Saturday, November 17, 2007

Karuna Goswamy


4. Famous ruler of ancient Persia

6. A kind of memory that computers have (inits.)

8. Relieving of emotional tensions generally through an art-like theatre.

11. Tamil seaport now also called Thoothukudi

16. Involuntary muscular contraction

17. — Shah who invaded India in 1739


1. A silicate much used in facial powder

2. Traditional or legendary story

3. Small milling cutter used by machinists

5. Desperate message (inits.)

7. Kind of skirt some girls like to wear

9. Be adjacent to, or border upon

10. Segment of a circle

12. Box or container of light metal

13. India’s premier agricultural body (inits.)

14. God of war in Scandinavian myths

15. Hockey player whose life story inspired the film Chak de India