L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S

Raid on 23 ultrasound centres; one sealed
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 16
Three teams of health officials, along with supporting staff, conducted raids on 23 ultrasound centres in Samrala, Jagraon, Machhiwara and Khanna yesterday to check the violations of the PNDT Act.

During the raid, one centre in Khanna was sealed and its registration suspended, while another in Jagraon was issued a show-cause notice.

Giving this information, Dr Sat Pal Sharma, civil surgeon, said the team, headed by Dr Reena Sandhu, district family welfare officer, inspected seven centres in Jagraon, Dr S.S. Dhir, district health officer, scrutinised the record of eight centres in Khanna, while the team led by Dr J.M. Singh, senior medical officer, raided five centres in Samrala and three in Machhiwara.

During the raid, Brar Nursing Home in Khanna was found to be lacking in maintaining record and putting up the signboard as required under the PNDT Act. Action was taken for these violations by sealing the centre on the spot.

Meanwhile, the ultrasound centre in J.P. Hospital in Giaspura locality here was sealed on the basis of the inspection report submitted by the team that conducted raid on the centre last week. The officials said irregularities detected in this centre were found to be of a serious nature.



Suicide by SPO
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
A middle-aged SPO of the Punjab Police allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in the police lines today morning.

SPO Mohinder Pal Joga was allegedly under stress due to meager salary and responsibility of nurturing four children, including three daughters. One of her daughter is suffering from spinal ailment that requires a huge amount of money. He was earning less than Rs 3,000 per month.

He had mainly worked at the residence of a few SSPs, including the present SSP R.K. Jaiswal. He was presently posted with the police lines.

Jaiswal said financial help would be given to the family from the Police Welfare Fund. The SPO did not leave behind any note due to which exact cause of his suicide could not be ascertained, he added.

Usha Devi, Joga’s wife, said her husband was under severe stress and had started consuming liquor of late. She said he woke, had tea with the family and then allegedly hanged himself when he was alone in the room.

Sources said he was one of the a few thousand SPOs, who were living in acute financial constraints due to meager remuneration from the police department.

The SPOs were recruited during terrorism with the promise that they would be incorporated into the police service with promotion and good pay scales. However, even a decade after the end of militancy the SPOs are waiting for their dues.



Mosquitoes: MC in battle gear
Fountains go dry in Ludhiana
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Heaps of garbage near the bus stand in Sahnewal.
Heaps of garbage near the bus stand in Sahnewal.

Ludhiana, September 16
Waking up after dengue fever has already struck, the Municipal Corporation today ordered the stopping of functioning of various fountains in the city so that the mosquitoes cannot breed.

Commissioner Vikas Partap has also ordered the spraying of kerosene in puddles and ponds in different parts to check the spread of dengue. He also appealed to the residents to inform the civic body if they witness any water body that needs to be sprayed for killing mosquito larvae.

He also appealed to the people to keep their surroundings clean and not to litter in streets and roads. He said the corporation was already taking up fogging operations for the past many days.

At a meeting of officials of the O&M cell, the health branch and all zonal commissioners that was called today, Vikas Partap asked them to deal with all complaints of overflowing sewers on priority. He also directed them to start a cleanliness drive so that the diseases did not spread.

He appealed to the residents to protect themselves from fever and help the corporation check its spread.

“Do not let the water stagnate in coolers, washing machines and other places,” he said.

Last year 250 dengue cases were reported from different parts of the city. But the corporation has learnt no lessons from the past.



Mayor visits Ishwar Colony
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
Hakam Singh Gyaspura, mayor, and municipal commissioner Vikas Pratap today visited the gastro-struck Ishwar Colony at Dhandari Khurd and ordered launching of a massive cleanliness drive in the area.

After taking stock of the situation the commissioner said no new gastro case had been reported from the area since yesterday. He directed his staff to distribute chlorine tablets among residents and get the sewer system cleaned on the priority basis.

He also directed his staff to request residents to drink chlorinated water only and pay attention to personal hygiene.

While meeting the residents of their area and listening to their grievances, Mayor assured them that the corporation would clean the surroundings by launching a massive cleanliness drive. He assured then that the garbage would be lifted and stagnant water in the vacant plots would immediately be pumped out.

He also told them that gastro was not a water-borne disease. It also spreads through contaminated food articles, fruits and vegetables. He asked them to keep their food items covered.



Sahnewal vulnerable
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, September 16
Heaps of garbage and accumulation of sewer water is a common sight here. Thanks to the callous attitude of the local nagar council, whose councillors, in a mad race for presidentship, it seems have become entirely oblivious of their responsibilities?

Sahnewal is literally on the verge of collapse, with filth, sewer water and disease in almost every corner, while the authorities have turned blind eye to such an extent that a breakdown of an epidemic is surely going to engulf the town in the near future.

The sewer water has not only flooded the streets but at times also enters houses, thus making the situation more deplorable. The drainage system has got choked to such an extent that even a small downpour leaves streets and houses in miserable condition. Even under normal circumstances, the streets especially of ward No 8 turn into a pool of filthy water. The streets are narrow and the constant accumulation of water has only helped in multiplying the problems faced by the people.

Thus residents are for no faults of theirs are being forced to live in dingy condition. This makes them more susceptible to diseases like diarrhea, gastroenteritis, jaundice and typhoid.

A resident of ward No. 8 rued, “This is not for the first time that we are facing such a problem. It has been for years together, but, now the situation has worsened. We are unable to breath in such a filthy surrounding. The foul smell emitted out of the sewer water is unbearable.”

“The council has been informed about the unhygienic conditions prevailing in this ward but not a single employee has bothered to visit the spot even once, leave aside taking remedial measures,” he added.

“As Akali councillors and Congress president are fighting for the chair, it is we the people who have entirely been left at the mercy of fate, with no authority coming to our rescue,” another resident said.



Take preventive steps: Doctor

Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 16
In the wake of a confirmed case of dengue reported from SPS Apollo Hospital here, the residents have been cautioned to take preventive measures against the mosquito-borne diseases.

Even as the health administration categorically denied the outbreak of dengue anywhere in the city, the hospital authorities also clarified that the serologically-confirmed case of dengue, admitted to the hospital, had come from Uttar Pradesh. However, during the past few days, there had been steady influx of patients suffering from high fever and other dengue-like symptoms which called for being watchful.

According to Dr Gautam Aggarwal, a consultant in internal medicine at SPS Apollo Hospital, dengue fever, also known as “break bone fever”, was a flu-like infectious disease carried by mosquitoes and caused by any of four related dengue viruses.

“One gets dengue virus infection from the bite of an infected female mosquito (Aedes aegypti). These mosquitoes can be easily distinguished as it is larger in size and have black and white stripes on its body. They usually bite during the day time. Its preferred breeding waters are clean, stagnant water in shady areas but dengue is not transmitted from person to person.”

Outlining the symptoms, Dr Aggarwal informed that dengue fever usually started suddenly with a high fever, rash, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, and muscle and joint pain. Most dengue infections resulted in relatively mild illness, but some could progress to dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). With DHF, the blood vessels started to leak and cause bleeding from the nose, mouth and gums. Without prompt treatment, the blood vessels could collapse, causing shock (dengue shock syndrome). The DHF was fatal in about 5 per cent of cases, mostly among children and young adults.

He said there was no specific treatment for dengue fever but still the patient should immediately seek medical assistance as any delay could complicate the condition and pose threat to life. Once the dengue fever advanced to DHF, it had to be treated by replacing lost fluids. Some patients needed platelet transfusion to control bleeding. With appropriate intensive supportive therapy, death rate may be reduced to less than one per cent.

Dr Aggarwal stated that at present, the only method of controlling or preventing dengue fever was to combat the vector mosquitoes using personal protection (long sleeved clothes, mosquito repellent, netting) and traveling during periods of minimal mosquito activity.

“There are sprays and insecticides to kill mosquitoes and larvae. Special attention should be paid to guard against collection of stagnant water within the house as these are sources of stagnant water for mosquito breeding.

“There is no vaccine currently available for the prevention of dengue fever even though research is underway for the development of such a vaccine. It would, therefore, be in the best interest of the people to go for preventive measures, which are quite cheap as compared to the high costs of hospitalisation and threat to human lives,” he said.



Dental college told to refund security
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 16
President of the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum A.S. Narula has directed Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College, Ludhiana, to refund Rs 15,000 deposited as security by a student.

The orders were pronounced while deciding the complaint filed by Rupa Sharma, a resident of the Batala Road, Amritsar. She pleaded that after clearing the PMET in 2001. She got herself enrolled for admission at Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College Hospital and Research Institution. However, her name was placed in the waiting list.

Thereafter, she deposited Rs 30,250 as a fee with the college in August 2001. Later, in the second counselling, the complainant got admission in Government Dental College, Amritsar. She then asked the college to refund Rs 30,250 paid by her at the time of admission. Despite repeated requests made to the college, the fee was not refunded.

On the other hand, college authorities submitted that the complainant was granted admission and was attending the classes. The college authorities also submitted her college attendance records in various subjects.

The authorities also referred to the conditions in the prospectus regarding the fee and security and also the instructions from the Ministry of Health, Government of India, which state that the fee once paid will not be refunded.

After appreciating the evidence on record, the consumer forum observed that the complainant had actually been attending the classes for the past eight months. On this, the forum dismissed the complaint but ordered the college to refund the security deposit of Rs 15,000 to be refunded.



Ludhiana Calling

Ludhiana industry has been crying hoarse over "great losses" and the consequent exodus to other states. Business associations maintain that there is no growth. When it comes to paying taxes, the collections barely register an increase. Yet Ludhiana has the maximum sale of luxury and vanity goods. Be it cars, cell phones, fancy numbers for cars or mobile phones, all come at a handsome price. According to a recent report of Daimler and Chryslers, manufacturers of Mercedes cars, Ludhiana has recorded the maximum sales. As many as 10, 000 vehicles (including two-wheelers) are registered in the city every two months. Marriages are most lavish here. If Ludhiana industry is really suffering losses, where from does the money come for this luxury?

Little cultural activity

Ludhiana has an estimated population of about 40 lakh. It is one of the most vibrant cities in terms of trade and commerce. But Ludhiana sees negligible cultural activity. Theatre, music, dance, mushairas seem to be a thing of the past. Although the Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam (LSS) does organise shows these are held at long intervals.

CM at home in city

The city seems to have become the second home of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal. In the past 10 days, he has spent seven in the city. Badal has been inaugurating bridges, functions, seminars and melas here. During the MC elections, it was Sukhbir Badal who attended most functions. Billboards and hoarding also carried pictures of Badal junior. But now the senior Badal seems to be the cynosure of all eyes.

Killer tracks

Innumerable lives are lost every year on rail tracks with people trying to cross over unmanned crossings for a short cut to save time. Warnings that such short cuts may cut short their life seem to fall on deaf ears. The track near Ramgharia college is one such spot where rehri owners rush to the college for waiting buyers, mostly students.

Vimal Sumbly



Workshop on water management begins today
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
Punjab Agriculture University will hold a three-day international meet on ‘Water management for food security and environment quality’ from September 17 to September 19.

The meet will be held at the Farmers Centre, PAU, wherein, internationally renowned US scientists, including Dr Rattan Lal and Dr David Hansen from Ohio State University, Dr Norman Fausey and Dr Laj Ahuja from USDA, Dr Vijaya P Singh from Texas A and M University, Dr Joe Monahan and Dr Ramesh Kanwar from Iowa State University, Dr Dwayne Westfall from Colorado State University and Dr Raghu from Purdue University, are participating.

Dr M.S. Kang, vice-chancellor of PAU, said the intensive cropping of rice-wheat system in the Indo-Gangetic plains has seriously deteriorated the groundwater resources in tubewell-irrigated areas. The underground water table has declined due to the excessive withdrawal of water. In contrast, the canal irrigation areas have been prone to rising water tables, along with increase in salinity.

While enhancing water-use efficiency is a major goal in irrigated agriculture, drought management is the most important strategy in enhancing production from rain-fed agriculture, he added.

Kang said, under these circumstances, the management, conservation, and recycling are crucial to sustainable use of water resources in both irrigated and rain-fed agriculture.

The workshop will focus on reviewing agricultural knowledge initiative (AKI) projects, discussing water management issues with regard to agriculture in India, preparing a grant proposal to be submitted by a consortium, comprising participating institutions. Various topics like use of information technology in improving production in rain-fed and irrigated agriculture, and the human dimensions of improving agricultural water management will be discussed in the meet.



Sniffer dogs of Mandi Ahmedgarh in demand
Our Correspondent

Dog trainers of the Haryana police in Ahmedgarh.
Dog trainers of the Haryana police in Ahmedgarh. — A Tribune photograph

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 16
Visits by police personnel from neighbouring states does not arouse any curiosity among locals as by now they have understood that the cops have not come here to nab criminals, rather have descended in the town for purchasing sniffer and tracker dogs from a kennel situated at the Thana Road. Haryana, Himachal Pardesh and Jammu and Kashmir, besides the Punjab police are prominent among the buyers. Ropar and Jallandhar were cited as other major suppliers of the most sought after breads of the dogs.

These teams have been visiting the town for purchasing such dogs and pups. The kennel organiser doesn’t remember how the first team from the Jammu and Kashmir police reached here about three years ago.

DSP, Crime Branch, Haryana, who along with his colleagues was here, said the purchase was made through the range office. “Like any other police force, in order to detect crime at an earliest stage, the Haryana police is also in search of good sniffer and tracker dogs. We were told by our seniors to visit their place and bring dogs after getting them examined by doctors from the state veterinary department,” said Dya Ram. Besides examining physical fitness the doctors have to test for the pathogen of Hepatitis and Rabies.

Observations by Ludhiana Tribune revealed that the kennel managers had started investing liberally in breeding, heeding and training of pups of various desired breads. Labrador and German Shepard are among most sought for breeds.



Doc, SHO to be honoured
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 16
The social and political organisations of the area have decided to felicitate an SHO and a private doctor of Dehlon village, whose joint efforts rescued a migrant child from the jaws of the death.

CPI (ML), the youth association, the Naujwan Istry Sabha and the All India Students Association have decided to felicitate Prem Singh, SHO, Dehlon, and Dr Kamal Goel for saving the life of Arvind Paswan, son of Chariter Paswan, of Jodhewal Basti, Ludhiana. The seriously injured and starved child was found wrapped in a jute cloth on a heap of sand, along the bank of Sirhind canal, near Khan Pur village, about four months ago.

Tarsem Jodhan, former MLA of Kila Raipur, and state committee member, CPI (ML), said the activists of his party had spotted the child in the afternoon on May 23.

He said an amount of Rs 75 thousand was spent on child’s treatment. Prem Singh, besides contributing from his own pocket managed to get Rs 10 thousand from district administration for the treatment. Major expenses were born by the doctor.

The investigations revealed that the child was reported lost from the Meharban area in Jodhewal Basti police station on April 5. The Dehlon police had to insert advertisements in newspapers to contact his parents. It was on Friday that Chariter Paswan, a labourer at Sabzi Mandi, Ludhiana, called on the police and claimed that the victim was his son.



Poor Sanitation
Residents forced to live in hell
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 16
Though people of this town are forced to live in unhygienic conditions, those living in the Railway road, Bajrang Akhara area and the Dehliz road area are virtually living in hell.

President of the local municipal council Jatinder Kumar Bhola maintained that the situation had arisen due to the suspension of the project the work for which was started during the Congress regime.

Investigations by Ludhiana Tribune revealed that the waste-water disposal had emerged as major cause of concern for the civic authorities. Stagnant water and overflowing drains were common on the Railway Road, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chowk, Janta College area, Jandali Road, Jawahar Nagar Colony and the Dehliz road area.

Situation was worst on roads leading to crematorium where choking of sewerage resulted in frequent overflow of the stagnant water.

What to talk of walking on these roads, people even fail to manage their vehicles. Stranded vehicles were common in this area. The situation is bound to affect social ties also as people have started avoiding funerals due to obvious reason.

Inadequate arrangements for disposal of water have affected the supply of potable water as well.

Jatinder Bhola, president, said Razia Sultana, the then parliamentary secretary, had brought Rs 5.25 crore for laying 10-km pipeline for joining it with the Maherna drain. A Mansa-based company was allotted the work but it was shelved immediately after the government changed.

Residents have urged the authorities to take necessary steps before an epidemic breaks out in the area.



Trust remembers Henry Lobo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
The silver jubilee function of the Dr L.H. Memorial Trust was jointly organised with the department of anaesthesiology and critical care, Christian Medical College and Hospital, here yesterday.

Dr Lionel Henry Lobo was the professor and head of the orthopaedic department. He became the first Indian principal of the CMCH. Dr Raminder Sehgal, senior consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, was the chief guest.

S.R. Wadhera, president of the trust, welcomed the guests and elaborated on activities of the trust.

Dr M.K. Mam, vice-principal and secretary of the trust, also spoke on the occasion.

The guest of honour, Dr John Pramod, director, CMCH, paid tribute to Dr Lobo. He said Dr Lobo was known for the exemplary ways by which he guided CMCH towards academic excellence and other achievements.

Dr Sehgal spoke about life-care issues. Dr Tejinder Singh, head, paediatrics department, CMCH, laid stress on the need of faculty development and training to improve the level of medical education in India. This was followed by a scientific symposium wherein eminent anaethesiologists with extensive experience in the field participated.

Other speakers included Dr Tej K. Kaul, former prof and head, department of anaesthesiology, DMCH; and Dr Rakesh Kumar, prof in MAMC, New Delhi.

Dr J.C. Saha, treasurer of the trust, presented a vote of thanks.



Farmer commits suicide, probe ordered
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 16
The circle police, Raikot, has initiated probe into the incidence of alleged suicide by farmer Kulwant Singh (30) of Noorpoor village, near here, yesterday. Though the kin of the deceased have not named anyone for abetting the farmer for ending his life, the police wants to rule out any possibilities.

The DSP, Raikot, Narinder Singh Ruby, has initiated investigations into the case. The police has registered a case under Section 174 of CrPC last evening.

The preliminary investigations by the police revealed that Kulwant Singh had allegedly consumed some insecticide when he was working at his fields on Friday evening. On his return, he had complained of uneasiness after which he was shifted to a private hospital at Raikot. The doctors, finding his condition serious, referred him to a multi-speciality hospital at Ludhiana, where he died.

Amarjit Singh, a paternal uncle of the deceased, has reported to the police that Kulwant Singh had raised loans worth Rs 5 lakh from some financial institutes, including private commission agents. With the accruing interest, the loan amount was supposed to rise further. The farmer, upset over non-payment of loan, decided to end his life. The deceased is survived by his wife and one year old son.

While the family of the deceased said they did not want any action in the case, the police has decided to continue the investigation in order to be sure about the real cause of death.



Class IV union to honour honest workers
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 16
Calling upon its members to be sincere towards their duty, the All-Technician and Class IV Employees Union has decided to felicitate those who perform better.

While talking to Ludhiana Tribune, after convening a meeting of its members at the local Municipal Children Park today, union president Sukhpal Singh Walia said this decision was taken in the interest of farmers and employees as well.

Claiming that the drains spread in 693 km had been cleared of weeds and other obstructions, Walia expressed hope that the action would benefit the farmers of the state. He said the cleaning work would again be taken up in January.

He maintained that the union would be able to bargain better deal with the authorities if its members worked sincerely.

“To encourage our members we have decided to honour those who show outstanding performance,” Walia added.



Saplings planted at Ishar Nagar
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
In their zeal to remain in touch with nature, residents of Sant Ishar Singh Nagar began a special sapling plantation drive in the concrete block of Pink Flats opposite Imperial Hotel today morning.

The concrete blocks of the flats under the 8.4-acre scheme of the Improvement Trust would now have green surroundings. It was inaugurated by the municipal councillor of ward No. 46.

Speaking on the occasion, the councillor said the parks would soon be developed and the roads and service lanes repaired. He said over 500 saplings, including the ornamental and fruit ones, would be planted in the colony.



CPI, CPM plan joint meeting
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 16
The CPI and the CPM and its affiliated organisations have decided to hold a joint conference at Chhapar Mela on September 27. The decision was taken at a meeting held at Chhapar village today.

According to Kartar Buani and Sukhwinder Singh, district secretaries of the CPI and the CPM, respectively, activists of both the parties had shown great enthusiasm for the conference scheduled to take place at Chhapar.

“As both the parties worked for the common cause of servicing masses through peaceful means, we have decided to organise a joint rally on the occasion of Chhapar Mela,” said Buani.



Impose no-parking rule

I agree with Satish Sharma, Ludhiana, that one-way traffic in Ghumar Mandi Area should not be withdrawn. The public have been relieved after this decision. Thousands of people should not be harassed in lieu of some shopkeepers of the area. Moreover, this decision should be implemented strictly.

In fact, it should be extended to all other roads with similar congestion problem. Besides, the authorities must strictly impose the no-parking rule in all the markets. The vehicles continue to be parked here and there without bothering about the flow of traffic.

Kamal Kapoor, Ludhiana

Readers are invited to mail letters (not more than 200 words) at "ludhiana@tribunemail.com" or post the same to The Tribune, 1, 2 Improvement Trust Building, Badaur House, Clock Tower, Ludhiana.



Heavy Discount
Buyers strike good bargain
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
The city markets are once again abuzz with activity. On one hand are the heavy discount sales of summer garments to clear old stocks and on the other is the appearance of woollen garments at retail outlets.

While supply of woollens to retailers is on its peak, many retail outlets have put old stocks on sale. Industrialists said the local demand expected to generate a business of around Rs 500 crore. The retailers said fresh stocks would take around 10 days to arrive.

It is time for best bargains for consumers as in a few days export surplus outlets too would begin their discount sales. Retail outlets are offering discounts of as high as 70 per cent on summer wear. Even winter wear of last year is priced relatively lower.

“This is the right time to buy clothes as most outlets are offering heavy discounts. I am planning to buy summer fashion wear as well as a few woollens. This way I will be able to buy clothes much cheaper,” said Shalini Sharma, a city resident.

Hosiery manufacturers are busy catering to domestic as well as demand from other states. “Repeat orders are expected to begin in a week or so. During the beginning of the season the scenario was not very bright due to a tight money market. But as people have started getting their pending payments and demand too have started emerging, things look better now,” said Vinod Thapar, president, Knitwear Club.

The beginning of this season brought a little disappointment to hosiery manufacturers as wholesalers kept postponing orders. Due to growing fashion consciousness, wholesalers wanted to predict the nature of demand before placing orders. To top it, the continually lessening duration of winters added to the troubles of those in trade. By this time of the year, manufacturers expected to get repeat orders. However, a weak demand resulted in a significant decline in expected business.

“Orders have started pouring in, which has made us hopeful. Even if not better than previous year, we are expecting to do as much business as we did last year, provided winters favour us," said a hosiery trader.



Councillors support industrialist group
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
The campaigning for elections of the executive body of the United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association has intensified. The groups contesting for elections are seeking support from those in power.

Councillors Kashmir Singh Shira and Sarabjit Singh Kaka today came forward to support Joginder Kumar and D.S. Chawla group.

Addressing a meeting, the councillors appealed members of the association to vote for this group. Chawla group said cycle industry had suffered a lot in the last few years as its representatives were not able to solve the problems faced by the industry.

“This association is Asia’s largest association of any industry. However, for it bright future, effective representation is required. The previous years only saw decline,” said Joginder Kumar.



Fashion expo concludes
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 16
The three-day fashion exhibition, Fashion Weekend-07, concluded here today. The organisers of the show said the exhibition drew heavy crowds.

“The idea of the event was to bring fashion designers, jewellery designers, photography experts all under one roof, so as to cater to growing demand of city residents for fashion wear. The expo , apart from generating awareness about latest trends, also received visitors who did shopping for weddings,” a press note stated.



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