sure these are the actual reasons for your shirking office? Or is it something or someone, who bothers you to the extent that you are secretly conspiring to kill him?

The story of a bud & two leaves 
Parbina Rashid
The tea planters from city who served in the Wild East for long years, bring back a slice of Assam to their homes
The tick-tock of an old pendulum clock, a 1930-model from Anglo-Swiss Watch Co, reminds them of the great time they had in tea gardens in Assam. The awe-inspiring chang-bungalows with acres of green area for a garden, is a thing of the past. So are the bevy of servants and the lush green sub-tropical forests.

First Day First Show
Simple & bold

Nanhe Jaisalmer


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What’s your Bollywood quotient?

Nanhe Jaisalmer

Well Connected

(L-R) Malkit Singh, Shiv Singh, Brahm Prakash, Viren Tanwar and Madan Lal
(L-R) Malkit Singh, Shiv Singh, Brahm Prakash, Viren Tanwar and Madan Lal

The city artscape gets hotter as five veteran artists come together to showcase their creations Parbina Rashid
When an invitation from Creativity Connect Foundation reached us, for an exhibition of five contemporary artists of the city, we knew things could not get hotter than this. The list of artists read — Shiv Singh, Malkit Singh, Brahm Prakash, Viren Tanwar and Madan Lal. An exhibition like this happens only once in a blue moon. 

Magic of lappa
Saurabh Malik

Men in Blue may have bowled Pakistanis out in the twenty-twenty world cup match Friday night, but it’s not easy to beat them when it comes to suits. The timeless charm of the intricate work, the crisp yet supple fabric, and the soft hues, all make Pakistani suits a definite must-have in your wardrobe.On display at Aroma-22 is Pakistani collection by designer Preeti Singal. Says the designer-cum-exhibition organiser, “The collection bears the stamp of a stylist born, brought up and fashion-trained across the border. 
Photo by Pradeep Tewari

Simply good

Smriti Sharma
Theatreperson Rohitashv Gour now hopes to play meaningful roles in tinsel town
You could miss him for his simple and ordinary looks, but not for his skills as an actor. A theatre artiste to the core, Rohitashv Gour has caught everybody’s attention with his myriad performances on stage, in films, tele-soaps and commercials. And, behind his versatility is the rock-solid grooming at the National School of Drama (NSD).He began his career in theatre and worked with artistes like Seema Biswas, Shubha Khote and Viju Khote. 

 Tattoos no more

Rohitashv Gour

 Matka chowk 
Hair Raising
Sreedhara Bhasin

true to its class, has some very posh hair saloons. You are supposed to go into them feeling like a moth and emerge like a butterfly. However, my recent experience in one of these – made me feel like a specimen in a biology lab – being tested for classification and labelling.I had gone for a simple haircut and immediately felt apologetic that it was the only thing I required. When asked if I wanted colouring, highlighting, blow-drying and setting and such other apparently choicest services – my almost rueful answer in negative nearly brought out a frown on the girl’s forehead. I started out feeling like a ‘less’ person before even I could sit down on the plush sofa.