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Maid’s Death
Industrialist’s son in police net
Charged with rape, abetment to suicide
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Four days after the alleged rape and death of a 15-year-old maid in the house of an industrialist in Sarabha Nagar, the city police arrested the industrialist’s son and prime accused Kunal Jain at about midnight last.

The police had arrested Jain on the charges of rape and abetment to suicide.

The arrest came after a long late night meeting of senior police officials, headed by SSP R K Jaiswal, over the case as well as hours before Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati was to address a rally in the city.

Sources said with the victim belonging to Uttar Pradesh, the police had got information that she might rake up the issue and question justice to migrants or poor people in Punjab. The family of the victim has been demanding that the youth should be booked for murder.

The case had already become a major controversy and a challenge to the “impartial and unbiased investigation” of the police. The victim family had alleged that power and influence of the accused family was denying them justice. His father, Yogesh Jain, own a large-scale tool manufacturing industry.

The SSP, however, said the police was not under any pressure and no one could point a finger at his officers. He said the last night’s meeting observed that the youth had to be arrested in the case as there was enough hint of some untoward incident in the house.

“After discussing all aspects of the case, we noted that the maid had come for day’s work in the house, situated at Sarabha Nagar. She committed suicide between 1 pm and 2 pm in the bathroom. It meant that something had happened after she reached the house that morning.”

He said so far there was no evidence to suggest the girl was killed. But if there was some evidence to support this allegation, the police would book the youth for murder.

Pappu Kumar, a relative of the victim girl, alleged that the girl was murdered. He claimed when they were called at the house, the girl’s body had scratch and beating marks which suggested she was raped and murdered.

He, along with other relatives, has been insisting for a case of conspiracy to be booked against all family members. He claimed the Sarabha Nagar police was not doing proper investigation and forcing them to accept it was a suicide.

He has also contested the post-mortem examination report which while remaining inconclusive about rape said the girl was sexually active. He said the report was questionable.

Meanwhile, Yogesh Jain, father of the accused,said his son was arrested under pressure of migrants.

He said his son was honest but his future was bleak now after he had been implicated in the case. He said the family was assisting and cooperating with the investigation as they were confident that the youth would be acquitted of the charges.



Strong Re forces industry to shift to other states
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Hit by heavy losses on account of a weakening dollar, exporters in the industrial town, who are unable to emerge competitive even in domestic markets, are planning to discontinue operations or shift to other states. Manufacturing activitiy has already recorded a significant decline in the last one year.

The decline in orders from other countries has been recorded and exporters fear that the effect would last at least for another three-four years. Manufacturers said they were unable to divert their production to domestic markets as imported goods, which are now cheaper, had made them uncompetitive on that front too.

Particularly hit are manufacturers in garments, cycle parts and fasteners industries. According to estimates, the losses that have accrued in the last nine months are as high as Rs 720 crore.

The impact of strengthening rupee has made exports “unprofitable”, and imports cheaper due to which they are facing a stiff competition within the domestic market.

"During the initial phase of weakening of dollar, we had to suffer as previous orders were taken on higher rates. Now, our buyers are shifting to other countries as we are no longer competitive. To top it, imported goods have become cheaper as a consequence of which we are unable to cater to domestic market as well. We will either have to shut operations or shift to other states," an exporter in the engineering industry said.

With the state also facing locational disadvantage, shifting to states like Maharashtra and Gujarat will help them cut down on freight which is a major cost, said manufacturers.

Decline in orders is alarming as buyers are unlikely to return immediately even if the situation normalises. "The effect would remain for a couple of years after normalisation," said S.C. Ralhan of the Engineering Export Promotion Council.

Terming the government's attempts as grossly insufficient, exporters stressed the needs to adopt measures like a parity rate. Fixing the rate at say Rs 40 would help arrest further deterioration. Countries like China and Pakistan are already doing also and if we do not control it, worsening is unavoidable."



Maya’s rally, a fair-sex show
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
It was a grand outing for hundreds of party supporters of the BSP who came to the city to listen to the first public address of Mayawati, national president of the BSP and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in the city today.

Hundreds of vehicles bearing registration numbers of licensing authorities in different district of the state was visibly evident. Roadside vendors selling fruits and other eatables had a field day. A special separate enclosure was erected for women in the front who were the most active during the speech by Mayawati.

Besides a normal appreciation to Mayawati's repeated statements, saying the party would work specially for the poor upper caste and the minorities in the country, there was a huge uproar of clapping whenever she spoke about welfare of the reserved categories.

Banta Singh, a resident of a village near Ropar, said: "We had heard that Mayawati had emerged as the world's top eight most powerful women. She has also performed well in the UP elections recently. We all wanted to have a real look at the lady".

Sajjan Kumar, a government clerk, said: "It is, indeed, interesting to see that all governments from the past 60 years had infact played toys in hands of the rich. There were schemes for the poor at different point of time, however, they were not have any major impact. The divide in the society is still visible. Even if not the BSP, the country should look for alternatives now".

The appreciable police set-up was adequately supported by volunteers of the BSP in neat dresses and different enclosures were made for the public to be seated in a better organised manner. Mayawati received two golden crowns, a couple of swords in honour, besides a poetry recitation to her name.



2 lakh perform Chhat Puja
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Autorickshaw drivers had a field day on Chhat Puja this morning and last evening as around 2 lakh devotees visited the Satluj river and Sidhwan canal here to perform Surya Puja.

Driver made quick bucks and earned nearly Rs 1,000 in a few hours for ferrying devotees to the water bodies. The driver took Rs 200 per trip for taking one group of eight to 10 passengers.

As many as 2,000 three-wheelers were pressed into service providing easy excess to the devotees to visit the river. "This time I took 10 passengers and charged Rs 20 per head." said Chain Singh, a driver.

"On reaching here I met some other passengers who wanted to go back to the city so I drove them back and returned with another set of passenger. I have made sufficient amount of money for working few hours last evening as well as this morning when the puja culminated "said Ashok, autodriver.

Driver Jatinder Kumar said, "I had made prior arrangements and bookings for this day. That ensured me full business."



Jeweller, hosiery raided
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Officials of the state excise and taxation department conducted raids on several business establishments here today. Among the premises that were raided included Jain Jewellers on College Road and Askar Hosiery on Civil Lines.

On receiving information, tax sleuths seized books of accounts and other important documents of the assessees. Investigations under the supervision of AETC H.S. Ghotra began at around 11.30 am. Officials said further investigations were on. Another team, under the supervision of AETC , range I, Amrit Kaur Gill, also conducted raids in the city.

Officials said any evasion would invite action from the department. "An assessee, who is not paying the tax which he should, would invite an action. Such investigations would continue," said Ghotra.



Former councillor held for land grab
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
The Economics Offences Wing of the police has arrested a former municipal councillor belonging to the Congress for allegedly fraudulently grabbing property of an England-based woman.

The ex-councillor Kirpal Singh Kuliewal was arrested yesterday. He, along with some other persons, was booked on September 13 this year on the complaint of the woman Dipinderjit Kaur.

She alleged that the accused prepared forged documents in the name of her elder relative, who was long dead.



At the Crossroads
Vulgar display of female form

Some years ago, I raised a question in the Press as to why women were primarily regarded as models whereas, in reality, they were highly venerated persons. There seems to be no dire need to project their anatomy on screen and in print. Half of the population of the world is not interested in the nude forms of the likes of them. In that case, why cater, rather pander, to the whimsical tastes of the other half.

This tendency of overexposure has resulted in the lowering of the standards of morality and disregard for the time-tested human values. Laxity in this regard can strike a fatal blow to the aspirations of the younger generation, which wants to scale new heights in the days to come. Else it can bog down their forward march and tempt them to opt for demeaning pursuits. It is not wise to drive a wedge between the sexes by presenting one as the victim and the other as tormentor.

Personally speaking, I am an admirer of beauty in all forms, concrete or abstract. 'Both man and bird and beast', as Coleridge said, have beauteous shapes which we admire without any reservation. But, at the same time, a good gesture, a new concept and genuine feeling have an appeal of their own.

Human beings aspire to attain mystic delight and spiritual bliss. These add zest to their purposeful living. The humdrum element in life need not be despised because it is an integral part of human existence. But to rise above the daily routine occasionally is like 'the desire of the moth for the star, of the night for the morrow.' These are the moments when the mind rejoices in the presence of beautiful objects.

Aesthetics and not ethics is the subject of my interest. But I feel inclined to don the cloak of a moralist when the things seem to go awry. Still I detest the 'holier than thou' demeanour of the moralists in their dealings with fellow human beings.

The moment they regard themselves as superior to others, simply because they dress themselves differently or strike a studied pose in public, they fall from the pedestal of their own imagination.

Morals, no doubt, hold a significant position in the social framework but these should not stand in the way of appreciation of beauty. Kalidas was full of admiration for the beauty of Shakuntla and was a strong votary of conjugal love. Likewise in “Gita Govinda”, Jayadeva has narrated a number of episodes concerning the trysts of Krishna and Radha which are erotic in nature but at the same time spiritual in content.

The viewers and readers of electronic and print media respectively are from all the sections of society and of all age-groups. There is no purpose in exposing the teenagers to unsavoury spectacles. Men may leer, if they so please, at tempting images and glossy pictures but women certainly jeer at these exposures of their own kind. The nudes painted by Van Gogh, D.H. Lawrence and Amrita Shergill are the products of highly sophisticated minds.

In these artistic creations, they easily shift from the physical to the metaphysical. The lens men of renown, too, raise the banal to the level of the sublime in their photographs.

Human body has to be viewed with the discerning eyes of a creative artist and not in a vulgar manner. The dailies can display such photographs as can measure up to the criterion of modern sensibilities.

Likewise the silver screen and small screen can project such images as can provide not sensual pleasure but aesthetic delight. Till then..

— N.S. Tasneem



Traffic jams continue on NH 1
Manish Sirhindi
Tribune News Service

Khanna, November 17
Even as encroachments in the town continue to disrupt the smooth flow of traffic on the National Highway no. 1, nothing has so far been done to curtail the problem which affects a large number of people travelling on the highway.

Though anti-encroachment drives are carried every three to four months, the exercise has proved ineffective as encroachers are back in business as soon as the anti-encroachment staff leaves the national highway.

At several traffic signals no separate spaces have been allocated to vehicles turning right and for those who have to go straight. As the lights signal passage for vehicles going towards right and straight separately, it also leads to a jam-like situation at all the traffic lights on the highway.

In the past the traffic police had installed plastic pillars at all the traffic signals dividing the traffic into two lanes, lessening the confusion at the light. But somehow these pillars are now nowhere to be found. Besides, traffic policemen had been deputed at each road intersection on the highway. They have also been withdrawn by the department.

Rahul Srivastva, a Ludhiana resident, said many commuters crossed Khanna everyday to reach their destination and most of the time they got stuck in the traffic jam. He said there was ample space available on both sides of the highway and in case lanes were widened, there would be absolutely no traffic problem in the town.



Coop societies boon for peasants, says minister
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 17
Terming cooperative movement as prerequisite for farming on diminishing land hoardings, Jagdeep Singh Nakai, MLA and parliamentary secretary, cooperative department, called upon peasants of the area to decrease the cost of production and promote sustainable agriculture.

Addressing the farmers at annual bonus-distribution function of the cooperative agricultural society at Latala village near here yesterday, Nakai claimed that for small and marginal farmers the agriculture could not generate profits without adopting the cooperative movement.

"Now when the land hoardings have decreased substantially and the cost of inputs, including tractors and combine-harvesters have risen steeply, people cannot afford to purchase their own agricultural implements. Cooperative societies have proven to be a boon for such farmers in promoting sustainable peasantry," said Nakai claiming that the SAD government had given priority to the cooperative sector in order to help debit-ridden farmers.

He said the state cooperative department had emphasised on spreading awareness about more scientific and technological methods of farming in remote areas. Besides spreading knowledge through mass communication methods experts from agricultural universities were asked to visit villages falling under their respective areas.

Jagdish Singh Garcha, former SAD minister, urged the farmers to make use of facilities being provided by the government on the occasion of the cooperative week.

Raghbir Singh Saharanmajra, SGPC member, Mann Singh Garcha and Bhajan Singh, president of the society, also spoke on the occasion.



Clear southern bypass of roadblocks: Commuters
Tribune News Service

Doraha, November 17
The mounds placed on the southern bypass and the indication restricting the entry of heavy vehicular traffic has only multiplied the agonies of daily commuters. They have demanded the urgent lifting these obstructions, so that further loss to life and property can be avoided.

These obstructions have till date resulted in a number of major and minor accidents. Now and then, a damaged vehicle, due to lack of timely clearance, is seen blocking the whole passage from Tibba pul to Gurthali pul and many a time, the traffic gets diverted to link roads, multiplying the sufferings of villagers and the nearby residents.

The irony is that these mounds defeat the very purpose for which the southern bypass was created during the regime of the late Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh. Those very vehicles are now being refused entry, which were supposed to be the sole arrivals here earlier. The inflow of heavy vehicular traffic from inside the city is going to complicate the situation all the more.

Truck drivers decry that things had been running smoothly till the installation of these obstructions. Passing from inside the city is next to impossible for us now, they say.

Parminder Singh Dhindsa, minister, PWD (B&R), said the mounds had been placed by their department to obstruct the passage of heavy vehicles as these lead to further erosion of the banks and increase the risk to life all the more. 



Labour shortage plagues industry
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
The industry is grappling with the shortage of labourers as a large number of industrial workers having left for the “Chhat” puja in Bihar. The shortage this time is much more than the previous years thereby forcing a few industrial units to cut down on production.

Industrialists said the shortage this time was unexpected and a few factors like the recent rise in wages and the cinema blast had contributed to it. Unlike previous years, when less than 1 per cent of the workers leave at this time of the year, particularly due to peak production in hosiery, this time 25 to 30 per cent workers left for their homes.

While the hosiery units remain the worst sufferers due to the recent phenomenon, other industries like engineering too have been hit. “Being peak of the season, most workers leave around February and continue to leave till Holi. However, this time the number of those who have left citing “chhat” pooja as the reason has been quite higher and we are facing acute shortage,” said Vinod K. Thapar of Thapar Hosiery Mills.

As most industries were unprepared for the shortage at this time, production schedules have changed, said unit owners. In case of hosiery, an estimated 10 to 15 per cent reduction has already taken place. “We had not expected that workers would leave at this time of the year. Production has definitely been hit as a result and we are hoping that it is only temporary,” said Pravin Kumar, a manufacturer.

Apart from the festival, recent hike in labour wages, which bettered their affordability, too, seems to have contributed to the ongoing scarcity. “Recently there was hike in wages and it is quite likely that workers have left due to that,” said S.C. Ralhan, regional chairman of Engineering Export Promotion Council.

An increase of 10 to 15 per cent took place in case of wages for contractual workers. With production having been hit, industrialists are only hoping that workers would get back to work soon.



Get registered or face action, traders told
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
The excise and taxation department will conduct surveys to find out traders whose turnover exceeded the taxable limit but are not paying VAT and have not got themselves registered under the Act.

Excise and taxation commissioner (Punjab) A. Venu Parasad revealed this in a meeting with the Punjab Tax Bar Association.

According to a press note issued by the association, the commissioner said the traders must come forward for getting themselves registered under VAT and should voluntarily pay their taxes to avoid panel action at the later stage.

Separate refunds applications receipts and issue registers will be maintained to increase transparency in the system.



PAU not to use land to generate funds
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
The PAUTA executive met the PAU vice-chancellor, Dr M.S. Kang, in his office yesterday to discuss the financial crunch faced by the university. The VC denied recent reports of PAU going in for commercialisation of land. He said this was not feasible and was not a permanent solution to tide over the financial crisis.

PAUTA executive as well as the VC feel that the pension scheme (which has run out of funds) is basically the liability of the state government. The VC said he would personally meet the state finance secretary and would also take up the issue with the finance minister and the Chief Minister.

The VC said the university was vital for food security of the masses and was essentially a research institute for which adequate funds were to be provided for appropriate outputs.

Meanwhile, he has said that offsetting communication gaps and media apathy in agriculture would be the cornerstones of achieving excellence in the state's agro-economy.

Dr Tejwant Singh, dean, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, pointed out the irony that despite a majority of Indian workforce being in farming, the space allocation for agricultural issues in media remained meagre. To offset this and to provide better agricultural journalists, the university had decided to revive the postgraduate programme in agricultural journalism, he said.



From Colleges
College teachers on strike
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
Arya College Teachers Union (ACTU) held one period strike from 11.20 am to 12 noon outside the principal's office here today. The striking teachers threatened to intensify their agitation if the college management failed to fulfil their "long pending demands".

R.P. Sabharwal, president of the union, said it was due to the management’s adamant attitude that their demands sanctioned by the university and DPI has not been implemented so far. The teachers are demanding release of arrears of enhanced ADA, arrears of ADA and HRA due to 50 per cent merger, CPF on total salary and restoration of leave encashment etc.

One of the union members said despite repeated efforts, the management failed to take any action. He said the teachers were forced to adopt such agitation.

Skit organised

The department of business administration, Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology (LCET), organised a theme based English skit competition named "Centre Stage" here today. The competition was organised with an aim to improve the communication skill as well as personality traits in the budding managers.

Being a part of the personality development activities regularly done in the department, the skits were based on various concepts of management like coordination, leadership, stress management, work stress, public and private sector, first interview, motivation and customer’s harassment.

LCET director J.S. Sohal and principal Pawan Kumar encouraged the students and asked to keep up the work in the near future. S.S. Grewal, head, department of business administration, appreciated the efforts of students in this direction. He emphasized on the need of such personality development activities as they help in improving the level of confidence, stage presentation, sense of dressing, communication skills etc in the students for being smart and skilled professionals to make their place and survive in the competitive market.



Lok adalat decides 5,868 cases
Claims worth Rs 26 crore settled
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, November 17
A state-level lok adalat, held here at the district court complex under the supervision of district and sessions judge-cum-chairman, Legal Services Authority, G K Rai, succeeded in settling 5,868 cases out of 9,015 cases. Compensation worth more than Rs 26 crore was awarded to the litigants.

In a majority of the cases, the amount was disbursed to the litigants by way of cheques on the spot. As many as 23 benches were constituted to hear the cases of litigants. Each bench was headed by a judicial officer and assisted by two members from lawyers and social workers.

Talking to The Tribune, Rai claimed that Ludhiana had topped in the state in settling cases through lok adalats. He said earlier Ludhiana district had organised 292 lok adalats in which a record number of 64,728 cases were settled and an amount of Rs 88,71,81,163 had been disbursed to the litigants. After adding the amount settled today, the figure had crossed Rs 100 crore.

The sessions judge along with G S Bakshi, member secretary, state legal services authority, additional sessions judges, M S Virdi, Sanjiv Berry, A S Grewal, K S Cheema, secretary, Legal Services Authority, CJM, Rajinder Aggarwal, additional civil judge (Sr Division), Tarsem Mangla, K K Bansal, JMIC, DBA President, Hemant Kalia, secretary, Ravi Grewal inspected the working of the benches.

Pre-litigative cases pertaining to banks and communication agencies like BSNL, Spice and Airtel were also taken up. Several matters were patched up before filing of regular suits. It saved the bankers and other institutions heavy court fees and litigants were given concession on interest and penalties. Traffic rule violators were given concessions in fine with the advice not to violate traffic rules, in order to ensure safety for themselves and for other people using roads.



Bajwa elected to professional body
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 17
Dr G. S. Bajwa, professor and head of ophthalmology at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital here, has been unanimously elected vice- president of the North Zone Ophthalmological Society at its annual conference held at Government Medical College, Jammu.

According to Dr Bajwa, the 21st annual conference of the north zone was attended by about 300 delegates. The theme of the scientific deliberations was "Ocular Trauma". Senior ophthalmologists from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigrah attended this conference. He further said that Ludhiana had been chosen to host the next annual conference of the society in October 2008.



Teams disqualified for playing with outsiders
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 17
In the Inter-District School Cricket Tournament (PSEB) and the National Schools Hockey Tournament (CBSE), two teams were disqualified while a re-match was ordered in a semifinal between Patiala-Ludhiana.

Officials said playing outsiders or fake students led to the disqualification of two teams, one each in the Inter-District School Cricket Tournament organised by the Punjab School Education Department at PAU and CBSE National Schools Hockey tournament at Guru Nanak Public School.

Assistant education officer (AEO) Rupinder Singh Ravi, member, cricket tournament committee, said Mohali district School cricket team was disqualified for playing outsiders or fake students.

Sukhwinder Singh Dhaliwal, member, organising committee of the hockey tournament, said the under-14 hockey team of Mata Gujri Public School, Faridkot, was shown the door by the organisers for including “outsiders” in their teams.

So much so that during an inquiry, one of the players could not write his father’s name as he was playing on some other student’s name.

The match played between Patiala and the host Ludhiana in the ongoing state inter-school cricket tournament took an ugly turn when the visitor alleged the umpires were biased.

The controversy started when the host needed only five runs in two ball and the umpires adjudged three consecutive no balls due to which host won the seemingly “lost” encounter. The decision baffled the team, their coach and the manager.

Bitter argument took place between the two teams and managers.

The matter was resolved after Rupinder Singh intervened. The AEO then decided that a re- match will be played to resolve the matter with the different umpires.



Spring Dale, Amritsar lads in final
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
Spring Dale School, Amritsar, defeated Guru Nanak Public School, Ludhiana, 2-0 in the u-19 year’s section to enter the final of the CBSE National Hockey Tournament being played at Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, here on Thursday.

Rupinder Singh and Kanwar Subeg Singh struck in the 4th and 6th minute, respectively, which sealed hosts’ fate.

In the second semi-final, Pooja Modern Public School, Pipli, demolished Ganga International School, New Delhi, 9-1. The winners were leading 5-0 at the half time.

For Pooja Modern School, Sunil and Neeraj scored two goals each while Nikhil, Pawan, Ajay, Dori and Hansraj sounded the board once while Jatin was the lone scorer for the losers.

In the girl’s u-19 year’s section, Maharaja Agarsain School, Sirsa, blanked St. Anthony School, Rampur, 5-0. Neha and Jaswinder scored a brace each while the firth goal came off Nitesh’s stick.

In the second match, Blooming Dale School, Hissar, routed GND School, Rampur, 6-0. Poonam accounted for three goals while Ruchika scored two goals and Kiran found the target once.



30 kids take part in CMCH sports meet
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, CMCH, Ludhiana, organised a sports meet for diabetic children at the Lalton Kalan centre.

About 30 children who are also members of the Juvenile Diabetic Club took part in the meet along with their parents. The club not only treats children but has also been acting as a friendly support system for them since the past four years.

A few events like the relay race (4X50m), sack race and 3-legged races were also organised on the occasion. The most interesting part of the meet was the race between parents and children.

The winners were given gold, silver and bronze medals. Children were served lunch and T-shirts, prizes and certificates were distributed among them. Dr Mauli Joshi, former chief dietician, CMCH, was the chief guest.

Dr Mary John, in charge of endocrinologist and diabetic clinic, had organised the event with the help of Sunita Sen, diabetic nurse educator.



BCM Sports Meet: Gurpreet wins long jump
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
More than 150 students representing four Houses; Apple, Aryabhatt, Rohini, and Bhaskar competed in a few disciplines in the VIIth Annual Athletics Meet of BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar,here today.

Results: boys: (u-19)- long jump- Gurpreet Singh 1, Sahil 2 and Robin 3; 800 m- Abhishek 1, Parag 2 and Nitish 3; discus throw- Harshdeep 1, Gunjan 2 and Karan 3; high jump- Dilpreet 1, Parag and Rashik 2 and Karan 3; shot put- Harshdeep 1, Karan 2 and Darwin 3.

Boys (u-14): 800 m- Rishabh 1, Shantnu 2 and Robin 3; long jump- Rijul 1, Shantnu 2 and Robin 3. Boys (u-16)- 200 m race- Sonik 1, Nishant 2 and Madhav 3; 800 m- Parth 1, Nikhil 2 and Mohit 3; 400 m race- Tanvinder 1, Nishant 2 and Madhav 3; long jump- Sonikbir 1, Balpreet 2 and Madhav.

Girls (u-19): 200 m race- Harpreet 1, Tanu Kapila 2 and Sakshi 3; discus throw- Gitika 1, Navjot 2 and Rajkaran 3; 800 m race- Ashima 1, Tanupriya 2 and Manpreet 3.

Girls (u-14): 800 m race- Anmol 1, Simran 2 and Ruby 3; long jump- Anshika 1, Ruby 2 and Anmol 3.

Girls (u-16): 200 m race- Anoopjot Kaur 1, Vishakha 2 and Alisha 3; 800 m race- Sakshi 1, Alisha 2 and Shweta 3; 400 m race- Anoopjot Kaur 1, Isha 2 and Alisha 3; shot put- Jasleen 1, Nupur 2 and Nitika 3.



Khalsa college cyclists excel
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana, won the overall championship in the Panjab University Inter-College Cycling Championship organised at the Punjab Agricultural University velodrome here on Thursday. Teams from Master Tara Singh Memorial College, Ludhiana, Guru Nanak College for Women and Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh, besides Khalsa College for Women, Ludhiana, won, took part in this championship.

Gurpreet Kaur, Kulwinder Kaur, Mandeep Kaur and Maninder Kaur proved their mettle by fetching an overall trophy for their college.

Gurpreet Kaur and Kulwinder Kaur emerged winners in the 500 m time trial and 3,000 m individual pursuit events, respectively, while Kulwinder secured the second position in the 500 m time trial.

The college team of Gurpreet Kaur, Kulwinder Kaur, Mandeep Kaur and Maninder Kaur finished ahead of others to win the first position in the 3,000 m team pursuit.

In the 1,000 m massed start, Mandeep Kaur secured the second position while Kulwinder Kaur finished fourth.

Dr Varinder Kaur Thind, principal, Khalsa College for Women, congratulated the girls for bringing fame to their college.



Everest Public School in final
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
The reigning champions, Everest Public Senior Secondary School, Moti Nagar,Ludhiana,wrapped up two matches in the super league to book their berth in the finals of the second edition of the National Schools Basketball League being held at A.S.Senior Secondary School, Khanna, near here today.

The defending champions survived some anxious moments before winning against St. Joseph High School, Kerala, 80-71. The visitors troubled the current champions as they had to fight for each point.

For the winners,Lakhbir (18),Parminder (13), Shamsul (16) and Gurwinder (16) played well. Ashish Xavier with 25 points was the main contributor while Basil and Rony too fought well, netting 11 points each for the losers.

Earlier,in the first super league encounter yesterday, Everest Public School scored a comfortable 69-44 over Dr Hari Singh Senior Secondary School, Kotkapura.

In another match played yesterday evening, UP Inter-College, Varanasi, defeated St. Joseph High School, Kerala, 67-44.



Sacred Heart school bag overall trophy
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, accumulated 90 points to bag the overall trophy in the Ludhiana District Roller Skating Championship held here at the Leisure Valley Rink, Sarabha Nagar, on Wednesday.

Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, garnered 45 points to finish runners up while Guru Nanak International Public School, Model Town, secured 30 points to secure third place.

In the sub-junior section, Saruchi Garg of BCM Senior Secondary School and Apaar Kaur Grewal of Sacred Heart Convent School won three gold medals each in the girl’s section while in the junior section, Shiva Gupta of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Bhavneet Singh of Guru Nanak Public School, and Varun Vaid secured three gold medals each.



GNP school win basketball meet
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
USPC Jain Public School, Ludhiana, in the boy’s section and Guru Nanak Public School, Ludhiana, in the girl's section registered victories in their respective matches on the opening day of the XVI Sahodaya Schools Basketball Tournament which began at BCM Senior Secondary School,Chandigarh road branch,here on Thursday.

USPC Jain School lads overpowered Tagore International School,Ludhiana,31-19 while Guru Nanak Public School girls thrashed CFC School 22-1.

In other matches, DAV School, Ludhiana, beat Saraswati School 13-6 and Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Police School, Phillaur, defeated BCM School, Dugri, 45-19.



Soccer team announced
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
Eighteen players have been selected for representing Ludhiana in the 61st Punjab State Senior Football Championship to be held at Sikh National College, Banga, Nawanshahr, from November 17 to 22. Trials in this regard were conducted by the District Football Association, Ludhiana,at Guru Nanak Stadium, here on Thursday.

The selected players are Barjinder Singh, Harkirat Singh, Manjeet Singh, Balraj Singh, Navdeep Singh, Harjeet Singh, Satnam Singh, Amit, Harpreet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Surinder Singh, Asa Singh, Gurinder Pal Singh, Sarbjot Singh, Lakhbir Singh, Gurdev Singh, Gurminder Singh and Prabhjot Singh.



Punjab Technical University cycling meet today
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Ludhiana, November 17
Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, Ludhiana, will organise the Punjab Technical University Inter- College Cycling Championship for men and women at Punjab Agricultural University tomorrow.

Forty engineering and technical colleges, institutes teams, affiliated with the Punjab Technical University, will take part in this one-day meet.

Director students welfare, PAU, Dulcha Singh Brar, will inaugurate the meet while dean (Academics) and PTU officiating vice-chancellor V.K.Arora will be chief guest.



BCM School score easy win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 17
Host BCM Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh road branch, scored an easy 20-9 win against Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, in the girl’s section of the XVI Sahodaya Schools Basketball Tournament being played at the BCM Senior Secondary School ground, Chandigarh road, here on Thursday.

In other matches, BCM School, Chandigarh road, beat CFC School 43-10 in the boy’s section; USPC Jain Public School defeated KVM School 37-21; Maharaja Ranjit Singh Public School, Phillaur, overpowered Guru Nanak International Public School 42-21; BCM Arya Model School, Shastri Nagar, beat Green Land Public School 39-34.



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