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UT acts to curb illegal property transfer
* Registration of SPA now must for buyers
* This is to be done with local attorney alone
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
To curb illegal transfer of property, the Chandigarh administration has made it compulsory for buyers to get their special power of attorney (SPA) registered. The decision comes into immediate effect.

The buyers now will have to pay stamp duty as applicable to other conveyance deeds.The duty will be assessed as per the prevailing collector rates.

The decision would affect hundreds of benami and unauthorised property transactions undertaken by speculators. Earlier, the attorney could be got registered on non-jusicial stamp paper of a mere Rs 5. This resulted in loss of revenue to the authorities.

The speculators often opted for power of attorney to secure investment. A number of court cases had been reported in the estate office due to sale/ purchase on the power of attorney.

At the sub-registrar office today, few turned up due to confusion over the orders. Revenue officials were seen seeking clarification from the estate office. The area of registering the power of attorney has also been restricted to the place where the property is located. “The earlier practice of bringing the attorney from another state is gone. To calculate stamp duty, the prevailing collector rates of the area of property alone will be considered,” said an official of the revenue department.

Sources in the administration said the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, had been amended to incorporate the changes. Punjab implemented the amendment a few months back. The UT administration implemented the same after a communiqué from the ministry of home affairs (MHA).

For the general power of attorney, one would have to pay Rs 300. Depending upon the nature of document, the amount varies for conveyance and power of attorney.



Fire in Sector 45 SCF
Firemen rescue owner’s grandmother
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
It was one winter morning that Shiv Kumar and Pradeep Kumar will not forget. A major fire at their shop-cum-flat in Sector 45 this morning left them with nothing. It destroyed their only source of livelihood.

It was a harrowing experience for their grandmother who was stuck on the third floor of the building. She was rescued by fire officials.

The fire, according to eyewitnesses, occurred at 7.30 am at Sachdeva Star Sports, Keshav Ram Complex, Sector 45-C. It was detected when thick smoke was seen coming out of the building.

Shiv Kumar said: “ The fire destroyed everything -- goods and cash.

According to fire officer S.K. Gosain, the fire department received a call at 8.17 am and immediately swung into action. The fire first broke out on he first floor, which was being used as a store or the showroom situated on the ground floor.

It took the officials over two hours to put out the fire. Two cylinders burst in the fire, which hampered rescue efforts. Four fire tenders, two water boozers and two hydraulic lifts were pressed into operation.

Subhash Gupta, vice-president of the Market Association, said the fire was so fierce and fire tenders came rather late.

According to the officials, goods worth more than Rs 20 lakh were gutted in the fire.

The Ekta Market Association will honour firemen Kulwinder and Sanjeev for their bravery. According to members of the association, the two put their life at risk to enter the building.



Thieves decamp with 50 laptops, but leave Rs 1 lakh untouched
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
Thieves decamped with at least 50 laptops, including top brand ones, worth Rs 25 lakh after breaking into a shop in Sector 20 here last night.

The thieves reportedly spent considerable time as they broke open three locks, alleged the owner of the company. The thieves, apparently professionals, stole laptops of top brands alone and did not touch the cash (Rs 1.50 lakh) lying in the shop.

Though close-circuit TV cameras were installed in the office, these were found to be non-functional due to power failure. According to Akhil Kumar, president of Fastrack Computing Limited, the showroom owner discovered the theft in the morning. He found the locks of the first floor office broken and he informed the police.

Akhil said when the thieves failed to open the door of the office, they broke the door plywood and gained access. He said 19 computers of HCL, 17 of HP, five of Toshiba, two of lenevo and various other brands were missing. All laptops were sealed.

It seemed the thieves had got a vehicle to carry away the laptops.

A police officer said they had asked the complainants for a record of the laptops with them. SHO Sukhdev Singh Bhullar said a case of theft had been registered.



6 more parking sites for Ind Area
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
The Chandigarh administration, acting on the recommendations of the infrastructural development committee, has identified six sites for additional parking facilities in the Industrial Area here. This has been done to decongest the area in anticipation of future needs.

The identified sites will be used for multi-level parking.The administration is in the process of widening internal roads of "Industrial and Business Park" so as to facilitate smooth flow of traffic.

As reported earlier in the columns of the paper, the government of India has sanctioned Rs 50 crore for upgrading infrastructure in the Industrial Area.



‘Pneumonia cases rising in the city’
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Prevention is better than cure

  • Keep infected child away from anyone having respiratory or throat infection.
  • Keep utensils of infected person separated from other family members.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme cold.
  • Wash hands frequently especially if you are handling tissues and dirty handkerchief.

Chandigarh, December 13
Pneumonia, the largest killer disease among infants below five years in the country, is spreading its tentacles in Chandigarh.

In fact, doctors have sounded a warning against persistent cough accompanied by other symptoms, including fast breathing, which could prove to be fatal if not cured in time.

“Winter session is pneumonia time with the incidence of the disease doubling and the parents usually ignoring the danger signals,” Prof Meenu Singh, additional professor of the department of paediatrics medicine of the PGI, told The Tribune here today.

On an average, the PGI emergency receives 3-4 pneumonia cases daily. However, during this winter there had been over a 100% increase in the number of cases which was a dangerous sign.

Blaming the high fatality rate on the lack of awareness among parents, Dr Neeraj Kumar, managing director of Chaitanya Hospital, Chandigarh, said during the last month there had been a spurt in the number of cases coming to hospitals.

While the number of patients reporting to the OPD had gone up by three times, the number of indoor patients had doubled, Dr Kumar said adding that parents were bringing children to the hospital ‘too late’.

Dr Vivek Walia of Chaitanya Hospital informed that over 5 million kids died of pneumonia every year and about one-third of the deaths occurred in south Asian countries, including India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Fever, chest pain, chills, cough, decreased activity, bluish or gray colour of the lips and finger nails besides rapid breathing were the main symptoms of pneumonia, which referred to an infection in the lungs caused by a variety of micro organisms, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The viruses and bacteria that cause pneumonia are contagious and are usually found in the fluid from mouth or nose of an infected person, the doctors said adding that a majority of the cases could be cured within 1-2 weeks with treatment.



City lungs choking, say councillors
Demand monitoring of parks
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
“The lungs of the city are not being used for the purpose they were made. These are used as playing grounds by grown-ups, causing damage to property,” demanded several councillors today.

Demanding identification of playing grounds, saving the parks from encroachment by vehicles as well as rickshaw pullers and saving green belts in the city, the members of the unanimously passed the table agenda moved by Brig (Retd) Kuldip Singh Chandpuri at the 122nd general house meeting of the Chandigarh MC.

“If grownups play football in these parks, where will the kids go? Where will senior citizens walk? Why is there no monitoring of the parks?” These were some of the questions raised by Chandpuri as he laid down the agenda before the House.

The table agenda passed lays down that the councillor of the area and members of ward committee be authorised to make a complaint to the MC. The horticulture wing will be empowered to fine defaulters up to Rs 500 and confiscate sports equipment.

Supporting the agenda, councillor Devinder Singh Babla said playing football, cricket and hockey should be stopped in at least the green belt. “There is an urgent need to reorganise the parks.”

“It’s a country of the young, the demand for playing grounds is ever-increasing. There should be a demarcation between playing grounds and parks,” said nominated councilor Arshad Khan.

Suggestions to utilise the grounds of government schools as playgrounds with proper monitoring by welfare societies also poured in.

DPI ( Schools) S.K Setia said they were ready to give the grounds of government schools as playing grounds provided welfare associations assumed responsibility of these grounds.

A total of 18 agendas were passed at the House meeting today which included widening of V6 roads in Sector 44, supply and carriage of OPC or PPC cement, enhancement of call charges in respect of fire vehicles deployed on private functions as well as fixing rates for conversion of residential buildings for commercial use or rest house in abadi areas of villages in the jurisdiction of the MC.



Chrysanthemum Show
Virinder bags bouquet of prizes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
Celebrating the passion of the florists, the zeal of the organisers and the everlasting fragrance of various varieties of chrysanthemum, the best varieties competition was held at Terraced Garden, Sector 33, here today. Encouraging the efforts of the participants, the judges were spellbound with the vast variety.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” said one of the judges of the show O.P. Sood. “The first such display of chrysanthemum flowers was held way back in 1964 by eager florists at Sector 17 church. They formed their association and displayed their passion. The flower varieties were then supported by the Chandigarh administration that recognised them in 1985, since then it became an annual affair,” he said.

Virinder Sharma, a resident of Panchkula got as many as 16 prizes and also won the queen of the show award. Mishu Kohli and Biru Mali, residents of Sector 9 won the title of ‘King of the show’ as well as ‘princess of the show’ award. The prize of prince of the show went to convener of BSP, Harmohan Dhawan who also bagged two other prizes.

Award for the best flower of the show was bagged by Sant Baba Sarup Singh ji, Gurudwara Sant Sar Sahib, Sector 38.

Other results in varying categories are:

Category: Artistic Arrangement (amateurs)

1st prize- Virinder Sharma; Category: Artistic arrangement (institutions) 1st prize- CITCO; Category: incurved chrysanthemum 1st prize- Mishu Kohli; Category: Refluxed chrysanthemum 1st prize: Sant Baba Sarup Singh ji, Gurudwara Sant Sar Sahib; Category: Spider chrysanthemum 1st prize: Virinder Sharma; Category: Anemone chrysanthemum

1st prize: Virinder Sharma; Category: Korean chrysanthemum 1st prize: Sant Baba Sarup Singh ji, Gurudwara Sant Sar Sahib; Category: Pompon chrysanthemum 1st prize: Mishu Kohli and Nek Ram Mali; Category: Button chrysanthemum 1st prize: Sant Baba Sarup Singh ji, Gurudwara Sant Sar Sahib; Category: Spoon Chrysanthemum 1st prize: Virinder Sharma; Category: Decorative chrysanthemum 1st prize: Director, PGI; Category: collection of four different varieties 1st prize: CITCO.



Basic policing goes for a toss
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
The police seems to have got its priorities wrong. Even as it has gone overboard with its modernisation plans, the basic policing has apparently taken a backseat.

Nothing else can explain it better than the sharp rise in crime.

Senior police officials had recently introduced the latest equipment under its modernisation plan.

Under its various schemes, the police installed close-circuit TV cameras at all police stations, introduced global positioning system in PCR vehicles, computerised various wings, and obtained the ISO status for police stations, but when it comes to basic policing, it fails miserably to even control thefts.

The number of cases registered by the police till November 30, as against the cases registered last year, are a testimony to this fact.

As many as 1,576 cases of theft had been registered till November 30 against 1,243 last year. Similarly, the incidents of causing injuries has also seen a rise with 72 cases this year against 55 last year.

As many as 72 incidents of rioting were reported even as 44 cases were registered in 2006. In all, 3,331 cases under the IPC had been registered as compared to 3,126 in 2006.

The cases registered under the category of miscellaneous, special and local laws, however, saw a decline this year as 763 cases were registered against 917 last year.

The police also failed to catch the kingpin involved in drug-trafficking which goes unabated in the city. Though the police believes that drug addiction leads to crime like snatching and petty thefts, it has failed to carry out a campaign in this regard.

The special units of the police also failed to nab the sources from where drugs were supplied.

The Narcotic Control Bureau’s recent seizure of 10 kg of heroin from near the Sector 39 Grain Market a few days ago and 2 kg of heroin from the Sector 43 ISBT in October, have cast a doubt over its efforts to check drug menace.



Man on a mission
Mandeep Puri
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
Sanjeevi, a resident of Tamilnadu, is a man on a unique mission. When people on one side are fighting among themselves on various issues, this 45-year-old has chosen to create a message of peace in his own humble way.

In fact Sanjeevi has chosen the environment-friendly vehicle, bicycle, to spread the message throughout the country. “People are fighting on issues like water, which is a necessity for all. My mission is to create awareness about the importance of interlinking all Indian rivers on a nation-wide spectrum,” he added.

Sanjeevi started his journey on September 29 2007, from his hometown and had covered about 17 states and 5,500 km on his bicycle. This is my second journey on cycle. In 2002, I covered 10,000 km and whole of India.

Sanjeevi said his life revolved around social issues, including maintenance of International peace and interlinking of Indian rivers. Everyday he travels for about 12 hours and covers 70 to 80 kilometers.

Sharing some unforgettable moments he informed that he spent two days without food during this present journey. “I have no money left with me, I hope people will contribute a little for me to arrange food for the coming days. I think my mission will be accomplished even if I get one person to think about maintenance of peace and Indian rivers all over India to be linked”, he concludes with a smile.



Dr Pannun dead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
India’s former High Commissioner to Ghana and till recently Ambassador to Madagascar, Dr Daljit Singh Pannun died of cancer today morning at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Dr Pannun had distinguished career starting from a journalist working for All India Radio and United News of India (UNI).

He was also chairman of BAOFINCO where he arranged largest ever loans for the weaker sections. He was also associated with educational institutions.

Survived by wife and two sons, his cremation will take place on December 15 at 1 PM at the Sector 25 cremation ground.



Gas service employee alleges intimidation
Our Correspondent

Mohali, December 13
An unidentified person allegedly abused and threatened an employee of Mohali gas service in Phase V with a gun here this afternoon spreading panic among employees.

Dharamvir Singh, a resident of Matour village, has lodged a complaint with the police in this regard demanding suitable action.

Dharamvir told the police that employees of the gas agency were having food during the one-hour lunch break and the door of the showroom, which housed the gas agency, was closed from inside.

The person came and started banging at the door. He said he opened the door and told the person that lunch break was on but he allegedly started abusing them. When Dharamvir asked him not to abuse, the person allegedly took out his gun and pointed it towards his head threatening to kill him.

Dharamvir said he got scared and ran inside the showroom. Other employees got tensed and raised an alarm after which the person left in a car parked nearby. The employees of the gas agency then gave the registration number of the car to the police.



Lightning damages gadgets
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
Lightning damaged electrical gadgets in government houses in Sector 22 here early this morning. Kanwal Jot Sharma, a resident of the sector, said about 4 am, lightning struck and damaged gadgets.

Due to poor earthing, the lightning damaged two television sets, fans and light points in the house. Household gadgets in a room of a neighbour were completely burnt.

Residents said they were woken from their sleep due to a deafening sound that preceded the lightning.



CTU invites tenders for AC buses
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
The process for acquiring air-conditioned buses by the CTU has begun with the department inviting tenders for purchasing 10 buses.

This is the first step in the direction to materialise the long pending proposal. The buses would have lower floors. “The kneeling mechanism of the floor will be a unique feature of the buses,” a senior administration officer said. “The administration is likely to invite tenders for 18 more air-conditioned mini buses,” he said.



Sandhu is SDM (central)
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
Inderjit Singh Sandhu will be the new SDM (central) and will carry on with his existing duties as additional deputy commissioner.

The charge of joint director, food and supplies, and nodal officer, State Marketing Board (modern terminal market), has been assigned to Shurbir Singh, SDM (south).




Ban on games good for parks

IT is good that the MC has banned playing of games in parks. Children are often seen playing cricket, football and hockey in municipal parks.

It is noticed that window panes of houses and cars seem to bear the brunt. Parks are developed for people to sit for spending some relaxed quality time or for those who wish to take a stroll in evenings or mornings and small children who want to play on swings; plants which are expensive worth thousand of rupees have been destroyed.

The MC orders should be adhered to strictly and action should be taken against defaulters.

MC should also encircle every park with thick walls and create small iron-revolving gates so that no one drives or parks a vehicle in the park.

G.K. Chopra

Readers are invited to write to us. Send your mail, in not more than 200 words, at news@tribuneindia.com or, write in, at: Letters, Chandigarh Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh – 160 030



Snatching cases cracked with arrest of Balongi resident
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
With the arrest of a Balongi resident, the police has claimed to have solved several cases of snatchings and recovered six mobile phones and about 300 gm of gold and silver ornaments worth Rs 2.50 lakh. The accused is said to be a drug addict.

The accused, 25-year-old Rajdeep Singh, was arrested on Tuesday and was produced before a local court which remanded him in police custody till December 14.

The ASP, Madur Verma, said the accused had snatched a bag from Mirdula Puri, a resident of Sector 15 on September 19. The bag contained Rs 2,300 and a mobile phone. She reported the matter to the police following which a case was registered.

He said the accused started calling her up frequently. He also promised to return her phone, but he never did. She kept the police informed and it put the mobile phone on surveillance.

When he used her mobile, the police was able to take details of his calls. The police found a frequent caller to the accused, who was a girl. The police won her trust and asked her to call him, which she did. On December 11, the accused came to Sector 35, from where the police nabbed him, the ASP said.

The SHO of the Sector 11 police station said the accused disclosed that he used to operate in the area bordering Mohali as it was easy for him to slip into Mohali after committing the crime. He said he would take about 30-35 capsules before striking his targets.

The SHO said Rajdeep was involved in six cases in Mohali.



Woman commits suicide
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 13
A housewife, Mamta Sharma in her mid-twenties was taken to GMCH-32 in serious condition after she was found hanging from the ceiling her parental house of in Hallomajra village here this evening.

She died in hospital. The police said it had found a suicide note in which Mamta has held no one responsible for her death.

A few years ago she was married to a widower after her first cousin died leaving an 11-year-old boy and a seven year girl behind. Mamta had met with an accident and was not keeping sound health.



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