Single & Shining

More than just twinkling stars of the tinsel world shining in earthy ‘K’-serials on the television, half-Punjabi Jenifer Wignet, Chaitanya Chowdhary and Shaleen Bhanot are all eligible singles. And if you go by Wignet’s own little declaration, the little miss is not averse to the idea of tying the knot with City Beautiful by picking upon her soul buddy from Chandigarh! After all, the Mumbai-bred gal’s mom too is from Punjab.Saurabh Malik catches up, as they get ready to promote Star Plus’ new primetime show Sangam in Chandigarh.

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Jenifer Wignet & Chaitanya Chowdhary
Jenifer Wignet & Chaitanya Chowdhary

A new high
Purva Grover
is a familiar face in the city. For almost seven years now, no event in the city has gone without the presence of his fancy, colourful and educational kites. Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal, city’s very own kiteman, is now soaring higher and so are our hopes with him. Sehgal will probably be the first Indian to participant in the Impossibility Challenger Games to be held in Munich, Germany, in November this year. 

Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal: Photo by Pradeep Tewari
Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal

hello, hello...  May I help you?
Aman Minhas
Ever thought of the woman behind the voice, who enters your life through the phone and makes your life easier? 

They They are the new faces (read voices) of India. Age no bar. Working long hours is not just about delegating work in plush AC offices but helping people deal with life’s little problems. If one handles enquiries, the other sells bank schemes on the phone. If one provides transport, the other announces and makes available tickets to city residents. These women enter our lives via our ears and in a few moments relieve us of the tension of completing petty but pertinent tasks, and exit silently, sometimes even without an acknowledgement. 


Lions of Punjab
Aman Minhas

is not just a state, it is a brand, and that too a global one. Patiala salwaars, butter chicken, Santa Banta jokes, Jaspal Bhatti, Jassi, Sidhu paaji, Ricky Thakural...the Punjabi brigade has invaded all parts of live and rightfully emerged as the kings and queens of tellydom and Bollywood too.

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Cool Stuff

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Weeny...
Purva Grover
Falling denims, rising skirt hemlines, plunging cholis: Where are city fashionistas heading? 
negative shade in the character spells backless blouses, a perfect body in tiny clothes defines an item girl, a cricket commentator is known less for her knowledge of the game and more for the noodle straps of her designer blouses. Phew, watching the idiot box is quite a fashion fright. Switch to reality, and the city’s fashion scene is scary.

Sweet Delights 
Archana K. Sudheer

is some yummy bit of news for all you foodies. Nikhil Mittal aka Nik Bakers has opened its second outlet in Sector 35. The eatery with a seating capacity of 130 promises to leave foodies asking for more.

What a party!
Archana K. Sudheer
It was party time. The building reverberated with the sounds of claps, cheers and whistles, with hot Punjabi peppy music in the background. The event was a get-together for students of the Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training and children of Theatre Age, an NGO that works with street kids. The Frankfinn initiative, held at Government Model School–24, was an attempt to lighten up the lives of these children and to break away from regular classroom sessions.
Photo by Pradeep Tewari

film & Fashion 
A toxic party

Spears went partying just hours after a judge ordered her to submit to random drug tests and abstain from alcohol. The club-hop for the singer came just hours after a judge warned the Toxic singer about her drug and alcohol abuse. “They kept bringing (Spears) shots and so they were drinking. She was dancing on the tables trying to be really sexy, even putting a black sock over her head as a hat, and putting on a show for everyone,” a witness said. The singer refused to comment on the on-going child custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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Beauty Studio
Lipfinity for the ladies brigade
Pammy Kaul
Get maximum fun from that luscious colour in your tube

is part of every lady’s beauty pouch, whatever the age! Moreover, these days, girls don’t wait to arrive at a certain age to wear lipstick. Wearing lipstick has become a part of ones daily beauty-routine for the young ones. Here are a few lip tips, for you to get maximum effect from your lipstick When looking for the right shade to compliment your skin tone, try wearing your lip colour without any make up. If it compliments your face, then that’s the shade for you. The most flattering lip tones will be a shade darker than your natural lip colour. The trick is to try it on the lower lip first, compare the two and then, go for two or three shades darker.

Fighting an elephant cause
What do you get when celebrities like Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu, John Abraham and Raveena Tandon join hands with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)? A compassionate statement for elephants that live in cities, where they are forced to walk on scorching-hot, pothole-ridden roads in busy traffic.

Paneer’s first-cousin
Kandla Nijhowne

. The vegans swear by it. Others like me are vague about paneer’s cousin, happier with our favourite meat dishes! But no one can deny that tofu packs quite a protein-punch, and not just for the dyed-in-the-wool vegetarians. Glorified justifiably, tofu is now easily available, and not on the fringe any more of our shopping list.

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Tip of the week

The Culinary Chameleon

Aman Minhas

and gentlemen we present to you a revolution in the way the world eats. We give you a simple, healthy yet tasty food that will tingle your taste buds and help remove that extra tyre too. What are we talking about? We are talking about Tofu. The new age miracle that has been around for some time now and people all over are waking up to it.A food of Chinese origin, Tofu or bean curd is made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks.