ABS-olute fad, this
First Shekhar Suman & now the King Khan portray images that are rather incongruous with their age. Chetna Keer Banerjee on the aspirational value of perfect pecs, toned torsos & the rising emphasis on body image
WE could be called a nation of paradoxes, not just in matters of demographics and birth, but also girth. Particularly this season, for it’s seen not just the baring of bellies but tummy truths as well. Stomach this. Nearer home, a recent report uncovered rather uncomplimentary facts about the bellies of Punjabi belles: the state has the highest number of obese women. Another survey of Chandigarh cops had unflattering things to say about khaki paunches. But in sharp contrast to these, out there in tinsel town, has been a flat belly that takes the cake, or rather the beefcake.
Messy, but cute
The Madhuri & Kunal Kapoor gabfest: Dancing, acting together & working for YRF
Purva Grover
“I may be messy and drop food on the table when I eat, but not on myself,” laughs Kunal Kapoor when we ask him how close is he in real life to Vivan of Laaga... But, crazy yes he is, he confesses. A stint in the stock market, export firm, a construction group and an advertising company, before we saw him on 70 MM. We catch the local goonda of Aaja Nach Le. and get the poet, foodie and a student of martial arts talking. Excerpts.

Colours of the past
The good ol’ circus still is inviting, exciting & colourful
Purva Grover
An elephant riding a special bicycle, a man spitting out fire, girls in skinny, glittery outfits and a clown spreading happiness with a smile that travels from his rosy cheeks to his eyes. Didn’t we all grow up watching them? Be it summer vacations or Dusshera break or just about any time of the year — a bunch of happy, not-so-happy.

— Photo by Manoj Mahajan
— Photo by Manoj Mahajan

Back to Nature
Ready for a close encounter with nature? A trek at Nepli brings respite in the monotonous city life
Aneesha Sareen
Bored with humdrum city life and desperately seeking a change? Here is something you can do even without having to go out of the city! Yes, a thrilling trekking expedition is in store for you right on the outskirts the city — at Nepli and Kansal forests.

Musically yours
Nikhil Chinappa on the Sunburn Festival & joy of music...
Purva Grover
WHAT could be better than bidding goodbye to the year and welcoming 2008 by partying with bumchums and swinging to music that one loves? The Sunburn Festival, Goa 2007, is bound by these two links — friends and music. And, as we figure out after a tęte-ŕ-tęte with DJ Nikhil Chinappa, an extension of his dreams too, for Sunburn — India’s first International Electronic Musical festival — will see some of his personal fave and much-admired DJs playing.

Love thy layers
This winter, sport layered tops that double as a style statement & a warm wrap for the chill
Aman Minhas
The trend of collars peeping out of pullovers, fancy sleeveless sweaters complimenting a plain full sleeveless shirts and vaskets adorning flimsy dresses, that’s winter style for you. Loved sporting the layered tops last winter? Well, here’s the good news, the trend’s got bigger and better.

Beauty Heaven
Now we have a mall dedicated just to beauty & health
Hair and skin reflect your health. And going by this, and even taking it a step further, is Headmasters – 8 which has launched its beauty mall to give a life-time experience to those who are not just looking forward to look good but feel good too.

Matka Chowk
Oh Calcutta!
Sreedhara Bhasin
Oh Calcutta is one of my favourite restaurants in a city, which I still consider my own, even after living away from it for ages. The Tribune editorial this morning – of the same name – made me incredibly sad for my city seems to be burning.

First Day First Show
Chak de football now
Rajiv Kaplish
It is a goal that all of them want to achieve. To send the box office into a tizzy with sports-themed movies. The maker of Chak De has already sent it into ruptures. Now, it is Vivek Agnihotri who hopes to hit the bulls-eye with Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. If Chak De was about hockey, Goal deals with football, certainly not a game as popular as cricket.

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