Patakha Stars
Who is the ruling cover girl or cover boy on cracker boxes this Diwali? Parbina Rashid finds out 
ears ago when we were shown a documentary on Sivakasi at Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia-New Delhi, it left us wondering that what was it about this small town in Tamil Nadu that made Jawaharlal Nehru nicknamed it as ‘Kutty Japan’. Looking at malnourished figures of young children and women working in firework factories, the scene presented to us didn’t exactly tally with our image of Japan.

My fave festival 
Purva Grover
HE other day my six-year-old cousin asked me to help with her homework, to write a few lines on Diwali — My Favourite Festival. Some things never change, I thought to myself — is it still a favourite topic with teachers? I remembered how I used to mug those lines year after year which are still afresh in my mind. They read as:

Star Shopping
Saurabh Malik takes a peek-a-boo into what the city’s rich and famous are gifting to their friends & family
hining like glittery Diwali lights over the city’s horizon, the city’s rich and famous of are adding sparkle to their dazzling festive celebrations by storming arcades for shopping with a bang. Yup, for the much-awaited festival, starry-eyed celebs embarked upon the agreeable task of bringing about a boom in sales by buying and getting the gifts packed, nicely and properly. On the lookout for that ultimate gift if you had trotted down shopping lanes, chances were that you would have bumped into the many luminaries and big shots. Beaming like never before, you would have seen their eager eyes searching for stuff that spells class.

youth speak
Follow your interests
Anmol Sharma
T is sad that our society has a common perception that a student who opts for Humanities after tenth class is generally dull and cannot compete in the competitive world. There is also a rat race among students and even in parents to get their students admitted in Medical or Non- Medical stream, but they do not care about the interest and knowledge acumen of their child.

Moody Keira
Pride and Prejudice beauty Keira Knightley admits that she can be extremely moody at times. So moody that she has been advised by family and friends not to read the newspapers as they irritate her. The British actress has slammed the media for coming up with opinionated news pieces about her. “I’m moody. Actually, I’ve been banned from reading newspapers as the way they’re written angers me,” she said. “I get incredibly angry. See, I have to calm down about it. “If I want an opinion, I’ll read the opinion part. I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts.” —ANI

New releases
They met, fell in love but...

  • Saawariya

  • Om Shanti Om

Re(a)d Letter Day
With stylus replacing  the pen, letter writing  is an extinct ‘art’ 
Purva Grover
fluttering white innocent pigeon, a khadi-clad postman ringing the bell on his bicycle, a semi-casually dressed young graduate with his bulky bag, a pop-up message in the inbox to a beep on the handset. Over the years, perpetual lack of time, ever-changing and developing technology, desire to keep up with the times and the attitude that everything old (good or bad) needs to be replaced with the new, made the chitthi passé. And took from us a lot more than just that. Take a peek into what all you’ve been missing since you dropped the pen and picked the stylus.

It’s an art form peculiar to this part of the world... one where Pakistan is definitely ahead. But can we be far behind?
Parbina Rashid
THEY ask you to blow horn or use dipper at night, but when you do, they simply ignore you. You hate them for their audacity, even call them the ‘licensed killer’ of the highways. But while driving behind one, particularly when you are in a leisurely mood, you cannot help but admire the artwork that embodies the mean machine called trucks — their funny one-liners, the paintings, the embellishment.