Not just a coffee break
Wind up the hilly roads to unwind yourself, or take off in a plane for landing yourself into delight this Dussehra vacations coz you need a break — Team Life Style tells you why 
several months now you have been scratching your tired little head with exhausted fingers, thinking of winding up your work at the office or college for unwinding yourself on the windy road meandering its way through the chuckling mountains during vacations.But, the task of locking up the cabin and leaving behind the workplace unattended, or pals in the neighbourhood all alone for several days, seems uphill. After all, you are too much into it. Otherwise also, some of you may not admit it, but the thought of scaling new heights of social success seldom leaves you in peace. In any case, there is so much to do in so little time.
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Tips for Trips

Punjabs Unite
Parbina Rashid
It’s a poetic exploration of social issues at the Indo-Pak mushaira at Panjab University

happens when as many as 14 eminent poets from Pakistan descend at one place? Everything goes for a six! For, there are markets to explore, a book fair to be visited and tourist spots to be seen. And that too, besides having to participate in a ru-ba-ru, a formal lunch with the vice chancellor, and prepare for the big event in the evening — a mushaira under the banner of Poetry Festival of both the Punjabs. Too many events in single day! So we waiting journos could not even complain as we were tossed between the Department of Punjabi (the host) and the University Guest House, to snatch a few words from the departing poets and to catch a glimpse of them!

Photo by Pradeep Tewari

2-minute art
Vinod Mehta’s new landscape series is fresh & eye-catching
Vinod Mehta has always been generous with colour. So we had a preconceived notion as what to expect when we entered the Government Museum and Art Gallery-10 where his latest works are on display. And this city-based freelance artist did not disappoint us. His canvases are as colourful as ever, even his technique has not changed much, for he still does not believe in using conventional brushes.

Vinod Mehta
 Photo by Pradeep Tewari

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It’s the time to disco
Have you been grooving to the latest hit Dard-e-Disco from Om Shanti Om? And if you think you have got your moves right, then get ready for the live auditions this Wednesday at Fun Republic-Manimjara.CNN-IBN and IBN 7 are organising a talent hunt, Dard-e-Disco Dance Challenge that invites all dance buffs to swing to this hit number. It’s your chance to not just shake your leg but feature in a dance show with the flick’s trio — Farah Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. The five most talented finalists will get a chance to get choreography lessons from Farah.

First Day First Show
Warning: Don’t go near this one! 
Rajiv Kaplish
Go, yells director Manish Srivastav. Newcomer Gautam Gupta and Nisha Kothari have a better idea. They run. Away from their hysterical parents who are opposed to their “dangerous alliance”. Leaving their raving and ranting elders, the star crossed lovers run into a chief minister, Ravi Kale’s PA, who is also on the run. The reason: He knows his boss got his deputy killed and is being hounded by the ruthless politician’s henchmen.

Cate’s mad about Ford
Actor Cate Blanchett admits that she has a crush on Harrison Ford since her teenage years. Blanchett has been cast alongside the actor in the new Indiana Jones film The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The 38-year-old actor asserts that till date she finds the 65-year-old star attractive. “I was completely in love with Harrison Ford and I still am. He’s a hottie and he’s definitely stood the test of time,”’ Blanchett said. The film is scheduled to be released worldwide in May next year. 

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Off the beaten track
Saurabh Malik
The scorching sun is backing off and holidays are right here. There’s one for everyone. Read on & take your pick!

you are giving Europe a cold shoulder because of hard wintry conditions, try feeling the warmth of togetherness during the vacations at off-beat destinations.You can go to Kotakinabalu in Malaysia. Or else, you can savour breathtaking sites along with noodles at Gulin in China. “Morocco, Tahiti and even Bali, is also on the travel agenda of the city residents,” says Sumant Kapoor of Khanna Enterprises-17. “You see, so many of them have already seen most of Europe and other tourist locations.”

Pack a Punch
Aman Minhas
Indulge in absolute leisure, adventure, luxury & gluttony...

You’ve been slogging hard, stuck badly in a sort of all work, no play grind. Not to mention the endless times you’ve reminded yourself that you needed a break. And now, with the festive season and Dussehra break parked right at the take-off stage, could there be a better time for planning a holiday and charting out travel plans? In case you’ve already begun your ‘holiday’ homework and are looking for some idea on what to expect in terms of sightseeing and stay, here’s some help. 

  • Singapore & Malaysia

  • Bangkok & Pattaya

  • Bali

  • China

  • Mauritius

  • Australia

  • Malaysia–Singapore–Thailand

Photo by Pradeep Tewari

I want to break free
Aman Minhas
Big holiday plans seem impossible? Worry not, head to nearby places for an instant pep up

Vacations are here! Ten days of unadulterated fun. Not excited? You think the days are way too less to pack up and leave for a favourite destination. And what about the Puja, Dussehra and Diwali preparations? Naah, vacation at this time is out of the window. Not really though. This is the right time to visit nearby places that don’t figure in your to-go list during summer vacations. Here are a few places that will revitalise you ASAP.

  Around town

Is your home secure?
Archana K. Sudheer
the trip you have been waiting for. A few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But will your getaway really be tension-free? Or will you be constantly worried about the security of your home? Cheer up. All you have to do is to get yourself a watchdog — a complete home security system. Commonly known as the burglar alarm system (BAS), this technology provides complete security.