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Mayawati’s Rally
Show of strength for Dhawan
Chandigarh Vikas Manch and BSP to merge
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The social engineering formula of BSP supremo and UP Chief Minister Mayawati will get rolling in the city with a party rally even as elaborate security arrangements have been made for it.

In fact, former union minister and Chandigarh Vikas Manch (CVM) chief Harmohan Dhawan, who recently joined the BSP, will use the occasion to merge the CVM with the BSP. In a way, it will be a show of strength for Dhawan, who had been in political wilderness for several years now.

And for the BSP, Dhawan, who wields considerable influence in the slums, will be a prize catch, as the party did not have much support base in the city even though it made its entry into the municipal corporation of Chandigarh (MCC) in December last year. The CVM has four councillors in the MCC.

Meanwhile, claiming that roads leading to the Sector 17 circus ground will not be closed for motorists, the Chandigarh police added that the arrangements had been made ensuring least inconvenience to commuters.

As many as 500 policemen, including in civil dress, will be deployed at the rally venue at Sector 17 Circus Ground.

Giving details about the security arrangements, the UT SP (Traffic) AS Ahlawat said a DSP and five inspectors would be deployed at the rally venue, who would supervise the security arrangements. A DSP and two inspectors would man the parking lot to ensure free flow of vehicles to the rally venue. Besides, a DSP-cum-commandant would be deployed at Hotel Taj.

He added that door frame metallic detectors would be installed at all entry points leading to the rally venue and the entire venue would be divided into six sections to ensure proper control over the people assembled at the venue.

The police has also designated certain open spaces in and around the Sector 17 for parking of vehicles belonging to supporters. The open space beside the Reserve Bank of India building, in front of Sector 17 police station, near KC Cinema, along the road dividing Sectors 18 and 20 and 17 and 18 would be converted into temporary parking lots.



Patient’s kidneys go missing
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
In a shocking incident, doctors of the civil hospital at Ambala City allegedly removed both kidneys of a 50-year-old woman, who was operated upon there to remove some obstruction from her kidney.

The incident came to light when the hospital referred the patient, Kanta Devi of Shahbad Markanda, to the PGI here after her condition deteriorated on October 23. She was admitted to the hospital at Ambala on October 19 and was operated upon next day.

At PGI doctors found that both the kidneys were missing from the patient’s body and reported the matter to the police. The local police, in turn, forwarded the matter to the Ambala police for further action.

Talking to TNS, Nisha Kashyap, daughter-in-law of the patient, alleged that in September, Kanta Devi was diagnosed with some obsruction in her left kidney at the PGI. She was operated upon at Ambala and when her condition deteriorated, she was referred to the PGI here, where she was put on dialysis since then. It was two days ago that the doctors treating her in the PGI found that she had no kidneys. The family was shocked at the revelation.

The in charge of the PGI police post, sub-inspector Asha Sharma, said the PGI authorities reported the incident to them, which was then forwarded to the Ambala police.

A doctor at the Civil Hospital, Ambala city, preferring anonymity, said the hospital only operated upon the left kidney of the patient and the kidney removed was sent to histopathology also for examination. The matter was being investigated as to how both the kidneys were missing from the patient’s body. 



Hearing Blues
Ear-drum rupture cases surge
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
It is festival season and doctors are wary. This is when they witness a spurt in cases involving hearing troubles, with several resulting in permanent hearing loss.

Noise, they say, is the main culprit. The hearing ability of people in the city is fast depleting, with ENT specialists examining more and more such in OPDs. Every fortnight, the community health centre, Sector 22 alone receives four cases of ear-drum rupture.

In 90 per cent cases, fights - domestic and street - are the cause and patients have been slapped or punched hard. Many married women are at the receiving end and suffer traumatic perforation (ear-drum damage) due to abuse, say doctors.

Young men, who enter into violent brawls and end up hitting each other, are equally vulnerable. “In cases of ear-drum rupture, the success of treatment depends on the ferocity of attack on the face or ear. A slap can cause chronic perforation which then leads to permanent hearing loss,” says Dr Rajesh Dhir, member of the expert committee implementing the National Programme on Prevention and Control of Deafness (NPPCD) in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is one of the 10 states where this pilot project is being run to prevent hearing losses. India has 63 million deaf.

Dr Dhir also examines four cases of ear-drum damage in his OPD every fortnight. “Similar numbers must be reporting to other hospital OPDs. This problem is becoming common due to fights and noise exposures,” he says, adding that exposure to high noise levels is another big reason behind deafness. Such damage may take years to show.

Nine-hour continuous exposure to 90 decibels is known to deplete hearing ability. Vacuum bombs and fire crackers used during Diwali produce about 140 decibel noise, which can cause irreversible hearing loss“Everyone should avoid high-vacuum bombs, loud music in discotheques and at weddings. This noise causes sensory neural loss which can’t be reversed. Hearing aid is the only answer for such patients,” Dr Dhir cautioned, adding that anyone feeling a lasting ringing sensation in the ears, following exposure to noise should see a doctor.

What Docs Say

  • Don’t clean the ear canal - it will clean itself
  • Don’t put anything in the ear canal
  • Avoid loud noise; noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a major cause of deafness
  • Look out for family history of deafness
  • Discharging ear among children is not normal



Infantry Day
Remembering those who fell in battle
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
Infantry Day was observed at Western Command headquarters today, with officers and troops paying homage to their comrade-in-arms who had made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty.

A solemn wreath laying ceremony was organised at the Veer Smriti War Memorial in Chandi Mandir where floral tributes were paid to those who fell in battle.

It was on this day in 1947 that the first Indian soldiers (1st Battalion of the Sikh Regiment) landed at Srinagar to defend the country against the onslaught of Pakistan-backed raiders. Since then, October 27 is observed the Infantry Day every year.

Known as “The Queen of the Battle”, Infantry is the largest component and the premier fighting arm of the Army. Valiant and intrepid, the “Foot Soldiers” have kept alive the rich traditions inherited by them over generations.

A special sainik sammelan, addressed by Chief of Staff Western Command, Lieut-Gen A.N. Aul, and a barakhana for troops were other events organised to mark the occasion. A social evening was organised at the Shivalik Officers Institute, Chandi Mandir, where serving Infantry officers got an opportunity to interact with their predecessors, the Infantry Veterans, living in and around Chandigarh.



Power Generation
Govt needs industry support
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
Power being a vital economic factor for industrial growth, the government's endeavour is to make the optimum utilisation of power resources at its disposal with emphasis on decentralised power generation coupled with implementation of long-term solutions, stated Anil Razdan, secretary, ministry of power, Government of India, while addressing the delegates at the ‘Conference on Indian Power Sector: 11th Plan & Beyond’ organised by the CII, Northern Region, at the CII Northern Region headquarters here yesterday.

"The task is so stupendous that we immediately need private players, especially smaller controllable units." Urging the industry to hand hold and pro actively partner in the process, he stated there was dire need to bring environmentally sustainable projects and energy-efficient projects.

Rakesh Nath, chairman, Central Electricity Authority, said the country was passing through industrial revolution.

The industry being the major consumer of power was also the most important stakeholder in this development process.

R.M. Khanna, chairman, SME Sub-committee, CII, said the conference was indeed a welcome interface with industry as issues of concern and effective suggestions for creating the environs for industrial growth were deliberated. He also reinforced the CII's commitment for a proactive partnership in the power generation as well as in the reform process. 



MCM DAV violates RTI Act
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
MCM DAV College, Sector 36, has once again refused information under the Right to Information Act (RTI) 2005. In identical letters written on October 24, 2007, to professors Ghanshyam Das, K.S. Chopra, A.L. Singla, Arun Kumar Aggarwal and Avanindra Chopra of DAV College, Sector 10, the college initially accepts that it is “an aided college”, but denies that it is “a public authority” as defined in the RTI Act.

The college had even earlier refused information despite clear instructions issued by the UGC, Panjab University and the director of higher education, Chandigarh.

In the present case, information had been sought on issues of contributory provident fund, leave encashment, fee structure and expenditure on advertisements issued by the college.

But the management of the college, in an explanation attached to the reply, claims that the college is a part of public schools run by the DAV College Trust and Management Society and does not receive any aid either from the state government or the central government. “Consequently, we are not bound to furnish the information as asked for,” it adds. The college blatantly ignores the fact that since 1977, it has been under the 95 per cent grant-in-aid scheme of the UT administration.

As per directions of the UGC, “All universities and colleges, controlled or substantially financed directly or indirectly by the government, shall come within the meaning of a public authority under this Act.”

It further instructs all universities and colleges to “take necessary steps for the implementation of various provisions, including proactive disclosure of certain kinds of information.”

The PU, in a letter sent in November 2005, had directed the principals of all its affiliated colleges, receiving grants from any government/UGC to implement the RTI Act 2005.

But the MCM DAV College has created no mechanism for provision of information.

Even director of higher education Raji P. Srivastava, on September 10, 2007, had advised aided colleges getting 95 per cent grant-in-aid from the Chandigarh administration to comply with the provisions of the RTI Act as they were “controlled and substantially financed by the government.” The present applications, seeking information, were made after this advisory.

President of MCM DAV College Teachers’ Union Prof Uma Joshi said, “The management of the college is flouting all rules, regulations and instructions issued by the UGC, PU vice-chancellor and director of higher education in many other cases as well.

In fact, the management by violating all rules has given a fatal blow to the status and image of the two DAV colleges in the city and is inviting severe criticism and penalties from all quarters.” 



Malls’ parking lots at odd sites
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
It seems that the Chandigarh administration has misplaced priorities in providing temporary parking at the upcoming multiplexes and shopping malls in Industrial Area, Phase I, here.

It first approved two big malls in the Industrial Area without a thought about adequate parking and now, it is creating parking sites that will not attract any visitors as they’re not ably located.

For reasons best known to the officials, the parking lots are being developed at spots where there are no malls. One such spot is the lot in front of the Central Poultry Breeding Farm, adjoining the Chandigarh-Zirakpur highway. Enquiries reveal that the two malls, the Central Mall and City Emporia, are at least one kilometre away from the parking lot. This decision of the administration is raising eyebrows.

The proposal for temporary parking was mooted after the public criticised the lack of parking proposals in the building plans.

Sources in the administration said work on the three temporary lots identified by the empowered committee was yet to start.

On the other hand, parking lots have not been identified in the Industrial Area, where 12 applications for conversion have been approved. Although the applicants have already paid lakhs of rupees, work on the parking lots has not begun yet.



Portraying NRIs in positive light
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The dull surroundings of Model Jail, Burail, came alive this morning with the shooting of a film “Aisee Diwangee”. The film, being directed by Abdul Kayum, is one of those love stories that have an NRI flavour, without which no film with Punjab presence seems complete these days.

In this one, you even have authentic NRIs playing themselves. The producer-writer of the film, Sanjeev Jhanji from Canada is, in fact, very excited about his role in the film. “It’s a romantic story, which deals with contemporary issues. We are trying to portray NRIs in positive light. More often than not, they are caricatured to add comedy, but that’s cheap. It’s something we totally disapprove of. We will give NRIs a makeover for reel,” said Jhanji, who has roped in actor Kiran Kumar to play the lead female actor’s father. Kumar had a shoot today.

The main cast, however, is rather obscure - Sarvar Ahuja in male lead and Divya Dwivedi in female, though the producer insists it is famous and experienced. “These are no fresh faces. Divya has earlier worked with Govinda in the film “Jahaan Jaiega Hame Paiega”. Sarvar has also faced the camera many times. The film is being shot in Chandigarh, Mumbai and Mauritius. Most of the film is located in Punjab,” he says.

The director, for his part, is concentrating on putting substance into the film, his debut.



26 rescued from de-addiction centre
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 27
As many as 26 inmates were rescued by the police from a drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centre in Phase VII, industrial area, here today.

It is alleged that at Sanjivini Foundation De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, all the inmates were made to stay in one room.

While the police has confiscated the record of the centre, all the inmates have been shifted to the local civil hospital.

The police said any action in this regard would be taken only after a written complaint was received from officials of the health department.

It is alleged that the inmates were made to live in insanitary conditions and were also tortured.

The inmates alleged that they were tortured and not given proper food. They were allegedly not being given proper medical care as well.

Dr H.S. Sarang, SMO in-charge of the civil hospital, said the inmates were admitted to the hospital and given symptomatic treatment. He said some of them were suffering from skin diseases which were allegedly caused by unhygienic conditions and overcrowding at the centre.

He said the inmates would be discharged only when their guardians come to take them. Most of the inmates were in the age group of 18 to 35 years, he added.

A member of a human rights organisation got to know that the de-addiction centre was not giving proper treatment to the inmates. He went to the centre along with five lawyers to see the state of affairs at that place. But before he could enter the building, he and others lawyers were allegedly attacked by the authorities. He then informed the police and the officials of the health department about the matter.

The police, a naib tehsildar and two doctors from the civil hospital reached the centre and rescued the inmates.



Workshop on Dalit issues today

Chandigarh, October 27
Issues relating to atrocities against Dalits will be discussed at a daylong conference to be organised tomorrow by Human Rights Law Network at ICSSR Complex, PU. Justice Rajive Bhalla of the Punjab and Haryana High Court will inaugurate the conference.

The workshop is a step towards capacity building of different institutions and individuals engaged in defending Dalit rights. It also seeks to identify atrocities being committed against Dalits in general, and those residing in Punjab and Haryana in particular, and to evolve a sustainable strategy to tackle the problem. — TNS



Running for a cause
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The Rotaract clubs of district 3080 organised a ‘Chandigarh Mini Marathon’, at Sukhna Lake, here, today. The marathon, which was flagged off at 8 am, was part of the club’s ongoing campaign, ‘Dose of Hope’.

A large number of students, working persons and senior citizens participated in the event.

This three-day campaign began on October 25 with an AIDS awareness rally at Sector 17 Plaza. The next day, a play was enacted at Sukhna Lake in association with the Commonwealth Youth Organisation and the State Aids Control Society.

“It feels nice to be a part of such a good cause and it was a satisfying experience,” said district rotaract representative Harkeerat Singh.

The event ended with distribution of gift vouchers to the winners. Fun Republic, VLCC, Cleopatra, Olega and Bright Tutorials sponsored the prizes.

The main sponsors for the event were Ozone Fitness Centre and YES bank. The hospitality sponsor was Pepsi. CITCO also supported the cause.



Traffic police gives rules a go by

Panchkula, October 27
While appreciating the Panchkula police for waking up to traffic violations in the city and issuing challans to make its presence felt, the Citizens’ Welfare Association today said the police was being unreasonable at times and even challaning law-abiding citizens.

President S.K. Nayar said intensive checking was carried out by the traffic police at various places in the township.

“In many cases, genuine people are fined even when the documents of their vehicles are in order. The police authorities must stop such checking with immediate effect.— TNS



Restrictions on firecrackers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The district magistrate has banned the use of firecrackers between 10 pm and 6 am from October 29 to November 11.

In prohibitory orders issued under Sec. 144 of the CrPC, the magistrate has stated that during Diwali, the noise caused by the bursting of firecrackers is likely to annoy people and cause health problems. Thus, there was the need to prevent the same.

Apart from time restrictions, the bursting of firecrackers has been banned in the silence zone, that is, 100 metres from hospitals, education institutions, courts and religious places.



Painting competition
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
As part of the 68th anniversary of the CRPF, a drawing and painting competition was held at the CRPF camp in Hallo Majra, here today.

S.P. Singh, Commandant of the 5 Signal Battalion of the CRPF, gave away the prizes to the winner.

Results: 4 - 8 years: 1 Dilpreet Kaur, 2 Pritam Patra, 3 Ashwini K; 9 - 15 years: 1 Sumit Kumar, 2 Parvaty S. Rajeev, 3 Rupinder Kaur.



Keep Sukhna clean

Sukhna Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Chandigarh. As far as its cleanliness is concerned, condition is worsening day-by-day, heaps of dry leaves and garbage can be seen everywhere. The passage is becoming filthy. The Lake Club should pay heed to its cleanliness. But more than that, it is the duty of all the visitors, whether residents or outsiders. They must use dustbins placed at different places at the lake. People should mend their ways and develop the habit of keeping environment clean rather than condemning the authorities concerned.

Rashi Srivastava, Chandigarh

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



Man held for stealing jeep
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The police arrested a Ropar resident for decamping with his employer’s vehicle from the Industrial Area 11 days ago. The accused had started plying the vehicle as a taxi after displaying a fake registration number on it.

According to SHO of the Industrial Area Police Station, the police was informed that Roop Chand of Rageelpur village in Ropar had gone to meet his relatives in Ludhiana. His movements were tracked and he was finally nabbed from Chandigarh. The accused has been remanded to three days of police custody.

The accused had decamped with the Tata Sumo (HR-02-G-5219) of his employer Promod Goyal on October 16. Goyal reported the matter to the police on October 19, following which a case under Section 406 of the IPC was registered. The vehicle was recovered from the accused’s native village.


A local court today convicted one Jatin of stealing a car from the Sector 17 parking in Chandigarh. Judicial magistrate 1st class (JMIC) Sudhir Parmar imposed a fine of Rs 500 on the accused under Sections 411 and 379 of the IPC. On March 22, 2000, an FIR was registered against Gurvinder, Rohit Sandhu, Sudhir and Jatin for stealing a car. The car was recovered from the dividing road of Sectors 19 and 20. While Jatin was convicted for stealing the car, the others were acquitted.


Surjit Kaur of Sector 38-West reported to the police that two unidentified motorcyclists snatched her purse containing a gold chain, Rs 4,000 and important documents from the sector yesterday. A case has been registered.


Anil Kumar of Yamunanagar lodged a complaint with the police alleging that his Maruti car (HR-99-T-5973) was stolen from the grain market in Sector 26, here, yesterday. A case of theft has been registered.


Surinder Singh of Sector 18, Panchkula, was arrested yesterday for possession of pirated CDs. The police recovered six CDs from him. The police has registered a case on a complaint lodged by Gurdial Singh of Mohali.


Manjit Kaur of Sector 56, here, filed a complaint with the police alleging that her neighbours Raju and his wife Rani assaulted and threatened her yesterday. The police has arrested the accused.


Pawan Katyal of Sector 46-A reported to the police that he lost his wallet containing a Punjab National Bank ATM card, a driving license, a registration certificate of his motorcycle (CH-03-Z-9422) and a registration certificate of his car (CH-03-D-6305) in Sector 34, here, yesterday. A daily diary report has been registered in this regard.



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