South’s rebid of 3NT showed a balanced hand and 25-27 points. North’s 4C was Stayman (similar to 3C over a 2NT rebid) and his subsequent raise of 4H to 5H invited a slam. South should perhaps have passed, with his minimum 25-count. How would you play 6H when West leads the ten of clubs to East’s ace and a club is returned? Declarer saw that he would need the spade finesse to be right. Not only that, if East held four spades to the king, declarer would need to take the spade finesse three times. He cashed the king of trumps and continued with the jack of trumps. When West followed suit it was safe to overtake with dummy’s ace. Do you see the point of this play? Declarer was trying to set up the maximum number of entries to dummy in the trump suit. East showed out on the second round of trumps and declarer took his first spade finesse, pleased to see West follow with a low card. The four of trumps to dummy’s nine provided a second entry to dummy and a second spade finesse followed. A trump to dummy’s queen returned the lead to dummy and declarer finessed for a third time in spades. Twelve tricks made!

What will you say?


Even though you are in the ‘sandwich position’ (between two bidders), your values are sufficient to contest the auction. It is more accurate to make a take-out double, showing both black suits, than to overcall in clubs. Awards: Double -10, 2C — 7, Pass — 4.

David Bird — Knight Features