Books received: ENGLISH

What You Call Winter by Nalini Jones. Harper Collins Publishers. New Delhi. Pages 233. Rs 295.

Shakespeare by Bill Bryson. Harper Collins Publishers. Pages 200. Rs 325.

Karma & Other Stories by Rishi Reddi. Harper Collins Publishers. Pages 215. Rs 250.

Vijay Tendulkar Omnibus by Makarand Sathe (two books on the same subject). Arvind Kumar Publishers, Gurgaon. Pages 344. Rs 495.

Education, Child Labour and NGOs by Prachi Shirur and Srinivas Shirur. Shipra Publications, Delhi. Pages 202. Rs 550.

Tea of Himachal Pradesh by Ram Gopal Sud. Shipra Publications. Pages 128. Rs 395.

Education in India by Marmar Mukhopadhyay and Madhu Parhar. Shipra Publications. Pages 344. Rs 750.

Pursuing Idealism Through Civil Service by P. R. Dubhashi. Shipra Publications. Pages 314.

Education Environment and Sustainable Development by M. K. Satapathy. Shipra Publications. Pages 324. Rs 750.

When a Tree Shook Delhi by Manoj Mitta and H. S. Phoolka. The Lotus Collection. Pages 221. Rs 325.

The Other Face of the Moon by Asha Miro. Jaico Publishing. Pages 243. Rs 295.

How to Feel Great about Yourself by Steve Wharton. Macmillan India. Pages 128. Rs 165.

Your Child’s Emotional Needs by Dr Vicky Flory Macmillan India. Pages 215. Rs 195.

Simran by Rajesh Talwar. Kalpaz Publications, Delhi. Pages 257. Rs 230.

Causes of Indian Rebellion (1857) by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Asha Jyoti Publishers, Delhi. Pages 239. Rs 550.

Contested Lands by Sumantra Bose. Harper Collins Publishers. Pages 329. Rs 395.

Microeconomics for Business by Satya P. Das. Sage. Pages 371.

Becoming Indian by Aniket Alam. Cambridge University Press. Pages 334. Rs 750.

Save Environment by Narinder Kumar Bhangu (two books on the same subject). Sunflower Books. Pages 72. Rs 150.