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Shahi Imam issues fatwa against Aroosa
Calls Sikh clergy to check if Amarinder has changed religion
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 26
Compounding problems for Aroosa Alam, the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Ludhiana, today pronounced the ''fatwa'' against her for her proximity with the former Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh.

He called upon the Sik clergy in the state to ask Capt Amarinder Singh about his relationship with Aroosa. “He should tell us whether he has turned a Muslim or she has changed her religion”. He even claimed that during the Captain's visits to England and Dubai, he was seen with Aroosa instead of his wife and MP Perneet Kaur.

While pronouncing the edict, Habib-ur-Rehman Saani, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, religious centre of the Muslims in the state, said Aroosa had violated the Sheriat law by visiting a man without being accompanied by any male relative.

Terming her stay with an “unrelated man” as an “unforgivable sin,” the Imam called for her social boycott. The fatwa, a copy of which is with The Tribune, reads: “It is a mortal sin for any woman to stay with an unrelated man. If a Muslim woman cannot even go to haj without her husband, brother or son, how can she stay with an unrelated man?”

The Islam does not permit man-woman friendship. If a Muslim woman has illicit relations with a man, she should be lynched. “Had she been in Saudi Arabia, she would have been stoned by now,” said the Imam.

Quoting reports from a Pakistani newspaper, Roznama-e-Jinnah, the Shahi Imam said Capt Amarinder Singh went to meet her thrice when he was the Chief Minister. He gifted her a house worth crores in F-Block of Islamabad. He even gifted a luxury car to her daughter.

The Shahi Imam claimed that she did not belong to a very respectable family in Pakistan. “Aroosa's mother was better known as ‘General Queen’ due to her relations with Gen Yahya Khan. She has spoiled at least 10 homes in her country and now she is trying to do so in Punjab”. He said he would call upon the Muslim clergy in Pakistan to excommunicate her.

The Shahi Imam urged the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Punjab to initiate a high-level probe into Aroosa's visits to the state. He suspected that she might be an ISI agent, who was purposely targeting Capt Amarinder Singh, who was well versed with the security and defence installations in the country.

“This looks like a very well calculated move and we should all take it very seriously,” said the Shahi Imam.


Political situation in Pak explosive: Aroosa
Naveen S. Garewal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 26
Senior Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam has described the political situation in Pakistan as explosive, but one inspiring hope.

Rapid Talibanisation, rising extremism and political uncertainty have led to Pakistan facing troubled times.

But realisation by most political parties that if they do not participate in elections to restore democracy now, they will perhaps not see democracy in near future and therefore they are all working together to ensure elections.

President of the Islamabad chapter of the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) who was in the Chandigarh Press Club today said the media in Pakistan was very concerned about the fate of the nation as “free and fair” elections were neither possible nor would be so.

But since there were splits within the Pakistan People’s Party, the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif) and the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) formed by President Pervez Musharraf in 2001, who has since become a civilian, the extent of rigging would decrease.

She added that the new Army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had made his stand known that he did not support the army’s role in politics. This, too according to her, would decrease rigging in the January elections.

According to Aroosa Alam, ideal candidates in the interest of better relations between India and Pakistan would be a combination of leaders from the three parties.

“If Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif contest elections together, the government thus formed will be able to revive the peace process in the region that has been stalled”, she said adding that she as part of SAFMA had striven hard to promote people-to-people contact between the two countries.

“Both countries have their own problems, Talibans in Pakistan and Naxalites in India are the biggest destabilising factors, but with peace both nations can prosper”, she said.

Pointing out the difficult times the Pakistan media was currently facing, Aroosa said journalists in Pakistan had been protesting for 37 days taking out processions and marches.

“Since the civil society in Pakistan is under pressure, we are hoping things will improve after elections and so will the plight of the journalists”, she said.

Making a comment on former Chief Minister she said, "Amarinder Singh is a wise man, a man with a vision, a charming person, has a good stature and is known in Pakistan. There is a conspiracy behind linking my name in a romantic manner with him”.


Aroosa’s sharp wit floors Indian colleagues
Naveen S. Garewal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 26
It was a tête-à-tête in the real sense, Aroosa Alam, the Pakistani journalist linked to former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, did not speak to her Indian counterparts from any pedestal.

“I am one of you, then why did some of you overzealously report on a matter that was a personal affair of two individuals ? Dus ghar to dain bhi chhod deti hai,” (even a ghost leaves 10 houses before looking for a prey) she told journalists who were itching to know about her relationship with the former Chief Minister.

“I made a joke, par kuchh logon ney to isse dil ko laga liya” (but some of you took it to heart) she said while reacting to her statement that she would have loved to marry a charming person like Amarinder, but their religions did not permit it.

Courageous and sharp-witted Aroosa almost deflated a senior journalist by posing him a counter-question saying, “Parwanaji, pehley batao aap ki shamma kahan hai ?” (Parwanaji, first tell me where is your shamma).

Again, when a woman journalist asked her (aside) “Now tell me the truth, are you in love ?” she was quick in her reply and said, “Pyar viar kuchh nahin, siraf dosti hai” (we are only friends and not in love).

Aroosa showed many hues during the one-and-a-half-hour chat. At times she became serious and minced no words in taking on the “uncouth” and “illiterate” clergy in Pakistan.

But during other moments, she pleaded for compassion. But almost everyone present there admired her wit, presence of mind and courage with which she answered every question without evading any.

Many journalists wanted to know if being a woman hindered her work as a journalist and member of the South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA). Aroosa’s reply was stunning.

“For many years television wanted me to anchor their programmes only because my good looks. But I refused till they acknowledged that I was a woman of substance and a good journalist”.

She took the media by surprise when in reply to a question she said, “It is the media that is responsible for my meeting with Capt Amarinder Singh”, she said adding after a pause, “I had met him for the first time at the opening of the Jalandhar Press Club”.

When another journalists wanted asked her if he could ask her yet another personal question, she responded by saying, “Aap ki katharey main haazir hoon, jo bhi pooch” (I am present in your court (like an accused), ask whatever you like”.

The final parting shot came from a veteran journalist who told her, “Madam, it is neither the media nor Capt Amarinder Singh who is responsible for putting you in the limelight; the entire responsibility lies with your stunning looks”.


Directive to Punjab on new coal policy
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 26
The Government of India has asked the Punjab government to prepare ground for the implementation of the new coal distribution policy approved by the centre.

The new policy intends to regulate the supply of coal to small and medium industries across the country keeping in view its acute shortage.

The state has been asked to workout the requirement of such units on a transparent and scientific basis and distribute coal to them accordingly.

“The comments are being prepared by the Department of Power and Irrigation as they are the major consumers of coal in the state,” said Punjab chief secretary Ramesh Inder Singh.

As a part of the new policy it has been decided to dispense with the existing classification of consumers into core and non-core sectors. Instead each sector /consumer would be treated on merit keeping in view the regulatory provisions applicable.

“This is a welcome move. The policy gives a level playing filed to all consumers,” said department of power and irrigation principal secretary Suresh Kumar.

He added that the assessment of their requirements was being prepared by the department and would be submitted to the chairman, Coal India Limited (CIL) through the Punjab government.

Other than consumption of coal by the government for power and irrigation, the department of industries is also expected to give details of various small and medium coal-based industries being run in the state.

The states have been asked to evaluate the genuine consumption of coal and monitor its use. The present cap has also been enhanced to 4,200 tonnes per annum for the listed consumers under this category.

It has been decided that this quantity would be allocated for distribution to those units in the small and medium sectors across the country whose requirement is less than 4,200 tonnes per annum and otherwise have no access to purchase coal or conclude fuel supply agreement (FSA) for coal supply with coal companies. The FSA system replaces the linkages system being followed earlier.

The state government has also been asked to notify agencies, which would supply the earmarked quantities of coal to the industries.

These agencies notified by the state government would enter into specific agreements with the coal company designated by CIL.

The agencies notified by the government for distribution and supply of coal would be free to devise their own distribution mechanism.

The price charged by these agencies would be the same as is charged from other consumers.

However, the agency would be entitled to charge actual freight up to 5 per cent margin as service charge over and above the basic price charged by the coal company from their consumers.

The policy has also laid down that the entire coal requirements for power production would be met by CIL at fixed prices notified by the Coal India limited. For other consumers, 75 per cent of the assessed requirement would be met by CIL at notified prices.


Teachers hold DEO captive
Statewide protests against seminars during vacations
Tribune Reporters

DSP takes
away effigy

DSP Manjit Singh snatched an effigy from the protesting teachers near Kot Baba Deep Singh. However, the teachers prepared another effigy in no time and burnt it in the presence of the police.

Amritsar, December 26
Despite assurance by director-general, education, Krishan Kumar that seminars would not be held during holidays and vacations, government teachers continued with their protest against the government.

Agitating teachers today did not let district education officer (elementary) Sukhwinder Singh move out of Government Elementary School, Khilchian, 28 km from here, for more than three hours. He had gone there to convince teachers to attend seminars being organised under the Sarv Sikhia Abhiyan.

Sukhwinder was let out of the school after the SDM, Baba Bakala, and district education officer (secondary) assured the teachers that they would take up their case with the state government.

Meanwhile, the district administration asked the SDM for a probe into the episode.

The teachers, on a call given by the Sarkari School atte Sikhiya Bachao Manch, Punjab, had planned to burn an effigy of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.

Similar protests were also organised near Town Hall, Mall Mandi, Putlighar, Mall Road and Rayya.

ROPAR: Teachers burnt an effigy of the government at Government Senior Secondary School here.

Reports of burning of effigies were also received from Takhtgarh and Anandpur Sahib. The protesting teachers alleged that the government was moving towards privatising school education.

Many primary schools had been locked due to shortage of teachers and many schools had been handed over to private companies.

Now, the government teachers are being engaged in making votes, conducting surveys other than educational purposes.

Even their vacations are being cut and they are forced to join seminars that hardly have any relevance with their present job, the teachers said.

SANGRUR: The police did not allow teachers to burn an effigy of the Punjab government at a chowk in front of a police station here.

Earlier, the teachers gathered at the local government senior secondary school for boys, near Patiala Gate, here.

They took out a protest march under the leadership of district president of the Democratic Teachers Front Tarsem Lal from the school to the chowk.

The leader said that if the government thought that the seminars were compulsory for teachers, then it should hold them in small batches of teachers at the district institutes of education and training or government in-service training centres. A calendar on seminars for the entire year should be prepared in advance.

Meanwhile, many teachers, attending an eight-day seminar at Government Senior Secondary School, Mehlan village, about 10 km from here, held a march from the school to the bus stand.

The teachers, led by district president of the ETT Teachers Union Sukhvir Singh, also burnt an effigy of the Punjab government at the bus stand and blocked traffic at a chowk near the bus stand for about 10 minutes.

TARN TARAN: Teachers, having support of various organisations under the banner of “Sarkari School Bachao atte Sikhya Bachao Manch, Punjab”, burnt an effigy of the state government and took out a march here.

Leaders of the teachers Balkar Singh Valtoha, Sardool Singh, Tasveer Singh addressed the agitators. Traffic remained blocked for hours as the teachers burnt the effigy on the main road.


Plan to take over 1250 acres of PAU Ladowal
research station?

K. S. Chawla

Ludhiana, December 26
After having 25 acres from the Bathinda regional research station, the Punjab government has plans to take over of 1,250 acres of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) research station at Ladowal near here.

The government spokesman denied plans to take over the Ladowal research station, but the government has sent a CD to PAU authorities for the selection of land in lieu of the Ladowal station.

Punjab chief secretary Ramesh Inder Singh met the beneficiaries of the Ladowal farm to seek their views on the possibility of taking over the farm by the government.

The chief secretary did not disclose details of the projects for which the land was required. Nor did he say if this land was being acquired for a company.

PAU vice-chancellor Dr Manjit Singh Kang opposed the government move on 1,250 acres of the PAU Ladowal research station.

The vice-chancellor pleaded that the university had set up a sugarcane research station at Ladowal after great efforts. Trials on sugarcane were on at the farm.

Dr Kang said he had pleaded at the meeting that the dislocation of the PAU research station from Ladowal would hit sugarcane research and seed multiplication.

The Ladowal farm, comprising 2,950 acres, was originally the property of the central government and known as the central state seed farm. It was given to the Punjab government in the ’90s.

Sugarcane research in Punjab has suffered since the sugarcane farm at Jalandhar was bifurcated.

First huge chunk of land was given to the Border Security Force for raising the complex.

During Beant Singh’s government, the remaining land where sugarcane research was being carried out, was given to the Punjab Medical Institute (PMI).

The PAU was promised Rs 15 crore and land for the land given to the Punjab medical institute.

During previous term of the SAD-BJP government, the PAU was allotted 1,250 acres at Ladowal for research.

The PAU set up the sugarcane research station and levelled the land for seed multiplication.

The Ladowal farm after it was given to the state government was being looked after by the Punjab Land Reclamation and Development Corporation.

While allotting 1,250 acres to the PAU, the state government also transferred nearly 200 employees of the Land Reclamation and Development Corporation to the PAU and the university was told to absorb them and pay them salary without giving financial assistance for it.

Inquiries revealed there were about 200 sugarcane varieties under testing at various stages at the Ladowal research station.

The PAU is also undertakes seed multiplication of wheat, paddy and other crops as seeds are in shortage and certified seeds are not available according to needs of farmers.

A PAU scientist said uprooting of the research station would result in five years’ delay in developing new sugarcane varieties as it takes five years to set up a research station.

Punjab has 14 sugar mills in cooperative sector and six in private sector. The cooperative sector sugar mills are in loss and the area under sugarcane is declining. A setback to sugarcane research will further make sugar mills unviable says the scientist.

The previous Amarinder Singh government proposed an international green-field airport at Ladowal in private sector.

The Civil Aviation Ministry had even cleared it. There was need for 700 acres more for the proposed airport. The Punjab government had even issued a notification for construction activity.

However, the Amarinder government dropped the proposal and allotted 300 acres to a company for the cultivation of vegetables for three years on "throwaway" lease money. The said company established a farm and sought extension of the lease.

The chief secretary disclosed the meeting of the officials concerned was held to ascertain their views and explore possibility of shifting the PAU research station. He said no decision had been taken to shift the station.

On the CD sent by the government to the PAU, the chief secretary said since rural areas had come within municipal limits, this was meant to give alternatives to those whose land would be taken for projects.

The PAU has not been given compensation for 25 acres taken from Bathinda regional research station.

The government seems to be in a hurry and has asked the PAU to reply on Ladowal in a week after examining details of land contained in the CD.


Army raises memorial to valiant soldiers
Varinder Walia
Tribune News Service

Pul Kanjari, December 26
The colour portrait of 26-year-old Army Naik Swarn Singh, who attained martyrdom while snatching medium machine gun (MMG) from a Pakistani soldier, who had fired bullets on the Indian Army from a bunker during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, on the memorial, built by the Army recently here, has become the centre of attraction for visitors.

Pul Kanjri is the historical village associated with Maharaja Ranjit Singh. During the 1971 war, Border Observation Post (BOP) Pul Kanjri was held by a section each of 2 Sikh Regiment and 27 Battalion of the BSF.

The Pakistani army had launched a ferocious and unsuccessful attack on the BOP on December 3 and 4. The Indian troops were ordered to vacate the BOP on December 4.

However, Lt Col S.C. Puri of 2 Sikh decided to re-capture the BOP before the ceasefire. On this, Major N.S. Koak with 40 valiant soldiers launched a fierce attack and recaptured the BOP on December 17. One JCO and nine other ranks of 2 Sikh attained martyrdom in this heroic battle.

The enemy launched four counter-attacks which were repulsed. The enemy sustained heavy causalties and one officer and 10 other ranks were captured as Prisoners of War with a large quantity of arms and ammunition.

Shingara Singh, a resident of Chohla Sahib village (Tarn Taran), who had captured the MMG from the enemy was awarded Maha Vir Chakra posthumously. Though the Army took a belated decision to raise the memorial, yet it has become a sort of pilgrimage centre for tourists.

On the other hand, district police chief Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh has taken an initiative to beautify the dilapidated heritage buildings of Pul Kanjri associated with Maharaja Ranjit Singh .

Meanwhile, Baba Labh Singh of Kar Sewawale has been instrumental in laying the foundation stone for re-constructing the two-century-old gurdwara building , here.

However, Harjap Singh Aujla, a USA-based Sikh scholar and eminent writer urged the Baba of Kar Sewawale not to alter the old building while carrying out repair work since the building was important heritage.

He said the roof and woodwork of the building could be changed in accordance with the old design, but they should not be allowed to demolish the building and rebuild it.

He emphasised the need to involve conservationists and the local activists to save the heritage building. “We should preserve this heritage building for tourism,” he said.


Tribute to martyr on his 109th birth anniversary
Govt to renovate Udham Singh’s parental house
Tribune News Service

Sangrur, December 26
To mark the 109th birthday of Shaheed Udham Singh, the Punjab PWD B&R minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa today flagged off a chetna march at the parental house of the martyr at Sunam, 13 km from here.

The march after passing through markets culminated at the stadium at Sunam. After paying floral tributes to the portrait of Shaheed Udham Singh, the PWD minister announced that the parental house of the martyr would be renovated in a proper manner by the state government. He also announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh for the repair of the house.

Dhindsa also said the services of experts of the Department of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) would be procured for the renovation of the martyr’s parental house and to keep the old look of the house intact.

He also said the development of Sunam town would be done at a fast pace as the state government had decided to develop all villages and towns that belonged to the martyrs on priority basis.

Residents of Sunam today celebrated the birthday of Shaheed Udham Singh with enthusiasm and fervour. Residents and leaders garlanded the statues of the martyrto pay tributes to the martyr. They also raised slogans “Shaheed Udham Singh Amar Rahe”.


PM’s House Row
DC marks inquiry
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, December 26
Deputy commissioner Kahan Singh Pannu has marked an inquiry into the alleged registry of power of attorney of a property situated in Delhi by the name of the Prime Minister into the name of Amit Choudhry, a resident of Chandigarh.

The registry was made by Rajesh Sharma, tehsildar, here. An electronic media channel had reported that the tehsildar registered the power of attorney of 2100 square yards of land belonging to one Manmohan Singh, a resident of 7, Race Course Road, to Amit choudhry without inquiring properly.

The deputy commissioner had marked the inquiry to SDM-I Manpreet Singh. However, Rajesh Sharma had refuted the allegations.


Youths beat up honeymooner, NRI kin near Kufri
P.K. Jaiswar

Amritsar, December 26
Newly married Prabhjot Singh Mahal had never imagined his honeymoon would end in a nightmarish experience at the hands of the Himachal police and drunk “goons”.

Prabhjot, along with NRI brother Kanwardeep Singh Mahal from Australia, brother-in-law Sukhdeep Singh based in New Zealand and cousin Harpreet Singh had gone to Galu ( near Kufri) under Faagu police post in Himachal, with their wives.

Shocked Prabhjot said, “The tourist place had become terror place for us and our families”. The injuries and scars seemed to be of wooden sticks which their heads and parts of bodies bore testimony to their claims.

Describing the incident that took place in the evening of December 24, he alleged that nobody helped them even the police team which reached there seemed to be in collusion with the hotel staff and goons who beat them up.

The incident, at a private tourist resort at Galu, started when some unidentified drunk “goons” started teasing their wives which led to a verbal duel between them.

Prabhjot alleged that they had just checked in when the drunk youths, along with their accomplices, barged into their hotel rooms and started beating them with wooden sticks. He alleged that even the hotel authorities were “encouraging” the goons to beat them.

He alleged a police team led by an assistant sub inspector reached the place only when his father Tarlok Singh, a retired DSP, reported the matter to Shimla control room, but it did not bother to help them.

He said while they were bleeding profusely no medical aid was provided to them. They alleged that they were forced to sign on blank papers which later were used for compromise with their tormentors.

Demanding independent probe, Prabhjot said they felt ashamed this incident happened and the protectors failed to side with the victims.

They sought the registration of a case against the accused and action against the ASI for failing to protect them.

Prabhjot said they would file a court case besides a filing a complaint with the Tourism Ministry and other authorities concerned.


SGPC for social boycott of killers of female foetus
Tribune News Service

Fatehgarh Sahib, December 26
The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has called for a campaign against female foeticide and social boycott those indulging in it .

Speaking on the concluding ceremony of the three-day Shaheedi Jor Mela, SGPC chief Avtar Singh called upon people stamp out female foeticide and drug abuse.

The SGPC would soon set up a “child care centre” in here where orphans would be taken care of, he said.

Meanwhile, the town today witnessed chaos as the Jor Mela came to an end. Lakhs continued to visit Fatehgarh Sahib gurdwara to pay obeisance to Baba Zorawar Singh, Baba Fateh Singh and Mata Gujri.

The pilgrims also participated in the nagar kirtan from Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib to Gurdwara Joyti Swarup. Head granthi of Sri Keshgarh Sahib Tarlochan Singh performed “ardas” in the morning before the commencement of the nagar kirtan.

The concluding ceremony was presided over by head granthi of the Golden Temple Bhai Gurbachan Singh. Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, Akal Takht jathedar, read out a message to the sangat assembled in the town.

He thanked pilgrims for participating in the religious assembly and exhorted the religious outfits to spread religion. Besides, a number of prominent personalities from various walks of life also participated in the nagar kirtan.


Badal seeks central varsity in Punjab
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, December 26
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today urged the Centre to boost higher education in the state by setting up a central university, an IIM, IIT and Indian Institute of Information Technology.

Badal put forth these proposals during a meeting with the union human resource development minister Arjun Singh in his office here this morning.

An official spokesman said the union minister agreed to send a high-level team to visit the probable sites at Bathinda, Rupnagar and Sultanpur Lodhi before taking a final decision for setting up a central university.

He said the Chief Minster urged Arjun Singh to set up at least three model schools in educationally backward blocks of the state instead of one as agreed to earlier by the ministry.

The Chief Minister sought an increase in central share in the capital investment from the present 33 per cent to at least 50 per cent in the colleges to be set up in the educationally backward districts under the special scheme of the ministry.

Arjun Singh said the ministry was committed to ensure balanced growth of education in all states and Punjab would be accorded priority while allotting institutes of excellence.


11 peacocks found dead

Ludhiana, December 26
Eleven peacocks were today found dead in a protected forest area on the Ladhowal road on the outskirts of the city.

The dead birds, including nine peahens, were discovered by a Forest Department team led by block forest officer Prithpal Singh, who said there were no injury marks on the dead birds.

The post mortem of the dead birds will take place at the National Veterinary Science Lab in Jalandhar to determine the cause of the death. — UNI


J.P. Birdi posted as ADGP
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 26
In a minor reshuffle in the Punjab Police, J.P. Birdi has been posted as ADGP, Internal Vigilance and Human Rights Cell, besides looking after the work of ADGP rules.

The last one is important, as several new rules will be framed as the new police act envisages several new rules.

Jyoti Trehan goes as ADGP, Punjab State Human Rights Commission, while H.S. Randhawa goes as IG, Security.


Three held for snatching jewellery
Our Correspondent

Amritsar, December 26
Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh, SSP, in a press note said the police had arrested three persons for snatching articles in the Civil Lines, Islamabad, Goalbagh and Vijaynagar area of the city.

The arrested were identified as Narvinder Singh Kala of Fateh Singh Colony (Fatehpur), Sandeep Singh of New Azad Nagar, belonging to a Suniara family and Gobind, a resident of Sultanwind Road, Amritsar.

Narvinder is a son of a retired Army officer. One Pulsar motor cycle and a Vespa scooter, besides stolen jewellery and other articles were recovered from their possession.

The SSP said the accused used to change the bikes in various incidents of snatching. They even used to hire the bikes for this purpose.

The gang mostly used to target women in markets going on foot and in rickshaw. This gang has confessed to 18 snatching incidents in the recent past.

Meanwhile, another gang of vehicle thieves was busted during a nakabandi by the Verka police at Chowk Milk Plant, Verka by-pass.

The police party intercepted two persons coming on a motor cycle. During questioning they revealed the motor cycle they were riding was stolen. During investigation the police also recovered four other stolen motor cycles.


Father, son held with 4 kg heroin
Our Correspondent

Amritsar, December 26
The Special Narcotics Cell has nabbed heroin smugglers Amarjit Singh and his son Resham Singh.

It recovered 4 kg of heroin worth Rs 4 crore in the international market from the duo, residents of the Khemkaran area falling under Tarn Taran Police district.

The accused were arrested from the Lakhoke Behram area of Ferozepur where they were waiting for a person to deliver the consignment.


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