ulta pulta

Yawn yarn
Jaspal Bhatti

If someone yawns on your face, you may feel offended. But some people yawn with style. They won’t let you know they are yawning. Some smart ones acquire the skill of yawning with their mouth closed notwithstanding the fact that their eyes reddened while pretending to respond to their boss.

Some people utter Wahe Guru and Om and sing an old song to mix up their yawns just to add some rhythm. I warn you that if you are telling a person oft-repeated jokes or narrating your boring routine and their jaw is locked while yawning wide, you can be charged with attempt to murder.

Recently a middle-aged man from Horsham, Sussex gave a massive yawn that dislocated his jaw and he collapsed on the floor. Doctors had a hard time reviving him.

I would suggest that some anti-yawn gear should be available in the market that could be worn in the classrooms, Parliament, state assemblies, religious discourses where people have a tendency to yawn uncontrollably.

In the end, I would suggest that the regular readers of this column to always wash their face with ice cold water and read Ulta-Pulta with their head down and legs up to avoid deadly yawns.