ulta pulta
Fair way to part
Jaspal Bhatt

The Bombay High Court has directed that the language in divorce cases should be clean and temperate. It deleted several parts of a husband’s explicit details against his wife’s ‘unnatural’ demands for sex. It is true that sometimes the language used in divorce petitions is too scandalous and indecent to hear.

A woman once stated in the court that her husband used such foul language that it could not be repeated in front of any civilised person. The judge quietly said, "Ma’am, you can repeat it in my ear."

Advocates will have to devise some coded language to represent their case when lot of dirty linen is expected to be washed in the courtroom.

A harassed husband was describing his plight in the court. "Judge Sahib, my parents have named me Ramesh. But my wife calls every dog and donkey ‘Ramesh’ just to humiliate me".

The defence counsel for the wife said it was in no way calling names to the husband. The judge sent the wife to jail for two days for humiliating animals.

A harassed husband was unwell and asked his wife to call a vet. The wife asked, "Are you sure you need a vet?" He said, "Yes, the whole day I work like a donkey, live like a dog and sleep with a silly cow."

The woman went to the court seeking divorce on the ground that her husband had insulted her. The judge instead gave kudos to the husband for using decent language.