Enter the Dracula

Dracula’s Underground: Horror retold
Dracula’s Underground: Horror retold

In and around the city of Bucharest, Romania is ripe with legends, folklore and tales of the unknown. But its most famous tale is of the real-life Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler, who once ruled this land with a bloodthirst like no other known in history.

But for all the myth that swirls on the surface, the real truth about this infamous Romanian ruler rests, appropriately, underground.

In Dracula’s Underground on October 10 at 10 pm, History Channel takes viewers to the secret prisons of Dracula’s tortured victims, the tunnels he carved into mountains and the ancient caves and mines that provided the breeding ground for the legend.

Host Don Wildman braves the confines of caves, the depths of dungeons, and the very uncommon ground of the ‘Son of the Devil’. He peels back layers of time, to bring you face-to-face with the ruthless Dracula himself.

Fantasy time

Chandramukhi: New costume drama
Chandramukhi: New costume drama

Years after he made television history with Chandrakanta, Sunil Agnihotri is back with a new costume drama. Chandramukhi coming on the National Network from Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. is the story of a man who turns into a dangerous animal every moonless night and kills his own people. Such is his devilish power that he even blinds his father. Now in order to bring back his father’s eyesight, he has to get a flower from Princess Chandramukhi’s kingdom, a place from where nobody returns alive.

This idea, confesses Sunil, has been inspired by an Arabian tale Gul-E-Bakawli. Starring Deepak Parasher, Krutika Desai and Amita Nangia, the serial, says Sunil, has plenty of action, thrill, emotions and comedy. Special effects are an integral part of the storyline."

"In today’s age of computers there are still takers for the fantasy stuff," says Sunil. And then comes the piece de resistance, "If technology can make such hit films like Star Wars, ET and Jurassic Park then Chandramukhi will certainly do very well." Now only time will tell if the claims of our very own Steven Spielberg are correct. NF