Lockerbie tale

Juval Aviv, a former Israeli secret agent and the writer of the book that inspired Steven Spielbergís award-winning 2005 film Munich, is now working on a fiction about the Lockerbie disaster of December 1988 that claimed about 270 lives. The former Mossad agentís book will blame Iran, instead of Libya, for the atrocity. Aviv hopes that Spielberg will turn his new project, dubbed Flight 103, into a hit movie. The book, which alleges that the Iranians and the American secret services were complicit in the atrocity, is scheduled for publication early next year. Aviv is already in talks with a number of high-profile Hollywood directors over the film rights, and Spielberg is said to be one of them.

"I believe the book will have an impact around the world because what happened over Lockerbie that day affected so many people in so many countries, and continues to do so," the Scotsman quoted Aviv as saying.

"Itís a powerful story that will make a fantastic movie. Some very high-profile directors in Hollywood have seen the book and are very interested. Nothing has been signed yet, but I am very optimistic that a deal will be done," he added.

He expressed full faith in Spielberg, calling him the ideal man to bring his vision to the big screen. "Steven is looking at the book right now. I worked closely with him on Munich and he is someone whom I admire greatly. My initial fear was that

Munich could become little more than a Jewish James Bond movie. But Steven created a thought-provoking political movie, which showed the heavy toll that the assignment took on the agents who participated," he said. Aviv was among the investigators who probed the Lockerbie disaster. He says that his book will carry the events that he believes had actually occurred. ó ANI