C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S

Burning Matters
Gas cos. to block ‘spare’ connections
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
Oil companies have cracked the whip on over 3,000 families in the city by disconnecting multiple LPG connections.

In fact, over 60,000 multiple LPG users are under the scanner of Indian Oil Corporation(IOC), Hindustan Petroleum(HP) and Bharat Petroleum(BP)under the ministry of petroleum's policy of “one family, one connection”.

Confirming the decision to "block" over 3,000 connections, Jagdeep Kumar Rana, senior area manager, Indane, said here today:"This has been done to mitigate the shortage of LPG, particularly in winters, and check its misuse by the automobile industry.

The IOC conducted a survey recently.The findings were fed into a software to weed out multiple users.The IOC then started issuing notices to families having more than one connection, asking why the “spare connection” should not be blocked.

Rana said the distributors had been asked to verify all multiple users by October 31. In Chandigarh alone, there are reportedly over 60,000 multiple connections out of a total of about 5 lakh connections. After verification, the multiple connections would be blocked by November 30.

Oil companies in collaboration with distributors, are undertaking "physical verification" of gas users. During this phase, connections bearing the same address but having different names would be verified to weed out multiple connections.

Sources said the "one family, one connection" would also apply to joint families but with separate kitchens.The sources claimed that the spare connections would go a long way in reducing the gas shortage in the region.



After Mocha, bakeries too
SOPU supporters shut down cafe
Swati Sharma
Tribune News Service

No one is authorised to possess liquor, either in pure or mixed form, without a liquor licence. If someone is selling products that have liquor content, it is tantamount to violating law

— Collector of excise I.P. Sandhu

Chandigarh, September 17
Are you sure of what you are eating? It seems Mocha Coffee is not the only outlet in the city that serves beverages with a dash of liquor. In the list are renowned bakers.

Remember the last time you had those sumptuous rum balls layered with chocolate or that icy cold Irish coffee, do these really taste as they ought to?

Following the raid at Mocha Coffee, a number of restaurants have stopped serving rum balls. When The Tribune team reached Gopals in Sector 35, they said rum balls were “not available but we can bake these for you by evening.” Asked if these contained alcohol, they said: “Of course they do.”

The owner said: “Ours is a pure vegetarian restaurant and we don’t serve alcohol at all.” Well, the rum balls may not contain high concentration of alcohol, but Gopal’s definitely serve these.

Oven Fresh in Sector 35 has on its shelves liquor chocolates priced at Rs 20 each. The delicious chocolates contain a measure of vodka. Coffee outlets like The Barista and Café Coffee Day do serve Irish coffee, but it is alcohol-free.

Mr Beans in Sector 9 has no more hookahs. Raids were conducted at other outlets today but nothing incriminating was found.

Meanwhile, supporters of SOPU led by their president Harpreet Singh Multani forced the shutters of Mocha down, alleging that the restaurant had “played a fraud on the youth of the city.” The students then went to the Sector 26 police station and asked the officers to take action against the “guilty”.

The owner, Vijayant, said this was “blatant disregard of the law”. He said the students barged in and forced the clients to move out and shut the restaurant down. “Why only target Mocha? Why is the administration not doing anything about this? How can anyone come and shut us down,” he asked.

SHO of the Sector 26 police station Inspector Mani Ram Kadiyan said the students were there only for 10 minutes and said “nothing of the sort happened.”



Irked by cops, lawyer turns to RTI
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
Fed up with procedural wranglings delaying registration of a criminal case against Sector 34 private hospital INSCOL for the past over four months, a local lawyer today asked the Chandigarh Police to return his complaint.

In a letter to the UT SSP, S.S. Srivastva, advocate Jagjit Singh Arora said his faith in law- enforcing agencies had been shaken. Advocate Arora had lodged a complaint with the UT SSP on April 20 this year alleging that his wife, Inderjeet Arora, was medically treated by a “quack” in the hospital in August-2005, thus endangering her life.

He alleged that despite the fact that he had provided all supportive evidence to the investigating officials, his complaint was not being attended to on one pretext or the other. There was no word from the authorities. Since the police had failed to proceed against the accused, he had now sought information regarding the status of his complaint under the Right to Information Act.

Arora blamed the police for sitting on the issue by referring it to the deputy district in attorney (DDA) for legal opinion. Now he had learnt his complaint had been referred to UT director of health only to manoeuvre supportive opinion to further delay the matter.

Citing the Supreme Court’s ruling on mandatory registration of cases and that the police had no jurisdiction to verify the complaint, Arora added the SC had made it clear that “the police needs not to consult public prosecutor about legal viability of a complaint.”

The investigating officer Harminder Jit Singh confirmed that the case was sent for legal opinion and he was waiting for the reply to take further action. He stated that the hospital had denied the allegations in a written statement submitted to the police on June 15, 2007.

Dr Nimrat Gujral, director-administrator, INSCOL, was not available for comment. The hospital staff told this reporter to contact Satinder Sharma, finance head of the hospital, who denied the allegations and informed Dr Jayant Bannerji about the matter who said he was one of the doctors who had treated the patient. He said it began because of non-payment of bill which Arora had paid only after a legal notice. The patient was referred to another hospital when no ventilator was available in INSCOL at that time. He said the Medical Council of India had given a clean chit.



Student’s death a riddle
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
Mystery shrouds the death of 23-year-old Vikrant who was found dead under mysterious circumstances at Butrela village yesterday morning.

Vikrant was pursuing B.Sc (IT) from a Mohali-based private institute. The doctors have reserved their opinion on the cause of death.

Vikrant’s cousin had told the police that he had returned late at night and had slept in the room.

Sector 39 Police Station SHO inspector Rajesh Shukla said the post-mortem was conducted today. The doctors informed the police that the exact cause would only be ascertained after a chemical examination of the viscera for which the sample had been collected. The police said the body was handed over to the family.



Disabled youth thrashed to death
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, September 17
Twenty-five-year old Narinder Singh was murdered in Garkhal (Himachal Pradesh) where he had gone to offer prayers at Baba Balak Nath temple along with three friends.

His sister, Sonu, said the physically challenged Narinder Singh got married four months back and was living in Bhainsa Tibba in Mansa Devi complex. He left for Garkhal yesterday along with his friends-Ashoki, Billa and Dharminder-on two motor cycles.

His friends climbed the stairs while Narinder was left behind, still taking off his shoes. Raman, a local man, arrived on the scene. He was reportedly in an inebriated state. He entered into an argument with Narinder and beat him up.

“With great difficulty, he ran up the stairs to get help from his friends. But Raman accompanied by three more natives mercilessly beat them up,” Sonu said.

The father of the deceased said while his friends managed to flee, his son could not because of his disability. “The boys told us that Raman hit Narinder in the chest after which he collapsed. He was taken to the local hospital where he was declared dead by doctors,” he maintained.

All four involved in the assault have been arrested, but parents of Narinder say this brings them no consolation. “Our son is gone. He was the only earning member of the family. Our only appeal is that his wife be given a job,” they said.



Contemporary look for ISBT on cards
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The Chandigarh administration has finalised a comprehensive action plan for the upgradation of the ISBT-17.

Home secretary Krishna Mohan stated here today that the plan included overall facelift. After visiting the ISBT, the Administrator had asked the transport department to commission a study for introducing innovative changes as per standardised specifications, aimed to improve the conditions for the convenience of passengers.

The sanitation job would be given to an agency, which can use modern concepts of sanitation already being used at airports, five star hotels and the IT sector.

Renowned brands of eateries, coffee shops/ice cream parlours, book shops, general stores etc. would also be invited. The shops would be licensed through tender for six years with 10% annual increase in the licence fee.

Shops would be renovated/joined together to provide sufficient space for eateries before giving them out to vendors.

A control room with public address system and CCTV cameras and an LCD would be installed. An emergency medical unit would also be established and an ambulance would be provided to the emergency medical unit.

The design of drinking water points would be based on the pattern of the Mumbai airport to stop the misuse of the drinking water facility for bathing and washing of clothes.

Guide maps and passenger information boards in English, Hindi and Punjabi would be installed at the main entrance and four other visually prominent places.

City inspectors on duty would be vested with powers to impose penalties on people found smoking, spitting and littering the premises.

Penalties would be imposed on vendors found overcharging or not maintaining hygiene. An AC waiting room with attached toilets would also come up.



Building Bylaws
Admn will go ahead with amendments
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
Citing poor public response, the Chandigarh administration is going ahead with the amendment of building rules for leasehold and freehold properties.

For the past few days, meetings are being held on day-to-day basis to finalise the bylaws. A number of changes in the rule are being made citing public demand.

Accusing the administration of adopting different yardsticks in giving relaxations, the Chandigarh Marla/Flats Houses Resident Welfare Association has demanded that instead of taking one-sided decision, the administration should give enough time to residents to give their opinion.

“Public opinion should not be sought on the administration website. Proper public notice should be given through various media as the issue concerns the general public,” Surinder Pal Chauhan, president of the association, said.

Other associations, too, have demanded that since notices of building bylaws are pending against hundreds of property owners, proper public opinion should be taken.



... Extends conversion policy

Chandigarh,September 17
The Chandigarh administration has allowed the extension of conversion policy for a further period of six months.

The policy would have expired tomorrow.

The decision follows representations from various industrial associations. The administration considered the request and in view of the pendency of the conversion publications and the initial difficulties faced in its implementation, the administrator allowed the extension until March 18, 2008, on the same terms, a press note said here today.

The representation had stated that the industrialists were now visualising long-terms benefits in adopting the policy. They said the initial hiccups in the implementation of the policy had been overcome.

A large number of issues cropped up while implementing the policy which consumed considerable time of the applicants as well as of the administration. — TNS



Landing system at Chandigarh airport non-operational
To pose serious problems in winters
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The Instrument Landing System (ILS) installed at the Chandigarh airfield has become totally non-operational. Consequently, aircraft operators are expected to face serious problems in the coming winters when visibility drops because of climatic conditions.

The ILS installed here is of a very old vintage and is now beyond repairs, IAF sources said. There had been problems with its operability and it had broken down several times in the past.

It has been installed by a Gujarat-based firm, which has now winded up its business and hence spares are not available. No firm in India manufactures ILS and a replacement will have to be imported.

A senior Air Force officer revealed that though they had written to the higher authorities, apprising them of the situation, it was unlikely that a new ILS would be installed in the foreseeable future. Chandigarh is primarily a defence airfield with a civilian enclave attached to it and all essential airfield services like air traffic control, navigational aids etc. are controlled by the Air Force.

The ILS helps pilots in aligning the aircraft with the runway’s centreline and maintaining the correct rate of descent while landing. The ILS is a vital landing aid when visibility is low.

The problem of the non-availability of an ILS, IAF sources said, could affect the schedule of civilian operators who had to stick to tight schedules. If visibility is poor they would be unable to land.

The ILS at Chandigarh was a Cat--1 version, which required a minimum visibility of 800 metres. Landing is not permitted if visibility is below 800 metres. Airports like Delhi have Cat-2B version, where visibility required is just 50 metres. CAT-3C versions permit landing in near zero visibility.

The non-availability of an ILS is serious as five scheduled airlines, besides several unscheduled and charters operators are at present operating from Chandigarh. A couple of more airlines are planning to launch services to and from Chandigarh.

The problem of the ILS, sources said, would affect private operators more than the IAF, as routine air force transport missions were generally not bound by time schedules. An air maintenance or drop sorties, for instance could be launched as and when weather permitted and any backlog could be cleared during clear weather.



Broken footpaths blotch on city beautiful
Rajay Deep
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The “City Beautiful” will be reduced to a misnomer if the UT administration does not wake up to the ugly reality of civic amenities and surroundings being in disarray.

The latest to join the list are the footpaths that divide the slow carriageways from the main roads. Most of these paths in the city suffer from neglect with slabs having chipped off, rendering them unsafe to walk upon. However, the authorities seem to be in no mood of making repairs.

According to the administration’s claims, the ISBT-17 is being improved as a model terminus. But the divider-cum-footpath just outside it that welcomes visitors reflects otherwise. It puts a question mark over the attitude and intentions of the authorities.

On entering the city through the Dakshin Marg, one can see how serious the city is in maintaining its “beautiful” status. To maintain and justify the claim, attention needs to be paid to such basic infrastructural components that set Chandigarh apart from other cities.

Footpaths have to suffer the apathy of rickshaw and cart pullers who use them despite the fact that these paths have been made exclusively for the benefit of pedestrians.

Though work to revamp main road dividers by placing interlocked tiles began a couple of months ago, it seems to have been halted for some reason.

Chief engineer V.K. Bhardwaj said: “The repair work has been suspended due to rains. It will be restarted very soon.”



Broken idol lands two in trouble
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, September 17
The Jaswantgarh village in Ramgarh witnessed some tense moments late last night when a statue of Guru Valmiki was reportedly desecrated in an area temple. The incident occurred when two labourers, who were reportedly in an inebriated condition, accidentally toppled over the statue and broke it.

As word spread, villagers began assembling at the dharamshala where the temple is situated. The village sarpanch, Razak Mohammad, said he came to know of the incident around 6:30 pm when some villagers complained to him.

“We immediately went to Billa village and identified the culprits. Dharminder, alias Kala, and Jaiprakash, both natives of Uttar Pradesh, had been working as labourers. We even called the police. However, when we were on our way to the police station, the mother of one of the accused became unwell. So he was let off,” he said.

Villagers maintained that they gave a complaint to the police and identified the accused who were booked under Section 295 of the IPC for defiling or injuring a place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class.

Later in the night, the police took the two in its custody and got a medical examination done. They were produced in the district court and remanded to judicial custody today.

The two maintained that they had not broken the idol intentionally. “We had gone there to pay obeisance. After offering prayers, as we turned around to leave, the idol just fell on the ground and broke. We were so scared that we fled. We were not drunk at all,” they said.

The villagers of Jaswantgarh, led by the sarpanch, met deputy commissioner Rajinder Kataria and superintendent of police Sandeep Khirwar. Their statement was recorded in the presence of DSP (headquarters) Dr Abhey Singh Rao.



Mani Majra fort consigned to oblivion
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The city takes pride in its well-planned infrastructure and splendid architectural works. Even as it gears to stake its claim on the world heritage status, an ancient fort continues to remain neglected and is in ruins.

The Mani Majra fort is in a dilapidated state, much to the dismay of residents. The gates of the fort are locked and the outer walls are overgrown with weeds and bushes. People have little knowledge of the fort. All they know is that there is a “quila” in their town. They expressed ignorance on its historical significance.

“We just know that there is a quila that stands tall in our locality. Nobody ever goes there or knows much about it," Ram Chander, a resident, said.

UT administrator S.F. Rodrigues visited the fort on July 6 and instructed officials of the administration and the MC to prepare a holistic plan for its renovation. He was pained to see the collapsed structures and had instructed that a core group be set up for reinstating its infrastructure and historical significance.

"We have written a letter to the chairman of the Trust in Faridkot and will soon make it a sought-after destination for people. Efforts are on to make it a joint venture of the UT adminsitration and the trustees," said Krishan Mohan, home secretary, Chandigarh administration, adding that extensive repairs were required.

Spread over 4 acres, the inner walls of the fort can collapse any time, said Gurdev Singh, a trustee of the fort for the past 18 years.

He said the fort was the property of Maharawal Kewa Ji Trust of Faridkot. The fort was built by a local chieftain, Garib Dass, and his son Gopal Singh in the second half of the 18th century.

"All decisions are taken at a meeting comprising the trustees," he added.



74-year veteran begins cycle expedition for peace
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
To spread the message of brotherhood and to step up the fight against corruption, a 74-year old veteran of the 1962 war, Hav Nathi Prasad Nainawal, has embarked upon a solo cycle expedition from Chandimandir to Goa.

The expedition was flagged-off by Brig N.K. Mishra, Station Commander, Chandimandir, today according to a statement issued here.

Nainawal, who has a well-settled family to lead a comfortable retired life, chose to be on a cycle to cover the length and breadth of the nation and even going across the borders to spread the message of brotherhood and nationalism. With 18,965 km of cycling across Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and India to his credit, he vows to continue his endeavour.

The Kargil war and events thereafter made him join hands with others to submit a memorandum to the then President A P J Abdul Kalam, whose assertion that each one of us mattered and could contribute towards something constructive, inspired this para-trooper to start this solo mission.

Nainawal would be joined by two other ex-servicemen, Hav Ramachander Rao from Maharashtra and Hav Antony Jose from Cochin at Jaipur and then proceed to Goa. Rao and Antony have begun similar journeys from Thane and Cochin.



Electric-city: Current leaves Gurukul Colony shocked
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Residents of Gurukul Colony in Panchkula show the meters that reportedly led to the flow of current in the tin roofs
Residents of Gurukul Colony in Panchkula show the meters that reportedly led to the flow of current in the tin roofs on Monday. — Tribune photo by Vinay Malik

Panchkula, September 17
Panic gripped Gurukul Colony in Sector 1 when residents complained of electric current in certain portions of their houses this evening. Scared about the flow of current, the residents spent the evening outside their homes, waiting for the officials of the Electricity Department to arrive.

The residents said the department had shifted their electricity meters a week back and a panel was installed for every 20 houses. Dissatisfied with the work done, residents said they had been facing some problem or the other since then.

The department officials, however, denied the residents’ allegations saying that there was no current in the houses. They said the people had a problem with the shifting of their meters since it would check power theft. “Our engineers found nothing there. The people are uncomfortable with the idea of having their meters out of their houses,” an officer said.

The problem came to light today when Sila Devi Gupta, an occupant of D-6, was removing clothes from the clothesline. “I suddenly felt something grip me. I realized there was current in the stainless steel clothesline. I left my clothes hanging and went inside, only to find that there was current in the tin roof too. I immediately alerted everybody,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sanjay, a driver, went to have a bath when he accidentally touched the tin sheet overhead to find that there was current in the ceiling. He, too, rushed out of the bathroom. Soon other residents joined them and called the officials of electricity department.

“The incident took place around 4.30 pm. We contacted the electricity department but nobody responded. Finally, help arrived around 8.30 pm after which there was no problem. We also told the officials that the wires had been loosely connected and were naked at some places. They assured us that the matter will be looked into,” Pramod Dikshit, another resident, said.



Erratic power supply hits hospital hard
Tribune News Service

Mohali, September 17
Erratic electricity supply to the civil hospital here has led to a peculiar problem for the hospital authorities.

In the absence of power supply, the hospital is forced to run on generators, resulting in air and noise pollution.

By the time the generators have run for over a few hours, a think layer of black sooty smoke usually envelops the hospital building.

“The patients suffer the most. We have written to the department to supply us with a bigger generator that can take the load and we have been assured the same,” said SMO in charge Dr H.S. Sarang.

He added that electricity supply to the hospital had been erratic since the past few days and the generators run for many hours during the day.

The cable that supplies electricity to the hospital had brunt out and is still waiting repairs. “The poor supply is due to the temporary connection. It will be restored by tomorrow morning,” he said.



‘Abandoned’ newborn dead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The newborn, who was abandoned at the PGI a few days ago, died at the Advanced Paediatric Centre of the PGI this morning. The baby died due to complications arising out of premature delivery.

A case for abandoning the same child was registered at the PGI police post on Saturday. Later, Vinod, a Ludhiana resident, had claimed the baby saying that he had gone to get money from his home. He said his wife had been admitted to an ESI hospital at Ludhiana. Vinod had been taking care of the baby even as investigations were on to verify his identity.

The body was handed over to him today after verification, said Asha, a police official at the PGI police post.




Make tricity smoke free

The UT Administration has done well in declaring Chandigarh a non-smoking territory and in taking punitive steps to stop smoking in public places.

It is time the Punjab and Haryana Government take similar steps in Mohali and Panchkula respectively. The residents of these townships also have a right to fresh and clean breathing environment as much as the UT residents.

It is a tricity for all intents and purposes and a good step taken by one should be followed by the other two without any loss of time.

Hundreds of people indulge in tobacco and paan-chewing in public and spread their coloured sputum anywhere and everywhere, be it roads, footpaths, floors or walls. This is an abominable habit, that is not only unhygienic but also spreads diseases besides leaving a bad impression on the foreign tourists visiting this part of the country.

There is a serious need to put an end to this detestable habit and the state governments would do good by banning it at the earliest.


Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com  or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



Theft in Sector-70 house
Tribune News Service

Amarjit Kaur in her house that was struck by thieves in Mohali
Amarjit Kaur in her house that was struck by thieves in Mohali on Monday. — Tribune photo by Vicky Gharu 

Mohali, September 17
Thieves struck a house in Sector 70 last morning and reportedly decamped with cash and jewellery worth Rs 2 lakh. The incident occurred when the house owner, Amarjit Kaur, was away to Chandigarh with her daughter for over two hours. On returning, she found the house ransacked. “The glass on the almirahs was shattered and the clothes had been thrown out of every box,” the owner said.

She said the thieves must have been waiting for her to leave as they struck while she was away. She said her elder daughter and her granddaughter had also visited her house while the thieves were still there.

“They rang the bell presuming that we are home but no one opened the door. The thieves ran away from the back door,” said Amarjit Kaur. She added that the lock on the gate and the inside door was broken and thrown in the lawn. The police have registered a case.

Amarjit Kaur told the police that other than Rs 25,000, some dollars and euros were also missing. Gold jewellery was also missing along with two cameras.



Woman among three arrested with smack
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The police today nabbed three persons, including a woman, and seized 22 gm of smack from their possession. Sunny of Sector 52 was arrested from near the Himachal Serai in Sector 24 with 10 gm of smack while Meena of Sector 56 was held while carrying 2 gm of the drug from near the cremation ground in Sector 25.

Sandeep of Sector 25 was arrested with 10 gm of smack. Three cases under the NDPS Act have been registered.

Breach of trust

Gaurav of Sector 28-A has lodged a complaint with the police, alleging that the driver of a Maruti car (HP-12-A-2875) fled without paying after getting four tyres replaced. The incident took place in Sector 27 on Sunday. A case of breach of trust has been registered.

Vehicle stolen

Mathari of Mauli Jagran has reported to the police that his Hero Honda motorcycle (HR-03-A-5357) was stolen from near the temple in Sector 22-D on Sunday.

In another incident, Prem Singh of Phase-I, Mohali, lodged a complaint that his Bajaj Chetak scooter (PB-65-A-0652) was also stolen from Sector 22 on Sunday. Jyoti Sarup of Sector 37 said his Bajaj Calibre motorcycle (CH-01-N-8221) was stolen from his house this morning.

Caught stealing

Jaswinder Singh of Sector 41 has filed a complaint with the police alleging that Rajinder Singh of Hoshiarpur and Ravinder Dutt of Nainital were caught while stealing four steel taps from his shop this morning. The accused were handed over to the police and a case was registered against them following the recovery of the taps.


Diwari Lal of Shashtri Nagar, Manimajra, reported to the police that Hari Parshad, Ramu, Tinku and Raj Bahadur, all residents of the same locality, forcibly entered his house and assaulted him last night. He was admitted to the PGI. A case under Sections 323, 452 and 506 of the IPC has been registered.



2 women commit suicide
Tribune News Service

Mohali, September 17
Two women committed suicide in two separate incidents here today.

A 24-year-old married woman reportedly committed suicide by setting herself on fire within the precincts of a gurdwara at Amlana village.

On getting to know about the incident, villagers gathered around the gurdwara. The woman’s husband, Gurpreet, and her father-in-law, who is the granthi of the gurdwara, claimed that they were not at home when the incident took place.

In Behra village, a 38-year-old woman, Sumitra, allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan in her house. The victim’s husband, Indera, said he was away to his factory at Samgauli village when the incident took place. He reportedly had taken his children with him.

In both the cases, the police is still investigating the matter.



Man jailed for hurting cop
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
A local court today pronounced the conviction of Dinesh Kumar under Section 338 of the IPC.

Dinesh Kumar had hurt a constable on duty on July 26, 2006, when his car was stopped for challan.

He got imprisonment for two years and a fine of Rs 1,000 was imposed on him. He was also convicted under Section 279 of the IPC where he was ordered imprisonment of six months with a fine of Rs 500.

The constable had fractured his arm in the incident.



JCO ‘manhandled’ by doctor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
A retired junior commissioned officer (JCO) has alleged misbehaviour on the part of a doctor posted at the ex-servicemen’s polyclinic in Chandimandir.

In a written complaint to the Army authorities, Surat Singh, a resident of Sector 49, has alleged that he had asked the doctor to prescribe him medicines for a month so that it would be convenient for him because he is disabled.

He alleged that the doctor instead recommended only seven days’ medicine and when he reiterated his request, he was abused and manhandled. He added that his prescription slip was also torn.



Ranbaxy to pump in $500 m in health sector
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 17
The special economic zone of Ranbaxy Laboratories being set up at Mohali on 80 acres will have manufacturing capacity of 10 billion tablets every year.

This was stated by Ranbaxy Laboratories CEO and MD Malvinder Mohan Singh at a gathering at a national pharmaceutical conference organised by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry here.

The company looks to invest $ 500 million in the health sector in the state, he added.

The price of the medicines of the company was the cheapest in the country, but their availability in certain parts was a problem, he said.

Suggesting the consolidation of the industry, the CEO said India would have to significantly ramp up the number of highly skilled and well-trained scientists to stay ahead in the race for global leadership.

Welcoming the delegates at the conference, PHD chamber president Sanjay Bhatia pointed out India’s recognition as one of the leading global players in the industry.

In terms of volume, the pharmaceutical industry was ranked fourth in the world and in terms of value of production it stood 13th.

Bhatia regretted that infrastructural deficiency continued to challenge the industry. With simplification of procedures, another big challenge was the rapidly emerging skilled manpower deficit in the country.

In his presentation, NIPER director Dr P. Rama Rao said a conservative share of India would yield R&D expenses of $2 billion by 2010. Healthcare focus was gradually shifting from treatment to prevention. New technologies would drive R&D, he added.



Biz Word

Training programme: Alan Edwards, renowned hair stylist from London, conducted a staff training programme on latest trends in hair cuts and colour at Tress Lounge, Sector 8, here today. Edwards showcased and trained the salon staff in the latest fashion trends.

Winger launched: Tata Motors today announced the launch of Tata Winger in the city. The Winger can seat 9 to 13 passengers. All the seats are front facing and have magazine pockets, bottle holders, spot lamps and grab handles. The Winger has 11 variants in three levels of comfort-standard, deluxe and luxury. It comes with a 1.5 lakh/ 18 month warranty and 10 free services. The Winger is priced at starting Rs 4.82 (ex-showroom Chandigarh). — TNS



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