Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Compositing may be defined as combining multiple images to create a single image. In visual effects post-production, compositing refers to creating complex images or moving images by combining images from different sources—such as real-world digital video, digitised film, synthetic 3-D imagery, 2-D animations, painted backdrops, digital still photographs, and text.

Sandeep Joshi

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Taking anxiety to task
A majority of Indian CEOs fail to counter stress, says a survey
orporate India executives may be adept at managing businesses, but a majority of them are inept at handling stress, says a survey by Assocham. The study by the industry body found that 68 per cent of Indian CEOs, managing businesses with a turnover exceeding Rs 1,000 crore, were unable to beat stress and other related diseases.

Work with a jerk
osses are really mean these days, or employees are really thin-skinned. Lawmakers across the U.S. are considering legislation that would give workers grounds to sue their superiors for being, basically, jerks. Bookstores are stocking bad-boss advice tomes, including "Snakes in Suits" and "Was Your Boss Raised by Wolves?" The AFL-CIO even has an online contest that takes entries for the worst boss in the country.

Private eyes zoom in on India Inc
Staff, salaries grist for corporate spies
he intensifying competition and unprecedented number of business deals in the India Inc has led to private detectives playing a bigger role in the corporate alley.

Trim the fat on the resume
rin Greenley recently graduated from college and is looking for an entry-level job in a biology lab.
The most important information on a resume should be at the top, says Brad Karsh, president of Job Bound and author of "Confessions of a Recruiting Director: The Insider's Guide to Landing Your First Job."

Bits & bytes
IIM-Lucknow seminar on commodity futures market
The Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow recently organised a two-day training seminar on commodity futures market.

Fortnightly Quiz-300
Name the major industrialised nation of the world that has so far not ratified the Kyoto protocol.

Career Hotline
Avenues in America
Q After school I would like to go to the US for my studies. What is the Early Decision Plan? Will it guarantee admission? Please advice. I am in Class XI.